Reasons to invest in Neuroscience , Energy Medicine,Energy Psychology 7 energy related sciences

Top REASONS TO INVEST IN Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology & SUBTLE ENERGY sciences and or related technologies - our unique products affect photons, ions, electrical flow ,energy field coherency among other things- experience “Sad to happy in seconds or minutes in most cases!”
Acceptance by Doctors, Scientists &others due to results and evidence- on the Oprah Winfrey television show Dr Oz stated, “The next frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine!” Recent advances in technologies can help people and animals go from sad to happy often in seconds &minutes. By affecting biology using sound, light &subtle energy in various ways, with repeatable results.
Treating causes from an Energetic viewpoint compliments other modalities - illnesses regardless of whether physical, emotional, psychological or other, show up as Chaotic patterns in the Energy fields, and disturbances in electrical flow-when you restore electrical flow and energy field coherency, you get Rapid results from treating things on a causal level, instead of simply treating symptoms. These technologies also enhance performance and wellbeing. Rapid lasting results for PTSD &many neurological disorders-One of the great applications is to assist soldiers in recovering from PTSD and other neurological disorders, including ADD, brain damage, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, & Nerve Blockages many other areas .Re-patterning of electrical flows, and brain multi-hemisphere crosstalk seems to create lasting results
Education- Energy Psychology, and certain Subtle Energy related technologies use sound, light & other factors in ways that appear to enhance learning &bring about genius type capabilities in reasonable periods of time. In the battle to regain dominance in the educational field, American students can learn to study and perform better utilizing energy training.
The Armed Forces can benefit from energy training to maximize their performance, (including staying conscious in new higher performance aircraft, more situational awareness in combat), recovery from fatigue and remain sharp for safer missions. PTSD is known to respond rapidly & permanently when Energy Psychology approaches are done in an integrated manor.
New forms of Live Imaging, Energy Medicine &Energy Psychology related technologies are now gaining major interest in the fields of Integrated and Complimentary medicine!-New generations of primary care physicians with emphasis on preventive medicine can utilize energy enhancing techniques to maximize patient results. Energetic analysis may also help direct the choice of appropriate medications for individual patients, because medications can also be classified by wavelength and categorized based also on energetic effects, making it easier for doctors to get the best combinations &dosage for each individual patient calibrated faster.
Nurses in critical care locations can utilize energy enhancing programs and techniques to help healing even without the patient’s awareness. Such as done at Hospitals and clinics now even including Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, Huffington Post has articles of success regularly.
Combining Physics, Quantum, Mechanics, Energy Medicine &Energy Psychology skills is now popular for many Medical and Psychology Students, due to the recent advances in working with dozens of forms of live imaging. You have a tremendous opportunity to educate undergraduate and graduate students in the recognition of subtle energy flows and the effects on human tissue. Recognition and seeing results for themselves and others can result in a geometrical increase in its utilization. Success breeds expanding utilization while positive results are being observed.
Investors can become financially independent even by their own efforts, as well as from the Partnerships efforts!- participate as partners and/or affiliates to realize income from the sales of super scientifically tested using multiple forms of live imaging that teach how to enhance subtle energy flow. Business plan &profit margins allow for return of principle monthly after reaching certain key critical mass, via a “Preaching to the Choir” approach of marketing first to associations, groups and companies with members/customers already into complimentary genres…Create Positive Karma while benefiting from 95% Gross Profit margins on hundreds of products & many services. Investors can be morally and ethically rewarded through their financial support knowing that energy health and unique applications are reaching a whole new generation of care providers, covering every aspect of Health & Biology, and also applied to virtually every field of endeavor from Education, to Parenting, from Management to Military to Veterinarian, to Farming.
Water becomes wetter, smaller micro-clusters penetrate cell walls better, and electrical & chemical activities are enhanced significantly. -The world of agriculture could be significantly influenced by the results of energy manipulation of water. This could lead to more productivity and income for farmers. When your cell walls are better penetrated, the biology can be more efficient, potentially enhancing quality &quantity of life(see to learn more!)