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1) Neuropathy reversed after 15 years of "glove and stocking" in Nerve Conductivity testing! Used stereo movement of sound wave form geometries in proprietary ways affecting people, animals, plants, water and crystals. Neurology testing shows reversed neuropathy just from sound movement during aprox. 2 year period!
Click Here to See Nerve Conductivity Testing Before and After Testing Results

2) Neurology prescription for Steven's audios after seeing the Neuropathy reversed (for healing cranial and other nerves) -Dr Lamb

3)Neurology prescriptions Dr Hamza et al

4)ENT Prescriptions Before and After Surgery (to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and speed healing processes) Click on picture below to see full Dr. prescription letter
ENT letter pre and post surgery

5)Primary care and other doctors prescribing to use products and inventions

6)Healing dental infections and delaying oral surgery for years.

7) Scanning Electron Microscopes, enhanced MRI and other imaging, now shows structural support and physical evidence of Meridians!...
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Meridian picture taken with scanning electron microscope includes primo vascular system

8)products can develop magnetic sensing, and many other forms of sensing beyond the first 5!.....
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Magnetic Sensing is real, our webinars teach how to develop and apply

9)Electrical activity in the body is one of the keys to health and wellness!.......Our products increase gross and fine electrical flow, field coherency, cell, nerve, brain and other electrical flow, connections and other, as do our trainings!.....here is a link with Medical Doctor discussing latest electrical, DNA and related science related to healing, peak performance and other, and latest of how electrical activities in our bodies are better when we're in better health, Also how physical, emotional and psychological problems have corresponding parts of body where when electrical flow increases, so does wellness, peak performance, happiness and rejuvenation. This Link shows much of the latest science supporting doing our trainings, using products, and owning in both for self , others and profiting while Being a Hero!...
Our Webinars, trainings and inventions, both separately and collectively increase electrical and other flow important in plants, animals, and people, to the point they can work with extra training even just our free stuff and more importantly we're uniting more technologies and methods than have ever been combined before so folks can enjoy increased potency and usefulness for plants, animals, water, crystals, people and other. We train to sense electrical and electromagnetic and other, and more importantly we teach you how to use, develop, and apply and profit from our technologies!.......You can even be an owner and /or take special training, even earn products!.... even without cash! By bringing others to the table....(your networks are protected 5 levels deep)...we offer both structured events and events that are very custom to the attendees.....we also can make custom products and others!

9) links to over 50 scientific studies in support!......many are peer reviewed and published in well known sources.....

10) DARPA is major getting into using sound, light, pulsed electromagnetic fields and more ....due to effective use in applications!....

11) National Institute of Health getting interested in Bio Photons, and things that contribute to health and wellness that affect Bio Photons, like our inventions!.....