Bio-hacking and Neurocience....
we can become nearly super human with wearables and various ways to bio-hack using Neroscience and other!
here is a center/gym that we could improve pon and network with!
this video gives an amazing overview!

things we do similar
things very different
including national security and national interest applications
listening throgh different parts of body teaches you unifies more than the brain!!!
its theraputic and releases trauma
it can develop special abilities usful for applications from healing to
fighting to higher level sensing and more
we can do both in person at the property were buying and developing....with less costs to operate,
and , Remote sessions via the internet!....from live webinars and podcast to custom sessions!

we have a 95% profit on virtual products, can do normal Keystone pricing on physical products.
can do workshops, seminars remote and in person!
we can even do live Sunset watching over the lake sessions via web, with small custum surround sound recording studio
allowing people to get a healing via the web experiancing much of what anybody sitting in the healing share is experianceing!

telepathy has allready been proven in functional MRI tests- and brain syncronizing products are beint tested with low tech being succesful!
Multi-sensing devices, suits, body pieces are the next wave--couples ,business associates, military etc, would be first catagories...
brain is only part....field freqhancy & coherancy syncronization can be stronger than just brain waves....
when light and sound are combined with comunication via blue tooth, microphone and audio enhanced,
now your combining many modalities in synergizing ways where the wording,
non verbal voice, hearts syncronizing and so forth, can crate bio-raport going beyond resonance!

products will be impregnated with materials known to shield EMF, make EMF more coherant, increase blood flow etc...
one of better ones beyod the cell phone and Organite things (yes will do organite around surge strips that when shown with EMF meter, reduce EMF
here is cloathing and other as an example of what can be done easily....
our things will all be tned to work with biology-and tested during R&D to combine the best of bet while competitors do partial
(FInders fees for catalog-we can refer competitors to the "As Seen on TV guy and do sections setting us p for customers who buy ismilar!!!

stimlating vegus nerve via neck stimulates whole nervous system,reduce inflamation!...
ours do this and more!

closest compitition and or possible otential JV parther....
1)for body---pulsed field devices for $5-10k that increase blood circulation approx a third!

2)for brain

best current brain sensing head band....low tech EEG and simple tones played back in frequancy band desired...

one of many stiddies on pulsed fields and brain

company developing head piece for plsed field.....

NIH commited 20 mill over sseveral years to sstudy music and the brain

healing center where we live and work-shipping containers
on least expensive so cal lots that have lake view at snsent, parking, near a world famos temple
energetic devices
/healing equipment
equipment to photograph and measure!