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Presenting Steven Michael King Of Transformational Breakthroughs

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  • See live demonstrations of sending and receiving energy Quantified In Real Time (Location & Event Sponsoring Opportunities Available Call 310-396-1269 For Info)
  • See the human energy field and Chakras, imaged on screen as techniques, energetic devices and live healings are demonstrated.
  • Have your own healing or energy session video taped and analyzed as you learn what techniques and/or devices work best for you and open up a whole new direction.
  • Experience direct and apply wave after wave of fabulous energies that come flooding through you each time more pleasurable and intense than before. Experience advanced psycho-acoustics that can activate your hidden power!
  • On-going Q&A with audience on developing and applying healing psychic, Tantric and "mind over matter" skills as the effects of different things are quantified before your eyes on energy field and Chakra imaging equipment.
  • Feel energetic devices for yourself that have been scientifically proven to affect aura of plants, animals and humans!

Lecture #1 "Mind Over Matter"

(See Addendum For Times And Rooms)

Learn to apply the latest, "life-changing" scientific and technological advancements for breakthroughs in your life. Learn to manipulate energy for healing, personal growth, Tantric and sensual activation and attainment of goals. See how renowned scientists and researchers are revolutionizing the human potential movement while verifying the foundations of ancient mystery schools. Topics of discussion include the use of certain tools for rapid development such as aura imaging, cassette programs, energetic devices, bio-feedback and brand new technology.

Lecture #2 "Sending & Receiving Energy Over Distances"

(See Addendum For Times And Rooms)

Learn about the recent advancement sand improved techniques originally kept secret in the mystery schools and practiced by world class healers, martial artists and Tantric Practitioners. Learn to send and receive energy over distance for healing, multi-dimension sexuality (enjoyed with your lover for surprising, beyond combining full body Tantric and extended sexual orgasms), protection and more. See from "aura imaging" equipment real time effects from your thoughts and emotions and how the human energy field is effected, from close-range and at a distance.


Beyond Mind-Over-Matter

How To Turn Yourself Into An Energetic Antenna To Send, Receive, Perceive & Manipulate Energy

Includes State Of The Art NLP & Other Skills, As Well As Acoustic Effects, To Increase
Learning Retention 2-6 Times Over Traditional Instruction
Includes Brief Bio Of Steven Michael King, With Lineage Of Systems

1) Exercises - To Cleanse Energy Pathways - Allows Smooth Flow Of Energy Through Major & Minor Energy Paths And Gates And Energy Bodies Opening Central Channel

2) Activating Crown & Heart & Hands & Feet Energy Centers - Increases Substantially Energy Flow Throughout The Energy Bodies On Both Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Levels Aiding Intuition, Seeing And Feeling Energy.

3) Introduction To Chakras & Human Energy System - If You Know The Human Energy System (And What Affects It), You Can Affect Anything! (Including; How Energetic Devices Affect The Field And How To Work With Energetic Devices, Part 1).

4) Breathing & Coordinating Energy Flow With Breath - Secrets And Details Often Never Explained Regarding Controlling, Cleansing And Balancing Mind / Body / Spirit Through The Breath.

5) Beyond Traditional Grounding Techniques - Allows You To Materialize Things, Creates Strong Energetic Foundations, Brings In Earth Energy And "Grounds" Bad Energy (Secret Details Will Be Revealed).

6) Laughing Bhudda Chi Gong - First 4 Positions - Smuggled Out Of China Where Royalty Uses This System To Cure Incurable & Fatal Conditions Consistently While Activating Paranormal Abilities.

7) Techniques Of Manipulating Energy - All Techniques Will Be Shown Both With And Without The Aid Of Energetic Devices [Which Of Course Can Enhance Any Energetic Technique!] - Mastery Of These Basics Allows Consistent Achieving Of (Allegedly) Impossible Results. Learn To Caress An Other Pleasurably With Energy And Open Up

Fabulous New Directions.

8) Activating The Energy Field In Conjunction With "Music Of Light" Tapes.

9) Techniques For Working On Others - Learn What Scientists Have Found To Be The World's Most Consistently Effective Techniques For Producing "Miraculous Healing" Both In Person And At A Distance.

10) Circulations For Body - Learn The Secrets Of The World's Most Effective Energy Systems To Increase Paranormal Abilities & Personal Power! Feel Fabulous Energies That Come Flooding Through You Each Time, More Pleasurably.

11) Introduction To Channel Building - Create Conscious Communications With Your Soul & Higher Self, Activates Your Own Paranormal Abilities - "On Command!" And Keeps You Centered! (Each Sets Up Unique Energy Circuits!)

12) Cutting Cords - Increase Your Energy 3-5 Times & Keep Relationships Fresh.

13) Cleansing Vortex -Cleanse Yourself And Your Environment Quickly And Noticeably!

14) Activating Psychic Abilities - Learn To Activate Your Psychic Abilities "On Command!"

15) Beyond Tantra Introduction - Learn Why The Most Powerful Systems Include Tantric Techniques As Their Most Powerful Shortcuts For Personal, Spiritual & Relationship Transformations. Secrets Never Revealed Elsewhere Produce Differences You'll Experience Head To Toe In Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually Fulfilling Ways Profoundly And Intensely! Experience Wave After Wave Of Pleasurable Tingling Energies That Come Flooding Through You.

16) Twin Hearts Meditation - One Of The World's Simplest, Yet Most Effective Meditations From 'Pranic Healing', Increases Your Energy Field 10-20 Times, Creates "Good Karma" And Activates Spiritual Abilities.

17) Introduction To Chanting - Done Properly (Most Don't), Pulsing Sound Patterns (Chanting) Can Change Virtually Any Condition, Allow You To Create Almost Anything (Even Without Faith) And Raise Your Life Condition.

18) Blessing Another - Learn The Most Effective Ways To Bless People, Places And Things.

19) Release Excess Energy To Earth - Done Properly, This Strengthens Your Overall Energy System.

20) Preview Of Coming Attractions - Experience Things Never Previously Revealed To The Public, Including ESP, Healing And Tantric Attunements As Well As Amazing Psycho-acoustics That Activate Your Hidden Powers.

Steven Michael King began his "Mind Over Matter" training as a child in 1968. Beginning with martial arts, meditation and healing, then later, through teachings from various Masters, King incorporated his psychic development, healing, meditation, hypnosis and massage/body work skills into his unique style. King's background includes various styles of Energy Psychology, Energy




1. Tantric Techniques Rarely If Ever Revealed In The West- (far beyond what’s in most books & workshops).
2. Experience Energy Multi-Dimensionally On Different Planes- (physical, Etheric, astral [lower, middle & upper], mental, causal, buddic, atmic, monodic, logoic-divine & various cosmic planes) while integrating multisensory awareness and applied practical synesthesia (cross blending of senses)
3. Chakral And Energetic Rapport Techniques- Different ways of synchronizing rhythmic pulses of energy fields
4. Energetically Program Water, Jewelry, Makeup, Massage Oils Wardrobe, Rooms, Buildings And Food: Programming and pulse synchronization for rapport, peak performance, rejuvenation, increasing positive programs and radically amplifying and extending sexual responsiveness and purpose specific energy qualities.
5. Directing Sexual Energy From Sex Centers To Face And Other Areas- for applied sexual charisma (especially important for TV, public speaking and entertainment) using sparkling, glittering, shimmering, pleasurable energies.
6. Integrating Tantra, Mind Over Matter, Healing, Energetic Psychology Skills And Yoga- (for those who enjoy practicing yoga, find yourself experiencing many ways of more pleasurable and intensely expanding, amplifying and intensifying energy flows and grounding during your poses) while wakening hidden powers, abilities and talents.
7. Secret Tantric Techniques- (including use of mantras, Mandalas, mudras, Yantras, ideograms, sigils, etc.), activations, attunements, empowerments & initiations for experiencing most of the “Siddhis” (paranormal powers) including many described in the yoga Surtras of Patanjali
8. Turning Yourself Into An Incredible Antenna For Receiving, Transforming & Sending Positive Energy- Experience introductory Shaktipat initiations & learn how to use pleasurably feeling Tantric energy circulations that activate, align and synchronize spin rates of energy centers above, below and throughout your body, rooting and grounding deeper, rapidly developing and expanding your central channel, while amplifying, transforming and applying sexual and orgasmic energy for activating energetic, multisensory psychic, pre-cognitive, sexual, spiritual development, creative and rejuvenative applications anddeveloping paranormal abilities
9. Clairvoyant And Paranormal Powers Via Flashing Subtle Energy Mandalas- Used properly, clairvoyance and color perception expands beyond infra-red and ultra-violet, perceiving Doppler shifts, complimentary colors, various energy fields and super-activating, integrating and synergizing brain/body/mind/higher-self matrix, activates energy grids and positive energy vortices within the environment and other amazing buy products!
10. Unconscious & Higher Self Integration- Aligning your expanding consciousness successfully, easily and naturally
11. Applied Practical Time Travel- experience energies and information from the more advanced you of the future (who is already learned & improved upon this stuff!) Sending back to the present more advanced energies and information with the benefit of hindsight, experience energies and talents from past life assisting you today
12. Applied Energetic Psychology For Increasing Positive/Decrease Negative: Ways of quickly increasing positive qualities & beliefs while removing or reducing blocks, traumas, negative beliefs and old energy patterns that, up until now, prevented you from experiencing your best energetic intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudiant/telepathic, pre-cognitive and overall energetic & psychic potentials and/or up until now may have prevented you and/or your lover(s) from experiencing highest erotic, Tantric and sexual potentials.
13. Missing Links Of Tantric Kama Sutra: 98% of the power of Kama sutra techniques comes mostly from energy circulations, colors of Prana and other factors, far beyond physical positions, thrusting ratios & techniques.
14. Modifying Martial Arts And Healing Techniques For Therapeutic Sensual, Erotic, Tantric Sexual Massage & Other Applications- Increase blood, electrical & subtle energy circulation and open up a whole wide range of experiencing magnificent new directions and magical, multi-color, luminescent energies.
15. Giving Energy Special Qualities- Using different colors of Prana from various source chakras for different applications, including arousing, fuzzy warm, tingling, sparking, yummy electro magnetic, intensely pleasurable, liquid life force, etc. For sensual, sexual, paranormal, mind over matter abilities, healing and other applications
16. Warm & Fuzzy Yummy Love Gloves- Energetically caress your lover with yummy delicious, intensely arousing magical energies that feel extremely good & working wonders integrating with the worlds best physical techniques for heightened arousal, responsiveness and fulfillment during flirting, foreplay, love making and after-play.
17. Adding Emotional And Spiritual Energy To Sexual Energy- increasing blossoming feelings and sensations of fulfillment, intensifying the synchronization of intimate connections coming together in mutually gratifying ways.
18. “Flaming Tongue” Chi-Gong- Energetic and other development of the tongue, etc. Ways of stimulating and sending energy out lips, tongues, etc. For kissing, foreplay, lovemaking, ways of kissing (and other techniques) your lover(s) so they experience feeling your tongue (or other body parts) throughout the inside of their body (or specific body areas). Ways of giving your lover (s) the experience of having and feeling multiple tongue (or other strategic body parts), different ways and locations stimulating simultaneously.
19. Sexual Transmutation & Transformation- for self and others amplifying, intensifying, flowing and circulating sexual energy throughout the body, above the body, below the body and around your physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual bodies, for energetic, psychic sexual and spiritual development.
20. Experience Use Of Energetic Field Patterns And Waveform Geometries- experienced as incredible, multicolor sparkling, shimmering, iridescent liquid life-force energies that come flowing like rivers during sexual arousal and orgasm towards both personal development and empowering thought forms for manifesting goals.
21. Activating And Intensifying Ananda Shakti The Energy Of Full Body Orgasm And Amrita Shakti (The Energy Of The Nectar Of Rejuvenation Helping Produce Paranormal Powers)- considerably longer, stronger orgasms, easier and more often for self and others. Synchronizing simultaneous multiple orgasms. Using energy for experiencing and/or inducing multiple full body extended sexual orgasm (with or without male/female ejaculation). Ways of improving taste of sexual fluids, as fabulous energies come flooding through you. Different ways of turning on (sexually arousing) women compared to men, methods and how to use when.
22. Activating, Intensifying And Utilizing Goddess Energy, Priming The Sexual Pumps- the power of not yet (like creating thirsts that need to be quenched) ways of substantially blossoming and heightening arousal, extending and increasing power of orgasmic contractions, as wave after ever increasing waves of fabulous energies come flooding through you, sometimes with blended contractions (both pushing out and pulling in) lasting 10-20 minutes, also experiencing a Day After contractions. Going beyond female, full body, multidimensional, extended orgasm. Improving and increasing the amount, quality and taste of female ejaculation (and the two magic fingers to use!) Tantric techniques for reshaping and/or increasing firmness, size or sexual responsiveness of female breasts, nipples and sex organs and increasing blood micro-capillary circulation & electrical flow through acupuncture meridians.
23. Experiencing Each Others Sexual Sensations- energy and related skills allowing your lover (s) to experience much of what you are sexually feeling, and for you to experience much of what your lover is sexually feeling directly and methods of sending energy and sensations of foreplay, love making, orgasms and after play over a distance
24. Superior Male Staying Power And Orgasmic Response- ways of sending and/or circulating multicolor, glowing and sparkling energy through male sex organs and throughout woman's body (and even out the top of her head) for maximum female pleasure all day and/or all night performance. Delaying male orgasm, increasing intensity & quality. Male multiple and extended orgasm (with/without ejaculation), giving women energetically induced sensations of feeling multiple, glowing penises as wonderful energies come raining down like a present from above.
25. Energy Adjusted By The Women- sending waves, pulses & vibrations of bright, sparkly, luminous, yummy delicious, throbbing, tingling energy through man's penis throughout and beyond both bodies, in alignment with feeling extremely pleasurable & fulfilling for both (many fold increasing control, ecstasy, Chakral orgasms and pleasure for the women!)
26. Beyond Turning On: Discover your own and your lover's internal processes and successful unconscious programming, internal signals, triggers and energy flows discover amplify intensify and expand upon what are the first signals you are getting for yourself on the inside letting you know the more you are finding yourself turned on, the more sexually aroused you are getting, to the point you know you are about to experience incredibly intense orgasms. Amplifying those signals, triggers and energy flows quantum leaps beyond prior orgasmic potentials (especially helpful for women wanting higher levels of multi-peak, climactic experiences, opening flood gates of amazing liquid life force energies that come flowing, multi-dimensionally or who in the past up until now may have been orgasmically and/or lubricatically challenged)
27. Real World Integrating And Application Of Energetic Psychology, Tantra, Energy Healing, Mind Over Matter, ESP Flashing Energetic Mandalas, Psycho-Acoustics, Subtle Energy Devices & Related Technologies In Business- for healers, therapists, entrepreneurs, entertainment industry, news media, cinema, writers, directors, producers,, dancers, attorneys, managers, sales people and others based on occupations of attendees.
28. Personal Healing And/Or Custom Activation Sessions- Various energetic, psycho-acoustic and related modalities available outside of class, including taping of custom sessions (info available upon request)
29. Group Request: The above and other related topics and applications will be covered as requested by those attending, based on what folks most want to learn or experience.
30. Other Topics From Beyond Mind Over Matter Seminar & Workshop Series & Live Healings On Scientific Equipment- are also available, energetic martial arts applications of techniques and, previews of coming attractions, if group requests, time permitting. For more info, including advance registration, referral discounts & group discounts. Participants are expected to remain clothed and behave appropriately.

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