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Resiliance-How Steven bounced back from paralysis and only having two voluntary body functions for over an hour 17 mins... 1)breathing 2)eye blinking...came back from 3 months in hospitals rebounding his life health, and business...You can too and you can make money doing so!

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Developing Special Abilities!

Science verifies sixth sense of Electromagnetic sensing !---Our products develop, use and apply electromagnetic sensing and more!....https://www.sciencealert.com/scientist-claims-he-s-discovered-a-magnetic-sixth-sense-in-humans

Perception -Including ESP, clear intuition (knowing) clairvoyance (seeing energy) clairaudience (hearing energy) tasting, smelling feeling and other ways of using Neurology to sense energy acutely!
Projecting- energy-healing, manifesting, tantra and much other!

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Healing using the latest Neuroscience, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Energy Healing, Subtle Energy sciences and more

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Electrical activity in the body is one of the keys to health and wellness!.......Our products increase gross and fine electrical flow, field coherency, cell, nerve, brain and other electrical flow, connections and other, as do our trainings!.....here is a link with Medical Doctor discussing latest electrical, DNA and related science related to healing, peak performance and other, and latest of how electrical activities in our bodies are better when we're in better health, Also how physical, emotional and psychological problems have corresponding parts of body where when electrical flow increases, so does wellness, peak performance, happiness and rejuvenation. This Link shows much of the latest science supporting doing our trainings, using products, and owning in both for self , others and profiting while Being a Hero!...
Our Webinars, trainings and inventions, both separately and collectively increase electrical and other flow important in plants, animals, and people, to the point they can work with extra training even just our free stuff and more importantly we're uniting more technologies and methods than have ever been combined before so folks can enjoy increased potency and usefulness for plants, animals, water, crystals, people and other. We train to sense electrical and electromagnetic and other, and more importantly we teach you how to use, develop, and apply and profit from our technologies!.......You can even be an owner and /or take special training, even earn products!.... even without cash! By bringing others to the table....(your networks are protected 5 levels deep)...we offer both structured events and events that are very custom to the attendees.....we also can make custom products and others!

Subtle Energy Mandalas Webinars - using special images that develop special abilities

Available separately and as Limited Edition Sets 1.0 of 50 Unique Color Changing Images

They're available digitally and coming soon on t-shirts, both separately and as limited edition sets.

Developing Special Abilities - Beyond Neuroscience!!! Brain Unification, ESP and Other Psychic skills activation and development using Subtle Energy Mandalas

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Be a Hero

Items of Interest (Products)

Topics of Interest for Webinars/Seminars/Related

webinars for Superconscious Unity and Group Energy Field and matrix work-
work with current energies to create greatest good, greatest healing, prosperity etc....
tie your goals into the group goals....
sessions for free and can be recorded with intent to work through time (so a session can be re-used)...
paid sessions for advanced group or private work!
group work price tiers are" (to be added)
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Martial Arts - SMK and SnakeBlocker (see worlds Deadliest Warriors_______insert link to episode here) Apache Knife fighting ,weapons and battle tactics seminar for Military, Law Enforcement, School Owners, Body Guards, MMA fighters and related (Apache Text)

In 2012, before the tree branch

(Grappler Text) SMK coming back after paralysis of all but blinking and breathing---doing the impossible......seminars and private available....contact Steven@
Steven will host seminars as he is recovering.

Weapons , including improvise....and Environmental Instruction coming again soon!

Beyond Tantra!--Tantric Skills for in person and non local!

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Custom Webinars of Audience Choice from all the topics available plus others we accept!

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Special Webinars with Steven and many of his favorite guest collegues - Coming Soon

- Danka Unsu - click here to learn more
- Jeanie Yi Lee - click here to learn more
Jacquaeline - Intuition Power - click here to learn more
- Dr. Kristen Willeumier - Neuroscientist - click here to learn more
- Rocky Patel - Pranic Lifestyle - click here to learn more
-Susan Brattan- click here to learn more

Energy Vortex Tours

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