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Note that below the picture and story of scanning electron microscope showing structure for fine electrical flow via meridian...


New Studies on Sound affecting Biology, and Psychology from 2023



SEE ALSO, CLICK HERE TO SEE MEDICAL EVIDENCE OF STEVEN'S INVENTIONS - TECHNOLOGY BEING TESTED BY SOME OF HIS DOCTORS IN A NEUROLOGY CLINIC!... Note how he reversed over 10 years of Neuropathy... before had full glove stocking (minimal measurable electrical flow at extremities) to normal readings ! (restored electrical flow as measured by nerve conductivity testing... Restored Multi-Hemisphere cross talk, restored brain stem activity and other)...... see also a few dozen anecdotal evidence!

Note that below the picture and story of scanning electron microscope showing structure for fine electrical flow via meridian...

Scanning Electron Microscopes, enhanced MRI
and other imaging, now shows structural support and physical evidence of Meridians!...

Latest MIT Neural network research!...
You'll love the deep neural network article! which demonstrated in November 2022 that principles our products have followed since first R&D in 80s incorporated the best, in alignment with latest research of working brains and neurologist..latest Neuroscience, Imaging and technologies measuring prove we've been right and way ahead of current and trending curves... Become a member now and apply to your wish list with SMK's custom help!...

Measuring Blood flow in the brain using Light!.. doesn't have the downside of radiation or needing to ingest unhealthy things!....

Good 2022 exclamation of bilateral stimulation for traumas, injuries and more. by a Theraputic association of trained therapists who use bilateral stimulation as a core.....What is Bilateral Stimulation? | Anxiety Release (

National Institute of Health 2022 on more research demonstrating why American Psychiatric Association, and others... use Bilateral Stimulation to help therapeutic modalities by rebalancing resetting brain, reducing brain spotting, consolidating memories in more centered ways that shows in brain scans.... These skills are used in SMK's audios on You Tube, New tech coming for members and clients.... and inventions ....Steven's research into apply8ing Bilateral stimulation for both healing and instaling special abilities and skills... began mid 1980s, where he often trained with many top people!....The Role of Alternating Bilateral Stimulation in Establishing Positive Cognition in EMDR Therapy: A Multi-Channel Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study - PMC (

Neuroplasticity overview Sept 19 2022 great overview for laypeople to understand first before reviewing studdies... it doesnt cover the newest tech, however what it does cover is well written for average folks wanting a good starting point....

9-8-2022 From Duke University, similar to how many of SMKs directed meditations Activate Brain, Amygdala, Vegas and other nerves aligning "the 3 brains" (brain, heart ,gut) and the electrical pathways of much activation, as measured by various sources world wide, with various tech!... This is covered in membership webinars, products, coaching and consulting so that its wired in in accordance with your wishes and applications...

6-15-2022 Rewire Your Brain: Science-Backed Methods to Boost Neuroplasticity (

3-4-2022 National Institutes of Health has begun expanding research on meditation and effects on Neurology associated with longer higher quality lives...
Impact of Meditation-Based Lifestyle Practices on Mindfulness, Wellbeing, and Plasma Telomerase Levels: A Case-Control Study - PubMed (

Chi Gong/Chigong/Qigong etc.... is a catch all term for energy exercises, energy healing, and energy systems. Research is substantial however its often not included in most Energy Medicine studies . SMK has studied several dozens styles of Chi Gong since the 90s... and incorporates the main principles of the systems with the best known abilities to duplicate results as verified by evidence... Members get the benefits as he puts the systems into hypnotic frame work in accordance with peoples wants, needs and wishlists....there are thousands of known ChiGong systems, some for medical, some for martial arts, some to develop special abilities...
8-24-2022 Qi Gong Research – Acupuncture Times

Recent Study from Yale University - September 7, 2022 - Our products increase electrical flow and light levels (photons). Study helps explain why this is important.

2022 more studies show meditation , hypnosis and related can increase telomere length in alignment in increased life spans....

SMKS products include more known modalities found for increasing Neuroplasticity than virtually any thing done. Synergy takes place because the whole is greater than the sum of the proven, succesful parts...May 8, 2022 National Institute of Health Study...Preclinical Studies of Neuroplasticity Following Experimental Brain Injury - PubMed (

Energy Healing a July 2022 overview

4-25-2022 Energy Psychology uses energy skills plus psych skills, adding the importance or electrical flow, field flow, and Neurological skills of various types.... its a form of Neurohacking and applied Neuroscience,where subtle energy is incorporated. SMK has used these skills since the 80s, incorporating the latest his products, inventions, methods, Membership activities, coaching consulting , tantra and other...
Using Energy Psychology for serious trauma after catastrophic events

Acupuncture principles shown in MRI to stimulate organ points in brain, have also had research for using sound, light, electro-acupuncture, magnets and other. SMK teaches simple skills even holding speakers or headphones, earbuds and wearables of many kinds,.. on points to aim sound and other in specific ways. Here are some links that are recent studies where SMK even includes things found most effective even when speaking about them (putting in hypnotic framework) in accordance with wish lists of Member webinars, coaching, consulting, readings and other...

2021 Governments, Universities, hospitals and others agree... science, brain scans and other prove hypnosis changes brains permanently for the better when done properly.....

2021 Brain scans show hypnosis changes brains quickly efficiently and in ways that upgrade how brain processes information....

11-1-2021 Exploring the Science of Acupuncture | Harvard Medical School

7-4-2021 Note how the worlds best and then some, was used to help heal SMK's brain, with 27 parts injured in virtually every portion.... his medical tests prove, as do many hes helped. Also notice how the principles followed are proven and used by many profesions to heal the most challenging conditions and or simply be the very best you can be!...How to Boost Your Brain Through Neuroplasticity Healing (

5-21-2021 National Institute of Health has noticed healthy people can notice longer telemeres with even simple meditations and basic practices...
The effects of meditation on length of telomeres in healthy individuals: a systematic review - PubMed (

5-18-2021 National Institute of Health- Vagus Nerve, Sound Healing and mechanisms...from stereo to sound baths, to vibro-acoustics to wearables...

2020 Qigong: What You Need To Know | NCCIH (

9-23-2020 What Are the Health Benefits of Qigong? – Cleveland Clinic

9-3-2020 While more high tech neurohacking meditations affect the neurology more than simple mindfulness and loving kindness meditations, Studies have been done and replicated showing even simple meditations can increase telomeres in ways associated with longer higher quality lives!...
5 Ways Meditation Alters The Brain, According To An Expert

PUTTING SOUND AND ACOUSTICS TO WORK IN MEDICINE! 2020 Stanford Research...“This image shows the ‘cymatics’, or geometric patterns created in heart cells when applying various sounds. In bio-acoustic sound medicine, it’s taught that sounds are imprinting every cell and science continues to prove this ancient axiom... proving sound healing methods can be used to generate new healthy tissue....including heart tissue which until recently was not known to happen reliably..... Our technology uses all the best and latest.....and can even activate stem cells and direct cells where needed, plus other applications...

12-19-2020 National Institute of Health, Sound healing , Integrated Medicine,Vagus nerve etc....

5-2020 Evidence Base of Clinical Studies on Qi Gong: A Bibliometric Analysis - ScienceDirect

Pranic Healing Research - Pranic Healing is a form of Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Energy Psychology that employs principles also found in acupuncture, Chi gong/Chigong/Qui Gong *which is like acupuncture without needles using the mind, breath and body movements together with colors, sounds geometries and various patterns etc. It also combines elements of meditation, hypnosis and other modalities. SMK was one of the founder's (Master Choa Kok Sui's original students under Master Co, Master Glen, Master Marilag and other, SMK became a close friend of MCKS around 1996 often speaking by cell phone to SMK from wherever he was,and also he did clairvoyant observation for MCKS, Master GLen and others.... plus they did private exchanges talking about SMK's stuff and ways of integrating hundreds of principles, fundamentals and keys.....
Pranic Healing and Insomnia
2020 Twin Hearts MeditationResearch.pdf (

1-2020 Pranic healing and of several studies...

9-2019 Mechanisms of Energy Psychology...

An Evidence-based Review of Qi Gong by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration | Natural Medicine Journal

4-19-2013 National Institute of Health studies have shown that even though higher tech can create more Neuroplasticity, that even simple loving kindness meditations can lengthen telomeres....
Loving-Kindness Meditation practice associated with longer telomeres in women - PubMed (

12-18-2012 Sound Therapy, Vagus Nerve, PTSD studies etc....

6-2011 Early studies on Meditation lengthening telomeres were duplicated, due to the understanding of how longer telomeres can relate to longer higher quality life..... these studdies did not use high tech meditations, just simple, because less people were into tech back 2011 than currently.....
Intensive meditation training, immune cell telomerase activity, and psychological mediators - ScienceDirect

2008 Excellent Energy Psychology overview and research up through 2008

2004 Energy Psychology evidence chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

Our new stuff coming is expected to include various forms of feedback and goes way beyond... yet compliments even better! get on email list and join membership to uncover and discover more.... Read story by The Univeristy of Michigan to get basic foundation that Modern Medical and Neuroscience is proving and applying

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WE'RE STILL DECADES AHEAD OF THE CURVE!.... as more proof using new tech proves what was long suspected! Join membership and email to learn how to learn many fold faster and be able to apply!

National Institute of Health (NIH) funding much research including Energy Medicine!.....Bio-photons are another way of measuring health!.....Our products can also affect bio-photons, Ions, Telemeres, gross and fine electrical flow, field coherency, blood oxygen and other.....the more forms of testing we can do, the better things can get as we combine modalities, and combine both traditional and emerging science for feedback!.....

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Great Scientific research....lots of fantastic links.....Bio-Photons are being thought by Neuroscientists and represent markers of life force, consciousness and other....electricity, light and other missing links.....allow us to measure, quantify and compare....what used to be more for the mystics.....check out the science of photons!..

For more information, Click Here

Energy Medicine Exchange FaceBook Group has over 30,000 scientist, doctors, and professionals of many modalities who share science and skills...

Electrical activity in the body is one of the keys to health and wellness!.......Our products increase gross and fine electrical flow, field coherency, cell, nerve, brain and other electrical flow, connections and other, as do our trainings! is a link with Medical Doctor discussing latest electrical, DNA and related science related to healing, peak performance and other, and latest of how electrical activities in our bodies are better when we're in better health, Also how physical, emotional and psychological problems have corresponding parts of body where when electrical flow increases, so does wellness, peak performance, happiness and rejuvenation. This Link shows much of the latest science supporting doing our trainings, using products, and owning in both for self , others and profiting while Being a Hero!...
Our Webinars, trainings and inventions, both separately and collectively increase electrical and other flow important in plants, animals, and people, to the point they can work with extra training even just our free stuff and more importantly we're uniting more technologies and methods than have ever been combined before so folks can enjoy increased potency and usefulness for plants, animals, water, crystals, people and other. We train to sense electrical and electromagnetic and other, and more importantly we teach you how to use, develop, and apply and profit from our technologies!.......You can even be an owner and /or take special training, even earn products!.... even without cash! By bringing others to the table....(your networks are protected 5 levels deep)...we offer both structured events and events that are very custom to the attendees.....we also can make custom products and others!

Science verifies sixth sense of Electromagnetic sensing !---Our products develop, use and apply electromagnetic sensing and more!....

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Below is from Dr. Valerie Hunt (UCLA) excerpted from her book with permission "Infinite Mind" available through us via Amazon.... it's recorded with advanced equipment.....see "science" sections, top 100 scientific videos, and our webinars to learn more!

When fields are measured, its more accurate, when fields are affected... as our inventions and creations do, its more effective!!

See SMK apply his skills, notifying people of danger places in advance on various local Facebook groups!....
Note how he gets the trouble spots, and systems outages some times posting days in advance!...
Notice how he's good at perceiving patterns coming from dangerous hazards, to coming inventions
and other! He teaches how to apply in your areas of interest....below, see his post from traffic, weather and local, to various martial arts groups, and other....
each group even private will allow you to join, and most allow you to type his name in to search for his postings and comments....

Our technologies have been found by uses to enhance neurology and relationships.... including in and out of bedroom. Longer Stronger orgasms have been reported from many non sexual meditations and products, and people with Erectal Disfunction, and various sexual problems especially women, have reported that it was a shockingly surprising unexpected yet delightful side effect of listing to our audios, incluiding non touching orgasms when context appropriate.... No guarantees, but if our products help im more areas of application beyond the main ones of wellness and optimum personal performance plus becoming smarter and more intuitive, we have had zero compoaints of orgasmic side effets?....
Many ways to trigger Non Touching Orgasms.. many different ways trigger different qualities of orgasms....

Evidence Base of Clinical Studies on Qi Gong: A Bibliometric Analysis - ScienceDirect

More scientific articles, click here.

click below to see testing of
Inventions (

The info in these videos is included in SMK's webinars and consulting, when you find yourself filling out the webinar and/or consulting forms! When filling out the form, the more details you fill out on the form the more your desires are addressed in webinars and seminars. (based on the time available and your 1-10 level of interest in topics). Do ask for all the custom attention you would enjoy experiencing.

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Link to Society for Scientific Exploration play list!
Socieity for Scientific Exploration Play List

Top 300 Scientific videos separated by topic soon

Steven will often be referring to current top 200 Scientific videos (links below) in his webinars! Custom webinars allow people to ask about things on various videos where Steven will apply to the desire of the group on webinars... including using several dozen modalities in real time and teaching how... including "Show and Tell" etc

1) Neuroscience
Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Entanglement
3) Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Subtle Energy Sciences
4) Mind/Body Medicine
5) Agriculture and Veterinary
6) Other

1) Neuroscience

Best Neuroscience in the world!!!

Best Neuroscientists - Top 40

1) Kristen Willeumier

2) Dr. Caroline Leaf MD

3)-40) tba

1) Quantum Physics

2) Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics, Quantum using statistics, String Theory and understand apply and explain including the Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Subtle Energgy Scients, Vibrational Medicine, Resonance and so forth all works together!.....

1) Dr Michio Kaku


1) Kristen Willeumier

1) Top Neuroscientist - Best in the World Dr Kristen Willeumier! With over 5 advanced degrees, published over 40 times in peer reviewed journals, headed top 100 NFL concussion study. We're looking forward to interviewing her soon, promoting her book "Biohacking Your Brain" and other we cant talk about yet!... (Get on email lists for seminars, and or products to learn about coming attractions!-

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Neurohack your brain... as seen on Good Morning America... quick easy things that change your brain and neurology right now easily and naturally.

Neurohack your brain: How to boost cognitive health, performance, and power. Good Morning LA... couple of quick questions and quick tricks you can do right now! Dr Kristen Willeumier explains...

Kelly talks with neuroscientist Dr. Kristen about practical ways we can change our physical brain to help it perform better, sharper and for longer. Diet tips to REVERSE BRAIN AGING!

Brain Health and COVID Longhauler Strategy with Dr. Kristen Willeumier | The Dr. Taz Show
Dr. Kristen Willeumier, a neuroscientist and brain health expert, joins Dr. Taz MD to share what her clinical experiences have taught her when it comes to achieving maximum cognitive function. Learn what diet and supplements help boost brain performance, how to start fighting diseases like Alzheimer’s right now, and how brain health ties into COVID recovery.

Today on Super Woman Wellness:
How Dr. Willeumier is using testing to biohack brain function... The ideal diet for optimal brain health... How to strengthen your cognitive performance... Health tips for COVID Longhaulers... Practical ways you can stave off cognitive decline... The best supplements for a brain boost

In Biohack Your Brain, leading neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier reveals how you can change your brain by making simple and easy modifications to your lifestyle. Combining clinical experience with revolutionary science, she details how biohacking your brain can boost your cognitive performance and so much more.

Improve your Brainpower even in minutes! Dr. Kristen Willeumier is a Super Rock Star in Neuroscience and 5 other fields with related advance degrees. Her Book "Biohacking Your Brain" can be purchased here too! (insert link here).. She has authored more than 40 papers in Peer Reviewed Journals and is known world wide for her unique and Special Talents. She used to head Amen Clinic Research Director, and headed Top 100 NFL Concussion study, and much more!..Our products including webinars incorporate many of her techniques and many others...we hope to do much with her coming soon!

Kristen Willeumier, PhD is a neuroscientist and author of Biohack Your Brain: How to Boost Cognitive Health, Performance & Power. She joins Janeane to talk about her work, book and life as a neuroscientist.

Biohack your brain also via nutrition and lifestyle to supplement brain and Neurology training! Dr Kristen Willeumier has major announcements coming near future! Stay Tuned and we'll let you know what things were able to come together with soon! Get on webinars and interview lists, and products coming list to learn more

Neuroscience, Neurobiology and many complimentary modalities applied to resilience.... Dr Willeumier used to be an Olympic equestrian rider.....she used her skills to obtain multiple advanced degrees applied to healing herself and others... involved in our webinars to learn more... this video was from Summer of 2020

Dr Kristen Willeumier is the best in the world...she has multiple advance degrees she knows SMK well!.....She is aware of confidential info regarding prototypes. She knows the basics of SMKs injuries......and believes in the recovery of SMK, even though medical precedent may need to happen again!

Neuroscientist Dr Kristen Willeumier has 5 advanced degrees and published several dozen times in peer reviewed journals enjoy a video on meditation and the brain...

Dr. Kristen Willeumier, PhD, is a neuroscientist with cutting edge knowledge on how the brain is affected by health, nutrition and the impact of concussions. Her areas of published research include traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, autism, biomarkers of suicide, obesity, gender differences in brain function, clinical outcomes, and brain rehabilitation...

Best Neuroscientist in the world, Dr Kristen Willeumier, 4 advanced degrees, published over 40 times in peer reviewed journals! Dr Willeumier headed the top 100 NFL concussion study for the world famous Amen Clinic. Steven met Dr Willeumier years ago at the Amen Clinic, and other places including his Neurologist's office. Kristen has watched Steven recover from the tree branch hit and has been a big supporter of both his recovery and inventions. We have been in contact regularly many weeks each year for several years, and We expect as we get funding, to collaborate on both inventions and other projects. Kristen is who we would want to hire to help obtain both Funding Grants, Testing, and various associations as in addition to her multiple degrees (4) and being published more than 40 times in peer reviewed Journals and often called the Best Neuroscientist in the World, She is also an expert in Integrated and Complimentary Medicine, Healing of many modalities, and keeps up on the latest tech, including our proprietary inventions and applications.We anticipate making offers that include consulting , collaboration, partnership and other......stay tuned !
Neuroscience for Brain optimization for leaders

Neuroscience and Life Extension... also by Dr Kristen Willeumier...Dr Wileumier in addition to her advanced degrees in Traditional backgrounds, is also an expert in Integrated and Complementary Medicine, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and many other modalities. Her Neurohacking book comes out Dec 2020 via Harper Collins.... In order to watch this video, click the blue rectangle that says Watch on Vimeo. It will open a new tab to watch the video.

Home and Family Hallmark channel...this video is from 2013 back when Dr Willeumier headed the Amen Clinic and the top 100 NFL concussion study, etc.

Neurohacking your brain and Covid...

How to optimize brain power, performance & memory: Dr. Kristen Willeumier & Dr. John Spencer Ellis

How to make your brain reach its full potential. Dr. John Spencer Ellis brings you this in-depth conversation with neuroscientist, Dr. Kristen Willeumier. Learn how to increase brain power through exercise. Discover why sleep and hormone optimization will slow down brain / neurology, aging and cognitive decline.

Dr. Caroline Leaf MD is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist with a Masters and Ph.D. in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics, specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. Since the early 1980s, she has researched the mind-brain connection, the nature of mental health, and the formation of memory. She was one of the first in her field to study how the brain can change (neuroplasticity) with directed mind input. During her years in clinical practice and her work with thousands of underprivileged teachers and students in her home country of South Africa and in the USA, she developed her theory (called the Geodesic Information Processing Theory) of how we think, build memory, and learn into tools and processes that have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD), autism, dementia and mental ill-health issues like anxiety and depression. She has helped hundreds of thousands of students and adults learn how to use their minds to detox and grow their brains to succeed in every area of their lives, including school, university, and the workplace. Dr. Leaf is also the bestselling author of Switch on Your Brain, Think Learn Succeed, Think and Eat Yourself Smart, and many more. works She teaches at academic, medical, and neuroscience conferences, churches, and to various audiences around the world. Dr. Leaf is also involved in the global ECHO movement, which trains physicians worldwide on the mind-brain-body connection, mental health, and how to avoid physician burnout. Dr. Leaf is currently conducting clinical trials using the 5-step program she developed while in private practice to further demonstrate the effectiveness of mind-directed techniques to help relieve mental ill-health problems such as anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts. The primary aim of these trials is to make mental health care more affordable, applicable, and accessible worldwide, and to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf Md, speaks with integrative neurologist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary about why modern western medicine is failing to heal people, the difference between a health-based and diseased-based approach to the human body, how Ayurvedic medicine and sound therapy can reduce anxiety and heal chronic pain, and more.

Living Beyond 100 - Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf speaks with a Longevity investor and visionary...Stem cell injections? Butter in your coffee? Blueberries for breakfast? Today we’re overwhelmed with information and under-equipped to navigate through it. The good news is that we’ve never had more knowledge about how we might extend our lifespans. The bad news is that we don’t know how to make informed decisions. So, in this podcast I speak with successful businessman, visionary and longevity investor Sergey Young about quick and simple longevity habits that can help you stay healthy and age well, the three horizons of longevity, dangerous aging hacks people should avoid, the relationship between mental health and longevity, and more!

Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf Describes how Covid pandemic, the changes over last year socially, mentally, and how the resulting changes in our brains and neurology can be used to our advantage while the negative changes are healed... and what to do to change in ways you live your best....she talks both about videos, podcasts, workshops and other She gives a good intro in this video..... PsychoNeurobiology...the link between mind and body...

Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf interviewing a successful happy Holocaust survivor about resilience, healing, and applying in daily life including Neuroscience, Neuropsychology and other related perspectives. Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf - what we can do to break the habit loops that had been keeping us anxious, techniques to uproot anxiety at its source and manage our triggers, and more!

Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf explains the biological processes that constitute thoughts, feelings and choices, emphasizes the importance of becoming more aware, and describes the latest brain research, including exciting findings about how to change your biological age through mind management

Surprising reasons why you may not be sleeping well, and how to use mind management (the Neurocycle) to improve your sleep and mental health.

Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf explains - How do you find peace when things seem so crazy? In this podcast I talk about the difference between resting to restore versus just resting, why rest alone is often not enough, and how to use a Neurocycle to effectively and sustainably restore your mind & brain.

Dr Caroline Leaf interviews Dr on-the hidden power of your inner voice, how to harness it to live a healthier and more satisfying life, how the silent conversations we have with ourselves impact our health, performance, decisions and relationships, and more!

How to Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career & Get Unstuck, how to cultivate a good relationship with failure and more!

Dr Caroline Leaf MD explains....Brain building is easy, effective and something everyone can and should be doing every day. It is one of the most powerful resilience-building mental health tools out there, and completely underappreciated in the wellness space. How to make it a daily habit and more....

The 4 main trauma responses + a 5 step Neurocycle for healing trauma

these different trauma responses, and how to manage them in the moment using self-regulation and mind-management techniques. Although recent research indicates there may be two more trauma responses common to human beings, I am just going to concentrate on the main four for this podcast.

Michio Kaku: String Theory Is The GOD Equation!

Dr. Michio Kakutheoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science. As co-founder of String Field Theory, Dr. Kaku carries on Einstein’s quest to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into a single grand unified theory of everything.

Dr. Michio Kaku - The Future of the Mind

Our potentials can be multiplied!... Learn what's coming from a most favorite science icon!.... gives you ideas of what our tech, coming, can do!

Physics of the impossible!.....Learn the science supporting., what Used to be "impossible"....and helping explain how the various tech can work....ways of applying !...
Amazing World of Quantum Entanglement - Full Documentary
physics of the Impossible

Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” but today quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from computers to cryptography. Physicists have gradually become convinced that the phenomenon—two subatomic particles that mirror changes in each other instantaneously over any distanceis real. But a few doubts remain. NOVA follows a ground-breaking experiment in the Canary Islands to use quasars at opposite ends of the universe to once and for all settle remaining questions. Scientists are working to decipher and harness the power of quantum mechanics, but the strange nature of entanglement and other quantum phenomena continues to confound researchers, posing new and mystifying questions.


An intimate lecture with renowned mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose and anesthesiologist Dr. Stuart Hameroff, followed by a conversation with The Science Network co-founder Roger Bingham. Co-organized by The Penrose Institute and the UC San Diego Institute for Neural Computation, with the support of Intheon, Neocortex Ventures, and the Data Science Alliance.

Mind Melds and Brain Beams: The Dawn of Brain-to-Brain Communication

Mind to Mind communications have come....and yes coming prototypes may have military, and civilian applications!

Functional MRI -Acupuncture and brain (Steven's friend Dr Joie Pierce Jones of USC shows how acupuncture affects organ centers of brain differently piercing with needle vs Ultrasound vs heat vs sound vs light vs current etc! - Our inventions apply sound, light, pulsed electromagnetic fields and other benefits, to unify the brain, mind body matrix, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and electrical flow! This is done both auditorily, tactily and visually, plus other! Applications include plants, animals, people, water, crystals and other.... with focus on most biology.

Electrical activity in the body is one of the keys to health and wellness!.......Our products increase gross and fine electrical flow, field coherency, cell, nerve, brain and other electrical flow, connections and other, as do our trainings! is a link with Medical Doctor discussing latest electrical, DNA and related science related to healing, peak performance and other, and latest of how electrical activities in our bodies are better when we're in better health, Also how physical, emotional and psychological problems have corresponding parts of body where when electrical flow increases, so does wellness, peak performance, happiness and rejuvenation. This Link shows much of the latest science supporting doing our trainings, using products, and owning in both for self , others and profiting while Being a Hero!...
Our Webinars, trainings and inventions, both separately and collectively increase electrical and other flow important in plants, animals, and people, to the point they can work with extra training even just our free stuff and more importantly we're uniting more technologies and methods than have ever been combined before so folks can enjoy increased potency and usefulness for plants, animals, water, crystals, people and other. We train to sense electrical and electromagnetic and other, and more importantly we teach you how to use, develop, and apply and profit from our technologies!.......You can even be an owner and /or take special training, even earn products!.... even without cash! By bringing others to the table....(your networks are protected 5 levels deep)...we offer both structured events and events that are very custom to the attendees.....we also can make custom products and others!

Dr. Jerry Tennant: Viruses & Voltage

Dr. Jerry Tennant explains how voltage keeps viruses at bay.

Cells are designed to run at -25 mv of electron "donor". If the cell gets worn out or injured, then you need -50 mv to make a new one. The body has several different battery systems to provide the voltage necessary for the cells to function, to repair themselves, and also to help protect themselves from various infectious diseases.

It is important to understand that the "pH" of a cell or the "millivolts (mv)" of a cell are synonymous, so Dr. Tennant feels it is easier to talk in millivolts, rather than try to get your head around talking in pH numbers.

The next thing to understand, is that voltage is necessary to transfer and hold oxygen in a cell. If you take a straw and bubble oxygen into a glass of water, the amount of oxygen that will dissolve is dictated primarily by the voltage. The higher the voltage, the more oxygen goes into solution. If you lower the voltage, oxygen comes out of solution. Our cells are 90% water, so if you lose voltage in your cell, the oxygen is going to go away.

When oxygen drops, people often experience pain. Another thing that happens is that the efficiency of the cell drops. As oxygen and voltage drop more and more, various infections organisms come into play. Of the volumes of infectious organisms that exist inside and outside the body, a great majority only function when oxygen levels are low...also known as anaerobic or acidic or low pH or low voltage!

Viruses cannot duplicate themselves, unless the voltage inside the cell is low. If they cannot duplicate themselves, they die off.

Dr. Jerry Tennant and Dr. Chase Faldmo, from the Tennant Institute in Colleyville Texas share their theories on energy medicine, using PHYSICS to heal the body naturally.

Neurosurgery meets Energy Medicine...another Respected Neurosurgeon with respected clinic, combining latest science, latest technology and imaging/testing and Energy Medicine as part of a Complimentary Integrated approach....Neurosurgeons and others love Energy Medicine ,Energy Psychology ,guided Imagery and they love wearables and other emerging science for both pre and post helping Stem Cells work better.

Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton explains in easy to understand ways, how vibration affects biology.....what makes energy medicine work in ways that fit with and complement medical models in alignment with physics, chemistry and traditional modalities.....Sound , light, electromagnatism, all apply vibrational physics... our inventions and technologies take into account more factors in support of healing than others...from eletrial flows and field coherancy, to whole neurology function physically, emotionally, mentally and other....

Neuroscientist explains more of why Energy Medicine works well with medical models as sciences catches up....."Neuroscientist Dr. Alarik Arenander explains how the vibration of sound can create order in a disorganized cell and healing in the body. "Everything in life is vibration"-Albert Einstein."...the more modalities and stimulations combined synergistilclay....the greater and deeper the changes which end up longer lasting due to the whole being greater than some of parts when applied in ballanced symbiotic mutually complimentary our products and technologies do...

Neuroscience meets Energy Medicine... again and again... because it works! We expect many Neuroscientist to use our products, and also expect collaboration based on personal discussions to be released soon mapping we have a deal with Dr Valerie V Hunt that we believe current....we know others are interested in measuring and mapping effects of our products and technologies on biological fields. our products are already popular in concept with Neuroscientist, and we expect collaboration plus use in practices etc..... Neuroscience, Neurology, Neurosurgery, all benefit from Neurohacking, from Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, to hepatic and tactical stimulation combined with light, sound, electromagnetic fields used therapeutically, hypnosis, NLP and other body centered integrated and complementary evidence based therapies and devices....our own inventions contemplated and in various stages.....integrate more modalities than anything by far

Energy Healing
on Rats that are breed to die in 28 days, better than other known presented by a Dr who is good with science!......The test rats have a lifespan of 28 days for cancer research. Their energy healing treatments have proven beneficial.

Rats bread to die in 28 days born with cancer......respond quickly to Energy Medicine, often better than allopathic is a very short video filmed in 2019 where the Doctor keeps it simple......and yet adds advanced knowledge not in the 2014 video, even though the other video here on the website had more info and was geared to a more advanced crowd...

Medical Doctors, Psychologist, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, Neurologist, Neuroseurgeons, Neuroscientist, and healers from most of the best modalities incorperate heart brain coherancy and is a brief guided meditation by a couple respected doctors...all our products and tech syncronize for coherancy.....whole body mind matrix in ways uniting the best known and the best discovered and not yet disclosed....enjoy a brief meditation here by the good doctors.....they keeps it simple!....

Raw Footage of live Energy Healing using Medical Thermal Imaging system in real time... We intend to use live medical imagine including Medical Thermal for testing and developing as a service when people come visit Steven

Energy Field Mapping by Steven's friend, Dr Valerie V Hunt UCLA ---Dr Valerie V Hunt was a friend of Steven's who helped give much feedback during the 90s and before Steven getting hit by the tree branch.... her insight helped us much, we love how she used physics and biology together, using all sorts of equipment to measure field coherency, electrical flow, photons, ions and much more. Using all sorts of ways of quantifying has guided Steven since his days of Bio Feedback in early 80's

Dr Claude Swanson on physics of life force including photons, ions, electromagnetic fields, torsion fields and related quantum physics! sound, light, electromagnitism and other affects biology and consciousness

Dr Thornton Streeter, John Catchpole and Dr Jeff Tarrant discuss neurobiofeedback a new development for wellness professionals and their clients.

75 years of biofield imaging. Join Dr Brian Dailey, Dr John Catchpole and Dr Thornton Streeter as they explore and share insights into their years of experience working with biofield imaging Our Own products were developed with many forms of live imaging and measuring...coming products are lightyears ahead.....let us know what turns on your interests so we include your desires in our coming sound healing products....coming attractions come when you get on our email lists and let us know what your finding most compelling to apply in your daily life!

See the Aura Live! Observing healing with Biofield Viewer in Chakra view mode. Notice the Chakras as the session progresses and the expanding white light that we often see when a healee is fully open to the healers energy. For more info search 'Biofield Viewer' on Facebook. Our Coming Products were developed with many forms of live imaging, and we look forward to new frontiers in live imaging from any where coming soon including our own products... get on waiting lists and let us know what turns you on learning about to the point of it getting incorporated into sound light and other forms of healing... including in hypnotic frameworks so you are able to do drills then use your skills in daily life...

Biofield Viewer Demo at CIHS (California Instituute of Human Sciences) Subtle Energy Lab this is a demonstration in an accredited research lab famous for lots of expensive equipment measuring Heart rate, blood pressure, Heart rate variability Faraday Cage and MuRoom to isolate from outside fields... Medical Thermal Imaging Rooms, imaging of photons, electrical flow, all sorts of emerging science equipment measuring all sorts of things... our coming products, including newsletters, feature the latest healing tech including our own coming that will blow your minds!... Get on mailing lists... Let us know your interests and we will feature it!

Bio Field Viewing (shows meridians, bio-field and other), with Steven's friend , Dr Thornton Streeter, founder of Energy Medicine Exchange... Steven was Invited By Dr Thornton Streeter many years ago to be a founding member of Energy Medicine Exchange....which now has over 40,000 members including doctors, scientists, researchers, healers and other professionals. They have even done White Papers for the United Nations!....Steven interviewed Dr Streeter on Steven's radio show"Steven Michael King presents The Best in the World" and anticipates having Dr Streeter on again in the near future. We will supplement our research and development using the Bio Field Viewer as funding permits, which shows electrical flow, optics, field characteristics and much more! supplements more common medical and scientific instrumentation and helps us develop the best by using an integrated, complimentary evidence based approach in R & D and related

Neurohacking applied to Special Forces. Commander Mark Divine, of the US Navy Seals is one of our ideal customers. Originally our products were made for the Soldier Of The Future program, Special Forces, space travel, hospitals and clinics as well as other. This video lays foundation for where we've been headed for decades here, our products, services, and technology can integrate all the best and substantially expand upon.

Principles apply to Law Enforcement, negotiation and most any other fields, plus practical daily life...Neurohacking also involves having winning mindsets, models and positions....

Commander, explains in greater details foundation laid in first video plus more... how Special Forces, Elite's around the world, and others, are implementing strategies, skillsets, technologies and other... that our products and services integrate and expand on...

Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic fields---some of our inventions combine benefits of pulsed magnetic fields, magnetic waves, and various ways applying electromagnetic waveform geometries in alignment with peak performance, wellness, and improving many abilities and other...

Dr Brent Baur, Head of Integrated and Complimentary medicine at Mayo Clinic-roles of integrated and Complimentary Medicine in hospitals, clinics, spa's, and how Medicare, Insurance and other models are becoming profitable, effective and lay foundation for high tech wellness in alignment with our inventions, products, methods and other

Pranic Healing animation shows cleansing energy in a very basic way, then energizing. Watch animation showing Jennifer Sabih getting her Aura cleansed by cleansing her Energy Centers, then Health Rays... you can even learn from animations, although the more experienced and trained your healer or healing teacher....the better your experience... Jennifer Sabih is among the Best In The World, when coming to Energy Healing, yoga, and aspects of Health and Wellness, Energy Psychology, energy applied to yoga, Pilates and various modalities and disciplines... as well as how diet relates to energy. Pranic healing is one of the most effective and easiest systems to apply to plants, animals, and people. Even beginners can effectively heal open wounds, reduce infections, and other.

Pranic Healing is a form of Energy Medicine that incorporates Energy Psychology and Subtle energy Sciences... Works on agriculture, plants, animals, and humans....its used by all sorts of doctors, therapists, veterinarians, healers and lay people... Great for closing open wounds, healing inflammation, burns and other first aid... easy and fast for young kids, regular adults and the elderly to learn and apply on self and others... Pranic Psychotherapy is a popular form of Energy Psychology that lay people can learn and apply easily too! Reporter Jennifer Sabih is the Best In The World in these genres.

Super Brain Yoga incorporates Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology together and can be learned in minutes.. done properly, it synchronized right and left hemispheres of brain (lateralized) and balances body top to bottom left and right etc...lower levels combine breathing, movement and other.....takes a few minutes to learn to the point of balancing your brain and other...Reporter Jennifer Sabih is the Best In The World in these genres.

Super Brain Yoga from Jennifer Sabih on Vimeo.

Pranic Facial Rejuvenation is one of many forms of Non Touch Healing that Reverses lines on face and using hands and crystals (a crystal acts like a quantum energy transducer that focus's the energy with laser precision) for rejuvenation and body sculpture by removing the stress that is under the lines and the fat......Pranic Facial Rejuvenation normally involves little if no talking...contrasting with hypnosis or NLP and other, where the words and most key the voice....the non verbal is used!....Obviously combining NLP and hypnosis with energy healing with sound healing and many other modalities is synergistic as is done in our coming attractions you can sample free by getting on mailing list!

Pranic Healing is a form of Energy Healing favored by Medical Doctors, Psychologist/Psychotherapist, various other modalities and even can be learned in a weekend, beginners can heal open wounds, reduce swelling and handle practical physical injuries, mental/emotional issues, and other... EEG, MRI and many traditional and non traditional forms of testing has proven Pranic Healing to be a Core Skill for many forms of healing...Dr. Glenn Mendoza MD, MPH

Dr. Glenn Mendoza, MD, MPH. Dr. Mendoza, voted as one of the Top Doctors in the New York Metropolitan Area and Hudson Valley, has served as Director of Neonatology for 21 years at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY, and has received prestigious awards for medical achievements in the area of pediatrics and neonatal care. He oversees the Teacher Training Program on the East Coast and Pranic Healing Certification process globally. Dr. Glenn teaches and oversees Higher Pranic Healing and Spiritual Courses in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mongolia, and other parts of the world. His life's dedication is to spread the teachings of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga with love and compassion. He states: "It is very simple. Energy is everything. And everything is energy. It is the beginning and the key to the true understanding of health and well-being."

What all conditions can be healed by Pranic Healing? Dr's Healing Circle is a platform for doctors and healers of various modalities.....Dr Thacker is a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist who uses Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and other..(who like SMK & other experts, noticing it works better when combining energy healing with hypnosis)..made famous when Jennifer Sabih began doing investigative reporting and discovering on Pranic Healing by many medical Health and Wellness, and other professional's covered by Jen on CBS, KCAL and other...

Mapping the Human Energy Field.....After Dr Hunt (UCLA) Dr Jones (USC) and others mapped the fields.....even Depok Chopra and other famous doctors not known for Integrated and Complimentary medicine, bio-physics and highly specialized fields....have gotten in on it!

Electromagnetic Field of the Heart is bigger than the field of the brain!......the heart may communicate more into to the brain that was first realized....Neuroscience says we have brains in the head, heart, gut and other...

Doctors like the model of Energy Medicine because it produces great reproducible results and acts to compliment traditional modalities...Energy Medicine Unites more professional medical and non medical healing modalities as part of a universal whole that contains the others within it holistically....understanding Unified Fields and electrical flow....are keys to healing biology....the factors are scientifically measurable and can affect health, healing and peak performance....among other things. Latest research shows how we can measure and influence heart waves and brain waves even in different people under random generated studies as well as learning how we can affect each other electrically , electromagnetically, bio-photonically and other ways resonating together when enough factors get combined. from MRI, to cells in petri testing on use on pets and people.....Energy Medicine ties the evidence and modalities together! Our tech aligns more than any ever created....


Energy Healing Applied to Covid (this video is for a layperson)

Dr. Asha Clinton, developer of Advanced Integrative Therapy shows 3 simple ways to treat anxiety and fear. Also explains about what is trauma. Normally she trains professionals however this video is geared to the average person.

Medical Doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychotherapists and others who get certification by state agencies, tend to love Energy Psychology due to rapid lasting results.... here is an example of a basic session from Dr Asha Clinton doing a very basic session thats general and useful for a beginner...

Sound and increased plant growth! way people are showing efface of modalities is on sprouting seeds, and growing various agriculture faster using sound, subtle energy and related!....Here is one of many older videos that gives an example of how audio can be geared for agriculture, as well as animals, water, crystals people and other!...

Subtle energy and sprouting seeds!.....Agriculture is a large industry for products that would normally be geared towards healing people and animals.....Biology doesn't have limiting belief systems......your plants don't care about the power of suggestion!....If something works on biology.....there are many ways to measure with randomized testing etc..Many products out there are using seeds and plants.

Azerbaijani Doira Drum 60 BPM | Solo Bilateral Beat with EMDR Visual | Relieve Anxiety, PTSD, Stress

This is an EMDR visual with a bilateral beat for 30 minutes. EMDR is a method of therapy used to treat PTSD and anxiety.

technology like this is also incorporated in our own products......Super key is you can play this with any audio from educational to rain.....and get benefit

60 BPM alternating image and kick drum

800 lb Nagado Daiko Drum & EMDR * 60 BPM | Bilateral Beat | No Music | Relieve Anxiety, PTSD, Stress

This is an EMDR visual with a bilateral beat for 30 minutes. EMDR is a method of therapy used to treat PTSD and anxiety.
Bilateral music is music with a beat that pans between the left and right ears. It has been used to relieve those suffering from anxiety, stress, PTSD, stroke damage, and insomnia. Can be used for sleep-aid, relaxation, meditation, studying, etc... Bilateral music therapy is helping people from all over the world reprogram their brains for the better. d(-_-)b Remember to wear headphones while listening to get the full effect of bilateral stimulation!

EMDR and other modalities, use Bilateral stimulation... especially using sound... more intricate patterns do deeper more intricate work....bilateral stimulation can be visual,auditory, kinesthetic and is a more current high quality example of what is out there using nature this case....its just some right/left tones...rocking back and forth left to right

10 HR | Small Town Rain - Bilateral Nature Soundscape | EMDR, Brainspotting, Meditation, Relax

The sound of gentle rain from a small-town porch. This one is 10 hours and goes to dark screen after a short while. Enjoy! Bilateral stimulation is a technique used by many psychologists to relax their patients and deal with anxiety, PTSD, racing thoughts, and many other common issues people struggle with on a daily basis. (2) 10 HR | Small Town Rain - Bilateral Nature Soundscape | EMDR, Brainspotting, Meditation, Relax - YouTube

Small Town Rain EMDR

100 BPM * One Hour Bilateral Music Session - Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, PTSD Relief | Fish Aquarium

Stimulate your brain with a relaxing bilateral session. Bilateral therapy is used to treat anxiety, PTSD, restlessness, and many stress related ailments. Use it to enter a state of deep relaxation, drift off into a deep sleep, meditate, or motivate. During the video you'll hear a beat that goes between the left and right ear. This is to stimulate the brain and communication between hemispheres. ......This session uses a that's more like a bass than a kick drum. The beat is smooth and slow at 100 BPM. .... d(-_-)b Remember to wear headphones while listening to get the full effect of bilateral stimulation!

Aquarium 100 BPM Kick bass

Bilateral Sound is another example of very simple clicks and left right eye movements.. this is great for a beginner... and is an example of what is out there now....

Multi-evocation rewires brain and neurology fast(neuroplasticity),......2 tracks at same time acapella are not as strong as more depends on how multiple tracks are done, and can take a few repetitions to train the brain.....vocals without background can be played with other vocals....for faster intuitive learning, and having different backgrounds to the same vocals, it creates different neurosynaptic connections and more connections between both sides of brain since different sounds, frequencies, rhythms and waveform geometries activate the neurology differently.....and create more geometric structures allowing more whole brain unification....this one is a beginners audio for Intuitive Learning...our product promotes multi-hemisphere cross talk and multi-directional balance of biology!!!

Partnership meeting after tree branch, and before disclosing inventions! - Note on the cover, the Prescription by Dr Nancy Lamb MD, Neurologist, to use the audios for nerve regeneration and tissue regeneration!.....this was before our wearables were ready to share, showing the basics of the partnerships minus the bigger inventions!....We now have both Neurologists and Neuroscientist wanting to test both audios, wearables, subtle energy mandalas, and unique exercises SMK developed!

Heart Brain Coherence from Integrated and Complimentary Medicine perspective! Neuroscience shows the body has at least 3 brains (head, heart, gut), our products unify all of them......the Heart's energy field as measured with instruments is bigger than the fields of the body and brain... synchronizing heart and brain is key for health and peak performance, and synchronizing more of the brain mind body matrix is better....hence our products integrating and synergizing so many modalities, ways of stimulation and ways of measuring, ultimately creating feedback loops that can be application specific as well as general all addition to our own products, we also recommend and sell other parties products, often at group discounts you can get by applying coupon codes is a great Integrated Medicine talk about heart and brain coherence...

Cells surviving GAMMA radiation when Pranic Healing
(a form of energy healing) is done! Steven's friend Dr Joie Pierce Jones UC. - the same tech that works acoustically, bio-photonically and ionically shown in cells vs Gamma radiation, can be done by our tech!!! We anticipate using Functional MRI with and without contrast, to document the effects of our products for reducing inflammation and increasing circulation and tissue growth. as funding becomes available to quantify current anecdotal results...

Functional MRI, EEG & distant healing double blind with randomized sending etc....shows visual techniques activate visual cortex, auditory activate auditory system, kinesthetic techniques activate kinesthetic system, etc. Our devices when developed, should even have applications in mind to mind communications (based on what is happening now in various applications we cant talk about publicly, yet are talking regularly to our Neuroscientists contacts and other doctors and scientists familiar with using MRI, EEG, PET, SPECT) and other involves both brain, amygdala, and other parts of the body......may have incredible applications from healing, to education, to military, to space exploration to all sorts of other!

Medicine, Healing, agriculture meets quantum physics in practical applications and testing!... Enjoy the amazing Dr Dean Radin, discusing the latest in photons, ions, quantum entanglement and related!... "current work is expanding the types of physical targets used in mind-matter experiments, focusing on photons and electrons. These studies include entanglement, polarization, and wave-particle properties of photons, and electrical plasma. This talk will review the design and results of these on-going experiments.

Bio: Dean Radin, PhD, is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Associated Distinguished Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He earned an MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, Radin held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International. He has given over 500 talks and interviews, and he is author or coauthor of hundreds of technical and popular articles, four dozen book chapters, and four popular books.

Neuroplasticity and healing trauma.....we can rewire our neurology in ways that heal both physical, mental and psychological injuries....Neurology, Neuroscience , Neurobiology & Energy Medicine coming together...the more forms of stimulation and factors in alignment with synergistic function. the deeper and longer lasting the changes.....we can now do in seconds, minuts, hours and days, what used to take weeks months or years...if at all...especially addressing more variables effectively working with many levels of Neurology, and consciousness as possible

Neurohacking the brain,neck spine, neurology in ways that can be more powerful than traditional ways, faster, more lasting, and supported by multiple scientific disciplines...the more of the Neurology involved, the greater and deeper the changes....stimulation of a few parts of the body is not as strong as stimulating more parts simultaniously in key ways as our inventions do more of than other.....with ability for smart feedback loops...iously in key ways as our inventions do more of than other.....with ability for smart feedback loops...

Medical Thermal Imaging before , during, and after helps show reduction in inflamation, increase in circulation increase in circulation. Sometimes you can even see meridians light up in real time depending on types and locations of stimulation....We intend to supplement our product research and development with these tools and others

Energy Medicine and the Future of Healthcare... from perspectives of both MD and Engineering perspectives... how new tech is changing models towards healing, wellness, rejuvenation, life extension and other....

how sound affects cells by Medical, electrical and other perspectives....

Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, and Dr. Susan Wagner, an integrative veterinary neurologist, talk about energy medicine, neurology, and integrative medicine....

Scaler Wave physics
and how it applies to biology, healing and related Our technologies also manipulate scaler waves in addition to traditional and other emerging science ways of stimulating .....they work on people, animals, plants, water, crystals, and much ways intended to enhance biology.

Augmented and Mixed Reality aligned, Virtual Reality aligned..... Here are the differences!

Virtual, Mixed and Augmented reality ready!...Our Products, services and other....are aligned with virtual , augmented reality and build on current platform from multi dimensional stereo surround sound to highly complex system intents. Click Here to view a video.

Scientific use of hypnosis MRI EEG other and applications shows fastest deepest changes to brain, brainstem and additional neurology

Energy Psychology is popular among Psychiatrist and Psychologist because of the speed, the depth and permanence of positive change....Incorporating electrical flow and how electromagnetism works in people and animals is key for even Veterinarians....Here is a simple explanation, from a well respected Psychologist put into layman terms to be easier to compliments Bio Feedback, Neurofeedback and other biohacking methods...complements virtualy hypnosis, nlp, cognitive therapy and many others.

Biological Field's - Beverly Rubik, PhD, is a biophysicist and is president and founder of the Institute for Frontier Science in Emeryville, California. She has authored dozens of scientific papers regarding the human biofield, psychotronics, psychic healing and other aspects of cutting-edge science.

Here she addresses many aspects of biological energy fields, including electromagnetic and photonic. She also describes a subtle energy detector that she has developed in her laboratory that is capable of registering human emotions, even when shielded from all known forms of electromagnetic or acoustical radiation. She also describes her work with high voltage, digital photography of the corona discharge from human fingertips.

Water Changes with various programing including the surface tension, the bonds of molecules....and many other changes that give many different and or enhanced applications than normal.

Medical Doctors combining healing with colored lights with Pranic create Automated Healing Units for Healing Clinics and Hospitals, Spas and home use. Our Products and services are designed to work with hospitals, healing clinics, spas, homes and other use. Ours can also be automated and take advantage of artificial intelegence and machine learning plus hypnosis and other.

Deep Learning/Machine Learning...MIT proven...Neurohacking can happen in way faster ways......Our Products can combine Neurohacking, Machine Learning, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Subtle energy Sciences, Hypnosis, developing Special Abilities and other....with Smart Wearables and various ways of multiplying intelligence and potentials.

" Elon Musk is on the record stating that artificial superintelligence or ASI could bring the end of the human race...He thinks the advent of a digital superintelligence is the most pressing issue for humanity to get right."

Our Products and technologies have the potentials to create Super Intelligence without needing implants or a machine or computer interfacing with brain!.....Our products can also compliment AI and related....and potentially make brain, brainstem ,amygdala ,spinal cord and other aspects of Intelligent Neurology super intelligent enough to offset any side effects of implanted tech.....

Cermetics- Holographic manipulation of water.....Frequency is where most research has can put water resistant speakers in your tub, your jacuzzi etc if made for it....and you feel it in your bones, your blood, your skin and such just as many of our products do....and going further, using wave form geometry in sacred geometry rythems and shapes with intent of positively affecting is a physicist explaining how sound affects water and some applications...our products are also designed to be submerged and compliment principles of Cymatics and other vibratory modalities

Evidence Based Medicine-Government has confirmed benefits of Chi Gong Tai Chi , and other modalities that are energy based.....we see MRI, EEG, evidence of Gross electrical flow through nerves , fine flow through meridians, field coherancy....effects on circulation of blood and lymph....and much more...Our Own Government, dozens of top univerisities and other have done many studies...... is a good simple summary video...

Integrated and Complimentary medicine is recognized by our own Government, Universities, and the same world science catches up with what the mystics knew!.....Evidence based, and using the latest tech....

Government keeps increasing funding due to the results....even insurance companies are gradually getting on board...we intent to have a Neuroscientist help us obtain Multi Agency Feasibility funding grants and other grants including NIH and other agencies that we have geared ourselves toward for years....

Energy Field research bridges physics with biology , medicine and healing - the new models are of great interest due to bring practical and uniting many modalities...

Energy Psychology works!.... Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapists and other healers like it mostly due to results, and partly because it fits well with other therapist take into account more factors, which energy psychology unites allows dramatically faster changes that are deeper, longer lasting and cross contextualize in positive ways

Psychotherapies that work, though with no agreement about how they work, are becoming mainstream. For example, EMDR is widely used in the treatment of trauma. So what can be said about their efficacy and what, if anything, do they have to do with subtle energies, morphic resonance, quantum phenomena or even the soul? In this episode of the Sheldrake-Vernon dialogues, Mark Vernon asks Rupert Sheldrake how his theory of morphogenetic fields might relate to various types of therapy and healing. They consider how certain explanations can appear “hand wavy” and how to be more discerning when discussing these things. It turns out that there is good evidence that a variety of such therapies work, but how they work is not understood. So arguably it is better to avoid pseudo-scientific explanations and let the treatments, and their efficacy, speak for themselves.

Research executives, business executives, entrepreneurs, funders from other domains are investing in cutting edge science research. In his talk, Jason will provide an overview as to the systematic approach the Emerald Gate Foundation and others are pursuing, give an overview of the research work that is currently being conducted, and provide a preview into some of the areas of interest going forward. He will shed some light into some of the foundational questions to be explored and the philosophy in terms of approach.

Test of early SMK audio on auric feedback equipment showing how it increases electrical flow, field coherency, synchronization of circuits and centers while improving known bio-feedback variabilities!!! - Here you see that after minutes of listing to one of the early audios, people hooked up had increased electrical flow, synchronization of body pulses, synchronization of energy channels, and other left /right, front/back. top/bottom synchronization, plus increased field coherency and a full range of color spectrum measurable! We have since improved much!

Early Lab testing EEG ,Nerve Conductivity, Brain Stem, Balance and other all improved using SMKs first audios! First testing of audios happened after Nerve Conductivity testing showed reversing 15 years of Neuropathy, healing brain stem, cranial nerves and other!... All of our products and services appear to support such functions, as learned in a half dozen people who tried them!.... Our audios feature how we're moving sound patterns geometrically, physical and other exercises unify the brain mind and body per Neurology testing! Both Dr Hamza and Dr Lamb want their own equipment, to learn how headphones only vs sound in body vs unique exercises, all of which appear beneficial! National Security and National Interest applications include PTSD, guidance systems for aircraft, smart wearables and others, all should qualify for multi-agency feasibility funding grants.

ASMR is a very broad term covering a wide field of sound related experiences here is a wonderful example for clearing, healing and balancing of various ways... Tuning Forks are popular and different styles, and combinations cause different results...

ASMR-here is another example, of somebody getting popular by playing around with very high quality microphones, making sounds people find pleasing, and whispering various positive suggestions-this one for sleep. Many of the people doing ASMR have no formal training, its more experimenting and learning what folks are enjoying and saying is working for them!....We Do ASMR with intent of therapeutic and other benefit....stay tuned! You can have different audios playing on different do experiment and have fun!

ASMR is a catch all term for using really great audo quality for special effects than sometimes can even give therapeutic benefit and even feel tingly or healing at times.Most doing it are experimenting....some have therapeutic training. This Gal is more of an experimenter, and she's getting really good just whispering and making different sounds with her microphones that people are enjoying.

Healing and success modalities put into workshop and conversational hypnosis context!.. Dr David Snyder is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a couple dozen certifications and then some... Considered by many to be one of the very Best In the World at Hypnosis, Conversational hypnosis and NLP, here is a session that is based on what the audience wants to learn... from Mindset to healing to Covid to success in daily life... Dr Snyder addresses over a dozen students... can help you across the board like many who take what happens during various modalities of healing... and putting the healing within hypnotic context... so the patient handles presenting problems and other!....SMK does this too!....and began training with David around 2015.

Doctors are using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology together, and going even faster when putting diagnosis and treatment discussions and sessions, into a hypnotic Framework!....Dr David Snyder combines Hypnosis, NLP, Acupuncture, and other is an example of a 3 hour program...We are affiliates for him....(see other products we recommend).

Copy of Face Reading For Fun and Profit Psychological Tactics For Understanding People FAST

Removing Wrinkle Lines is done Hypnotically by Dr David Snyder, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, by removing sources... similar to Pranic Facial Rejuvenation, except Dr Snyder does it via conversational hypnosis. Pranic Healing has no talking just energy... SMK combines both and many other ways all put into a framework, shared in coming products, webinars and newsletters.

Dr. David Snyder & Psychological Tricks for Analyzing, Understanding and Influencing Behavior- Two hypnotist working together...forward to where you see David talking... listen to the patterns and other...SMK uses these skills and more in coming webinars and products! Click picture below to open in new tab

David and Chase

Using Mind Over Matter to heal!......Coming back from being hit by a tree branch... hospitalized 3 months... only had breathing and blinking... how even PK parties (bending metal, sticking things with mind power etc).....bending thick metal is fun evidence, that begs the question....."If you can do this, what else can you do?" and of course, using energy for healing, relationships, business, pets and other! See also, Webinars!

Steven Michael King intends to attend all of JacQualine's webinars.

Click here to play video...

Resonate frequencies and Tarot for many practical applications in life. How energy skills apply for any topic, energy medicine, business, etc.

Here JacQualine does a sound healing meditation using words and non verbal including tuning forks...

Click here for video

ESMR - Bilateral stimulation - this is a criss-cross brain massage that creates a scalar waves (use stereo headphones) using water moving at rates based on Sacred Geometry (Fibonacci and other....) overlaid with some water moving at 8 tenths of a second (same rate as many body functions including orgasmic contractions!) is an un-completed video that was about to have much high tech done before SMK was hit by the tree branch and hospitalized 3 months......this video and the various 30+ sound patterns other with audio.....was used by SMK to come back from being paralyzed (had only breathing and blinking for a while).....the tech has been used to to restore neurological functioning for SMK and others!...

Healing Playlist
This audio link has 30+ audio patterns good for balancing Neurology, affecting water, plants, animals and crystals! pattern here is also good for reducing swelling and inflammation plus restoring bilateral symmetry and can be done with headphones...speakers against the body....and many other ways of using the shapes of sound patterns.....the audio tracks all light up the brain and neurology differently....some have vocals including multi-evocation....this one takes a stream in some water gardens, finds the most beautiful sounding part......takes 50% of the sound and moves in criss cross every 8 tenths of a second (8 tenths of a second is line with a biological rhythm of an orgasm) .....the videos and audios were not finished due to SMK being hit by tree branch and hospitalized months etc......they should be redone in 2021, even though people are reporting amazing experiences from whole brain and body functioning to "everything orgasms" and more....

Multi-evocation for creating good luck energetically.....simple 2 track no special effects.....done before surgeries and before tree branch hit....mixed in a bedroom editing out barking dogs and airplanes.....yet......people find they can play it even on repeat and do tasks....and or add to others playing at same time.....and or relaxed closed eye 10 minute tune up.

100+ scientific links backing our inventions coming soon!
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"Farie Anne was helped by our products and Stevens help! She had been hit in the head, her skull crushed, brain injured, and broken neck! Steven worked with her after she had been in hospital for nearly a year, going down hill and feeling suicidal. Now she has a new lease on life and is ready to come home and would love to be a test subject! We have 2 Neurologists who want to test her, and prescribe our products and prototypes described in confidential memorandums and other documents. You must join and agree to keep them confidential to see the best stuff."

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Here is a brief overview history of Energy Medicine and how Government, insurance companies and the system is gradually absorbing into various models.....this includes also, additional links to supplement the hundreds of other scientific links we have in other parts of website.....

RAINBOW Conversation for opening energy joking and having fun while working from tiny cozy cabin with 38 inches of icicle and 17 inches of snow.