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Some Of Our Inventions 1) TESTING OF OUR PRODUCTS IN PLACE OR FORTHCOMING (testing done or in progress or scheduled) 2) Medical Doctor Proves Electrical Activity is Key (to Health and Wellness)
2) Frequencies (how frequencies relate to applications) 3) Psytek (most advanced acredited research lab in world-(best place for testing) 5) Abstracts (top experts speaking at an international convention of scientists, researchers ,therapists &other)
5a(1) Dr. Joie Jones- MRI RESEARCH AND ACUPUNCTURE POINTS 5a(2) Dr. Joie Jones- EEG -Pranic Healing and Cells (Pranic Healing &cells before &after Gamma Radiation,& Medical imaging University of California) 5b) Dr. Thornton Streeter
5c1) NEW CT IMAGING SHOWS MICROSCOPIC BLOOD MICRO-CAILARY STRUCTURES AT ACUPUNCTURE POINTS AND ALONG MERIDIANS!!!This ties together fine electrical flow and micro blood flow! 5c2) Dr. Beverly Rubik 5d) Cyril Smith
6) Accredited Universities (best Accredited University & Other) 7) ISSSEEM (major association of scientist, doctors &other) 8) ACEP (main association for psychologist, psychiatrist &other Energy Psychology)
10) Dr. Todd Richards -Functional MRI & EEG of Distant Healing (fMRI) 11) Dr. Andrew Weil (Former University of Arizona, Andrew Weil Foundation & best selling author) 12) The University of Arizona - Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science (CFMBS)
13) Dr. Oz- "Next frontier is Energy Medicine" 14) Dr. Claude Swanson is Physicist at MIT and Princeton and Cornell University, Who Has Done Work with DARPA, CIA et al. 15) Dr. Bill Tiller - Stanford, MIT & other
16) Top 25 Ways to Measure Subtle Energy (being expanded to top 40) 17) Oprah Winfrey 18) Pranic healing on Cancer patients now cancer free using EMI measurments, by Dr. Mary Clark
18b) Dr. Michelle Dexter 19) Energy Medicine: Source to Powerful Energy Healing mentions" National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) promotes Energy Medicine as one of its 5 primary domains of care." &great articals 20) Dr. Norm Shealy on Energy Medicine (top MD on Energy Medicne &Telemeres etc)
21) Wexner Medical Center (example of medical center that also offers Energy Medicine-great model) 22) Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM)(great association &resources) 23) Energy Medicine Research Institute (great place with articles, training, certification, CEU's etc)
24) Energy Medicine Institute (great model of education, articles etc) 25) Inner Source Presents EnergyHomeStudy.com (great educational model) 26) Dr. Judith Orloff Md - Resources and Links (great connections &resources)
27) National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Federal Agency providing grants &coordination of research etc) 28) American Holistic Medical Association 29) UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
30) National Institute of Health (Funds Integrated & Complimentary Medicine & Energy Medicine Etc) 31) Integrative Medicine - A Clinician's Journal (peer reviewed Journal) 32) Institute of Noetic Sciences (great resources &research)
33) Healing Quest Public Television Show (great to wholesale to) 34) The Intuition Network - Resources on Intuition 35) American Holistic Nurses Association
36) The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (US) (peer reviewed publication) 37) Energy Psychology Journal (peer reviewed publication) 38) National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (Federal Agency)
39) Nurse Healers-Professionals Associates Inc. 40) Conscious Media Network (potential distribution JV) 41) Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
42) International Society for Neurofeedback and Research 43) What Is Complementary and Alternative Medicine? | NCCAM (great article) 44) Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine (EUROPE) (European peer reviewed Journal)
45) Industry Articles on Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology & Related 46) Dr. Hyla Cass - Huffington Post 2) Psychology Today
47) Brainwave Entrainment Research 3) Energy Psychology Press 4) Energy Psychology Therapy
Ashdin Publishing Biofield Sciences CIHS - California Institute for Human Science
Other Articles www.energymedresearch.com Sounds True Audio - Inspirational Audio Programs
David Feinstein and Donna Eden Dr Lisa Rankin Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine -FAIM
Manifestation Cube Neurophone NIH Grant Funding

  1. 2012 effects of Gamma radiation on cells in petree dishes -Comparing Pranic Healing with control groups before &after Gamma Radiation!
  2. 2007.15th Annual ISNR Conference, San Diego, CA. Paper on: QEEG Studies of the Effects of the Entheogenic Plant Salvia divinorum.
  3. 2004-05.1st Annual Research Symposium on Energetic and Spiritual Processes of Healing.ISSSEEM, Colorado Springs, CO, June 2004.
  4. "EEG Brainwaves and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis of Bioenergetic Healers."Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, JACM, 2004, Vol. 10, No.4, p728.
  5. Second Annual Research Symposium on Energetic and Spiritual Processes of Healing,ISSSEEM, Colorado Springs, CO, June 2005.
  6. "Energy Transaction Between Healer and Client Measured by Heart Rate Variability(HRV) Analysis."Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD. and Ann Trechak, CME, LHMPEEG & BIOFEEDBACK on distant healing by...
  7. Sound Health Designs LLC, (www.soundhealthdesigns.com).
  8. 2003.“Brain Mapping of Bioenergetic Healers”.Presented at 28th SSF-IIIHS International Conference: “Heaven & Earth Connection"Montreal, CAN., may 23-june 1, 2003.

Product Descriptions - Some Advanced Technologies Used - Background Sounds

Testing of our Products In Place or Forthcoming

Frequencies pages & related
Energy Field Research- Dr Valerie H. Hunt (SEE ALSO UNDER ACCREDITED UNIVERSITIES)
Pranic Healing Research On Cell Structures Before and After Gamma Radiation By Dr Joie Pierce Jones

Recommended Accredited Research Labs
Centre for Biofield Sciences - Dr. Thornton Streeter et al