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Benefits of Being an Affiliate Include:

 1) NO COST INVOLVED, YET YOU GET YOUR OWN LINKS TO SHARE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA(FaceBook etc)Email to your own list(so long as no spamming or anything illegal...the links look like ordinary links-they have a number at the end unique to you which puts a cookie on the persons computer who visits the link.

 2) 50% commission the first tier, with multiple tier payout over 5 levels with a total payout of 75% of available gross margins

 3) As an affiliate, you can realistically expect to potentially earn a six figure income - or even more - by sharing what you love while helping others. Your income potential and effectiveness making use of Transformational Breakthroughs tools is based mostly on the extent to which you stay actively involved with product promotions.

In short, there are several main ways to realistically make a six figure income without cash investment on your part:

A. By becoming an affiliate and referring either (1) enough individual consumers or (2) one or two companies that will market our products at the kind of reasonable volume consistent with a small or medium audio business.

Referring a multi-million dollar company that sells a few dollars’ worth of our products could make you a millionaire!!!(See compensation payout)

B) Refer Joint Venture Partners who Co Promote Seminars, Webinars, Promotions etc.

C) Refer Investors who Invest in 9 month promissory Note that is collateralized

D). Refer potential Owner/Partners for our business, which is a small Limited Liability partnership or LLP & Requires MANDATORY VOTING.

both the 9 month notes &the Ownership(LLP) in fact, is approved for IRA or other tax-qualified plans; On the partnership we can give the person a 70%tax write off this year and Steven can close the deal with the Potential Owner if you can get them on a phone call with him.

How to Earn High Cash Compensations, Equity and Products by Referring Investors

(Steven had several folks in the 80's &90's whom he paid six figure finder’s fees, one of which declared just over $300,000 in finder’s fees to the IRS, even after tens of thousands in tax write off!!!) (see his 1099's filed with IRS)

On sales you make or refer, you will earn a 10% cash compensation (U.S. residents must provide valid tax ID.) plus a 10% equity in our small LLP, plus 10% retail value of Transformational Breakthrough products of your choice! Minimum Capital Contribution to the LLP is $500. Voting as a partner is mandatory.

We may provide some leads if you can prove an aptitude for presenting the products. To find out more contact Steven Michael King at @310-396-1269 11am-6pm PST, or email him via his personal direct email at smk1269@gmail.com

 4) Special Monthly (and sometimes more often) live & archived product education conference calls & webinars complete with ability for you to ask questions &get answers. Also special energetic empowerments &products that are special for affiliates.

 5) Make money or product credits or both(various programs in progress of being announced)....this allowing you  flexibility...have your customers products delivered virtually or in some cases drop shipped- you DON’T need to carry inventory & you can use your own websites or ours or both.

 6) Get product discounts including virtual products, physical products, seminars & sessions...etc

 7)sample marketing material will be produced and shared, including banners, fascinating pictures & gifs you can share to attract the eye, sample emails, coupon promotions where hundreds of dollars worth of free products get given away to build a market, and even a potential chain letter explaining scientifically things that make a chain letter produce good luck by how thought forms, energy fields & related interact.....allowing you to give away free product, which builds a network, a market from contacts of your contacts, 5 levels deep

8) Affiliate tracking for your customers regardless if they order b phone or on line &whether they pay by credit card, debit card, Pay Pal, Check by phone, auto check drafting or other & they stay your customers as long as they use your links

9) We help you recruit your customers into being affiliates by reminding them-and they are yours for life (Unless they start ordering/signing up under another affiliate link)

10) Suggested pictures, studies, videos, graphics &other promotional materials and articles---coming soon, a regular Blog....

11) Access to other affiliate based programs we joint venture with

12) Super Steep discounts and benefits if your ***BOTH ***a member & an affiliate. Potential financing for programs, products &seminars may be available soon.

13) Special private sessions available with Steven.

14) Special upgrades for affiliates are intended to be available from time to time.

15) More benefits to be articulated as we have time & resources



1) Q how do I join?

  A) click on the Become an Affiliate link and fill in the info including your tax ID or related ID that has same amount of digits if your overseas, also include name, business name if applicable &fill out all fields-you will receive a confirmation email with your own affiliate link within one business day.

2) Q- Is it Free

  A- Yes it is free, it just takes a few moments of your time to fill out the fields and most days you can start within 24 hrs

3) If I need questions answered, can we email, or call or Yahoo IM and talk with Steven or your computer helper?

  A-yes, email may be quickest, Steven can often take a call or be reached via this website or FB- he forwards web related questions to "Chris the computer guy"...

4) Q-how often can we get paid?

  A- we hope to start paying  monthly, but during these first few months as were getting the website to work smoothly we will start quarterly, until we can get all software running smoothly, at which time we expect to convert to monthly--and even weekly for large producers who have large customer bases



No commission to yourself on your own purchases (but huge discounts if you’re both a member and an affiliate)

No spamming or illegal activity of any type especially fraudulent advertising- we will warn your first, but if there are multiple offenses, we reserve full legal rights

Our affiliate tracking uses cookies- when somebody turns off cookies or clears cookies, we can’t pay on that due to no ability to trace until they use your link again...so it is in your best interest to do regular posting or sharing of links...

Content- Steven will be providing regular content, which can help you get picked up by search engines as well as keep you in the front of your customers minds

some phone or fax orders may not be easily traceable, if we can’t trace a order, or if there doesn’t appear a way to find who referred(such as no coupon code or promotional code etc, we can’t pay on orders that can’t be tracked, so use your links, &  use the promotional coupons &codes that will be issued!

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