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Questions about our products
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Questions about the website

1 Q) How come some times I click on a link and it takes me to home page?

A) Because the thing to click on can be found on home page, and/or its a mistake we did not find.
If you see something that comes when you click,
and it doesn't make sense,
or seems like you have a better idea of where it should go,
please let us know!

2 Q) What kind of help with website do you need?

A) While some of what we need we don't know yet, other that we need includes:
custom graphics
custom coding including having small advertisements on side.
database and lead management so when people order, they get all the updates, follow up and anything needed automated.
help with integrating and using - Zoom, You Tube, Facebook Live, Tik-Tok and other multi-media platforms
video and audio editing, special effects, mixing, uploading, and emailing said products, Auto responders, funnels and related automation... etc.

In progress to be completed...

5 Q) if I want SMK to lead a group of us to various energy vortexes in various locations...If I want him to do that where on website to I click?

Simply contact SMK & let him know what times of year, and where, and he may be able to accommodate!

Hiking and Hot Springs, out door energy and custum workshop groups, that collectively include over 10,000 members....
Hot Springs and hiking groups

Steven Michael King has a Special Meet up group that goes to Energy Vortexes and Hot Springs and other where SMK can do Virtual and often in person!!... These compliments hiking groups he leads on Facebook with other 1,000 local members, plus steven is a member of nearly a dozen groups in Southern Ca where he is allowed to schedule hikes and outdoor activities to Energy Vortexes thus able to reach over 20,000 people in Meet-Up groups, and also Meet-Up groups for Healing and developing various Special abilities from Psychic stuff to other!

SMK has built a 1300 +person group originally for hot springs and other hiking. Camping and Special Energetic and other events!...Now SMK has 12 leaders for regular events, and Energy Vortex Hiking, Healing Hiking and other, that he will lead locally in near future!....Join group for new events some with virtual broadcasting, and over 1500 great pictures of many of the most beautiful Hot Springs and hiking in Southern California and other positive energy vortex places in near future! Outdoor activities will be filmed for product creation

Click on Picture below to visit SMK's hiking group!

Steven is also a contributing member to several hiking groups on Facebook encompassing
well over 1,000 members....

Questions About SMK

Questions about working and or collaborating with SMK
Q) If I wish to collaborate, either on existing projects or future potential, can I simply email SMK?
A) yes email [email protected] and or book an appointment with him via the calendar.

Questions about making money-

Q) How did you survive financially during the 25+ years of product testing and proof of concept

A) Proof of concept plus SMKs cash and credit was most of the capital. Balance of capital in low six figures came from partnerships. The partnerships made slight profits that kept getting re invested... so no capital gains, just growth of equity value. Six figures of which has come from SMK

Q) How did everything stay in business during the initial R&D phases of tech and keep sustaining
A) We stayed in business mostly from revenues generated during proof of Concept. Our biggest cash contributor has been Steven Michal King, who has contributed six figures of hard cash, and upper 5 figures
of his personal credit, plus he has brought the assets that helped produce the cash flow, during "Proof of concept" testing.... The original partners of INT 1,2&3, were formed by another, they voted Steven to take over, and they voted to do capital calls. Steven removed 3.5 million dollars worth of debt, got things restructured, maximized useful tax write off and ease of operations. Voting is Mandatory and partners are expected to vote as needed. Partners can affect profitability and make money even above and beyond Steven. Partners can make money even above and beyond the partnerships via their own efforts! The intent is to build a team around Steven to replace key people that died, while replacing broken equipment, upgrading software, and getting to sustained profitability via collaboration, grants and other!.......We are looking for new partners who have access to cash, and or credit, and or other resources. All partners are actively voting. There are options to contribute both Equity and Debt... Partners can also assign, reassign, and request certain tax benefits, and are treated as Active partners/consultants for taxes and other purposes. (See how we make money and other business sections for more...) The controlling entity that other entities way merge into, is an LLP, so people can control it via majority vote, taxes are simple, as are any modifications for ease of operating... It allows partners to contribute in many ways.

Q) How were the business involved formed that required multiple entities?

A) SMK invested approximately $30,000 in INT partners 1,2 and 3 which unlike current LLP.... those were General partnerships which owe 7 figures from contracts, ballots and others in receivables (law firms interested, originals need to be rescanned in) ... the organizer gave the capital back to investors to encourage more investors like a Ponzi scheme.... A meeting was held, Steven Cyril and others elected, and voted for SMK to remove 2.5 million of debt, test different potential situations and products and report back. The Only products that made money were what SMK created with his own six figures of cash and credit... partners voted based on incredible results from test marketing at Expos and other, for SMK to set up additional entities, at his expense, to complete the business by testing and development. SMK has six figures invested between his cash and credit, and the various assets need to be appraised, which is expected in 7 figure range.

Q) What is overhead?

A) it used to be about $7,000 a month from 96 until 2010 when SMK's partner John Williams was alive, after that it went down to about $3500-$4000 most of which is simply rent of living, working, storage. SMK used to see personal clients; he needs back into a place for that option. Several Healing places have locations if SMK subleases additional space from them. Zoom has replaced most personal visits during the pandemic. We are paying about %500 a month in storage, and %1500 for rent, and about $400 for utilities, we need a new phone and two new laptops so that all documents can be revised, and products loaded, plus services performed... much of which is on a hard derive we owe $800 to get our data back from the recovery place.... We have profit margins in excess of 90%, and we should be restoring re-occurring cash flow from prior once we get the tech problems handled. Our noew location owner is a tech wizard and has helped us many times before... He says he's looking forward to helping again.

3 Q) Where do I click and what do I do to make money from my contacts, networks and related?

A) Affiliates members and other sections include
(to be added)

4 Q) If I want to be an owner, with cash or credit or other value...what steps do I take...what should I read on website...where do I go...what do I fill out...ect?

Questions about what we can do to help make things into production and other

Questions about what help we need

Questions about what equipment and software we need to make money

Questions about over head and how we stated in business using proof of concept profitably...

Questions about main cash and equity owners
Questions regarding older entities that started business
Questions regarding new entities that are completing business