Many ways we profit

People can profit above and beyond any other transaction structures
ownership of units or notes (lending money/credit)
we do 5 levels of affiliate marketing-you can be and or bring affiliates
we will also be affiliate for other
master wholesaling
finders fees!..
we have been approached by major catalog and merchandising contacts-
can make ongoing finders fees bringing them products of others to build cash flow as ours get done!

MasterMind and Networking , including opportunities to network with many of the Best In the World in what they do!
Monthly subscriptions, assets that can be leveraged using other entities credit and more exist!
25 yrs R&D...proof of concept demos carried the business plus other

In addition to inventions and other products and services there is the Real Estate being developed
shipping containers dug in, built up like Legos with atrium...can also be used burred to park with things underneath.....neighbors like that idea and water tank with fire hoses....
water from air is gaining in popularity as is being self sustaining..& these lend to filming and related...energetic enhancements and other
will be fire proof, self contained, water from air, bio-gas toilets that convert waste to gas and much more....mostly off grid but not completely.....will be able to produce more than it uses if developed as planed.....
and a peaceful healing place for those sensitive to chaotic EMF....
while creating " positive Energy Fields" that may clear air while making healthy "positive energy vortexes"
around trees, caves, fire proof energetic tree houses and shipping container and other....
with " Synergizing Facilitators" to charge things, meditate in, receive healing in... some may sleep in!

much other

National Security and National Interest applications!
can keep pilots conscious during high G maneuvers and help blood flow via brain and extremities etc...
Super Sensing!
super engineering the Neurology!
combine for tactile guidance systems, faster reactions uniting visual, auditory, kinesthetic and other!
can work with virtual reality, augmented reality, existing stereo, surround sound and more!
can allow better sleep, shorter sleep needs, peak performance during emergencies!
combined with other sensors work for military, cops, fire fighters sensing dangers and Foes!
can enhance situational awareness, creates potential for Mind to Mind communications, learning
boost usable , practical IQ and cause Genius Capabilities
heal brain, nerve tissue and other damage!
OTHER abilities not appropriate to discuss here...beyond telepathy, sensing energy beyond initial five senses etc.
super helpful for consciousness expansion and creative solutions!
can copy and instill genius qualities from one Genius to create many....properly developed
we will make and sell energetic devices...charge and sell crystals, and other....using the latest science, imaging, and other tech!
many products in development very special... people, animals, plants, water, crystals and other, including making things taste better!
radio shows, podcasting and possible much, much other!

unique abilities via both unique and proven tech!

Replicating Steven's skills/abilities-the phone call that aligned Stevens life paths!
Steven reversing Neuropathy after 15 years!
Steven using inventions to recover from paralysis, 3 months in hospital brain bleeding swelling ,neck spine and joint damage

Steven's live healings during 90s and Y2K
steven's super suits, wearables and other inventions
Applied Practical Synesthesia and coming more senses at once unify brain, mind body faster and deeper-increase blood and electrical circulation,
stem cell production /utilization, tissue generation*** and reduce inflammation
our technologies can do that

Meta-Materials and advance manufacturing
quartz crystal custom shaped can work together with microwave bonding!
1)Quartz can be custom made and shaped for bio-energetic purposes just as it can for electronics
here is a company that can make custom quartz products as we need
(link soon)

2) Microwave bonding bonds different kinds of materials and creates meta-materials
that we can apply to bio-energetic applications!these range from using carbon fiber nano tubes, to microns of Gold attached between crystals, sound transducers, led lighting and other....
to make bio-applications more effective
Microwave bonding allows many of Stevens inventions to have special properties, and allows Nanotechnology to make healing things smaller,
more powerful and more practical widespread applications

putting sound into body does more than allows deaf to saves hearing in ears, and can compliment!

There are many ways you can own

IF we accept you as an owner or lender (per Mutual N.D.A. (found here) and recorded compliance call ) - Ways you can be involved include Notes (click here to see a sample) , GP, LLP backed our inventions, receivables and assets of various types, including legal cases worth 7 figures + if filed, funded, developed and implemented!
partnership and notes to get involved...can profit from the many inventions, profit from your network/contacts, profit from real estate being developed,
can profit from 7 figures in legal if funded and developed, and ***can make money by contributing other than cash!...*** can profit from consulting and bringing useful assets!
Owners who contribute cash, credit, and other, can get up to 70% tax write off, and can potentially make enough to get principle back monthly after were profitable...
IRA, SEP and other qualified plans OK ....Credit may be available for qualified partners to
get access to six figures in business financing , and a business line of credit of 1 mill for $50k up front if they can be credit worthy officers of key companies that can participate with us!
have partners and others with good credit may get funds lending that pay themselves off,
limit liability, getting credit to develop the business, while paying off personal credit!
allow new partners and leveraged contribution abilities by helping others get business credit to use

We pay finder's fees!

See Also Investor Information-click on link here
See also Make Money, Our Stuff- click on link here

To learn more, contact Steven at [email protected] to set up a telephone call and/or Zoom meeting.


should go forward per Dr Olsen call

Bio hacking vids


Bio-hacking and Neuroscience....
we can become nearly super human with wearables and various ways to bio-hack using Neuroscience and other!
here is a center/gym that we could improve upon and network with!
this video gives an amazing overview!

things we do similar
things very different
including national security and national interest applications
listening through different parts of body teaches you unifies more than the brain!!!
its therapeutic and releases trauma
it can develop special abilities useful for applications from healing to
fighting to higher level tactile sensing/guidance systems and more.
We can do it both in person at the property we're buying and developing
and by remote sessions via the internet!....from live webinars and podcasts to custom arrangements!

We have a 95% gross profit on virtual products,
Margin is less on physical products.

When former NASA head of Strategic Planning, Dr John Olsen, told Steven and others on a conference call that the "Best thing Steven can do for our county, and the planet, is duplicate his skills".......Steven has come up with visual (both static and moving)auditory and Kinesthetic ways!.....He was ready to deliver in April of 2014...
when the Tree branch hit him in products were left in different phases of completion.
Visual static products included Subtle Energy Mandalas, which teach people to see energy, from Infra red through upper violet, also to see complimentary colors and energy fields (see testing!) where we have over 100 exercises!.......Steven also began videos, that were designed to have more things super imposed......products stand alone, and work together.
Click here for instructions on audios and videos

The visual products also develop extended sensing abilities in humans (extending sensing means going beyond the normal range and ability of the original five senses) while additionally affecting plants, animals, people, water, crystals and other. for more info, contact Steven

to see what Subtle Energy Mandalas look like, click here

Auditory Products - would be ideal to work with Heads Up displays, Virtual and Augmented Reality......and to merge with tactile and auditory guidance systems. Auditory products first made reversed 15 years of Neuropathy and contributed to reversing brain injuries!... applications go from healing to military to Space Exploration to other!......the magic is how soundwaves get moved geometrically, rhythmically and other!.... We can create Super Genius, and teach others to listen to several dozen audios at once while integrating the cross relationships!

You Tube has old audios and videos, done with cheap equipment with airplanes landing and dogs barking getting cut out!... newer tech will be many times better

Click here to view our Youtube videos

Webinars - (Right now we're mostly doing webinars on Zoom) Can do private workshops, seminars remote and in person for businesses or groups!
Currently we are doing our Webinars from our golden comfort cave.
We can even do live Sunset watching over the lake sessions via web, with small portable custom surround sound recording studio
allowing members and other to get a healing via the web experiencing much of what anybody sitting in the healing share is experiencing!
If you attend a Zoom webinar on a laptop you will get livestream quality stereo audio.
High Quality stereo audio files will be sent out.

Click Here to view our Webinars

physical products-includes wearables, energetic devices, things you can sit in, sit on, lay on, meditate in, use for agriculture and other!

can do normal Keystone pricing on physical products.

telepathy has allready been proven in functional MRI tests- and brain syncronizing products are beint tested with low tech being succesful!
Multi-sensing devices, suits, body pieces are the next wave--couples ,business associates, military etc, would be first catagories...
brain is only part....field freqhancy & coherancy syncronization can be stronger than just brain waves....
when light and sound are combined with comunication via blue tooth, microphone and audio enhanced,
now your combining many modalities in synergizing ways where the wording,
non verbal voice, hearts syncronizing and so forth, can crate bio-raport going beyond resonance!

products will be impregnated with materials known to shield EMF, make EMF more coherant, increase blood flow etc...
one of better ones beyod the cell phone and Organite things (yes will do organite around surge strips that when shown with EMF meter, reduce EMF
here is cloathing and other as an example of what can be done easily....
our things will all be tned to work with biology-and tested during R&D to combine the best of bet while competitors do partial
(FInders fees for catalog-we can refer competitors to the "As Seen on TV guy and do sections setting us p for customers who buy ismilar!!!

stimlating vegus nerve via neck stimulates whole nervous system,reduce inflamation!...
ours do this and more!

closest compitition and or possible otential JV parther....
1)for body---pulsed field devices for $5-10k that increase blood circulation approx a third!

2)for brain

best current brain sensing head band....low tech EEG and simple tones played back in frequancy band desired...

one of many stiddies on pulsed fields and brain

company developing head piece for plsed field.....

NIH commited 20 mill over sseveral years to sstudy music and the brain

healing center where we live and work-shipping containers
on least expensive so cal lots that have lake view at snsent, parking, near a world famos temple
energetic devices
/healing equipment
equipment to photograph and measure!
first draft start of bullit points
Smart Wearables & Smart Neroscientif enhancements!

what they do.....make yo smarter, learn and perform better, heal ..they can cause folks to be super genius with special abilities
also works on animals
water & other!
wearables for all body parts and activities....chambers, strips and other for environmental moving energy around geometrically for myriads of applications....

flexible headset LED transducers, esenors
and pulsed electromagnetic fields include also materials that smooth EMF like the cell phone things
that increase blood flow, electrical flow, field coherency, Bio-Photonic manipulation for health ,consciousness expansion and special abilities

will also work on animals, plants water, crystal, food, beverages booze & fuel....among other....
cycles up and down color spectrum coordinating sound, light EMF and other.....tied to EEG, Heart, GSR & muscle, for positive feedback loop
first are plug in.....later mobile syncing blue tooth etc...Navy Seal and other...

Products for on the body and to sit, lay ,sleep and other!
head pieces that integrate environmental and inner experiances..
extra blood flow , lymph, electrical flow gross through nerves, fine electrical flow throgh meridians--great also for arthritus, regenerating tissue....STEM CELLS by resonating prodction in bones and sing reasonance to go to specific body parts
eye masks
neck pieces
body for shoulders, spine, joints, any where Medicare and insurance.
Strips verticaly for regenerating nerve and spine tissue
Strips vertically for left, down spine and right that can also do legs
pads for seats that ballance torso and legs.
hands &feet product for

movement of tubes wil have nano structures and other to generate electricity from batteries, body movement, heat and cold..presure changes and other!
by proper material science and other

takes genious people doing geniouss things and duplicates genious qualities in many wayss
carbon fiber nano tubes for increaing field coherance and flow....gross and fine electrical flow...

could JV with existing wirless eeg in san diego! now getting darpa grant

funding will be combo of master wholesaling, master affiliate marketing 5 levels deep, grant funding, using Stevens contacts

multi-agency feaability funding grant
vet ad
There is more interest than thought, there are more potential teams to team up with....and it looks brighter than thought....see links the articles! shows Steven has been right years ahead of curves......and others barely beginning early stages of catching up.

a)basic overview on the science......while somebody like Dr. Dave would likely be easiest to understand......the reading on this abstract is easy enough, just not the fastest or lightest (instead of 5th grade level, this is high school , maybe last 2 yrs.) outlines the basics, of what kind of grants are funded and why etc..

b) very simple terms how and why DARPA is looking for things that can heal soldiers using sound, light, magnets and other.....electronic healing if you will........

c) here is an additional article - also Jr High level.....different angle-----note how it validates everything we’ve been talking about for years.......this is great for showing viability again....

d) Here is a fantastic article that shows the medical device industry is incredibly interested-----they totally get the potential.....but don’t have the vision for the details.....which of course we do......Steven relates best to the kinds of doctors, scientists and researchers mentioned.....and his ability to see energy & understand how it relates to nerves, meridians, brain functions and fields is very special.....for the others, it is new territory....for Steven he has had these abilities for decades!
e) we can show more applications for less money.....ability to Joint venture with any and all some things they cannot.....and show lots of applications beyond military, such as police, fire, and regular medical plus education and other!
Photon emission and we described in our webinars and product testing, is now going from NASA and Military, into the mainstream health system......notice here, some funding grants by National Institute of Health, regarding this technology......when Christ talked about "light" he was talking about bio-photons!...imagine what it could have been like if he had imaging systems to back up his teachings! is one of many links to National Institutes of Health......talking about what we’ve been talking
More Structures found for what the acupuncture meridians work with......we shared MRI a few weeks ago, there are also CT scans showing......and it relates to the Primo-vascular system as well as fascia... you want to discuss these things with medical doctors, start here.......many if not most Neurologists are familiar with "fine electrical flow" as measured via meridians, contrasting with "gross electrical flow" relating to nerves....and vascular surgeon’s and even regular general practitioners are becoming more familiar with both the terms, the basics and the various forms of Medical imaging which shows both structure, and /or performance....our products balance both fine and gross electrical flow, and if you look at the imaging, you’ll notice we use the main points with our various wearable, including the ones designed to be reimbursed by Medicare and Insurance companies..
Bio-feedback is starting to be covered by insurance companies and various health care you can see, places are wanting to sell sensors to places that make various products....
a) the only bone conducting stereo headphones with more than 2 transducers is this one......note how they are almost to a million dollars.....the money they raise does NOT give up equity,

instead people get products at a’s a form of crowd funding were looking into doing after the entitlements....

b) we’ve got other links we need to find in our "history" like the place in San Diego with the cap and DARPA more imaging links of many get the idea!

c) Bio-feedback is starting to be covered by insurance companies and various health care you can see, places are wanting to sell sensors to places that make various products....

Testing of our Products In Place or Forthcoming

"Farie Anne was helped by our products and Stevens help! She had been hit in the head, her skull crushed, brain injured, and broken neck! Steven worked with her after she had been in hospital for nearly a year, going down hill and feeling suicidal. Now she has a new lease on life and is ready to come home and would love to be a test subject! We have 2 Neurologists who want to test her, and prescribe our products and prototypes described in confidential memorandums and other documents. You must join and agree to keep them confidential to see the best stuff."

Test of early SMK audio on auric feedback equipment showing how it increases electrical flow, field coherency, synchronization of circuits and centers while improving known bio-feedback variabilities!!! - Here you see that after minutes of listing to one of the early audios, people hooked up had increased electrical flow, synchronization of body pulses, synchronization of energy channels, and other left /right, front/back. top/bottom synchronization, plus increased field coherency and a full range of color spectrum measurable! We have since improved much!

Early Lab testing EEG ,Nerve Conductivity, Brain Stem, Balance and other all improved using SMKs first audios! First testing of audios happened after Nerve Conductivity testing showed reversing 15 years of Neuropathy, healing brain stem, cranial nerves and other!... All of our products and services appear to support such functions, as learned in a half dozen people who tried them!.... Our audios feature how we're moving sound patterns geometrically, physical and other exercises unify the brain mind and body per Neurology testing! Both Dr Hamza and Dr Lamb want their own equipment, to learn how headphones only vs sound in body vs unique exercises, all of which appear beneficial! National Security and National Interest applications include PTSD, guidance systems for aircraft, smart wearables and others, all should qualify for multi-agency feasibility funding grants.

Functional MRI -Acupuncture and brain (Steven's friend Dr Joie Pierce Jones of USC shows how acupuncture affects organ centers of brain differently piercing with needle vs Ultrasound vs heat vs sound vs light vs current etc! - Our inventions apply sound, light, pulsed electromagnetic fields and other benefits, to unify the brain, mind body matrix, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and electrical flow! This is done both auditorily, tactily and visually, plus other! Applications include plants, animals, people, water, crystals and other.... with focus on most biology.

Energy Field Mapping by Steven's friend, Dr Valerie V Hunt UCLA ---Dr Valerie V Hunt was a friend of Steven's who helped give much feedback during the 90s and before Steven getting hit by the tree branch.... her insight helped us much, we love how she used physics and biology together, using all sorts of equipment to measure field coherency, electrical flow, photons, ions and much more. Using all sorts of ways of quantifying has guided Steven since his days of Bio Feedback in early 80's

Dr Claude Swanson on physics of life force including photons, ions, electromagnetic fields, torsion fields and related quantum physics! sound, light, electromagnitism and other affects biology and consciousness

Dr Kristen Willeumierr is the best in the world...she has multiple advance degreesshe knows SMK well!.....She is aware of confidential info regarding prototypes.She knows the basics of SMKs injuries......and believes in the recovery of SMK, even though medical precedent may need to happen again!

Bio Field Viewing (shows meridians, bio-field and other), with Steven's friend , Dr Thornton Streeter, founder of Energy Medicine Exchange... Steven was Invited By Dr Thornton Streeter many years ago to be a founding member of Energy Medicine Exchange....which now has over 40,000 members including doctors, scientists, researchers, healers and other professionals. They have even done White Papers for the United Nations!....Steven interviewed Dr Streeter on Steven's radio show"Steven Michael King presents The Best in the World" and anticipates having Dr Streeter on again in the near future. We will supplement our research and development using the Bio Field Viewer as funding permits, which shows electrical flow, optics, field characteristics and much more! supplements more common medical and scientific instrumentation and helps us develop the best by using an integrated, complimentary evidence based approach in R & D and related

Dr Brent Baur, Head of Integrated and Complimentary medicine at Mao Clink-roles of integrated and Complimentary Medicine in hospitals, clinics, spa's, and how Medicare, Insurance and other models are becoming profitable, effective and lay foundation for high tech wellness in alignment with our inventions, products, methods and other

Partnership meeting after tree branch, and before disclosing inventions! - Note on the cover, the Prescription by Dr Nancy Lamb MD, Neurologist, to use the audios for nerve regeneration and tissue regeneration!.....this was before our wearables were ready to share, showing the basics of the partnerships minus the bigger inventions!....We now have both Neurologists and Neuroscientist wanting to test both audios, wearables, subtle energy mandalas, and unique exercises SMK developed!

Heart Brain Coherence from Integrated and Complimentary Medicine perspective! Neuroscience shows the body has at least 3 brains (head, heart, gut), our products unify all of them......the Heart's energy field as measured with instruments is bigger than the fields of the body and brain... synchronizing heart and brain is key for health and peak performance, and synchronizing more of the brain mind body matrix is better....hence our products integrating and synergizing so many modalities, ways of stimulation and ways of measuring, ultimately creating feedback loops that can be application specific as well as general all addition to our own products, we also recommend and sell other parties products, often at group discounts you can get by applying coupon codes is a great Integrated Medicine talk about heart and brain coherence...

Cells surviving GAMMA radiation when Pranic Healing
(a form of energy healing) is done! Steven's friend Dr Joie Pierce Jones UC. - the same tech that works acoustically, bio-photonically and ionically shown in cells vs Gamma radiation, can be done by our tech!!! We anticipate using Functional MRI with and without contrast, to document the effects of our products for reducing inflammation and increasing circulation and tissue growth. as funding becomes available to quantify current anecdotal results...

Functional MRI, EEG & distant healing double blind with randomized sending etc....shows visual techniques activate visual cortex, auditory activate auditory system, kinesthetic techniques activate kinesthetic system, etc. Our devices when developed, should even have applications in mind to mind communications (based on what is happening now in various applications we cant talk about publicly, yet are talking regularly to our Neuroscientists contacts and other doctors and scientists familiar with using MRI, EEG, PET, SPECT) and other involves both brain, amygdala, and other parts of the body......may have incredible applications from healing, to education, to military, to space exploration to all sorts of other!

Best Neuroscientist in the world, Dr Kristen Willeumier, 4 advanced degrees, published over 40 times in peer reviewed journals! Dr Willeumier headed the top 100 NFL concussion study for the world famous Amen Clinic. Steven met Dr Willeumier years ago at the Amen Clinic, and other places including his Neurologist's office. Kristen has watched Steven recover from the tree branch hit and has been a big supporter of both his recovery and inventions. We have been in contact regularly many weeks each year for several years, and We expect as we get funding, to collaborate on both inventions and other projects. Kristen is who we would want to hire to help obtain both Funding Grants, Testing, and various associations as in addition to her multiple degrees (4) and being published more than 40 times in peer reviewed Journals and often called the Best Neuroscientist in the World, She is also an expert in Integrated and Complimentary Medicine, Healing of many modalities, and keeps up on the latest tech, including our proprietary inventions and applications.We anticipate making offers that include consulting , collaboration, partnership and other......stay tuned !
Neuroscience for Brain optimization for leaders

Medical Thermal Imaging before , during, and after helps show reduction in inflamation, increase in circulation increase in circulation. Sometimes you can even see meridians light up in real time depending on types and locations of stimulation....We intend to supplement our product research and development with these tools and others

Scaler Wave physics and how it applies to biology, healing and related

100+ scientific links backing our inventions coming soon!
Click here to view Steven's Skills verified by accredited research lab (signature on file)
see also articals medical evidence Our Company button, inventions section!

To visit our YouTube Chanel, click here:

If you'd like to friend Farie Anne, here is a link to her Facebook page:

Here is a brief overview history of Energy Medicine and how Government, insurance companies and the system is gradually absorbing into various models.....this includes also, additional links to supplement the hundreds of other scientific links we have in other parts of website.....