first draft start of bullit points
Smart Wearables & Smart Neroscientif enhancements!

what they do.....make yo smarter, learn and perfom better, heal ..they can cause folks to be ssuper genious with special abilities
also works on animals
water & other!
wearables for all body parts and activities....chamberss, strips and other for environmental moving energy around geometrically for myriads of applications....

flexible headnet LED transducers, esenors
and pulsed eleectromagnetic fieldss include also materials that ssmsooth EMF like the cell phone things
that increase blood flow, electrical flow, field coherancey, Bio-Photonic manipulation for health ,conciaousness expansion and special abilities

will also owork on animals, plants water, crystal, food, beverages booze & fuel....amonong other....
cycles up and down color pectrum coordinating sound, light EMF and other.....tied to EEG, Heart, GSR & muscle, for positive feedback loop
first are plug in.....later mobil syncing blue tooth etc...Navy Seal and other...

Products for on the body and to sit, lay ,sleep and other!
head pieces that integrate environmental and inner experiances..
extra blood flow , lymph, electrical flow gross through nerves, fine electrical flow throgh meridians--great also for arthritus, regenerating tissue....STEM CELLS by resonating prodction in bones and sing reasonance to go to specific body parts
eye masks
neck pieces
body for shoulders, spine, joints, any where Medicare and insurance.
Strips verticaly for regenerating nerve and spine tissue
Strips vertically for left, down spine and right that can also do legs
pads for seats that ballance torso and legs.
hands &feet product for

movement of tubes wil have nano structures and other to generate electricity from batteries, body movement, heat and cold..presure changes and other!
by proper material science and other

takes genious people doing geniouss things and duplicates genious qualities in many wayss
carbon fiber nano tubes for increaing field coherance and flow....gross and fine electrical flow...

could JV with existing wirless eeg in san diego! now getting darpa grant

funding will be combo of master wholesaling, master affiliate marketing 5 levels deep, grant funding, using Stevens contacts

multi-agency feaability funding grant
vet ad