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Special Discounted Session for the Next 10 people. Normally $300 an hour, click here for $50 an hour, or less depending on hours purchased..! Limited Time Offer only! If interested in keeping the rate then monthly recurring options can be discussed!

Number of Hours Price Per Hour
1 $50
2 $45
3 $40
4 $35
5 $30
6+ Contact me to discuss!

Special benefits for members and especially for reoccurring sessions!

Cumulative Bonus Sessions - The more sessions you do the more you get!

Make SMK a win-win offer for the session or product you want. If the offer can be done as a win-win you get your wish list.

Refer friends and get a bonus session! Unless you have a network and want to work a deal.

Sessions can refer to consulting, healing (therapuetic), coaching, other or a mix based upon your needs!

Sessions will be recorded. Special effects are added so the session is stronger every time you listed to it.

Our tech now and coming has been integrating the latest Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience ( i.e Biohacking, Neurohacking,
Machine Learning, etc.), Integrated and Complementary Medicine, Brain Mind Body Energy, Energy Psychology, Subtle Energy Sciences, Bioacoustic Sciences, Energy Field Sciences, EMDR, ASMR, NLP, Hypnosis, and dozens of modalities!
Our stuff gives many of benefits of AI and Machine learning (using something like audio, visual, wearables (eventually incorporating advanced material science, corrective feedback loops, etc.) to affect Neurology!), with less risk while aligning traditional and emerging evidence based sciences.
Our emerging tech can affect environments including people, animals, plants, water, crystals and other.
Become a Member and you get the latest applied to your wish list!

Chakra systems of Pets (Petal) can show in live imaging! Sessions with SMK may show live imaging of both People (Soul Mirror) and pets in real time! Sign up as a Member and enjoy many perks with the latest technologies coming!

Energy Healing, Hypnosis, NLP and dozens of modalities combined including the latest Neuroscience applied for the needs of people on webinars !
Special custom webinars where SMK recommends what to listen to re "Special Effects" on different tabs during the session...based on your specific goals.. this allows the Mono channel from Zoom, YouTube Live, FaceBook Live.... to have stereo effects in the background.....
Custom Mixes for Members done after broadcast for specific special needs!

Members get Priority on live events, copies of live events with special effects added..... Members get priority on both questions, and goals for events

Special Member Savings on all Personal Consultations, sessions
New Products coming based on Members feedback!
#Biofield viewer, developed by Dr Thornton Streeter,reveals our #state of #wellness. It has been noticed... seeing ones own #chakras and #meridians transform during #healing sessions really helps with maintaining that healing. In these images we show how the Biofield holds patterns, symmetries and #colors over #time. #biofieldviewer #soulmirror

2 dozen webinars a month are expected once we get going (as internet and related technology allows).

4 hours weekend Zoom plus questions addressed if not attending live so addressed for replay!

Mastermind (several times a month!)-- Steven's contacts are among The Best in the World....and many will be with SMK on Zoom sessions!....SMK also covers the topics on the top 200 plus scientific videos....and HELP YOU APPLY in whatever ways in your life are important to you,!... Several Masterminds each month... including ability for questions answered if not attending.
Special Guests on webinars several times monthly to give special info, instructions, do demonstrations, address questions--Special Guests include doctors, scientists, healers and other of interest whom are "The Best In The World" at what they do!
Special Group Discounts and or other Benefits on Other Places products and services!-saving with us = saving with many!
Opportunities for SMK to work on yourself, your other connections and even your Pets...remotely with LIVE IMAGING using your cell phone and/or laptop!
Your questions addressed in emails and other products!

Special High Definition replay recordings with Special Effects to multiply powers!

First Beta testing of new products with dozens of special features, tested using all sorts of ways to verify..... plus unique for your requested needs!

Lifetime discounts on products and services!

Live energizing members thoughtforms....and sending of energy and processes to members.... during the vortex activations!

Ability for groups of positive like minded people to energize members wishes .... so you are NOT Alone.... you have the power of group energy on your side!

Top 100 ways to use and apply the Subtle Energy Mandalas applied to humans, animals, plants , water and other!.... Use in real time while SMK helps activate your abilities!

Energy Vortex hikes and creating energy vortexes 90% off on Premium, Free on regular energy hikes (one requires more help and equipment) in Meet up group....( click link to hot springs soakers! SMKs group with over 1,000 members!

Multiple Zoom Webinars 1 hour each that incorporate using Subtle Energy Mandalas.... with Bio-photonic Videos......and applying topes in top 140 scientific videos...$2,000
4 hours weekly of Zoom group sessions for what topics people on the session want to learn (unique lesson plan is generated) and how to use multiple tabs (including using many of the top 150 videos) during Zoom for Special Effects that help Develop Special Abilities...

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Extra Bonus Products worth hundreds come to you regularly!

4 20 minute ABA $19.95 x 14 = $279.30

60 Subtle Energy Mandalas $1.99 =
10 min audio 7 X $9.98= 69.86
10 min vids 50X $19.98= 999.00
17 min audio 20X $19.98= 399.60

17 min vids 89 X $19.98= 1778.22

instructional vids 8--

Mudras-use and application, intro to series 32:57

Part B - 1 of 10 - 20 minute self clearing using 7 skills that integrate dozens of modalities 15:46

Part 4B of 10 Manipulating Energy 31:35

Part 5 of 10 - Moving hands up &down body in VERY specific patterns for clearing & re-programming... 8:58

Part B - 2 of 10 - 20 minute self clearing using 7 skills that integrate dozens of modalities 5:49

Part 4 of 10 Manipulating Energy 10:23

Part B - 1 of 10 - 20 minute self clearing using 7 skills that integrate dozens of modalities 8:20

Instruction Video [supplement] 3 of 10 3:17

total of videos= 120 min =$120.00

grand total= $4206.40

blogtalk 28 X $29.99= $839.72 (to be handled)