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Live Healings

Product Descriptions - Some Advanced Technologies Used - Background Sounds

  1. Blind &double blind auric feedback, EEG, Biofeedback, Blood Microcapillary circulation, meridian feedback &other... (Click here to see pics of "live healings”)
  2. Overview of testing methods from established to state of the art, and across the spectrum
  3. Testing showing Medical Thermal Imaging (click here to see sample pics &test results as we get them completed)
  4. EEG & Nerve Conductivity testing at extremities in Neurologist Lab shows whole brain multi-hemisphere crosstalk & restoration of previously damaged electrical flow down to extremities (click here to see Steven Michal King hooked up in the lab testing before, during &after)
  5. Bio-field viewer--newest tech shows meridians,chakras & much more
  6. MRI and PETD forthcoming

  7. Testing using Quantum Bio-Feedback shows roughly a 30% and often greater improvement in 10-17 minutess of listening even while working/signing contracts &responding to emails! (click here to see letter on file from Suzan Covington of Quantum Possibilities & related testing that will be updated and supplemented several times monthly)
  8. Testing using live Aura vision equipment-This aura video session shows "Lucky You" 2.95(synergized background)..you can see dramatic changes from start through session as it activates much white, violet, lavender, pinkish violet, gold, turquoise, aqua-marine bluish violet, and some indigo....the chakras synchronize spins &upper chakras expand while grounding remains strong, and you can see mind/body/spirit be super balanced &stable- so it shows ability to run the highest vibrations while remaining grounded, centered & in a state of happy confident calm alertness...subject reports feeling joyfully confident &experiencing much intuitive experience with visions
  9. Testing showing before & after GDV (click here for pics &forthcoming test results as we get testing done)
  10. Testing showing Photonic Analysis of bio-photons before &after (click here to see pics and results as we get them completed)
  11. Before during & after Poly-Contrast Imaging (Click Here)
  12. Testing showing other supplemental bio-feedback before &after (forthcoming)
  13. Testing showing AMI measurements at finger &toe meridian cross over points before &after (forthcoming)
  14. Testing showing meridian biofeedback & acumeridian testing showing changes in meridian flow (forthcoming)
  15. DNA testing of photonic activity, Telomere activity &winding/unwinding consistent with when healing occurs(forthcoming)
  16. Blood micro capillary circulation (forthcoming)
  17. CHANGES IN WATER CLUSTERING, SURFACE TENSION etc.(important for plants,animals &humans (forthcoming)