National Security and National Interest applications!
can keep pilots concious during high G manuvers and help blood flow via brain and extremities etc...
super engineer the Neeurology!
super sensing!
combine for tactile guidence systems, faster reactions niting visual,kinethetic and other!
can work with virtual reality, augmented reality, existing stereo, surrond sound and more!
can allow better sleep, shorter sleep needs, peak performance during emergencies!
combined with other sensorss work for military ,cops, fiire fighters sensing dangers and Foes!
can enhance situational awareness, comunications, learning
boost usable , practical IQ and cause Genius Capabilities
heal brain, nerve tissue and other damage!
OTHER abilities not appropriate to discuss here...beyond telepathy,sensing energy etc.
super helpful for conciousness expansion and creative solutions!
can copy and instil genius qualities from one Genious to create many....properly developed

unique abilities via both unique and proven tech!

Replicating Steven's skills/abilities-the phone call that alligned Stevens life paths!
Steven reversing Neropathy after 15 years!
Steven using inventions to recover from paralaysis, 3 months in hospital brain bleeding swelling ,neck spine and joint damage

stevens live healings dring 90s and Y2K
stevens super suits, wearables and other inventions
Applied Practical Synesthesia and comining more ssensses at once unify brain, nind body faster and deeper-increae blood and electrical circlation,
stem cell prodction /utalization, tissue generation*** and reduce inflamation
our technologiess can do that

Metal materials and advance manfactring
quartz crystal custom shaped can work together with microwave bonding!
1)auartz can be custom made and shaped for bio0energetic purposes just as it can for electronics
here is a company that can make cutom quartz products as we need

2)Microwave bonding bonds different kinds of materials and creates meta-materials
that we can apply to bio-energetic applications!these range from using carbon fiber nano tubes, to microns of GOld attached between crytals, souund transducers, led lighting and other....
to make bio-applications more effective
Miicrowave bonding allows many of Stevens inventions to have special properties, and allows Nano technoogy to make healing things smaller,
more powerful and more practical widespread applications

putting sound into body does more than allows deaf to saves hearing in ears, and can compliment!

notes, GP, LLP backed my inventions, recievables of varios types, including legal cases worth 7 figures + if filed, fnded, developed and implimented!
Owners who contribute cash, credit , and other, can get p to 70@ tax write off, and can potentially make enough to get principle back monthly after were profitable...
IRA,SEP and other qualified plans OK ....Credit may be avilable for qualified partners to
get access to six figures in business financing , and a business line of credit of 1 mill for $50k up front if they can be cridit worthiy officers of key companies that can participate with us!

Bio hacking vids
partnerhip and notes to get involved...can profit from the many inventions, profit from your network/contacts, profit from real estate being devloped,
can profit from 7 figures in legal if funded and developed, and*** can make money by contributing more than cash!...*** can profit from consulting and bringing uesful assets!

should go forward per Dr Olsen call
have pertners including Sean Blair and otherss with good credit get funds that pay themelves off ,
limit liability, getting credit to develope the business, while paying off personal credit removing personal liability!
allow new partners and leveraged contribution abilities by helping others get business credit to use