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"To hear semi-retired attorney of 22years perfect record, familiar with Steven and the business for last 5 years, on why before ready to prove in court SMKs portion of equity worth "North of 10 million" and why now, "increased value" (including exoskeletons, pads, braces, helmets other"... send NDA filled out!...Click on NDA below to protect confidentiality

Want to profit with us? First step is contact Steven, next step is signed non-disclosure so you can learn things not available to the general public

Qualifications of Chairman- Steven Michael King! (document needs updating from 10 years ago...when we get a partner who can do microsoft word formatting etc.) Click here to view the document.

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"Mutual Non Disclosure, Confidentiality, no circumvention agreement"...required to know details (inventions,proprietary info, ect.)

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For Items below, the Mutual Non Disclosure is needed:
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Check out "about us"... "How We Make Money" and other....
to learn how to make money via your network even if you have no money....
and why attorneys, consultants and other..
agree SMKs portion of ownership would have been
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(Mutual Non-Disclosure needed to learn about inventions and developments not listed publicly!...)
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Learn how to use and apply the same things (including ***maximizing Neuroplasticity***) Steven Michael King did to overcome head to toe paralysis after being hit by a tree branch and being hospitalized for three months. Gradually rebounding and gaining back his life.

You can do this too!... in every aspect of your life...

Our tech now and coming has been integrating the latest Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience ( i.e Biohacking, Neurohacking, Neurotechnology {Neurowearables/Machine Learning}, etc.), Integrated and Complementary Medicine, Brain Mind Body Energy, Energy Psychology, Subtle Energy Sciences, Bioacoustic Sciences, Energy Field Sciences, EMDR, ASMR, NLP, Hypnosis, and dozens of modalities!
Our stuff gives many of benefits of AI/Brain Computer Interface/Machine learning (using something like audio, visual, wearables (eventually incorporating advanced material science, corrective feedback loops, etc.) to affect Neurology!), with less risk while aligning traditional and emerging evidence based sciences.
Super Neuroplasticity!!!...***Our technology moves sound around geometrically synchronizing biological rhythms...Extending the limits of Neuroplasticity***...
Great for 3rd party apps from headphones Neuro-wearables....allowing more
internal focus of control thus potentially avoiding or reducing meds in many cases.
Our emerging tech can affect environments including people, animals, plants, water, crystals and other.
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Covid plus various other market forces are in support of Health and wellness products across the board. Billions are being raised for things ranging to health and wellness, to experimental and other!

CNET reports tech is helped by Covid.....even the simple wearables!....that have been around in various forms.....with new tech in the most demand vs older tech..... Wearable tech market will grow 137% by 2024, analyst says (cnet.com)

Venture funding for various Health Innovators keeps doubling, and is expected to continue.... Venture capital fuels health tech industry | Deloitte Insights

want to profit with us? first step is contact Steven, next step is signed non-disclosure so you can learn things not available to the general public
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"Court verified Track record summary-verified by staff of Judge Pratt, DC district court, verified taxes paid on gains by IRS, verified statement info of clients dates and amounts in and out!...click here to see Steven's business transactions from 81 to time of the Court inviting Steven to DC to present group discount transactions to a partnership where 500+ people faxed the judge asking if Steven could be brought in!......the Transaction from Chadmore , which was bought by Nextell, would have taken peoples 20 cents on the dollar they came to court with, and turned it into a huge multiple causing a large profit if accepted"......


Steven's full track record from 81 was verified by 3 Federal Judges in 3 circuits of appeal!....every transaction, profits , business turn around and other....was vetted by staffs of Federal Judges, most notably Judge Pratt of DC district court!......The Court Found Steven to be truthful, accurate, an expert witness, and tax returns of clients filed properly.....and no audits, or disallowances, nor any question about using proper tax reporting!....also verified were all tech and medical up to the time periods!....Per affidavits and declarations under perjury....


Click Here for Reasons to invest in Neuroscience , Energy Medicine,Energy Psychology & energy related sciences


We Make Money from many inventions
some of our tech is virtual, other are physical inventions, most of which utalize state of art Neuroscience with applications we believe for thousands of industries and we believe benifits National Security and National Interest!
( confidentiality aggreements required to learn the secret stuff!)
HOW THE “ULTIMATE MULTI-MEDIA” and Neuroscience inventions other inventions PARTNERSHIPS are STRUCTURED

Partners can make money above and beyond the partnership!..royalty income, consulting ability, SWEAT EQUITY and other,
for bringing things to the table, or simply getting involved more! You can qualify as both partner and consultant with home office deductions.

Be a hero!...and get paid well for bringing value to the table

Partnerships profit from many inventions, some of which have National Security and National Interest application....
Partnerships can make money from inventions that are both virtual and physical
Partnership anticipate filing for Multi-Agendy Feasability Funding Grants to be filed by individuals and or entitites with substational proven track records.
partnershps profit from wholesaling to existing and new distribution networks via Join Venture, affiliate marketing with sub affiliates and more...
Partnerships will work with both independant consultants large agencies and other.
Partnerships will take 20 + years of R & D, assets from various entities, that did proof of concept and seek both debt and equity financing

Partnerships benifit from the latest Neuroscience and related technologies,
much of which is believed to have National Security and National Interest applications.

Partnership will control and operate a variety of "MULTI-MEDIA" programs covering numerous proven topics. In
addition to radio, television and print, the partnership will vigorously capitalize on recent "INFORMATION SUPER-
HIGHWAY" technology including Internet, fax on demand, software on demand and other indirect industry
opportunities including webinars, seminars, audio, video and physical products including Smart Neuroscience applications of wearables and other!

Partners are expected to be active in voting, and things that can make the businesses succesful above and beyond initial organizer,
and can control via simple majority vote....VOTING IS MANDATORY!

Sections for Executive Sumary and business plan info
(not propriatory)

For Items below, the Mutual Non Disclosure is needed: For more information, Click here!

Brain computer interfaces allow all sorts of applications from healing to mind-to-mind communications,. Discover more by clicking here!

Many products we could JV with since we are so far ahead and there are many potential strategic partners!.....Uncover and discover devices not as far along that could be upgraded as our concepts and technologies far surpass! see whats popular now that are elementary and lower levels of tech....
click here for more

For Items below, the Mutual Non Disclosure Confidentiality, non-circumvention agreement" is required to know details (inventions, proprietary info, etc.): For more information, Click here!


$300,000 $10,000 minimum ($1,000 with managing partner approval),
$100 increments Partners may participate via " sweat equity" as well, for value contributed other than cash!!!

Transaction RISK:
Medium - Substantial “ Risk Management Solutions” built in, including Business Plan based on established variables and
Sweet Point” calculations.

Title to partnership units may be held by individuals, corporations, trusts, limited partnerships, limited liability
companies, as well as IRAs and other qualified plans. All partners must enter into this transaction with the intent of
actively participating in the voting and/or other aspects of partnership business, as needed, must have general business
knowledge and/or experience and meet additional guidelines spelled out in the prospectus.

Approximately 45-95% percent with most expensed, some amortized

Partners elect accounting decisions via mandatory voting, accounts will be set up by organizer
Partners who dont need tax write off can allocate to partners who do! Cash, IRA and other ways to own!

Inventions affecting people, plants, animals, water, crystals & other
Latest Neuroscience applying to thousands of industry including National Security and National Interest applications!

Grow the business via both long term, with exit strategies selling some units (up to 49%) to public trading holding and development,
build a “Perpetual Cash Machine”.

Initial organizer and management committee will vigorously endeavor to produce enough profits to prudently return
principal within 36 to 60 months. Based on industry standards, these goals may be conservative. Equity value of
partnership may exceed annual returns substantially.

Grant Potential!!! Multi-Agency Feasability Funding and other Govenmental, Corperate and other grants may be available and we will
vigourously pursue via best channels and Contacts

Partnershp will remain atleast 51% privately held, with options for public companies to buy in.
for portions of partnership units owned to the extent partners approve of various exit strategies and related entities:

Partnership may seek out strategic alliances and /or form consortiums with other successful entities
allowing portions of the partnership to be purchased by publicly trading holding and development entitites seeking major growth and upside

The managing partner intends to operate the business on a cash basis, and an optimum mix of debt and equity financing based on
current industry standards. It is possible that at the partnership meeting the partners may discuss and approve additional
measures to reduce liability exposure. Lines will be reviewed monthly for maximum benefit. Partners control all material
aspects of transactions via majority vote. Partners will be able to profit from partnership activies
independantly from distributions by doing varius work and or bringing key contacts capitalized on


product lines: partnership will only employ lines staffed by established, reputable
professionals with both high integrity and track records in order to insure repeat business. Many of our inventions we can profit from have National Security and National Interest applications.
see REQUIRED Mutual Non Disclosure, Non Circumvention " agreement that must be signed to learn specifics.
To view agreement click here


Group discounts will be passed along to partners from various products and services for our numbers brought by partners etc.)

SHOULD BE EXERCISED. Equity and debt financing opportunities to profit are all based on qualified exemptions state and Federal!

Partial Summary of Product and Financial Opportunity Highlights

Proven Products, based on Proven Concepts, including repeat/residual customers, customer referrals, along
with additional secondary product/services, being sold or subscribed to by our customers, and create the highest
value for all parties involved. Products include; Books, tapes, seminars, catalogs and Internet malls (all
centered around the Human Potential Movement as well as Personal Empowerment), Intuitive Energetic and
other Consulting and counseling and development of spiritual abilities, on, “How To Make Money In
Affiliate Marketing, Pay-Per-Call, and the Internet”, wholesaling of a variety of Special Unique Products,
services, Interactive video conferencing, and more!

Consultants involved with the products have some of the highest verifiable track records in the industry .

Advertising, Distribution, Master Wholesaling, Wholsesaling, Affiliate Marketing, Insurence COmpany & Medicalre Funding potential!
Working with entities with existing distribution, manufacturing, merchandising, financing etc!

“PREACHING TO THE CHOIR” MARKETING APPROACH, including vigorously selected (based on past
and current results), to Known wholesale distribution,associations, Social Media groups, and ,established companies and Internet web
sites. We feature real users, hundreds of whom are professionals, easy to find on FB LinkedIn, and the internet.

Proven Risk

Risk is reduced by a variety of factors, including:

1) Focusing on Proven Products, Consultants and Associations and distribution channels

2) Using only Proven Concepts and products (based on proven results , customer satisfaction, proven repeat
customers and associations uniting the World’s top experts and wholesaling our products in mutually
reciprocal ways.

3) We will be Joint Venturing on many of our distribution of our products, which spreads the risks around via
several operating entities.

4) We will be focused to keep close management of all products, yet Diversified enough to be protected against
unforeseen industry changes. Ratio of invested capital per product will be selectively determined via sweet
point calculations and regular mandatory voting.

5) Scientific Budgeting of promotion - each separate marketing campaign is intended to eventually be self-
supporting with extra cushioning built in to cover unforeseen cycles or opportunities.

6) Scientific Reinvesting of Capital - Sweet point formulas will be used to cause the growth of our businesses to
be 3-5 times higher than what is normally achieved via “straight percentage” reinvestment (see Appendix for
“Sweet Point” explanation).

7) Additional entities are created to handle liability.

8) Owner Control - virtually all business decisions are under control of the partners, via simple majority vote
(an exception would be for the partnership to borrow money or file chapter 7 bankruptcy), all partners are
required to do mandatory voting, our partners can make back their money separately by being Affiliates and
developing sub affiliate networks Any partner can affect profitability by becoming involved!

9) Proven Initial Management - The principals and initial interim management committees made of contributing
partners) have substantial management experience and proven track records. They are also contributing
partners. Additionally, an interim management committee will be in place prior to the partnership
meeting, to work together and these individuals also have partnership and management experience.

Perpetual Cash

Each partner has the ability to become prosperous !By following a detailed business plan based on past and current
results (with Discounts for future sales) the partnership should be able to transform itself into a “Cash Cow” to
produce monthly cash flow for 30 years. Each partner is also asked to be an affiliate which allows each partner to
earn substantial income separately from the partnership by promoting our products and things we are affiliates for-
this ensures each partner fastest return of principle and multiples thereof

Adaptability For The Future

All products and marketing and distributions systems and channels are designed to be upgraded so they can change
and adapt and evolve as times change.

Proven Exit Strategies

It is likely that within 36-48 months, the partnership and some or all of its joint venture partners, may vote to have a
portion of the partnerships interest transfer into a separate entity and taken public at a multiple of earnings. Based
on current trends, selling half of our interest at 10 times gross earnings, would produce a multiple of invested
capital in stock, not to mention still maintaining monthly cash flow by keeping the balance of our interests
privately held. Partners who are affiliates can enjoy multiple revenue streams No Guarantees any public or private companies will be interested, regardless of viability!No Guarantees high profit margin and unique products
even that can help National Security can be capalized and profited from despite likely hood of success.

Ability To
Commissions /consulting/sweat equity, royalties

Partners can earn substantial commissions, independent of partner distributions,

1) By Being Affiliates and or assisting in the promoting of;

2) Wholesaling related products to companies, organizations, charities or individuals.

3) Assisting with many forms of campaigns, seminars and other promotions.

Structured To
Allow Tax Write-
Off ...70% write off for partners who need it.

(see Pro Forma Statement) Since our partnership is designed for active management decisions and the ability for
partners to be active with products, most partners should be able to deduct any tax losses from their ordinary
income (consult with your tax advisor).We can also allow IRA,SEP and Qualified plans to participate

Top 9 REASONS To Contribute . . .

National Security and National Interest applications of latest Neuroscience related inventions !!!

Here are proven reasons to invest in Neuroscience related inventions with applications in thousands of industries, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Subtle Energy sciences and or related
technologies. Our unique products affect photons, ions, electrical flow ,energy field coherency among other things-
experience “Sad to happy in seconds or minutes in most cases!” ...Become smarter, heal many ailments, develop Special Abilitis.

1. Acceptance by Doctors, Scientists and others due to results and evidence- on the Oprah Winfrey television show Dr. Oz stated, “The next frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine!” Recent advances in technologies can help people and animals go from sad to happy often in seconds and minutes - by affecting biology using sound, light and subtle energy with repeatable results.
2. Treating causes from an Energetic viewpoint compliments other modalities - illnesses regardless of whether physical, emotional, psychological or other, show up as Chaotic patterns in the Energy fields, and disturbances in electrical flow-when you restore electrical flow and energy field coherency, you get
Rapid results from treating things on a causal level, instead of simply treating symptoms. These technologies also enhance performance and wellbeing. Rapid lasting results for PTSD and many
neurological disorders-One of the great applications is to assist soldiers in recovering from PTSD and other neurological disorders, including ADD, brain damage, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Nerve
Blockages many other areas .Re-patterning of electrical flows, and brain multi-hemisphere crosstalk seems to create lasting results
3. Education- Energy Psychology, and certain subtle energy related technologies use sound, light and other factors in ways that appear to enhance learning and bring about genius type capabilities in reasonable periods of time. In the battle to regain dominance in the educational field, American students can learn to study and perform better utilizing energy training.
4. The Armed Forces can benefit from energy training to maximize their performance, (including staying conscious in new higher performance aircraft, more situational awareness in combat), recovery from fatigue and remain sharp for safer missions. PTSD is known to respond rapidly and permanently when Energy Psychology approaches are done in an integrated manor.
5. New forms of Live Imaging, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology related technologies are now gaining major interest in the fields of Integrated and Complimentary medicine! New generations of primary care physicians with emphasis on preventive medicine can utilize energy enhancing techniques to maximize patient results. Energetic analysis may also help direct the choice of appropriate medications for individual patients, because medications can also be classified by wavelength and categorized based also on energetic effects, making it easier for doctors to get the best combinations and dosage for each individual patient calibrated faster.
6. Nurses in critical care locations can utilize energy enhancing programs and techniques to help healing even without the patient’s awareness. Such as done at Hospitals and clinics now even including Kaiser
Permanente in Southern California, Huffington Post has articles of success regularly.
7. Combining Physics, Quantum, Mechanics, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology skills is now popular for many Medical and Psychology Students, due to the recent advances in working with dozens of forms of live imaging offering a tremendous opportunity to educate undergraduate and graduate students in the recognition of subtle energy flows and the effects on human tissue. Recognition and seeing results for themselves and others can result in a geometrical increase in its utilization. Success breeds expanding utilization while positive results are being observed.
8. Owners can become financially independent even by their own efforts, as well as from the Partnerships efforts! Participate as partners and/or affiliates to realize income from the sales of super scientifically tested using multiple forms of live imaging that teach how to enhance subtle energy flow. Business plan and profit margins allow for return of principle monthly after reaching certain key critical mass, via a “Preaching to the Choir” approach of marketing first to associations, groups and companies with members/customers already into complimentary genres…Create Positive Karma while benefiting from 95% Gross Profit margins on hundreds of products and many services. Investors can be morally and ethically rewarded through their financial support knowing that energy health and unique applications are

reaching a whole new generation of care providers, covering every aspect of Health and Biology, and also applied to virtually every field of endeavor from Education, to Parenting, from Management to Military to Veterinarian, to Farming.
9. Water becomes wetter, smaller micro-clusters penetrate cell walls better, and electrical and
chemical activities are enhanced significantly. The world of agriculture could be significantly influenced by the results of energy manipulation of water. This could lead to more productivity and income for farmers. When your cell walls are better penetrated, the biology can be more efficient, potentially enhancing quality and quantity of life (see www.transformationalbreakthoughs.org to learn more!)


Optimized for maximum tax benefit

A. Sales Commissions and Finders’ Fees.



B. Organization and Capitalization Cost. Includes Leads, Package, Courier, Postage and Telephone
costs. Webinar and related cost of finding capital.


Capitalize Cost of prototyping and materials.Costs related to organizing that can not be amortized or expensed.

C. Prepaid 3-year Education, Technical Support, Consulting and Industry Analysis.

On-going analysis, assistance, updating by company representatives for individual investors and investor



D. Administration Costs including Office and Support Staffing.



E. Legal and Accounting Costs.



F. Education and Training of Brokers and Independent Sales Organizations.



G. Due Diligence, Review and Industry Education of Independent Sales Organization's



H. Advertising, Promotion and Publicity Expense.

Arranging and coordinating grant writing, internet and product development, advertising and other needed business and contracts.
Administer.business assets including real estate, storate, working space and
multimedia lines. Arrange, negotiate and coordinate independent management and other service
contracts. Filings, inspections, startup coordination and completion of prototypes, scripts, product development and information packages
relating to products and incorporating them in many dozens of industries.



I. Payroll, Benefits, Taxes, Computer Programming, Word Processing.
J. Product Development.

Product testing of proposed products and certification/registration costs. Including voice, radio and
webinar talent, recording and instructional talent, updating social media sites, utilities, transportation,
insurance and rent... Video and audio mixing and editing, Computer artwork and technical skills. Product development and roll outs.



K. Management Consulting and Technical Support.
a. Negotiate and Coordinate Legal and Accounting Services, Administrative Management.
Management Consulting and Financial Analysis. Transaction Structuring, Review, Analysis
and Contract Negotiation of various joint ventures, licensing, leasing and other business
related agreements and arranging any needed partner balloting/voting.
i. Protecting intellectual rights, patents, copyrights, trademark costs, grant-writing

b. Economic analysis, financial business and development review, distribution plans and
management alternatives, tax differed residual distributions, alternative risk analysis,
documentation review, structural tax planning, arrange and establish banking accounts,
development of preferred relationships.
c. Advertising Planning and Product Development Review.
d. Attending expos and handling related business activities. Attending Energy Medicine, Energy
Psychology and Subtle Energy Science and Holistic Healing, Alternative Healing and
complementary medicine events, seminars, workshops and related. Travel to remote locations
and filming for products, recording for products and seminars as appropriate.
e. Testing products at applicable labs, testing facilities and other testing and development as
needed. Appraisal and analysis of market and comparables, using generally accepted
Standards of Valuation including Residual Value, Capitalized Income, Yield on captial transactions,
Internal Rates of Return, Tax Analysis and supporting State and Federal Regulations and
proposed Legislation applicable to Economic Based Operations.
f. Other miscellaneous related ordinary and necessary expenses.



L. Market and Financial Analysis. Includes both in house, and Independent Consulting Hired by Management to
Research, Study and Analyze all aspects of Industry including computer search of all pertinent
information of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and related Subtle Energy Sciences, testing of
products, continued R and D expenses not included above, and review thereof, Review and Analysis
of Readers try.Review of hundreds of Industry tech papers, studdies, and other things related to succesful business operations.
Copying of articles and analysis for purposes of Highlights and Excerpts. Search of
Books and Publications relating to above industries on an ongoing basis and interacting with
Industry experts as needed, Purchase, Review and Analysis of above referenced Books, articles and
Publications totaling over 3000 pages including direct interviews with principals. Search of all Audio
and Video Tapes relating to business topics we are involved in, publishing reports and studies,
putting together grant funding requests and related documents. Purchase, Review and Analysis of
said Tapes and transcription of material. Attendance at seminars relating tour industries and
compatible, complimentary industries as mentioned in webinars) Review and Analysis of Seminar
material and negotiations with various oppurtunies for future Programs. Review, Analysis and
Contract Negotiations after first completing investigations and due-diligence.
Grant Writing , product testing are expected to be a major source of expenses.



M. Prepaid On-going Market Analysis, Financial Analysis and Management Support.
Monitoring of call counts, orders, requests for radio shows, requests for consulting, advertising
efficiency and precision, cash flow, billing, and other operational activities. New product review,
development and acquisition. On-going partnership planning and communications. Evaluate,
arrange and overview over-seas markets and the feasibility of working with a consortium to expand
the market. Attend trade shows, industry meetings and public relations events. On-going
renegotiation of business and partnership contracts. Videography and publication of seminars,
workshops, classes, healings and partnership meetings. Other miscellaneous expenses.



N. Direct Advertising Expenses, Materials Cost and Service and Fulfillment Fees.
O. Purchase of equipment, computers and other
1% Amortized



[ Estimated 15% capitalized ,1% amortized and 84% expensed ]


The above information is an initial proposal based upon a variety of sources believed to be accurate and is not intended to be construed as legal or
tax advice. The partnership is advised to retain its own tax counsel on the above concepts.

Executive Summary for Ideal Transactions Centered Around Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Subtle Energy Science & state of the Art Neuroscience inventions.

Executive Summary Outline

I. Industries That We Benefit From- Our Products Are Unique and Special Page X

A. Energy Medicine/Energy Psychology and Subtle Energy Sciences
B. Integrated Medicine and Complimentary Medicine and Healthcare, Integrated Applications For
Virtually Every Aspect Of Life, Based On Energy Flows, Energy Field Coherency, and
Integrating More Modalities Than Any Other Systems Known , While Using As Many Forms Of
Live Imaging and Testing Available.
C. Human Potential /Personal Growth/Self Improvement
D. Educational
E. Stress Reduction
F. Income Opportunities
G. Mail Order
H. Catalog Sales
I. Internet
J. Multilevel Marketing (MLM)
K. Pay Per Call
L. “How To” Seminars
M. Talk Shows
N. Call-In Talk Shows Via Radio And TV
O. Infomercial
P. Cable TV Shows
Q. Radio Shows
R. Self-Improvement / Self Help / Psychological / Learning Development
S. Correspondence Courses
T. Holistic Healing / Alternative Therapies
U. Business Consulting/Management
V. Business Opportunities
W. Fundraising
X. Telecommunications
Y. Intelligence / Investigations / Law Enforcement

II. Benefits of Our Structure

A. Business Plan Meets Most Of The “50 Points” That Court Found In 93 That Businesses That
Meet Most Of The 50 Po0ints Tend To Do At least 400% Apr - see track record summary and
“50 points” documents
B. Flexibility-
a. Can Profit From Your Own Efforts and The Partnerships Efforts, Our Business Plan
Allows Us To Dynamically Adapt and Grow and Adjust Rapidly To Changing Conditions
b. You May Use Cash, IRA Or Other….
c. Ideal Transaction Structure-our unique LLP is exempt in all 50 states, has been designed
based on winning legal precedent in various circuits of appeal and is designed to be easy and
low cost to operate, compared to other structures and documents.(see “the ideal
transaction)Our memorandum has more features and benefits than most by far.

B. Diversification

a. Scientific Allocation Of Money Management-

b. We Do A Combination Of Retail Our Own Products and Others, Combined With Others
Wholesaling and Retailing Our Products To Their Major Distribution Sources and Client Bases.
c. “Preaching To the Choir” Marketing Approach. By Going First To The Associations,
Businesses, Groups That Are Already Super Open and Receptive and Wanting Does What Our
Stuff Does—Knowing Nothing Else Out There Influences Energy In As Many Practical Ways As
Ours, With As Many Applications and as many forms of testing as our unique and special
d. You May Participate Via Short Term Promissory Note and/ or As A Partner (Cash Or Ira)
And /Or As An Affiliate (See Webinar) with only a few specific exceptions such as if an
independent partner was putting on a workshop and partner spills hot coffee on a participant, that
person could be liable for spilling on the person etc.). LIABILITY IS LIMITED BY USE OF
e. Tax Write-Offs and Sheltering. We expect to have approx. a 70% write off for partners who
need it, many partners may be able to transfer to schedule C since we treat all owners as active
consultants and voting is mandatory. Memorandum allows transfer of tax benefits of one partner
doesn’t need any and another needs more and is super active.
f. Exit Strategies. Short term notes are 9 months or less, the partnership expects to return capital
many fold each year, and for partners who want profits faster, all partners are asked to be
affiliates so they can make as much money as they are open to doing what needs to be done…
g. Perpetual Cash Machine- we expect to pay monthly, and because we have gross profit margins
better than 95%, we feel we can return principle regularly with increasing cash flow curves
h. Adaptability to the Future. Our products are cutting edge and do things others can’t- we intend
to constantly upgrade our products with feedback from laboratory testing, and we keep our
business plans super flexible to be able to change rapidly and properly as market conditions and
opportunities change
i. Personal Income In Addition to Partner Distribution. Any partner has the ability to make
themselves become a millionaire in theory, based on what can be done being an affiliate, so
partners wanting to do things full time will have the needed opportunities to earn a six, possibly 7
figure income(see webinar)by being active.
j. Track Record of the Organizers. Steven’s track record returning over 400% annually from 81-
96 was verified by a federal judge as was the 50 point formula he used with detailed descriptions
of transaction dates in and out, and read affidavits under penalty of perjury @

III. Our Investments. Our unique and special products do what nothing else does! Sad to happy in seconds
or minutes – using energy!

A. Energy Medicine/Energy Psychology, Subtle Energy /Bio-Photonic audios, videos, products healing and
personal development systems and seminars and services - MUTUALLY SUPPORTING PRODUCTS,
INCLUDING: Audios, videos, Subtle Energy Mandalas and certain inventions for putting sound into the
body via acoustic stimulation, courses, seminars etc…marketing is a combination wholesale and l to
established distribution channels and also retail via our own Internet websites and Mall that has the best
in the world in one place, allowing us to benefit from cross promotion and mutual affiliate arrangements

B. See exhibits and webinars for lists and details- Of Products, Inventions and Related Items. See also
www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org for examples of the many forms of scientific testing that make
our products so very unique- like nothing else available!

IV. BUSINESS PLAN HIGHLIGHTS x (this section should be combined with part 2 to eliminate

A. General Information


a. Ever increasing monthly cash flow-you can be an affiliate and profit quickly from your
own efforts, and or for more upside you can profit from the partnerships via the collective efforts
of entrepreneurial partners…or you can do the short term promissory notes secured by our business
activities and assets, allowing you either just take the interest and your principle back. Or you can
convert and be a partner so long as you’re voting on our regular ballot issues.

b. Substantial tax deferred windfalls- we may have ability in addition to working with IRA
funds, to potentially sell a portion of our percentage of partnerships to public holding and developing
that trade OTC, as our accounts and cash flow channels become seasoned and established (if partners via
majority vote want to explore such options in the future.

c. Financial independence opportunities- any partner can affect the outcome and build
financial independence to the extent a partner wants to get involved.

d. Perpetual cash machine- our easiest thing to do is creating products centered around Energy
Medicine, Energy Psychology and Subtle Energy sciences that are application specific. We find this part
easy and fun.

2. STRENGTHS- our products affect water, plants, animals and people using subtle energy technologies
integrating dozens of the world’s top systems plus our own proprietary technologies- they make a
person go from sad/frustrated to happy in seconds or minutes by how our products affect electrical
flows, bio photons and bio-energy fields in a variety of ways. We will have regular testing at one of
the world’s top accredited labs, which will show that in addition to being super unique and practical,
will also be able to be regularly upgraded by things we learn as we test the top 40 ways subtle
energy affects biology ,devices and other applications

B. PRODUCTS- Bio-Energetic audios, videos, and other products relating to practical use and
application of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Subtle Energy Sciences.

1. Marketing products to and or with…

a. our own internet websites, mall and Social Media Groups

b. established Energy Medicine/Energy Psychology associations, groups, Universities and
related Distribution Channels with Potential continued education and University
Accreditation Benefits

c. Wholesaling to established companies that offer various audio products with most doing
business ranging from a couple million a year to over 100 million dollars annually(see webinar for
partial list of dozens of these types of companies) who often do affiliate and mutual affiliate and or
similar arrangements

d. taking advantage of Social Networking sites like Face Book, Linked In, Twitter,
Google Plus, Pinterest and others that folks often use to benefit from being affiliates (See webinar to
learn about over 150 groups on FB that follow Steven in various ways and or he is invited to be a
contributor in) and other distribution including a wide range of catalogs and retailers

e. other as described in webinars (see www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org)

2) Diversified marketing-marketing other parties products to our own customers and members in cross
promotion, mutual affiliate ways.

(See webinar for several of these companies that do mutual promotion, mutual affiliates and related as
we have fund dozens of interested places)

3. Websites, groups and SEMINARS- there are thousands of places and many thousands of
professionals that attend conferences workshops and other events around Energy Medicine,

Energy Psychology, Subtle energy sciences, and these include scientist, teachers, healers, doctors,
nurses, chiropractors, acupuncture, and many other professional modalities and their related
groups and associations(see webinar for more complete description)

found interest from at least one accredited University, and about 1/5 of its
faculty/staff/consultants to explore various potential Joint ventures. We may also explore joint
ventures with other places mentioned in the webinars)

5. CUSTOMER BENEFITS- people and animals have been found to “go from
sad/frustrated/exhausted—to happy, in seconds or minutes depending on various factors..” this is
done by influencing Energy Fields, Bio-electrical flows, ionic and photonic influence and micro-
structuring of water using sound and light…..currently doctors are prescribing our first products for
brain injuries, nerve injuries, PTSD,ADD, and various other symptoms….and to promote increased
multi-hemisphere crosstalk while balancing electrical flow and affecting a wider range of categories(see
webinars, see also “Top 40 ways of documenting effects of subtle energy”. Emerging science and
incidental feedback/comments supports that our products appear to make people much smarter, possibly
creating genius qualities in regular people, increasing psychic abilities in usable practical ways, and
helping folks practically use and apply special abilities and “Mind over Matter” type skills. They also
appear to increase learning abilities in most people.

6. Product Marketing and Sales

a. Affiliate/sub affiliate- and Multilevel Marketing

b. Joint Venturing with associations and organizations to provide to their members

c. wholesale and retail marketing of own products and others benefiting from cross

1. Courses

2. Subscriber’s List

3. Associations-of many different kinds

4. Expo Lists

5. Face Book and other Social Media groups (Steven is in over 150 Facebook
Groups!!) and has 3 profiles! Also Linked In, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, You Tube,
Vimeo, Daily Motion and more internet networking sites!

6. Direct Response Ads of various types

7. Other

d. Radio-BlogTalk Radio (see “Steven Michael King presents “The Best in the World”),
internet radio, webinars, and other

e. wholesale to hundreds of established places we discuss in webinar…

f. Specialty Stores

g. Webinar and Infomercials doing joint ventures with organizations wanting to raise funds
such as Public Television.

h. Press Releases and Articles

i. Wholesale To Other Human Potential and Self-Improvement businesses

j. Wholesale To Large Retail Chains

k. To Universities and professional associations

l. Articles in Huffington Post, other Journals and publications.

m. Other that is proprietary




“Strategic Investor” Hotsheet Page x

Client Testimonials Page x

Track Record of Steven Page x



The following is a summary of our general business strategy.

Certain key elements of our plan have been deliberately omitted to protect us from our competitors.








G. Mail Order

The mail order business is a rapidly growing industry that may have created more millionaires than any other
industry where small and large companies alike compete on the same footing. We take advantage of this
industry in a wide variety of ways; many of our products are sold via mail order. Within this industry one of the
biggest topic sellers is how to make money. Some of the ways featured to make money may also provide leads
for other companies, of which OSE and its Joint Venture Partners (JVP’s) may opt to sell or lease the leads at a
profitable rate as well as provide a variety of mail order products pertaining to the topic.

H. Catalog Sales

Similar to the mail order industry, many small operations for a variety of industries have grown into multi-
million dollar companies through the promotion of their products through catalogs.

I. Internet- a main source of business together with traditional and via hundreds of groups and

The Internet presents a rapidly growing opportunity for us to conduct business inexpensively while expanding
our market internationally. Major business takes place over the Internet every day. Successful companies will
have to be on the Internet by the year 2,000. We are building a shopping mall with, virtually, unlimited growth
potential for thousands of specialty stores within the mall centered around a central theme of personal
empowerment, self-improvement and holistic healing.

J. Affiliate Marketing, Sub Affiliate-Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Multilevel/network marketing is an established, yet growing, industry for moving almost any type of product.
Multilevel marketing will be available for books and courses on audio and video tape. In addition, many of the
products sold in the catalog and mall will be multilevel as well, enabling us to distribute products through
existing down-lines while creating our own. We will be providing products for existing multi-level companies
as well as selling their products and receiving a commission for the sales.

K. Pay Per Call- all of our products and services can be ordered from smart phones, computers etc….

L. “How To” Seminars

One of the highest profit industries in our country is the seminar industry, focused predominantly on “How To”
type seminars. OSE, together with its joint venture partners, are putting together a series of 100 seminars to
parallel the curricula taught in the Optimum Solutions for Empowerment books and tapes. These seminars are
designed to take place over the course of 2-3 days, at a cost of $100 per person. Each seminar builds upon the
prior seminars. In this way, people can grow and develop at their own pace. The seminar programs will be self-
funding via referral fees and structuring the seminars, themselves, on a multi-level basis. Additionally, hands on
experience using actual products (such as bio-feedback equipment and energetic devices) should propel sales for
that equipment, books, tapes and other products. Our seminars also serve as an introduction to other seminars

held by individuals and/or companies that are associated with OSE. We receive a commission for booking
people to attend these other seminars.

M. Talk Shows, and call in radio shows via Blogtalk Radio, call in /log in talk via webinar

Talk shows are a unique vehicle for advertising a product in that the talk show pays the person benefiting from
exposure, as opposed to the normal situation where the person with the product must pay. This is because
products that are extremely unique, such as our own, generate interest for the talk show.

N. Call-In Talk Shows Via Radio And TV

As above, we could be paid to discuss our unique products and services. The difference in this format is that
often, the promoter of the TV and/or radio show shares the profits from the promotion via the show.
Additionally, this allows for the live questions and answers to occur, which allows the promotion of our
products to be tailored to the audience, in real time.

O. Infomercial and webinars

The infomercial industry is a rapidly growing industry which has been utilized to successfully sell various types
of products ranging in prices up to $2,000. We will be investing with other JVP’s in infomercials based on the
reviewed and analyzed projects that will further promote our products and increase our profits, again, centered
around empowering people and the “Human Potential Movement”.

P. Cable TV Shows and internet TV shows

By hosting our own, low budget, cable TV shows, we are able to promote our products and services directly
and/or indirectly (depending on the situation) as well as to promote other people’s products and services (via
interviews) in exchange for commissions as a result of sales generated from the show and/or a flat fee.

Q. Radio Shows

As with above, there are plenty of radio stations willing to give free air time in exchange for a percentage of
business generated as a result of our radio show and/or stations in desirable markets that sell air time at
reasonable rates, allowing us to profit both from the sale of our own products and/or services, other people’s
products and/or services, as well as sale of advertising space (Sponsors).

R. Self-Improvement/Self Help/Psychological/Learning Development

We intend to do for the Self Improvement/Self Help/Psychological/Learning Development world what Bruce
Lee did for the martial arts; we are taking only the best of the best thereby producing a more comprehensive
system that can be tailor made for each individual. The self-help/improvement industry has grown substantially
every year for the past few decades. Virtually any type of healing or self-improvement modality has shown an
increase in growth; and we focus on the top 400 modalities. Some of our psychological change and learning
techniques and equipment was originally developed for use in the defense and/or intelligence industries and only
recently has been declassified!

S. Correspondence Courses

Now-a-days, monthly, weekly and/or pay-as-you-go correspondence courses are big business, often running into
millions of dollars. This allows us to profit from our products as they become available in an extremely efficient
manner. It even allows us (when appropriate) to set up non-profit educational and/or religious organizations that
can provide recognized accreditation (or wholesale to existing ones).

T. Holistic Healing/Alternative Therapies

This industry is rapidly growing as Eastern and Western medicine converge and alternative therapies from the
past are met with modern science. We intend to do for the healing and spiritual arts what Bruce Lee did for the
martial arts; we are taking only the best of the best, thereby producing a more comprehensive system that can be
tailor made for each individual. What was once considered alternative is now hitting mainstream and considered
to be cutting edge. OSE will promote cutting edge technology for healing and transformation. This, in one way,
is similar to Bruce Lee’s cultivation of the martial arts. The self-help/improvement techniques and equipment
will be promoted on book, tape, audio, and, eventually, CD-ROM format.

Spiritual and Metaphysical

Again, in the same way that Bruce Lee honed the martial arts we are synthesizing the spiritual and metaphysical
industries in scientific, easy to understand, and most importantly, easy to apply ways, taking “The Best of the
Best”, with strong focus on universal laws and how best to apply them, as well as working with energy and
developing our own God-given spiritual abilities. These industries are ever growing as more people incorporate
religion and general beliefs into their daily lives. Much of what is considered to be new age is nothing more than
incorporating modern science with established procedures in order to make desired results more effective as
science gains insight into the physics behind phenomena as well as psychology. Many of our “Psychic
Development” techniques were used within our country’s defense and intelligence agencies and has only
recently been released to public researchers.


U. Business Consulting

Many companies have generated sales (in the millions), to Fortune 500 companies and others, as a result of
taking basic human potential technologies (for example Silva Mind Control) and developing ways of using
those technologies for management, sales and other means of implementation directly applicable to business.
Our products offer some of the broadest scope of techniques available for companies wishing to increase their
business and customer satisfaction.

V. Business Opportunities

Current research has indicated a restructuring of the business industry from large companies to smaller home
based operations. The top employers are small businesses many of which start at home in the form of a business
opportunity. The OSE will promote various researched opportunities as they arise for business opportunity
seekers, thus creating a network to grow royalties through.

W. Fundraising

The fundraising industry is rapidly growing as churches and schools and other non-profit organizations have
begun to raise money on their own in order to not rely solely on the federal government for grants and public
assistance. Our partnership can also plug into this industry by supplying products that are excellent as
fundraising vehicles.

X. Telecommunications

Y. Intelligence/Investigations/Law Enforcement

For many years, the government (CIA, FBI, military, police, etc.) have been using and developing psychic
technologies to find out otherwise unobtainable information. These technologies have finally begun filtering
down to the private sector. OSE is in the position to capitalize on these technologies. Additionally, these
technologies can be used for investigation and solving crimes, thus allowing the authorities to solve crimes
faster and for less money (also applicable to private detective agencies). Furthermore, OSE is bringing new
technology to the forefront which has not yet been used by the government and great care will be taken to only
release techniques to the government and law enforcement agencies that are primarily just for information
gathering purposes and are difficult to be used in a negative or manipulative manner. These technologies can not
only help find criminals faster and less expensively, but they can also help clear innocent people just as
effectively. (Note: The fact that these techniques are already being used by the government is strong support for
their effectiveness!)

Z. Lobbying (Both Congressional and State)

The principles outlined in our courses can also be profited from by forming lobbying organizations and/or joint
venturing with lobbying organizations that promote free enterprise, the success of the small business person, our
rights to privacy, as well as other Constitutional rights that over the last few years have been diminished and/or
severely inhibited. For example, by selling a $10 report to partnerships that experience regulatory abuse that was
part of a larger, more coordinated effort, this not only can generate a profit as investors pay reasonable sums of

money to learn how and why they may have been specifically targeted in order to “teach them a lesson” and/or
“make an example out of them”, but moreover, allows sums of money to be generated at a profit in order to
positively affect the laws that govern federal and state regulatory bodies and how they operate.



OSE will adapt and change as marketing trends progress. We will constantly analyze new opportunities that will
benefit OSE and its investors as long as the opportunities relate to personal empowerment, growth,
improvement and transformation.



Invested capital will be allocated based on scientifically determined sweet point calculations. The
sweet point calculation is a mathematical formula by which your profits will be maximized over a
3-5 year period.


Risk is reduced by a variety of factors which include

a. focusing on (only the best) proven products, distribution chains, consultants and

b. using only proven service bureaus and fulfillment houses

c. joint venture partnerships with others

d. close management of products

e. scientific budgeting of advertising and capital reinvesting

f. liability management

g. strong investor control and influence

h. conscientious consultants paid based on production and performance


Up to 85% of the tax-write off can be expensed in the first year. OSE is designed for active
management. Our partners will also have the ability to be active participants through promoting
and selling our products. As a result, most investors should be able to deduct any tax loss from
their income (in doing so, please consult your tax advisor).


Within 36-48 months it is likely that the business and some or all of its JVP’s may vote to have a
portion of the business interest transferred into a separate entity and taken public at a multiple of
earnings. Based on current trends, half of the interest would be sold at 10 times the gross earning
thereby producing a multiple of invested capital in stock. In addition, monthly cash flow would
be maintained by keeping the balance of our interests privately held.


By following a detailed business plan based on past and current results, the partnership should be able to
produce a monthly cash flow for 30 years.


All products are designed to be upgraded so they can change, adapt and evolve as times change. Furthermore, as
special situations come and go within the personal development and multi-media Industry, OSE will leave a
portion of its budget available for discretionary transactions, as opportunities present themselves, provided they
are related, in some way, to personal empowerment.


Partners can earn substantial commission, independent of partner distribution, by assisting in the promotion of
any and or all of the following:




4. Wholesaling direct long distance related products to companies, churches, charities and/or individuals

5. Assisting in mail order campaigns

6. Assisting in building MLM down-lines


1. Organizers


Steven has been in the business of consulting since 1981. He has performed research and analysis
in over 3000 separate transactions and has made over 45 recommendations in which all but 15
have gone full circle. Steven’s track record and expertise in partnership consulting, investment
research, wholesaling, management and acquisitions demonstrates a proven record of business

. Steven ’s experience as both a wholesaler and an agent of the buyer, investor and/or offeree
representative that according to Federal Judge Pratt in DC District Court a package of investments which
operate to produce cash flow based on a scientific model to optimize profitable results.


XXX PARTNERS also employs other consultants with equivalent track records.




2. Healing Modalities and Holistic Health Programs

3. Self Help and Improvement Programs

Psychological/Psychic Development and Spiritual Empowerment Exercises Courses


Light and sound machines, flotation tanks, bio circuits, bio-feedback equipment


6. Energetic Tools for Personal and Agricultural Use Subtle Energy Mandalas, Bio-Photonic
Video’s, audios and Steven’s inventions related to using waveform geometries to enhance
performance, and other…

Radionics, psychotronics, mind power devices, crystals

7. Feng Shui - Improving Energy of Buildings and Agriculture

Feng Shui supplies, ELF Neutralizing devices, things that create positive energy fields

8. Improving Adult Relationships - The latest, cutting edge techniques both for better
communications and sexuality

“Beyond Tantra,(incorporating Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and other energy skills
including things learned from many forms of live imaging and bio feedback for enhanced performance,
advanced couples skills and related sexuality courses


10. Economic Empowerment

Researched Business Opportunities involving wholesaling, Affiliate and sub-affiliate/

Multilevel marketing and other opportunities

11. Review Of Our Products And Services By Internationally Recognized Experts

12. Suggestion Box and Rewards For Bringing Others

13. Directory of Quality Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Subtle Energy Science
Organizations, Social Networking groups, Magazines, Radio Shows, Events, and Seminars

B. Internet Marketing Via affiliate marketing, wholesaling to existing associations and companies
with large customer bases, Social Media Marketing via Groups that are Synergistic to Energy
Medicine, Energy Psychology and Subtle Energy Science, Plus they do mail-order, Internet and
Standard wholesaling to small and major retail chain stores.


A. General Information

1. Participation in our small LLP WILL BRING YOU:

a. Ever increasing monthly cash flow

b. Substantial tax deferred windfalls

c. Financial independence opportunities

d. Perpetual cash machine

It is likely, of all the financial transactions you’ve reviewed over the years, the highest upside
and highest monthly cash flow is found here with the Partnership together with our individual
partners also being affiliates of products, which will produce a high monthly cash flow. Based on
sweet point calculations for reinvestment, the return of capital will be relatively fast, once we
have websites working properly, products tested, and affiliate programs and related all working
synergistically and properly together with new products produced weekly.. High cash flow will
result in a return of your investment every 3 to 4 months thereafter.


OSE has a vested interest for all who are involved. Investors, proprietors and customers can be
sure that the OSE investments will be based solely on proven

1. Products (only the best of the best) generating repeat business

2. Consultants with proven track records

3. Capabilities For Tax Write-Offs

4. Comprehensive Risk management

5. Perpetual Cash Machine

6. Substantial Personal Commissions Can Be Earned Aside From Partnership Income

7. Adaptability For The Future

8. Exit Strategies

B. PRODUCTS(this section needs complete updating)

1. Optimum Solutions for Empowerment (OSE) Program

The OSE program is designed much in the same way that Bruce Lee re-energized the martial
arts, taking the best of the best, from many systems and creating a larger, more comprehensive
system that can be custom-tailored for individual use. The OSE program is based on cutting
edge alternative and holistic therapies and products for improving all aspects of life. Holistic
practices have become a widely used and accepted practice in both Eastern and Western
cultures. The OSE program synthesizes the top 400 modalities into one comprehensive system.
All techniques, strategies, etc. found within the OSE catalog and mall are based on the most
recent scientific application of universal law and require no belief system, religious background

or faith. The products and techniques recommended in the OSE program have undergone double
blind scientific tests and have been proven to be effective. Many of the techniques and equipment
recommended have been used successfully by Defense Department and Intelligence Agencies,

a. OSE Catalog and Internet Web site

The OSE was designed to reach as many potential customers as possible. Triple access
will be established via 1) a web site “mall-type” (OSEM) location on the Internet, 2) an
OSE catalog which will provide most of the products for purchase found within the mall
for customers who prefer not to use or do not have access to the Internet and 3) via mail
order and correspondence courses.

b. Set-up Time

The set-up time for the OSE catalog is estimated to take 12 to 16 weeks while the mall is
anticipated to take approximately 18-24 weeks. We have identified several hundred
companies, each the best in their field, which feature materials and/or courses (books,
tapes, etc.) related to personal empowerment through

a. psychological development

b. personal development

c. development of healing abilities

d. psychic development

e. improving the immediate environment energetically

c. OSE Accreditation Benefits

1. Many companies have indicated a desire for web pages listed within a mall-type
structure (OSEM) based on the theme of self-empowerment and transformation
and are interested in an accredited entity wholesaling products, accredited courses

2. Based on accreditation capabilities, the OSE is taking steps to become a non-
profit educational corporation, similar to a university, thus allowing us to pay our
profits directly to our owners.

3. We are patterning our contracts after those presented by other catalogs and malls,
making the necessary modifications so that our contracts fit our unique situation
of offering only “the best of the best”.

4. Seminar/workshop Accreditation/Certification. Individuals who complete the
seminars and workshops will be offered continuing education units if they are
doctors, nurses and/or others in the healing profession. Additionally, upon
demonstrating competency, they will be issued accreditation and certification
(which may be accepted by colleges and universities sometime in the near future).

d. Our Mall’s Role as a Distributor

1. Where possible, we will act as distributor, otherwise, initial proprietors will be
able to set up stores within the OSE at cost, plus a small % of the royalties.

2. The idea of coming in at cost, rather than at a premium, should assist in gaining
tenants faster. Later, store owners and businesses requesting locations within the
OSE, who we choose not to represent via a distributorship, will pay a slight
premium and royalty in order to join our enterprise.

3. Store proprietors will be given the opportunity to make commissions by
encouraging other stores to become members of the Mall.

e. Product Quality

1. All candidate stores will be screened to ensure for product line quality,
applicability, value and must represent the very best of their type.

2. Thus far, more than several hundred prospects have shown a significant interest
and have approached ourselves for the OSE catalog and mall due to the fact that
we are only willing to carry the best.

2. MALL SHOPS AND PRODUCTS(this section needs complete updating)

a. Mall shops and products will be categorized as in the part III. A. and expanded as needed.

b. Each OSE book and/or tape course features a how-to section on how to use our products.
Many times catalogues and products rarely tell the purchaser how to use and get the most
from their acquired product. With this in mind, our how-to guide helps customers to
locate the right type of equipment for their needs in addition to telling them how to use
their products for maximum benefit at base level cost.

Economic Empowerment

a. One of the most prominent parts of the mall will be the section on Business
Opportunities. In this section, we will give business opportunity seekers researched
advise on How to Make Money.

b. All opportunities that OSE decides to becomes a distributor for, in the form of MLM, etc.
are completely researched and the best available of their type. These opportunities will be
a growing source of revenue.

c. Down-lines created from MLM products will create avenues for our own, proprietary
products to be marketed when available.


We’re covering not just multi-media but also the seminar scene, tying everything together via the
overall “Human Potential” movement. In other words, we are doing for the Internet, books, tapes,
catalogs and seminars the same thing that Bruce Lee did when he tied various types of martial
arts together into a cohesive system that was mutually supporting.

The seminars are structured in such a way that each seminar builds upon the previous one. It is
anticipated that there will be at least 100 seminars. As people complete various levels of the
seminars, they will be tested and receive accreditation. The course curricula of the seminars will
be registered with the various states in order to allow for continuing education units for doctors,
nurses and others in the healing industry.

In this way, our synthesis of the world’s best technologies can get out into the mainstream.
Furthermore, because our seminars will be done earn both referral fees and multi-level-marketing
fees, individuals who are interested in continuing to grow and evolve can do so, with their cost of
continuing education being funded by them helping other people to do the same.

The seminars also act as forum allowing for the hands-on experience of bio-feedback tools,
meditation supplies and energetic devices. An additional benefit is that at these personal
development seminars, attendees often ask for references to “good psychics” and since OSE has
some of the world’s best psychics (people who do work for the US government, Fortune 500
companies and individuals), as well as legitimate 800/900 number psychics. At the seminars,
specific techniques will be taught that (when practiced) cause a person to get an extremely
accurate reading from whatever psychic they choose, even if the psychic is normally just
mediocre. Because our seminar participants get clear and accurate readings, the individuals will
remain happy and continue to participate both in our seminars and the psychics. Furthermore, the
seminars can be taped and videotaped, thus allowing an inexpensive means to produce additional
product. Those individuals who advance most rapidly through the seminars have the opportunity
to become regional coordinators and thus promote our programs throughout the country and
eventually throughout the world. In this way we can tie together the best of the best within the
entire human potential movement, whether it be psychological courses or the latest break-troughs
in healing. The seminars are designed to continuously sell more books, tapes, products, etc. and,

of course, the products push the seminars in a mutually supporting manner. An additional benefit
that our seminars have is the fact that most self-improvement and self-development seminars,
currently being done throughout the country, charge anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per weekend
and cover less material (much of which is not practical for day-to-day use). Our seminars are
substantially less expensive and are geared towards material that can be implemented
immediately and practically. Additionally, because our seminars cover a wide variety of
modalities, they enable people to have an introduction to various modalities and thus, if they find
that they have a strong interest in one specific area, they can specialize in that area when we refer
them to the appropriate source (for a substantial commission).


a. We will act as a distributor for the products and features that will appear within the OSE
catalog and mall.

b. OSE and it's JVP’s will collectively own 90% of the rights to the royalties from
paraphernalia, books, cassette tapes and video courses covering our proprietary

Joint Venturing

Partner JV

Additionally, any of our partners, as well as partners in any other partnerships that wish to
"joint venture" with OSE, will be able to advertise OSE/OSEM products, in exchange for
a percentage of the commissions produced from purchases by tracking the locations of
web hits and purchases. Consequently, people who advertise successfully will be
compensated accordingly. In the same manner, individuals, such as radio therapist,
psychics, etc., who promote our products will receive a commission based on a % of the
revenue produced from their advertisement.

Commercial JV

Products and services will be jointly promoted by OSE and other entities as appropriate.
This spreads the risk around and allows for the use of the very best specialists, so we can
structure our business based on results and performance.

catalog and courses with their other promotions.

Seminar Hosting and Joint Venturing

Although Optimum Solutions for Empowerment will offer its own seminars, it also
intends to promote the best personal development/human potential seminars offered
throughout the world. It is anticipated that we will offer a brief introduction to other
seminars offered by other parties, thus allowing us to earn commissions when we book
seminars for other individuals. Conversely, other seminar leaders, across the country,
have indicated an interest in reciprocating by offering (on a referral fee basis) to book
their own interested students in our seminars. This mutually supportive and reciprocating
relationship is likely to build a strong base of individuals, throughout this country and the
world, who are committed to achieving and being the “best” person that they are capable
of being.


For our customers, basic and deluxe memberships will be offered for a modest monthly fee.
Membership benefits will include:

a. Discounts c. Monthly updates

b. Newsletters d. Various articles

Premium memberships will receive additional extras. Memberships will help to establish loyal

6. Product Marketing and Sales

Products will be sold via a variety of direct marketing strategies such as:

a. Multilevel Marketing e. Magazine Ads

b. Joint Venturing f. Specialty Book Stores

c. Mail Order g. Infomercials

d. Radio h. Press Releases and Articles

a. Multilevel Marketing

MLM benefits both our distributors and ourselves. MLM within our Business
Opportunities section will be a major component of the OSE Internet Mall (OSEM). We
will be placing the best available researched MLM programs for business opportunity
seekers within this section. Since most companies are already up and going, this will
create or tap into existing down-lines. In addition, this will also create pre-existing
established down-lines. Therefore, once our product is ready for marketing, these down-
lines will already be present through which we can run our own product.

Many places have expressed an interest in becoming a distributor for our proprietary
products. In addition, the end user (the customer) also has the opportunity to be a
distributor for the product(s) as well. Such persons will be able to distribute the product
through multilevel marketing and mail order. In this manner, whenever anyone buys, for
example, an OSE course they can fund the purchase of other OSE courses by distributing
OSE courses and OSEM products to friends, family etc. simply by filling out the
distributor form found within the package.

b. Joint Venturers

Any one of our joint venturers will be able to advertise our products, in exchange for a
percentage of the commissions produced from purchases. Consequently, people who
advertise successfully will be compensated accordingly.

c. Mail Order

The following are several types of mail order marketing strategies that we will take
advantage of:

1. OSE Courses 5. Classified and Magazine Ads

2. Magazine Subscriber’s List 6. Direct Response Ads

3. Hotline Lists 7. Newspaper Associations

4. Expo Lists

1. OSE Courses

A series of programs which include The Art And Science Of Creating Miracles
and Applied Spiritual Empowerment, collectively referred to as “The
Optimum Solutions/Personal Empowerment Technologies” or other titles to
be described later, will consist of approximately 50 separate Seminars and
related mail-order courses. These courses will be available in book, audio and
DVD packages. Each of these packages promotes future packages, as well as
other products and services that assist people in developing their own healing,
spiritual and psychic abilities, thus creating perpetual re-order business either in
the form of products and/or educational materials.

The anticipated cost of producing books will be between $4-6 each and the
DVD’s or CD’s between $1.50-2 depending on quantity discount. Each book will
carry a suggested retail price of $39.95 but will be available for $20 via the mall.
The cost for each book, together with 8 hours of DVD or CD, may be about $99.
Two hour DVD s showing segments of each course but priced separately. Most

likely, these may be available for $10 to $30. It is likely that a fulfillment house
will handle all Visa / Master Card / Discover / AMEX and Pay Pal orders.

2. Magazine Lists

Subscribers to certain magazines that are of a metaphysical nature will be
targeted. We purchase those lists and market our products to these potential

3. Psychic Hotline Lists (Companies promoting 900/800 numbers)

We will target our mailings to individuals by leasing lists of people who have
called major psychic hotlines such as patrons of Dionne Warwick Psychic Friends
and the Kenney Kingston Psychic Hotlines. Using these lists we can market our
products to those individuals. Initial conversations with representatives of the
above programs, as well as others, indicate a potential JV interest with us.

4. Expo Lists

In the same manner as a psychic hotline lists, lists are generated from people who
are prime candidates for our products who attend various expos based on personal
improvement, metaphysical aspects, and alternative healing such as the “Whole
Life Expo”, “National Health Federation Expo”, the “Life Enrichment Expo” and
“Brain and Mind Symposium Expo”. These lists can also be purchased in order to
help us market our products via direct mailings.

Furthermore, the buyers of our own courses will make an excellent mailing list
that we can either use to further promote our own products or rent/lease the list to

5. Classified and Magazine Ads

The OSEM will purchase ad space in the back of targeted magazines and other
print mediums to further promote our products, catalog, and mall. Our OSE
courses should be “Natural Winners” when promoted in 1/4 to 1/2 page ads in
tabloids such as “The Examiner”, etc.

6. Direct Response Ads

One of the most profitable products within the industry is the ability for people to
call (via 800/900 numbers) and talk to a live therapist or psychics. Traditionally,
15 to 30% of all callers become long term clients. The OSE’s programs are unique
in that callers receive either free psychic development and personal
empowerment courses and/or discounts on additional courses. Thus, a caller
can get a reading on a situation, take responsibility, improve themselves in a
variety of ways (metaphysically, psychologically, and otherwise) and then call
back to get feedback as to how they are improving and what areas to focus on in
order to manifest their desires. Many similar ads have run in magazines and
tabloids for years, producing 7 to 1 (and sometimes as much as 20 to 1) returns on
the dollar (when properly done).

7. Classified Newspaper Associations

The OSE intends to buy classified advertising space in major newspapers through
associations who will sell the space at bargain prices, usually 5-15 cents on the
dollar, such that our ad will appear in every newspaper within a targeted state.

d. Radio

Furthermore, market research has indicated a variety of radio shows that are willing to
work with our partnership on advertising OSE courses and products via Joint Venture. In

this manner, rather than compete with our competitors in the 800/900 industry we hope to
create a joint venture in order to promote our product line(s).

e. OSE Magazine(this is no longer)

1. Various products within the OSE catalog and mall will be featured in the back of
OSE books. Therefore, with enough exposure and demand, the catalog may
eventually become a magazine.

2. Upon establishment of the OSE catalog and mall, course book authors will be
willing to write monthly articles for an OSE magazine in exchange for more
visibility and promotion of their products.

f. Specialty Book Stores

OSE courses will be advertised in book stores with large metaphysical/self-help sections.

g. Infomercials

1. It is also likely that the OSE course programs (tapes, books, videos, etc.), as well
as some of the associated products, will create a number of opportunities to do
infomercials in the future. As this develops, the Mall could end up with the
infomercial rights which would generate tremendous amounts of exposure and
traffic toward the Mall.

2. Enclosed within our products will be a statement asking purchasers to
independently document their experiences based on the use of the product(s) so
that they can be featured in an infomercial at a later date. These testimonials will
help to further promote our products.

h. Press Releases and Articles

By doing the same thing for the human potential movement (personal, psychological,
psychical and spiritual development) as what Bruce Lee did for the martial arts, we are
already receiving inquiries from newspaper and magazine writers who “heard through the
grape vine” what we are doing, and free advertising can be done via press releases,
interviews, reviewers, etc.

i. Wholesale To Other Human Potential and Self-Improvement Catalogs

There are several small catalogs available, covering a fraction of what we have, most of
which are interested in additional products.

j. Wholesale To Large Retail Chains

Currently, we are developing contacts to wholesale some of our products to major retail
stores capable of consistently placing purchase orders in excess of 500,000 units.

This business plan is subject to change, as needed, and some of these changes (by virtue of commission) may
be substantial.



Features and Benefits:

• ••

• do business with any customer in any Country 24

• Use immediately, instructions on back of card

• Continuous commissions as




PROTECTING OWNERS!A Limited Liability Partnership, like a general partnership is an organization of business equals. In both a
Limited Liability Partnership and a general partnership all general partners have a duty to actively participate in the major decisions
affecting the enterprise. And are treated as both owners and consultants. Because of this involvement, the Limited Liability Partners
have real control over the policies and the direction of partnership business. Partners share equally in their pro rata share of the
venture’s profits in proportion to their partnership ownership. The Bad part of a General partnership is, they each share proportionally
in any liabilities that the partnership may incur. Limited Liability Partnerships give the control benefits while limiting liability-thus the
best of both worlds.

2. WHAT IS MY POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO LIABILITY-Typically, if a partnership is formed for the purpose
of operating a business then any liability that would normally be incurred in operating that business would pass through directly to the
partnership. This exposure can, however, be minimized through careful planning by the partnership. As a result, our potential
liability is minimized in this partnership. Liability could happen if for example you as an individual partner held a seminar,
and you started a fist fight with somebody attending…..or something equally unusual.


Funds are expected to be distributed to the Limited Liability Partners 6-9 months after the close of the Partnership. Thereafter,
distributions are scheduled to continue on a monthly basis for the life of the Partnership. Affiliates and others being directly involved
may start receiving income far earlier.


You must get qualified advice from your own tax consultant to answer this question, but in general, the answer is yes (for cash
investors). It is anticipated that the majority of the investment can be expensed for income taxes. (See Pro-forma Statement)IRA, SEP
and Qualified plans can be used to purchase units.


A common question is, “If this is such a good opportunity then why is it available to me?” There are a number of reasons that good
business opportunities become available. Being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of an opportunity is a key factor. It
is also very, very important to be in a position to commit to take advantage of these opportunities when they become available. This is
the key to entrepreneurship upon which this country was founded. Visionaries, who are in a financial position to join with others at any
given time, make it possible to commit, create and fund successful concepts when they become available. Were you able to participate
in cable TV when it first started; did you invest in the Los Angeles cellular system when it became available? The good opportunities
are normally sold out very fast.


A) the Products have shown amazing results, PRODUCING RESULTS LIKE NOTHING ELSE AVAILABLE!
We have dozens of pictures from public demonstrations in front of hundreds of doctors, scientist and lay people,
we have done much testing and now need to do CERTIFIED TESTING by a CERTIFIED LABORATORY so
the CERTIFIED results can be formally submitted to various public and private entities. The product testing has
kept us in business, since partner contributions have been less than expenses. We need to get certain Copyrights,
Patents, Trademarks, related intellectual protection, and also the results will be used for various grant funding
opportunities.(see www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org WE ALLREADY HAVE DOCTORS WRITING

B)Steven has a large following on Blog Talk Radio via his show “Steven Michael King presents “The Best In
The World” ! Archived listens for some of his shows are in the thousands.

C)Steven is in over 150 Face Book Groups and has a large following of Doctors, scientists, healers , and other
professionals—we need major help working Face Book , Linked in (he has well over 500 contacts, we need
training how to reach them!) Steven is in demand worldwide and we need much help learning how to work the
various Internet platforms!

D)Steven is actively involved with dozens of professional groups- some are Energy Medicine, some Energy
Psychology and many are complimentary and interested in our Products---all are waiting for us to get websites
and related working!

E) we had a mall working www.strategicconsultant.org then right after Steven’s main partner died(John
Williams) the web host changed various things and the site is no longer working until we can hire an
experienced webmaster. We have the world’s best all in one spot, they are interested in various mutual affiliate
type arrangements and we need experienced internet marketers and webmasters to get it working again. Our
Internet store www.transformationalbreakthoughs.org has a customer waiting list building, an affiliate waiting

F)We have many dozens of free products ready now, and we are within 40 hours of getting the “for sale”
products working.

G)WE have a big You Tube Channel started, and same with other similar sites- we need experienced help to
learn how to upload the larger files!

H)we have various doctors and others interested in joint ventures- we need the technical help to produce and
edit, and we need some legal and accounting help to set up the many joint ventures. This includes potential
interest from at least one accredited university after we get the second round of Certified Testing.

I)we have dozens of established companies open to mutual affiliate arrangements waiting on us to get our
website and shopping cart working, which requires help from somebody who has helped build websites and
shopping carts. We got our sites pretty far along even though our only experienced partner died years ago, and
now we are positioned where most webmasters can complete what we started, if we have cash to pay them.

J)we have interest from various Governmental and even military contacts, pending Certified Testing…See



.We have many dozens of the World’s best who know of Steven as a result of various meetings, and everybody is waiting for the
websites working and product testing, and related help.


We are constructing Personal Empowerment Programs, including books, tapes, seminars, catalogs, TV shows and Internet Mall. This
is being done as a joint venture with other entities under the name Optimum Solutions for Empowerment (See the webinars for more
detailed info @www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org). The various joint ventures contemplated brings together the best of Eastern
and Western medicine, the best of spirituality combined with modern psychology and quantum physics. We have top MD’s, Ph.D.’s,
physicists, etc. supplying product and/or information. We get a percentage of the business from all companies that are participating,
and, for most of the companies, we will end up being a distributor for their products, enabling us to make from 59 to 75% of product


The “Whole Life Expo”, which is very popular, has 3 to 5% of the 300 to 500 exhibitors selling quality products profitably and are
respected, both in the medical and psychological industry as well as the holistic movement. The rest of the exhibitors are anybody who
can pay $2,000 for a booth. We want more quality than the “Whole Life Expo”.


Our products range from under 1 dollar, to several hundred dollars. WE HAVE MAINTAINED THE LEAST COST PER MINUTE,
LEAST COST PER PAGE and ALLLWAYS THE BEST VALUE AVAILABLE! Many of our products and webinars are free to gain
market share, and others are steeply discounted. Most of our products can be bought for less than 10 dollars! The books retail for
$29.95 and we will sell them for $19.95 and they will be advertised in holistic publications and tabloids such as “The Examiner” (The
advertisement for “this miracle book” that will change all aspects of your life, get your prayers answered, etc.) The various products
will also be advertised there. We will be sponsoring and/or joint venturing radio and TV shows with established psychics and leaders
in the human potential industry. We will also include shows that are focused on holistic health and business management.


Initially, when someone buys the kit they will be able to distribute the kit, equal to whatever level of kit they have purchased. In other
words, level 1, level 2... level 50, etc. This way, we can supply them with the kit for its cost plus a profit and they can place the
AND PROVIDES SOFTWARE and TECH SUPPORT! Unfortunately our only experienced webmaster died years ago, so we need
somebody with experience who understands what Volusion's 24 hr. tech support says to do, and same with interfacing with the
merchant services companies that do billing such as Pay Pal and others..


Yes, absolutely. All partners are asked to be affiliates, any partner can in theory , become a millionaire if they work at it as the
products, distribution channels, profit margins and other key elements are there, and we can purchase the computer and marketing help.


Yes, after the second quarter of next year, once we’ve established the order and sequence of seminar curricula and cost break-downs
for compensating partners.



This is covered in the webinars at www.trandformationalbreakthroughs.org!


THIS IS CONVERD IN THE WEBINARS @ www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org


The good news is we have found several dozen companies that want to be in our mall. There are a lot more companies that have heard
about our idea than first anticipated (through the companies we’ve approached), who are already contacting us asking to be included.
This means that we would make a lot more revenue from sales than originally anticipated. Additionally, products, that we were
distributors for, would be promoted in the books, tapes and seminars, with respect for how to use them. For example, crystals,
pyramids, the biofeedback machines, etc.

Because there are more companies that are interested in participating than what we originally planned for, the cost, to put everything
together properly would be higher than initial expectations, thus requiring joint venture partners.


a) A show can be done on local and leased access (occasionally for less than $100) and some of those time spots are watched by
network executives looking for up and coming talent and shows. b) The shows, themselves, can be taped and provided to large
networks in exchange for a percentage of products and services that are sold as a result of the show (leading experts talking about their
books, tapes, seminars, etc. as well as doing live healings, readings, etc. on the air. c) By providing instruction, as well as
entertainment, the tapes can be edited and resold at a profit. d) There are several nationally televised networks that are willing to give
free air time in exchange for a percentage of advertising revenue and/or a percentage of revenue from products and/or services sold as
a result of or during the airing of the TV shows. e) Segments of these cable shows could be spliced together to create a “poor man’s
infomercial” which we could use as a stepping stone towards doing a first class infomercial, later on, with joint venture partners in the
infomercial business.


These shows still reach a wide range of audiences, allowing the expert to continue to gain new business (which they would be splitting
with Optimum Solutions for Empowerment [which we co-own]). Additionally, most authors, seminar leaders, etc. like to create a list of
credits, including talk shows, newspapers, magazines and anyone else who has interviewed them. The bottom line: it is an inexpensive,
easy way for them to make additional money, requiring minimal time and allowing them to promote additional products above and
beyond their nationally recognized books.


Yes, we do, provided: a) partners approve the ballot resolutions. b) Additional funding comes in through either capital contributions
and/or joint venture partner commitments.


We’ve branched out to multimedia - seminars help tie it all together via the entire “human potential” movement. We have the Internet,
books, tapes, catalogs, etc. for performance enhancement things (psychic performance, learning performance, etc.) and that’s the
Optimum Solutions For Empowerment. We are going to start a series of about 150 seminars at $100 per weekend, and the seminars
will be multilevel. It follows all the stuff that’s in the books and tapes (50 levels of the Optimum Solutions for Empowerment). When
people finish a seminar, they can be a distributor for that seminar and receive finder’s fees when they refer other people.

There are existing companies that do billing for multi-level.

In Los Angeles, seminars charge between $300 and $3,000 for a weekend. We’re covering more stuff than they are for only $100.
We’re charging so little to keep the seminars full, and a constant stream of referral and repeats (wanting to do the next level), it’s easier
for someone to budget $100 than something larger.

At the seminars, we’ll have some of the energetic devices, bio-feedback equipment and other stuff in the books and catalogs. That way,
there’s hands on. Initially, we’ll video and audio tape the seminars (this allows us to “shoe-string” our books and tapes).

During practice seminars (about healing and energy work) people were asking if we knew any good psychics. We know psychics who
do work for government agencies, law enforcement, fortune 500 companies, etc., and we can work a deal with them for referring
people. Those psychics require an appointment, usually 2 to 4 weeks in advance. We can profit from them. If somebody wants a
psychic, right now, and does not want to wait, we give them our 800 and 900 numbers.

From the beginning, we discuss things a person can do to get a much better reading than normal [like a) special breathing
techniques, b) various meditations, c) ways of manipulating energy systems, d) writing all your stuff down first, with use of special
wording, e) quieting your mind, etc. that make it easier for a psychic]. If someone does those things, the psychic is going to have an
easier time and the person is going to think that psychic was incredible. Part of it’s the psychic, but a lot of it is what the person
getting the reading is actually doing.

This will be its own little course and something that we can put in the ads advertising the 800 and 900 numbers as a “freebie”.

We can, through connections in Dionne Warwick’s camp and in Kenny Kingston’s camp, get hold of their mailing lists for everybody
who’s called, when they called and how often they call.

We would either lease their list and do a direct mail for the books, tapes, seminars, etc. or (and right now they want to see how it goes
first with us leasing it) split the profits and they would do the mailings. They have free giveaways and are looking for other things to
enhance their revenue.

The closest product to ours is from a company called Delfin (a company that shows you how to increase your income earning
potential). There is nothing unique in the Delfin programs - each level is between $2,000 and $5,000, We’re talking about putting out a
comprehensive program where each book is $20, (books, tapes, etc. are $120 as a package), a seminar for a weekend is $100, so we’re
going to be at 10 cents on the dollar compared to others, more comprehensive and with a lot of peripheral products.

Many leaders across the country are interested in listing with our mall and paying us a commission for what comes in through our mall,
newsletters, books and tapes, seminars, catalogs, etc. When we do our seminars, we can say “here’s an introduction Pranic Healing”, or
“here’s an introduction to NLP”, or “here’s some of the stuff covered in Huna, and Timeline Therapy, done by Tad James”. That way,
they get an introduction to other products and we get between 40 to 60% of what their products go for. We have our own stuff, plus
we’re marketing everybody else’s stuff. We’re also in contact with people who are writing other books or doing self-publishing (How
to develop this or that, etc.) and many have been in the Inquirer and the Examiner for a couple of years and are regular sellers. They’re
interested in cross-promotion offering our programs to their people and offering some of their programs to our customers. There might
be more money in wholesaling.

We will make sure that all of our products are mutually supporting and complimentary. We’re seeing very good signs and we can start
doing advertising for the seminars, by putting up fliers in front of bookstores and health-food stores here in LA. We can start doing
cheap advertising once we’ve done a few of these others. If we want the stuff to go quicker, then we can work a deal with bookstores
and pay them a commission when they sign people up to attend, then they will push it very vigorously. We’ve already got people
willing to write testimonials.

In the seminar business, if you spend $5,000 to advertise a seminar and you get 100 people there and charge $100 per persons, that’s
$10,000 gross - That means that after paying $1,000 for the room, you’ve got $4,000. The whole idea of the seminar is to give them
enough tools so that they are excited and feel that they absolutely have to go to the next level, as quickly as possible. By doing the
referral fees (bring 4 people and get it free), people can fund their progress by helping others. That way their own growth and progress
is self-funding.

The same is true with all the devices, bio-feedback, etc. and we have over 300 items to sell. By having the stuff at the seminars, people
have the chance to experience the products directly, and that’s going to increase our sales. People fall in love with these things when
they play with them.

If they have a check, they’ll write it; if they don’t have a check, it comes down to what can they do to get the money. We’re providing
them with both options.

We also have some multi-level stuff that we’ve checked out (like the grocery coupons). Those are real nice because they don’t require
our involvement with people, but they’ll start building some down-lines which we can plug in to.

We have some other multi-level companies that are interested in our stuff, but we need to get it further along. We need money and to
be left alone by partners not directly helping.



Yes. Simply contact the management committee (in writing, at the above address) and let us know your interest and intentions. We
will forward the information to appropriate parties.


This Partnership lives and grows by reinvesting it’s capital on a regular basis. The larger our reinvestment rate,
the faster our partnership grows and the greater our profits. On the one hand, if we reinvest everything, then we
will have no distributions and have to wait until the termination of the partnership before we would recover our
original investment. On the other hand, if we were to distribute too large a percentage of our profits in the early
months of the partnership, then the partnership will shrink, rather than grow. Since our intent is to make this
partnership into a long term (30 year) profit making venture for the Partners, we have to identify and use the
“Sweet Point” where the value of the partnership is maximized and we get a return of the original investment
within 2 to 3 years.

The “Sweet Point” is a mathematical calculation that determines the perfect percentage to reinvest/distribute in
order to get the most perfect result -- maximum growth and earliest return of principal. What this means is that a
distribution greater than what the “Sweet Point” recommends may temporarily increase distributions, but,
because of smaller advertising budgets, will cause the partnership operations to slow down and eventually cease
returning profits at all. As preliminary calculations show, the “Sweet Point” for these operations is at
approximately 8% distributions and 92% reinvestment.

Because of the many, varying factors in the marketplace, “Sweet Point” calculations must be redone monthly
and, as a result, the “Sweet Point”, itself, will change on a regular basis. As with any dynamic business, we must
be willing and eager to adapt to “reality” rather than sticking to old, possibly outdated, formulas and ideas.

This “Sweet Point” concept will also apply to the percentage invested in the different products so that our focus
remains strongest towards the products that are most productive, while at the same time, allowing optimal
diversification among products. This will allow us to change our product mix and adapt to the changing times
we foresee.


The goal of this Partnership is to make money provide the world’s best products of their type, and work together with many of the
world’s best- who have already shown interest(see webinar for details @www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org). The business model
has been made from both past and current performance records of the types of programs where the Partnership intends to invest (with
discounts factored in to discount for maturity and market saturation). We believe our forecast to be conservative and achievable.


(Details available upon request)

Note: The strategies, reinvestment percentages and probable returns on advertising dollars are based upon a combination of historical
industry standard results and the recommended strategies of one of the top performing business in the industry.


1. Whenever possible, conservative values will be used.

2. Historical and contemporary industry standards indicate….

3. Gross profit margins on most of our products is over 96%

All below this line needs to be updated and redone!!!

4. There will be a three month time lag between when an advertisement appears and when the peak revenue from that
advertisement shows up.

6. Start-up costs will be approximately $25,000

7. The income statement will not show the initial start-up costs or the "prepaid advertising" that is made during the first 3
months. It will only show the "on-going" operating expenses and income.

8. Break-down of start-up and prepaid advertising fees:






Ad Production




Prepaid Advertising





9. This assumes an aggressive and knowledgeable campaign. It also assumes that the market will remain relatively consistent
with current performance during this time period.


1. The initial investment of $1 Million yields a $350,000 initial advertising budget (35%). The initial investment of $1 Million
will be paid back from operations in approximately 21 months.

2. With distributions beginning after month 6 and proceeding at a rate of approximately 12% for the remainder of the three
years, the total payout to partners will be approximately $6 million (which is over six to one return on the original investment)

3. After 22 months, the investors should receive all of their initial investment back (Break Even at 22 months)

Total Distribution Per Unit$0$10,000$20,000$30,000$40,000$50,000$60,000$70,0001357911131517192123252729313335Months

Details are available, upon request

References by Clients of Steven
Complete copies of these and other references are on file

"I served on the Management Committee of HCTVA #38, of WCTVA #37 as prior Chairman for two years, and of TWIN CITIES
3RD MOBILE as Chairman for 1 1/2 years.

I have known Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) for several years and have had conversations with him almost weekly and
sometimes daily concerning the partnerships and what is the best direction or decision for a partnership. We have not come to the same
conclusion each time, but the conversations have always been towards the good of a partnership and the partners.

He has a following of Investors for whom he has represented or recommended investments. In my opinion, he is concerned that 'each'
venture that he recommends to any of his clients, where they subsequently make an investment, proceeds along an acceptable path
to being successful. If a venture needs help, he has put his effort into supporting his clients and the other partners in that

K Thompson, C.P.A., Texas City, Texas
"I have known Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) for 12 years. I started doing business with him in 1983. Of his retail
recommendations made, I have had the fortune of participating in half of them. While I've been pleased with the results of his
record and recommendations, what I admire and respect most about Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) is his integrity and
commitment to excellence regarding both research and follow through for the duration of each transaction.

Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) has always put his clients' interests before his own and his client base is
almost completely referrals from satisfied clients. Knowing the type of person Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) is, and
knowing how high his values are, I can appreciate his strong concern about his clients' investments achieving the success that was
expected. I will attest to this without hesitation or reservation."

Wetzel Ward, Texarkana, Texas

"I first approached Steven because of some very difficult situations I had with investments. Not only did he help straighten out those
problems, but he also has given me guidance for additional investments. I am ecstatic about the 6 partnerships and the many other
investments which Steven recommended to me.

Steven helped me receive my money back from a potentially disastrous investment in a wireless cable operation. Then, he helped
me (and approximately 500 other investors) get our company back on track to be successful. Our investment had lost 80% of its
original value. Now, thanks to Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org)'s skills, we are in a position to see a very profitable return.

Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) has proven to be a man of high integrity and high business skill. I would certainly
recommend him."

C Pavka, Strongsville, Ohio
Contact Info Available Upon Request

"Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) has an established reputation for exemplary conduct of his profession. At all times, he has
been ethical and reliable. He acts in accordance with the highest degree of integrity to his clients and has demonstrated
an indefatigable sense of concern for the welfare of his clientele.

Prior to my semi-retirement, I functioned as an Officer of Supervisory Jurisdiction for a major securities dealer,
being responsible for their acts and omissions in a band of states across the nation. I maintain a liaison with many
attorneys and accountants.

During the past ten years, Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) has earned my respect and highest regard for his conscientious

S Felton, Indianapolis, Indiana –Contact Info Available Upon Request

"The following is offered as a recommendation of Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) based on my experience with him. I was a
member of the first Management Committee for Ft. Worth Wireless Cable, which received valuable input and assistance from Steve (of
The Strategic Consultant.org).

He has provided many investors, such as myself, with a great deal of help in other partnerships, particularly in regard to Management
Committee activities. Some of these partnerships include: Third Mobile of Las Vegas (Approximately 500 investors), Pittsburgh
Wireless Cable, Minneapolis Wireless Cable and Twin Cities Third Mobile. His dedication toward helping the partners with various
problems over the long term has been outstanding.

It should be noted that most of his client base has been built through referrals from existing investors. I have seen his track
record and can verify many of the investment recommendations and accomplishments through my participation in the investments
or my acquaintance with them.

Steven (of The Strategic Consultant.org) has demonstrated credibility and good character in all of his work related to the sale of
partnership units and tenacious follow-up work with the investors. It is my considered opinion that whatever work Steven (of The
Strategic Consultant.org) may perform will be handled professionally and with diligence."

G Waggener, Dallas, Texas-Contact Info Available Upon Request

"Steve is not a yes man, but will tell it like it is."

R Bidinger, Elyria, Ohio

"I have known Steven for approximately two years . He has been my consultant in several investments in which I am involved. I
am very satisfied with the favorable results he obtained in negotiating excellent terms for the investors in the following two
investments, in particular.

Third Mobile Ltd. of Las Vegas is a Limited Liability Company, with approximately 500 investors. Thanks to Steven's skillful
negotiating ability he was able to arrange for the company's investment (the remaining 20%) in Chadmoore Communications for an
exchange of stock which will, in my considered opinion, result in a very profitable return for the investors.

Another one of my investments is "Cowboys Entertainment Inc." Steven introduced me to this company and I had the opportunity to
personally visit its facilities in Dallas twice. Having been in the food service business myself for fifteen years I was extremely
impressed with the business 'savvy' of the management and its system of cost controls used in every aspect of the business. I
am grateful that I was introduced to this very profitable and exciting opportunity.

...in my considered opinion, [he has] demonstrated to me his integrity, honesty and ability to ferret out unusual opportunities for his

R Salerno, San Diego, California