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Please find links to my court verified track record of over 400% A.P.R. >-the 50 point formula that produced the track record, related affidavits & other documents/press releases, and related links to Steven's applicable radio shows interviewing folks who did affidavits. Stevens top pic is CCOP which is producint Worlds Fastest Wireless Speeds(a Gig in the lab, and the choked back 100+mbps) described in this Press Releases.

From impossible to possible, medical doctors said it couldnt be done. (Nerves were blocked for over 15+ years)-Electrical conductivity test before and after Electrical flows100% fully restored
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  2. Declarations on Steven Michael King
  3. Declaration of Cory Gotkin
  4. Testimonial of Wendie Muegge
  5. Feasability Studies
  6. Top REASONS TO INVEST IN Energy Medicine
  7. Highlights of exemptions- why OUR PROMISARRY NOTES ARE EXEMPT from registration
  8. Copy of Promissory Notes (for investors who don't want to be active)
  9. Advantages of “The Ideal Transaction” Include:
  10. Special Research Report Hotsheet
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  14. DRAFT of Executives summary
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  16. Articles on new funding exemptions and other sources

  17. Mutual Non-disclosure, confidentiality,non circumvention (provides mutual protection, protects your networks and contacts etc)
  18. (Both promissory notes and LLP units are IRA qualified) IRA Company
  19. Estimated Proposed Pro-Forma for LLP
  20. Copy of partnership signature documents(we need mutual Non- disclosure/confidentiality/non-circumvention in hand to send out proprietary & confidential LLP memorandum (it's not for general public)
  21. Immediate Cash Needs(under construction)
  22. Click Here to Become an Affiliate
  23. Dr. Oz on Energy Medicine
  24. Example of a Company Making 40 Million Dollars Annually on Simple Basic Auditory Products....and They Often Do Jv And /Or Affiliates
  25. Partial List of Places That Use and/or Sell Psycho-Acoustic Products,
  26. Facebook Resources
  27. Brain/Mind Products and Other Products Related to Integrated Medicine
  28. Light & Sound Machine Company Open to Jv/And or Affiliate/and Potential Custom Programs!......Note: Our Products Are Designed To Be Compatible With Light & Sound Machines, Vibro-Acoustic Devices &More!
  29. Potential JV and/or affiliates
  30. Product Pictures of Instructional Courses
  31. Pranic healing on Cancer patients now cancer free using EMI measurments, by Dr. Mary Clark
  32. Industry Articles on Energy Medicine ,Energy Psychology &related
  33. Dr. Hyla Cass - Huffington Post
  34. Psychology Today
  35. Energy Psychology Press
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  42. Energy Medicine: Source to Powerful Energy Healing
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  44. Wexner Medical Center
  45. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM)
  46. Energy Medicine Research Institute
  47. Brainwave Entrainment Research
  48. Energy Medicine Institute
  49. Inner Source Presents EnergyHomeStudy.com
  50. Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
  51. International Society for Neurofeedback and Research
  52. NLP Affiliate Program
  53. AMAZON Affiliate Program

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