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Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.

Testimonials on Steven's Audio
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Facebook Testimonials and Other of STEVEN MICHAEL KING from Blogtalkradio's Steven Michael King Presents the Best In The World and on Facebook at Steven Michael King Presents the Best In The World regarding Steven's Healings, Products, Seminars, Shows, and Consulting



"The last 5-6 years my intensity of study with well known masters from around the world has increased to become part of my regular schedule.

Steven worked on me a few minutes at an expo, yet I felt the effects for hours, so I attended his 3 hour intro with a friend. We both felt the energy very intensely (at other seminars I usually felt very little energy). We felt energy coming from his hand gestures. We saw and felt energy during various simple exercises and techniques. Most importantly, all of us attending (including those with no training) seemed to experience immediate results practicing on ourselves and each other.

I learned more in 3 hours than many week long intensives, which helped me integrate (in practical ways) my various training and we left with skills we could apply in all aspects of daily life."

ALANA GORFAINE, Las Vegas, NV 7/7/99

'I heard about STEVEN MICHAEL KING's healing skills from folks I know on whom he had worked at a recent expo in Las Vegas, NV.

Although I was very impressed with the depth and breath of his knowledge along with his experience, I was mostly impressed by the results he produced. In fact, my own experience with his work was that it was the strongest and most intense energy work I have experienced in my many years of being interested in alternative health.'

Dennis Richards, Former Radio Show Host "Health Talk Radio", KLLV AM 1230, Las Vegas, NV 6/24/99

'I am a fifty-three year woman with painful, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, I first heard Mr. King on a Health Talk radio show hosted by Dennis Richards about a month ago and I was so fascinated by what I heard that I began to take notes. When I called and talked to him on the caller line, new dimensions of understanding began to unfold. It's worth a try I said to myself. I began the breathing exercises he described. Invigorated by the first exercise, I went on the next one. After a few minutes I found that the knee wasn't as sore and moving it became easier.

Over the phone Steven gave me more instructions and various techniques. I integrated these techniques in my morning exercise routine, which energizes me. I noticed great results, less fatigue, greater physical strength, not to mention focus, with less pain.

If at all possible, I recommend that you take the time to come to his booth and attend one of his classes. It will redefine your understanding and will revitalize your life.

Ruth McPherson, Las Vegas, Nevada 7/99

'I was privileged to witness Steven King working with people' The scientific tools were able to document or validate what effect the metaphysical tools had on the human and on the human energy field'

For several years I have been working as a Reiki practitioner and know basically how energy works and how it can be manipulated to facilitate healing' It was very impressive to walk up to Steven's booth and see the energy field and the work done being documented scientifically. I witnessed the colors of the auric field, the changes in the energy patterns, changes in the spin of the Chakras'.

I was so impressed with what I saw that I scheduled a session with Steven' At home, while I watched the video (taken during the session) I could see the affects of how he worked with me and the changes that were brought about' as he worked in each area. As issues came up, there was a noticeable muddiness in my aura which I could see clear as he used various cleansing techniques'

These techniques are easily learned and mastered by anyone 'We got to experience sending and receiving energy, blocking negative energy, breathing techniques to increase energy flow, relieve pain and release negative energy to name a few. I saw how simple, easy and effective these techniques are'

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience these tools and to utilize them in my own life and practice. They have been very beneficial to me. I am looking forward to attending other workshops when available in my area."

Sharon Labrum, Las Vegas, Nevada. 7/99

I recommend Steven Michael King highly as both healer, trainer and mentor. I was hit several years ago (severely disabled and nearly killed)by a limousine. I also had a serious poly-drug addiction, including heroin. I had learning and concentration problems all my life. After several sessions, I'm now putting my life back together and beginning to pursue my dreams (and doing things I thought were impossible) thanks to Steven. My father lost much of his hearing in Vietnam and often could not hear snapping fingers more than 2-3 feet away from his good ear. After a few minutes with Steven, he could hear soft snaps for 15-20 feet. My six year old Godson had ADHD, 'lazy eye' and behavior problems from birth. After a couple of short sessions with Steven, he now reads and behaves almost like a model child. I've watched Steven demonstrate and teach a variety of 'mind over matter' and paranormal abilities, including medium contact martial arts against multiple opponents with weapons, occasionally throwing people without contact! All of his (mind over matter) stuff appears easy and fun to learn and apply on other people, plants and animals, even under adverse conditions.

Jason Reed, Los Angeles, CA 7/03        
Testimonials on Steven's Audio

Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.



Of  Steven Michael King Presents the Best In The World

Teacher Of Energetic, Mind Over Matter, Healing, Spiritual, Business, Martial Arts And Sensual Energy Skills

Involved And Studied All Aspects Of The Human Energy Since Grade School.

Studied Over 600 Books And Scientific Papers On ESP, Healing, Tantra, Energy Skills Development, Crystals, And Energetic Devices. Training With Many Dozens Of Authors, Scientists, Researchers And Master Healers

Inventor Of Various Energetic Related Inventions And Technologies, Including The "Synergizing Facilitator", "Steven's Brain Thing", "Universal Energetics", "Universal Tantric Energetics", Brain/Mind/Energy Applied Practical Synesthesia And ESP Development And Integration

Trained Extensively 30+ Years In Over 40 Different Healing & Personal Development Systems.

Author Of 8 Books (nearly completed) And/Or Programs, 50 1-3 Day Seminars (over one dozen ready or near completion now)

Worked With Shamans Of Various Indian Tribes Under The Name Of "Soaring Thunderbird" Energy Training - A Partial, Shortened List

Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Self Defense Nearly 14 Years Under Master Steven Co Kriya Shakti, Arhatic Yoga, Arhatic Sexual Alchemy Higher Clairvoyance And Other CoursesUnder Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Omega - Ten Degrees (Ichchashakti Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Kundalini Shakti, Jnana Shakti, Agni Shakti, Etc.)Exstasis - Three DegreesAgni Dhatu Samadhi Yoga - Six Degrees "Electric Fire" (Hawaiian Huna Tradition) - Six Degrees Tantra - Seven Family Of Systems (Tibetan, Taoist, Buddhist, Hawaiian, Etc.) "Love Steam" Under Sol Ta Trian - Three Degrees - 24 Separate Energies 'Seemorg Matrix Work' Under Founder Asha Clinton, LCSW, Ph.D. Reiki Master - Masculine And Feminine Lineage And Huna, NLP, Timeline, Hypnosis Under Melissa BergstromUse Of Balancers, Portals, Activators Under Joel Bruce Wallach Use Of Radionics, Psychotronics, And Other Subtle Energy AndAdvanced Psycho-acoustic Devices, And Systems And Products

Additional Energy And Energetic Psychology Trainers And Teachers - A Partial List

Grand Master Zhou Ting Jue, of the Wu-Dang Monastery, Master Matt Schoener, Melissa Bergstrom, RN, Dr. Richard Mabious, Sol Ta Trian, Mary Lou Dusyn, Dr. Jim Taylor, Dr. Tad James

Energetic Martial Arts Training - A Partial List

Hapkido, JKD, Gracie Jujitsu, Tai Boxing, Chi Na, Tai Chi,
Bagua, Kenpo, Kali, Arnis & Escrima, Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu, Ninjitsu & Submission Fighting

(Detailed Biography Of STEVEN MICHAEL KING Available Upon Request)

Experience Wave After Wave Of Fabulous, Pleasurable Energies That Come Flooding Through You, Each Time Flowing More Intensely, Opening Up A Whole New Direction Of Fulfillment.


Mr. King Is Sharing His Training And Experience In A Series Of Experiential Seminars And Previews Of Coming Attractions Designed To Develop Your Energetic Powers And Abilities. Potential Seminar Sponsors or Co-Sponsors And Event Locations May Contact For More Info Ask About Steven's 'Live Healings, Documented On Scientific Equipment' And Other Seminars


Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.

Presenting Steven Michael King Of Transformational Breakthroughs

For Seminar Pricing, Times, Dates, Locations, Directions, Call & Leave Message At (310) 396-1269


  • See live demonstrations of sending and receiving energy Quantified In Real Time (Location & Event Sponsoring Opportunities Available Call 310-396-1269 For Info)
  • See the human energy field and Chakras, imaged on screen as techniques, energetic devices and live healings are demonstrated.
  • Have your own healing or energy session video taped and analyzed as you learn what techniques and/or devices work best for you and open up a whole new direction.
  • Experience direct and apply wave after wave of fabulous energies that come flooding through you each time more pleasurable and intense than before. Experience advanced psycho-acoustics that can activate your hidden power!
  • On-going Q&A with audience on developing and applying healing psychic, Tantric and "mind over matter" skills as the effects of different things are quantified before your eyes on energy field and Chakra imaging equipment.
  • Feel energetic devices for yourself that have been scientifically proven to affect aura of plants, animals and humans!


Lecture #1 "Mind Over Matter"

(See Addendum For Times And Rooms)

Learn to apply the latest, "life-changing" scientific and technological advancements for breakthroughs in your life. Learn to manipulate energy for healing, personal growth, Tantric and sensual activation and attainment of goals. See how renowned scientists and researchers are revolutionizing the human potential movement while verifying the foundations of ancient mystery schools. Topics of discussion include the use of certain tools for rapid development such as aura imaging, cassette programs, energetic devices, bio-feedback and brand new technology.




Lecture #2 "Sending & Receiving Energy Over Distances"

(See Addendum For Times And Rooms)

Learn about the recent advancement sand improved techniques originally kept secret in the mystery schools and practiced by world class healers, martial artists and Tantric Practitioners. Learn to send and receive energy over distance for healing, multi-dimension sexuality (enjoyed with your lover for surprising, beyond combining full body Tantric and extended sexual orgasms), protection and more. See from "aura imaging" equipment real time effects from your thoughts and emotions and how the human energy field is effected, from close-range and at a distance.


Steven Michael King began his "Mind Over Matter" training as a child in 1968. Beginning with martial arts, meditation and healing, then later,

through teachings from various Masters, King incorporated his psychic development, healing, meditation, hypnosis and massage/body work skills

into his unique style. King's background includes various styles of Energy Psychology, Energy Manipulation & Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline, Biofeedback,

Silva Mind Control, EST, Lifespring, Reiki, Omega Agni Dhatu, Huna, Pranic Healing, various styles of Yoga and Tantra (including

energy, martial arts and healing techniques, fabulously modified for effective, full body, multi-dimensional, multi-orgasmic beyond sensual

pleasuring!), Chi Gong and substantial practice with a full spectrum of acoustic & energetic devices, systems & methods.

Transformational Breakthroughs

1257 Palms Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

Email:[email protected]  phone: (310) 396-1269 fax: (310) 396-4081


Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.

See Live Healings Documented And Quantified

On Incredibly Sensitive Equipment

Learn which healing & energetic techniques work best for you instantly!


Did you know scientists have verified that positive things: (1) strengthen your energy field, (2) produce more colors in your field, (3) balance electrical flow through acupuncture meridians, (4) synchronize your pulses and (5) enlarge your Chakras and cause them to brighten, spinfaster and synchronistically? Did you know that negative things do the opposite?

  • Test for yourself and friends on our equipment. See your Chakras and energy fields live! See how they react to different products (including incredible, flashing subtle energy Mandalas) and techniques.
  • Receive healing and activation and balance of energy centers. Learn how to do it for yourself and others, for practical applications, including catastrophic disasters! Why spend years for slow development when high technology and scientific method has produced more efficient short-cuts rapidly activating your positive potentials
  • Bring home a video (and sound) of your experience
  • Learn which techniques (breathing patterns, Mudras, etc.) work best for you instantly. Review your video at home to recall!
  • Learn how to instantly activate energetic, healing, 'mind over matter', extended sensory reception and skills and receive instant feedback through the use of our equipment. Preview advanced products that will help activate your hidden powers!
  • Learn how to, on command, send fabulous multicolored rainbows with magenta, gold & silver sparkling energies that come flooding through you opening major and minor energy centers in ways most people can pleasurably feel & many can see!
  • Learn how energetic devices and other products can accelerate your learning and development hundreds of times faster & preview advanced products.
  • See live demonstrations, quantified scientifically, of how to send or receive energy over a distance!!!
  • Scientists have worked over 40 years studying the world's best healers, martial artists and psychics - they have learned how to improve the techniques so anyone can get consistent results. Find out how you can use techniques for first aid, pre/post surgery, catastrophic disaster situations, relationships, business, developing incredible abilities & more!
  • Learn how to make your entire body into an incredible antenna to send, receive and circulate energy. Use this fabulous energy to make money and improve health, relationships / sex and open upon whole new directions, including floodgates of ecstasy, climatically opening and blossoming into wonderful sensual and spiritual fulfillment! See & feel positive effects as fabulous energies come raining down like presents from above.
  • Learn how to amplify and circulate your Sexual Energy for healing and personal development (also learn fabulous sexual applications of energetic martial art and healing techniques and experience wonderful, tingling energies that come flooding through you and your lover very intensely). Preview amazing products!


Available To Public Through Waiting List Requests Or Advanced Registration Qualify for 50% off prices , ask about group discounts and referral credits

Live Q&A and instruction with audience Secret Hidaway and TransformationalBreakthroughs.org Presents

Steven Michael King

Steven Michael King began his "Mind Over Matter" training as a child in 1968. Beginning with martial arts, meditation and healing, then later, through teachings from various Masters, King incorporated his psychic development, healing, meditation, hypnosis and massage/body work skills into his unique style. King's background includes various styles of Energy Psychology, Energy Manipulation & Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline, Biofeedback, Silva Mind Control, EST, Lifespring, Reiki, Omega Agni Dhatu, Huna, Pranic Healing, various styles of Yoga and Tantra (including energy, martial arts and healing techniques, fabulously modified for effective, full body, multi-dimensional, multi-orgasmic beyond sensual pleasuring!), Chi Gong and substantial practice with a full spectrum of acoustic & energetic devices, systems & methods.

Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.

Transformational Breakthroughs

1257 Palms Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

Phone: (310) 396-1269 Fax: (310) 396-4081

Event Sponsor and Location Opportunities Available: Call/Fax/E-Mail For Info

 By Steven Michael King

Over 25 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on research for this course. Bibliography contains several hundred sources.


What You Will Learn, Easily & Naturally:

  • CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF-    Easy, yet powerful ways to connect with your higher self. Experience fabulous energies that just come raining down from above.

  • AWAKEN YOUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION-Discover new processes for making spirituality an active part of your life as you energetically open up, unfold and blossom in fulfilling ways.

  • INSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND AWARENESS - Simple exercises to expand your thought processes.

  • USE BREATH-WORK FOR ENERGY CONTROL - Simple breathing exercises that can be used any time to increase your energy, aid in relaxation, or manipulate your environment.

  • EXPERIENCE WAVE AFTER EVER INCREASING WAVE OF FABULOUS ENERGIES THAT COME FLOODING THROUGH YOU each time, more intensely that can open up a whole new direction of fulfillment.

  • IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS - Dynamic techniques make your relationships more satisfying and rewarding resonating optimally with others.

  • CREATE BREAKTHROUGHS - Special imagery and meditations combined with energy, breath-work and other methods, can consistently result in spiritual, emotional or personal breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

  • ACCESS UNIVERSAL SOURCES OF DIVINE ENERGY - Powerful processes for adding and transforming magical divine energy, like a gift from above, to you daily life, as fabulous energies come raining down and empowering your thoughts.


  • SECRET BREATHING TECHNIQUES REVEALED - Increase your life force ("Mana", "Chi", "Prana", "Ki") and control your energy levels through "once secret" breathing techniques.
  • WORKING WITH ENERGETIC DEVICES -                 To activate, integrate, transport, balance and harmonize.
  • A Resource Guide of the best products, tools, etc. that strengthen the human energy field, thus increasing both psychic healing abilities exponentially- and How Best To Use Them.
  • EMOTIONAL CLEARING - Time-tested emotional clearing techniques.
  • KARMA CLEARING - Get rid of negative cycles and create consistent positive results.

1.  Psychic Feeling

2.  Psychic Vision

3.  Psychic Hearing

4.  Psychic Intuition

  • TWIN HEARTS MEDITATION- from "Pranic Healing" - Activates, Cleanses & Balances all the Chakras, Strengthens Link with The Divine, Expands the Aura Many Times, Generates Positive Karma, Opens & Expands Psychic Abilities
  1. The Principle of Intelligence
  2. The Principle of Correspondence
  3. The Principle of Vibration
  4. The Principle of Polarity
  5. The Principle of Rhythm
  6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
  7. The principle of Gender 

    1. Physical

    5. Buddhic

    2. Etheric

    6. Monadic

    3. Astral/Emotional

    7. Logoic

    4. Mental/Causal

  • HOW TO BECOME HUMAN ANTENNA - To send & receive amazing energies.

Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.


Chakras/Nadis/Acupuncture Meridians/Central
Channel/grounding roots, tripods and more

  • CREATED A DYNAMIC MANIFESTATION AND MATERIALIZATION TRIANGLE - Causes a very quick manifestation of desired goals and outcomes. Used secretly for centuries for proven results.




  • Healing For Self & Others - (The Best Of Over 50 Systems)
  • Applied Telepathy For Business & Relationships
  • "The Power Of The Mind" -Moving, Bending & Influencing Objects In A Variety Of Manners
  • Dreamtime Techniques
  • Use Of Ancient And Modern Symbols
  • Higher Self Connection
  • Hakalau - The Shaman State
  • Use Of Crystals & Energetic Devices
  • Energetic Products & Techniques For Home & Business



  • Incredible Grounding & Centering Techniques
  • Good Luck In Your Life
  • Increase Your Financial Status
  • Gain Business Success
  • Make The Right Decision Every Time
  • See Into The Future
  • Stress Reduction
  • Add Romance To Your Life
  • Intensify Sexual Attraction And Response
  • Introduction To Mind Blowing Energetic Sex Techniques For Beyond Tantric Experience Directly Or Distantly
  • Get Relief From Pain
  • Project Health Power Remotely, From A Distance
  • Learn Heart Control


  • Heighten Your Youthful Vitality
  • Increase Endurance
  • Getting Cooperation Out Of Difficult People
  • Make Friends Out Of Enemies & Win Support From Opponents.
  • Remote Sensing Ability
  • See Through Walls And Over Great Distances
  • Instant Positive Influence On Others
  • Affect World Events And People Remotely
  • Direct Psychic Sensitivity
  • Enhance Your Psychic Powers & Induce A Vision
  • Forms Stronger & Energetic Psychic Channels
  • Magic Central Channel Building
  • Send Messages To Others - Wherever That Person Is
  • Listen To Another's Thoughts & Emotions
  • Basic And Advanced Energy Healing Technique
  • Oriental Earth Energy Healing Technique
  • Reach Higher State Of Consciousness
  • Anchoring Our State Of Consciousness To Our Nervous System.
  • Manipulation Of Our Body's Energy
  • Create A Protective Space Around You.
  • Create A Protective Shield Of Light
  • Cross-Breathing (Balancing Left & Right Brain Hemispheres)
  • Chigong Breathing
  • Bringing In Planetary And Galactic Energies
  • Psychic Bottle Washer Technique
  • The Divine Waterfall Technique
  • Cleansing Vortex
  • Mental Screen Techniques
  • How To Link With Your Higher Self
  • Using Crystal & Gemstones To Sped Progress
  • Use Mind Machines & Energy Devices To Speed Progress
  • How To Work Hand In Hand With Psychics For Subjective Feedback
  • Applied Remote Viewing
  • Applied Synesthesia
  • Learn How To Modify Energetic Martial Arts & Healing Techniques For Body/Mind/Spirit That Can Open Via A Whole New Direction Of SexualPleasure & Fulfillment, Far Beyond Tantra
  • Much More

Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.


Beyond Mind-Over-Matter

How To Turn Yourself Into An Energetic Antenna To Send, Receive, Perceive & Manipulate Energy

Includes State Of The Art NLP & Other Skills, As Well As Acoustic Effects, To Increase
Learning Retention 2-6 Times Over Traditional Instruction
Includes Brief Bio Of Steven Michael King, With Lineage Of Systems

1) Exercises - To Cleanse Energy Pathways - Allows Smooth Flow Of Energy Through Major & Minor Energy Paths And Gates And Energy Bodies Opening Central Channel

2) ActivatingCrown & Heart & Hands & Feet Energy Centers - Increases Substantially Energy Flow Throughout The Energy Bodies On Both Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Levels Aiding Intuition, Seeing And Feeling Energy.

3) Introduction To Chakras & Human Energy System - If You Know The Human Energy System (And What Affects It), You Can Affect Anything! (Including; How Energetic Devices Affect The Field And How To Work With Energetic Devices, Part 1).

4) Breathing & Coordinating Energy Flow With Breath - Secrets And Details Often Never Explained Regarding Controlling, Cleansing And Balancing Mind / Body / Spirit Through The Breath.

5) Beyond Traditional Grounding Techniques - Allows You To Materialize Things, Creates Strong Energetic Foundations, Brings In Earth Energy And "Grounds" Bad Energy (Secret Details Will Be Revealed).

6) Laughing Bhudda Chi Gong - First 4 Positions - Smuggled Out Of China Where Royalty Uses This System To Cure Incurable & Fatal Conditions Consistently While Activating Paranormal Abilities.

7) Techniques Of Manipulating Energy - All Techniques Will Be Shown Both With And Without The Aid Of Energetic Devices [Which Of Course Can Enhance Any Energetic Technique!] - Mastery Of These Basics Allows Consistent Achieving Of (Allegedly) Impossible Results. Learn To Caress An Other Pleasurably With Energy And Open Up

Fabulous New Directions.

8) Activating The Energy Field In Conjunction With "Music Of Light" Tapes.

9) Techniques For Working On Others - Learn What Scientists Have Found To Be The World's Most Consistently Effective Techniques For Producing "Miraculous Healing" Both In Person And At A Distance.

10) Circulations For Body - Learn The Secrets Of The World's Most Effective Energy Systems To Increase Paranormal Abilities & Personal Power! Feel Fabulous Energies That Come Flooding Through You Each Time, More Pleasurably.

11) Introduction To Channel Building - Create Conscious Communications With Your Soul & Higher Self, Activates Your Own Paranormal Abilities - "On Command!" And Keeps You Centered! (Each Sets Up Unique Energy Circuits!)

12) Cutting Cords - Increase Your Energy 3-5 Times & Keep Relationships Fresh.

13) Cleansing Vortex -Cleanse Yourself And Your Environment Quickly And Noticeably!

14) Activating Psychic Abilities - Learn To Activate Your Psychic Abilities "On Command!"

15) Beyond Tantra Introduction - Learn Why The Most Powerful Systems Include Tantric Techniques As Their Most Powerful Shortcuts For Personal, Spiritual & Relationship Transformations. Secrets Never Revealed Elsewhere Produce Differences You'll Experience Head To Toe In Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually Fulfilling Ways Profoundly And Intensely! Experience Wave After Wave Of Pleasurable Tingling Energies That Come Flooding Through You.

16) Twin Hearts Meditation - One Of The World's Simplest, Yet Most Effective Meditations From 'Pranic Healing', Increases Your Energy Field 10-20 Times, Creates "Good Karma" And Activates Spiritual Abilities.

17) Introduction To Chanting - Done Properly (Most Don't), Pulsing Sound Patterns (Chanting) Can Change Virtually Any Condition, Allow You To Create Almost Anything (Even Without Faith) And Raise Your Life Condition.

18) Blessing Another - Learn The Most Effective Ways To Bless People, Places And Things.

19) Release Excess Energy To Earth - Done Properly, This Strengthens Your Overall Energy System.

20) Preview Of Coming Attractions - Experience Things Never Previously Revealed To The Public, Including ESP, Healing And Tantric Attunements As Well As Amazing Psycho-acoustics That Activate Your Hidden Powers.


Steven Michael King began his "Mind Over Matter" training as a child in 1968. Beginning with martial arts, meditation and healing, then later, through teachings from various Masters, King incorporated his psychic development, healing, meditation, hypnosis and massage/body work skills into his unique style. King's background includes various styles of Energy Psychology, Energy Manipulation & Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline, Biofeedback, Silva Mind Control, EST, Lifespring, Reiki, Omega Agni Dhatu, Huna, Pranic Healing, various styles of Yoga and Tantra (including energy, martial arts and healing techniques, fabulously modified for effective, full body, multi-dimensional, multi-orgasmic beyond sensual pleasuring!), Chi Gong and substantial practice with a full spectrum of acoustic & energetic devices, systems & methods.


Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.







1. Tantric Techniques Rarely If Ever Revealed In The West (far beyond what�s in most books & workshops).

2. Experience Energy Multi-Dimensionally On Different Planes (physical, Etheric, astral [lower, middle & upper], mental, causal, buddic, atmic, monodic, logoic-divine & various cosmic planes) while integrating multisensory awareness and applied practical synesthesia (cross blending of senses)

3. Chakral And Energetic Rapport Techniques Different ways of synchronizing rhythmic pulses of energy fields

4. Energetically Program Water, Jewelry, Makeup, Massage Oils Wardrobe, Rooms, Buildings And Food: Programming and pulse synchronization for rapport, peak performance, rejuvenation, increasing positive programs and radically amplifying and extending sexual responsiveness and purpose specific energy qualities.

5. Directing Sexual Energy From Sex Centers To Face And Other Areas for applied sexual charisma (especially important for TV, public speaking and entertainment) using sparkling, glittering, shimmering, pleasurable energies.

6. Integrating Tantra, Mind Over Matter, Healing, Energetic Psychology Skills And Yoga (for those who enjoy practicing yoga, find yourself experiencing many ways of more pleasurable and intensely expanding, amplifying and intensifying energy flows and grounding during your poses) while wakening hidden powers, abilities and talents.

7. Secret Tantric Techniques (including use of mantras, Mandalas, mudras, Yantras, ideograms, sigils, etc.), activations, attunements, empowerments & initiations for experiencing most of the �Siddhis� (paranormal powers) including many described in the yoga Surtras of Patanjali

8. Turning Yourself Into An Incredible Antenna For Receiving, Transforming & Sending Positive Energy Experience introductory Shaktipat initiations & learn how to use pleasurably feeling Tantric energy circulations that activate, align and synchronize spin rates of energy centers above, below and throughout your body, rooting and grounding deeper, rapidly developing and expanding your central channel, while amplifying, transforming and applying sexual and orgasmic energy for activating energetic, multisensory psychic, pre-cognitive, sexual, spiritual development, creative and rejuvenative applications anddeveloping �paranormal abilities�

9. Clairvoyant And Paranormal Powers Via Flashing Subtle Energy Mandalas � Used properly, clairvoyance and color perception expands beyond infra-red and ultra-violet, perceiving Doppler shifts, complimentary colors, various energy fields and super-activating, integrating and synergizing brain/body/mind/higher-self matrix, activates energy grids and positive energy vortices within the environment and other amazing buy products!

10. Unconscious & Higher Self Integration � Aligning your expanding consciousness successfully, easily and naturally

11. Applied Practical Time Travel � experience energies and information from the �more advanced you of the future� (who�s already learned & improved upon this stuff!) Sending back to the present more advanced energies and information with the benefit of hindsight, experience energies and talents from �past life� assisting you today

12. Applied Energetic Psychology For Increasing Positive/Decrease Negative: Ways of quickly increasing positive qualities & beliefs while removing or reducing blocks, traumas, negative beliefs and old energy patterns that, up until now, prevented you from experiencing your best energetic intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudiant/telepathic, pre-cognitive and overall energetic & psychic potentials and/or up until now may have prevented you and/or your lover(s) from experiencing highest erotic, Tantric and sexual potentials.

13. Missing Links Of Tantric Kama Sutra:98% of the power of Kama sutra techniques comes mostly from energy circulations, colors of Prana and other factors, far beyond physical positions, thrusting ratios & techniques.

14. Modifying Martial Arts And Healing Techniques For Therapeutic Sensual, Erotic, Tantric Sexual Massage & Other Applications Increase blood, electrical & subtle energy circulation and open up a whole wide range of experiencing magnificent new directions and magical, multi-color, luminescent energies.

15. Giving Energy Special Qualities Using different colors of Prana from various source chakras for different applications, including arousing, fuzzy warm, tingling, sparking, yummy electro�magnetic, intensely pleasurable, liquid life force, etc. For sensual, sexual, paranormal, �mind over matter� abilities, healing and other applications

16. Warm & Fuzzy Yummy Love Gloves Energetically caress your lover with yummy delicious, intensely arousing magical energies that feel extremely good & working wonders integrating with the worlds best physical techniques for heightened arousal, responsiveness and fulfillment during flirting, foreplay, love making and afterplay.

17, Adding Emotional And Spiritual Energy To Sexual Energy increasing blossoming feelings and sensations of fulfillment, intensifying the synchronization of intimate connections coming together in mutually gratifying ways.

18. �Flaming Tongue� Chi-Gong Energetic and other development of the tongue, etc. Ways of stimulating and sending energy out lips, tongues, etc. For kissing, foreplay, lovemaking, ways of kissing (and other techniques) your lover(s) so they experience feeling your tongue (or other body parts) throughout the inside of their body (or specific body areas). Ways of giving your lover (s) the experience of having and feeling multiple tongue (or other strategic body parts), different ways and locations stimulating simultaneously.

19. Sexual Transmutation & Transformation for self and others amplifying, intensifying, flowing and circulating sexual energy throughout the body, above the body, below the body and around your physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual bodies, for energetic, psychic sexual and spiritual development.

20. Experience Use Of Energetic Field Patterns And Waveform Geometries experienced as incredible, multicolor sparkling, shimmering, iridescent liquid life-force energies that come flowing like rivers during sexual arousal and orgasm towards both personal development and empowering thought forms for manifesting goals.

21. Activating And Intensifying �Ananda Shakti� The Energy Of Full Body Orgasm And �Amrita Shakti� (The Energy Of The Nectar Of Rejuvenation Helping Produce Paranormal Powers) considerably longer, stronger orgasms, easier and more often for self and others. Synchronizing simultaneous multiple orgasms. Using energy for experiencing and/or inducing multiple full body extended sexual orgasm (with or without male/female ejaculation). Ways of improving taste of sexual fluids, as fabulous energies come flooding through you. Different ways of turning on (sexually arousing) women compared to men, methods and how to use when.

22. Activating, Intensifying And Utilizing Goddess Energy, Priming The Sexual Pumps � the power of �not yet� (like creating thirsts that need to be quenched) ways of substantially blossoming and heightening arousal, extending and increasing power of orgasmic contractions, as wave after ever increasing waves of fabulous energies come flooding through you, sometimes with blended contractions (both pushing out and pulling in) lasting 10-20 minutes, also experiencing �Day After� contractions. Going beyond female, full body, multidimensional, extended orgasm. Improving and increasing the amount, quality and taste of female ejaculation (and the two magic fingers to use!) Tantric techniques for reshaping and/or increasing firmness, size or sexual responsiveness of female breasts, nipples and sex organs and increasing blood micro-capillary circulation & electrical flow through acupuncture meridians.

23. Experiencing Each Other�s Sexual Sensations - energy and related skills allowing your lover (s) to experience much of what you�re sexually feeling, and for you to experience much of what your lover is sexually feeling directly and methods of sending energy and sensations of foreplay, love making, orgasms and afterplay over a distance

24. Superior Male Staying Power And Orgasmic Response � ways of sending and/or circulating multicolor, glowing and sparkling energy through male sex organs and throughout woman�s body (and even out the top of her head) for maximum female pleasure all day and/or all night performance. Delaying male orgasm, increasing intensity & quality. Male multiple and extended orgasm (with/without ejaculation), giving women energetically induced sensations of feeling multiple, glowing penises as wonderful energies come raining down like a present from above.

25. Energy Adjusted By The Women sending waves, pulses & vibrations of bright, sparkly, luminous, yummy delicious, throbbing, tingling energy through man�s penis throughout and beyond both bodies, in alignment with feeling extremely pleasurable & fulfilling for both (many fold increasing control, ecstasy, Chakral orgasms and pleasure for the women!)

26. Beyond Turning On: Discover your own and your lover�s internal processes and successful unconscious programming, internal signals, triggers and energy flows � discover amplify intensify and expand upon what are the first signals you�re getting for yourself on the inside letting you know the more you�re finding yourself turned on, the more sexually aroused you�re getting, to the point you know you�re about to experience incredibly intense orgasms. Amplifying those signals, triggers and energy flows quantum leaps beyond prior orgasmic potentials (especially helpful for women wanting higher levels of multi-peak, climactic experiences, opening flood gates of amazing liquid life force energies that come flowing, multi-dimensionally or who in the past up until now may have been �orgasmically and/or lubricatically challenged�)

27. Real World Integrating And Application Of Energetic Psychology, Tantra, Energy Healing, Mind Over Matter, ESP Flashing Energetic Mandalas, Psycho-Acoustics, Subtle Energy Devices & Related Technologies In Business for healers, therapists, entrepreneurs, entertainment industry, news media, cinema, writers, directors, producers,, dancers, attorneys, managers, sales people and others based on occupations of attendees.

28. Personal Healings And/Or Custom Activation Sessions Various energetic, psycho-acoustic and related modalities available outside of class, including taping of custom sessions (info available upon request)

29. Group Request: The above and other related topics and applications will be covered as requested by those attending, based on what folks most want to learn or experience.

30. Other Topics From �Beyond Mind Over Matter� Seminar & Workshop Series & �Live Healings On Scientific Equipment� are also available, energetic martial arts applications of techniques and, previews of coming attractions, if group requests, time permitting. For more info, including advance registration, referral discounts & group discounts. Participants are expected to remain clothed and behave appropriately.


Steven Michael King began his �Mind Over Matter� training as a child in 1968. Beginning with martial arts, meditation and healing, then later, through teachings from various Masters, King incorporated his psychic development, healing, meditation, hypnosis and massage/body work skills into his unique style. King�s background includes various styles of Energy Psychology, Energy Manipulation & Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline, Bio-feedback, Silva Mind Control, EST, Lifespring, Reiki, Omega Agni Dhatu, Huna, Pranic Healing, various styles of Yoga and Tantra (including energy, martial arts and healing techniques, fabulously modified for effective, full body, multidimensional, multi-orgasmic  beyond sensual pleasuring!), Chi Gong and substantial practice with a full spectrum of acoustic & energetic devices, systems & methods.

For Seminar Pricing, Times, Dates, Locations, Directions Or More Info, Leave Message At (3130) 396-1269 Or Fax (310) 396-4081

Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.

Declaration of Cory Gotkin


Regarding Steven Michael King & Transformational Breakthroughs


My involvement in the expo industry for over a decade includes helping organize expos, assisting and booking exhibitors and speakers at special events and other aspects of the business. I mostly focus on expos relating to health and fitness, integrated and complimentary medicine, healing, human potential/personal development, holistic living and new age categories.


I've attended lectures, demonstrations and workshops given by many of the world's best authors, doctors, therapists, healers, nutritionists, scientists, researchers and mystics allowing me to have substantial perspective to evaluate various technologies, systems, methods, healers and teachers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

In May of 1999, while assisting with an expo in Los Vegas Nevada, I met one of the most gifted individuals I've ever met, Steven Michael King of Transformational Breakthroughs, while watching people experience workshops, demos & products, potentially one of the most amazing models I've ever witnessed and an opportunity I believe any visionary expo owner or seminar/workshop promoter should consider vigorously featuring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Transformational Breakthroughs involves two to three booths combined. Their booth was easily one of the busiest, drawing peoples eyes from afar with various gold plated geometric energetic devices, causing amazing reflections of light, and keeping hundreds of people at the booth with energy demonstrations and healings, videotaped as people are monitored live by energy imaging and other scientific equipment. Technologies are demonstrated and explained in front of the crowd, many people coming over and over, bringing or sending more referrals to the booth.

The Transformational Breakthroughs booth is a highlight for any expo, and more compelling are Steven Michael King�s workshops and panel discussions. �Beyond Tantra�, �Sending Energy Over a Distance� and �Beyond Mind Over Matter� were amongst the best attended and received (rooms were at capacity, with more wanting in) with consistent reports, including testimonials, customer feedback sheets and video documentation of folks reporting experiencing incredible healings, seeing and feeling energy and especially women (see video, testimonials and customer feedback sheets) reporting wave after wave of pleasurable, luminous glittering rainbow energy that would come flooding through them, over and over again, each time more intensely! Mind blowing to some(especially nationally and internationally renowned doctors, scientists, researchers and healers) was Steven�s adeptness teaching and answering questions. People attending his workshops were getting consistent measurable results on various equipment (whether showing auras, Chakras, biofeedback, EGG, electricity flowing through acupuncture meridians, blood micro-capillary circulation and other equipment measuring various physiological changes), producing results in themselves, or each other, that normally require years of training and practice � All (attendees contacted) learned in minuets or a couple hours!

Attendees and experts were so impressed with Steven�s aptitude, that he was invited to speak at an anti-aging panel discussion, being the only one without an MD, Ph.D. or other advanced degree. Steven spoke from energetic and scientific perspectives, as the last lecturer, explaining how each of the systems previously described, fit together in complimentary ways as part of a whole. You could see people�s physiology changing as Steven kept the audience fascinated while raising their consciousness, connecting dots and explaining things so well and to the point that vast portions of the questions got addressed to him, and other experts on the panel occasionally deferred, at least in part, and/or asked him to comment and/or summarize.

Steven did such an incredible job of highlighting, integrating and summarizing the other experts best points, that after the discussion, panel and audience members gave Steven their business cards, clearly wanting to network. Steven handled this gracefully and with class, making the panel members feel comfortable, and obviously glad he accepted the last minute invitation to attend.

A well known radio show host, Dennis Richards, about to do his last couple of �health talk radio� shows attended. Because so many people were so enthusiastic about Steven�s very special attributes and talents, he asked Steven to be special guest speaker for the very last show, an honor in anyone�s book. The show went fantastic.

Conclusion � It is my considered opinion that both Steven Michael King and �Transformational Breakthroughs� (properly promoted) are an incredible draw for any expo organizer or seminar/workshop promoter, especially if teamed up with radio and/or television, or complimentary to any established holistically oriented doctors, scientists, healers and/or even perhaps psychics (since he�s quite skilled there too). Steven�s incredible ability, on demand, to manipulate energy and do other things, under scientific conditions, is certainly, on a world class level, as is his ability to teach, answer questions and thoroughly entertain.

I�ve heard other expo organizers, seminar /workshop promoters and attendees (see testimonials, feedback sheets and video) agree Steven, Transformational Breakthroughs and related Tantra, energy, mind over matter, etc. demonstrations are a draw for a variety of expo�s and people keep bringing referrals, due to the specialness, quality and intensity of the experience.

Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.

Steven Michael King Biography - Part 1

Training & Teaching Experience

1967- 80

First Grade - Read at 5th grade level (IQ measured at 195) and helped teachers teach reading to 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders. Began training in various styles of martial arts, mind over matter, massage & healing, with support and research of finding the best masters coming from mother. Did �show & tell� presentations on applied energy related

things, including �Thermomagneto/hydro dynamics�

Second Grade - Drew body styles for cars that were produced in the late 90's & drew energetic devices for ESP (which worked!). Studied Napoleon Hill "Think & Grow Rich" & creative genius aspects of Leonardo Da Vinci, Nicole Tesla, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Mozart, Beethoven, Abe Lincoln & other role models.

Third Grade - Taught martial arts, drums, go-kart racing & (informally) how to see, feel & manipulate energy & do PK (psycho-kinesis) - Got in trouble for the energy / psychic stuff.

Third - 11th Grade - Helped music directors teach drums, made all state band consistently and wrote the high school drum cadence. Funded family vacations (3rd - 7th grades) & supported the family (at age 13) when mother was murdered. Became youngest (13) to take EST training, becoming even better known for doing "energy work" on the

woman. Trained 2-3 hours daily throughout 3rd - 12th grade in energy work, Tantra, "mind-over-matter" and design of energetic and acoustic systems & devices to aid paranormal abilities. Taught massage, consciousness development energy work & intuition development to teachers and classmates for extra cash.

12th Grade - Left home and supported self with hypnosis, massage (including therapeutic, sensual, erotic, Tantric, etc.), energy work, tantra, hypnosis & investment research business.

1984- 85

Began study of chanting. Participated in world�s first 6 story tall human pyramid on roller skates. Functioned as youth division (under 36 years old) district leader for a large international spiritual/scientific organization.


1986- 88

Studied over 400 books on ESP, healing, crystals & energetic devices. Particularly influenced by Randall & Vicki Baer (authors of �The Crystal Connection: A Guidebook For Personal & Planetary Ascension�) and began detailed & exhaustive research on use of energetic devices for activating parts of the brain (as well as the entire human energy

system) most associated with paranormal function. Studied with various individual teachers including Christopher Smart (Alpha Matrix). Studied the works of world renowned scientist/inventor Pat Flannigan & NASA physicist Dr. Fred Bell. Attained level of Reiki Master (in both masculine and feminine lineage) & Advanced Practitioner in various energy healing & Tantric systems. Under various teachers continued research on advanced sexual studies. Began demonstrating, then misusing PK skills, as learned from Dick Sutphen & �Eric from China�.


1987- 91

Studied briefly with April J. Douglas (author �Developing Psychic Ability�) as well as with Dael Walker (the Crystal Healing book). Trained briefly with Pete Sanders, Ph.D., author of "You Are Psychic"


1989- 92

Obtained three degrees (24 energy patterns) of �Love Steam� under Sol Ta Trian, received over 1 dozen personal �custom� energy attunements. Studied the �Healing Tao System� with Mantak Chia & Michael Hamilton, Ph.D. Received advanced instruction in cultivating circulating and transmitting sexual energies. Trained in the Laho Chi energy system under its founder Michael. Trained in various energy systems focusing on Angelic Energies. Began training with "Amy" on remote viewing, telepathy & use of Mudra & time travel!


1989- 94

Introduced to Matt Schoener. Matt trained in various mystery schools over 3 decades. (Using energy lone, Matt healed his spine after a near fatal car accident almost paralyzed him!) Intensified study of various esoteric systems, includingAgni Yoga, Kundalini Yoga. Trained in Agni Dhatu Samadhi Yoga, obtaining first 6 degrees. A unique system passed down from the Ninth Panchun Lama (commonly refereed to as Master D. K.) that works with the micro-currents, microchannels, and individual filaments of the Nadis. Attained 6 degrees in �Electric Fire� system from the Hawaiian Huna tradition. Obtained 3 degrees of exstasis, an energy system known for developing clairvoyance. Received over 2 dozen custom energy attunements. Obtain first ten degrees of Omega, focusing on development and use of Ichchashakti Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Kundalini Shakti, Jnana Shakti, and other specific energy patterns, including first �Maha Symbol� & initiation into �The Mysteries of Isis� (focuses on Divine Feminine energies for creation & consciousness expansion). Became proficient with Mantrika Shakti, which works with the essential key notes of the Etheric body. Trained extensively with Joel Bruce Wallach, the creator of �The Balancer�, �The Portal� & �The Activator� with focus on developing the �Central Channel� and using it for paranormal abilities.

1990- 99

Began study of Pranic healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic psychotherapy and Kriya Shakti under Master Steven Co. Trained with Master Stephen Co in advanced Pranic healing, Pranic crystal healing andPranic psychic self - defense. Took Kriya Shakti, Arhistic Yoga & Sexual Alchemy under the founder of the Pranic healing system Grand

Master Choa Kok Sui (author of Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Crystal Healing and Miracles Through Pranic Healing). A friendship developed and received personal instruction from Master hoa during breaks and after class when he would help integrate or improve skills from many other energetic systems I

had encountered.


1993- 98

Began studying with Master Zhou Ting Jue, who began his study at the Wu Dang Mountain Monastery (one of the original Shaulin Temples �known for being the most eclectic) at the age of seven. His uncle was the chief priest in charge of training both healers and fighters. Master Zhou, is widely regarded as both one of the best healers in China

and also one of the best fighters, having been forced (his family and temple threatened with extinction) to participate in several dozen �Casket Matches� (fights to the death against other great fighters). Master Zhou studied throughout the world (including a variety of Asian countries) with various masters, and is known in addition to healing and fighting, for his paranormal mind over matter feats � including raising water to a near boil without touching. He also, at the age of 60 years old, won various full contact Kung Fu championships against internationally ranked fighters, when he first immigrated to the USA in 1991.



Trained briefly again (at the recommendation of Matt Schoener) with Amy, one of the most evolved individuals regarding advanced psychic development and use of Mudras (finger & hand positions) for perceiving and/or manipulating energy.


1995- 97

Trained with Mary Lou Dusyn - An internationally recognized intuitive / clairvoyant who works with fortune 1,000 companies (energy & intuition skills applied to business, healing and personal development).


1980- 92

Studied seven tantra systems under various teachers (Tibetan, Taoist, Tantric, Buddhist, American Indian, Hawaiian & mystery school systems). Taking various workshops almost weekly from a variety of teachers. Intensified study of Yantra as well as Mantra, with focus on how to use & design mandalas for paranormal purposes. Trained briefly in

Tantric Kriya Yoga (under Sunyata Saraswati, co - author of �Jewel In The Lotus�).


1981- 83

Received over 2,000 hours of massage training, encompassing therapeutic, sensual and Tantric massages � Integrated massage & energy skills. Took ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasms) workshop with Drs. Braur & Braur. 1986 Began training in biofeedback with Dr. David Van Zak (Board of Directors, State Biofeedback Association).


1989- 92

Studied Hunavia the works of Serge King ( �Kahuna Healing", "Imagineering for Health", "Mastering the Hidden Self") and Enid Hoffman ("Developing Psychic Skills", "Advanced Psychic Skills" & "Huna, A Beginners Guide").


1986- 88

Training in NLP, with Tony Robbins (completed all but the last of his certification). Continued hypnosis, NLP Timeline & various energy skills training with Dr. Richard Mabious and Dr. Jim Taylor, MD. Trained mostly with Dr. Richard Mabious, including advanced hypnosis, advanced NLP, advanced Timeline and advanced NLP (Dr. Mabious is also

well known for energetic skills, including rattling windows and walls with energy balls!). Trained with Dr. Tad James, "Secret Of Creating Your Future", Time - Line: Basis Of Personality" & various books on Huna.


1989- 92

Received training from a variety of teachers in the works of Alice Bailey & Theosophy, the Rosecucian & Astarian systems, and various mystery schools.



Began training with Melissa Bergstrom both NLP, Timeline, Hypnosis, Reiki & Huna.


1998Master Matt Schoener, Master Zhou, Master Choa Kok Sui, Dr. Richard Mabious, Joel Bruce Wallach, Mary Lou Dusyn and �Amy� are the 7 most influential teacher I have encountered out of hundreds. Began incorporating techniques of Dr.Valerie Hunt.

1981- 83

Fought semi - pro � submission fighting. Worked part time as bouncer (Nights of Pythias Hall, National City, Ca.) & executive protection (both for Waddington Security Services) due to ability to combine intuition, energy & martial arts. Martial arts training 2 hours per day. Training in various martial arts focused on mental & energetic applications. These

include Kali, Arnis & Escrima with Parker Lenican of Ocean Beach California, Daito Ryu Aiki jujitsu with two of Sense La Breas top black belts, as well as with several noted ninjutsu teachers. Various other martial arts systems were studied form 68 - 83, not mentioned due to brevity (including JKD, Gracie jujitsu, Tai boxing, Hapkido, Chi Na, Taichi,

Bagua, Kenpo and shoot fighting).


1984- 85

Used energetic and altered states skills to correctly identify (via own formula) several strategic metals that eventually went up 2 � 7 times in price. Used energy skills & intuition skills to build a successful financial business & make first six figure income. Began work on devices, as part of compound systems, collectively known as a �synergizing facilitator�, designed to: 1) Activate, cleanse and balance the energy centers within the body, above the body & beneath the body in balanced ways, as well as activating the various glands & parts of brain associated with paranormal functions. 2) To bring conscious connections between a persons conscious, unconscious & super-conscious minds (in soul, higher self & sprit). 3) To influence a person�s environment (as well as events) in ways that create value for all parties. 4) To allow energy to both project and receive, both forward and backwards in time. Began using & learning radionics & psychotronics. Became proficient in radionic devices designed by Ruth Drown, De La War, Hyronomous, Rogers, Kelly & SE - 5 equipment.


1986- 88

Healed self with energy of mono - nucleosis, Epstein Bar, Taiwan flu & double pneumonia. Used energy skills to be in right place / right time in real estate.


1989- 92

Began healing work anonymously in Southern California as a form of service and under Indian name �Soaring Thunderbird� in Sedona Arizona. With permission of various elders (from several Indian Tribes) and working with the best dowsers in Sedona (most notably John Armbruster). Facilitated the second largest medicine wheel in Sedona, in

Boynton Canyon. This wheel graced the cover of several magazines and attracted spiritual seekers from Europe, Australia and the Orient. Soaring Thunderbird was known for both teachings & healings, every other weekend at this location until 1993. Use intuition skills to identify WalMart and Home Depot stock, which soared 3 - 5 times in value. Hit

by a car as a pedestrian by a juvenile who testified he did it �for fun�. Suffered serious concussion & spinal damage. Restored vision, memory & motor skills using almost exclusively energetic techniques. Use energetic skills to help cause 3 partnerships with little cash to become profitable . Used intuitive skills to pick 9 SMR stocks which appreciated 2 - 9 times in volume.



Used energy skills to help cause 2 SMR partnerships to become profitable.



Got very severely injured in an automobile accident that happened exactly per prior jokes/humorous remarks re: injured brain, spine & joints of left limbs. Used energy to heal self.



Assisted LAPD on "Linda Sobek" case (almost became a suspect due to detailed knowledge)



Assaulted from behind, suffered further brain and neck injuries - used energy skills to regain function.


97 -Present

More training in more modalities, with more masters, scientists, authors, etc. than previous decade!

Transformational BreakthroughsThe Strategic Consultant et al.