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Frequencies affect biology in different ways. More important than just frequencies are the waveform geometries, rhythms, pulses and other variables. Here is one of the most detailed charts scientists tend to agree on regarding practical applications of frequencies found in the brain, from regular states - All the way through to mystical and channeling states, as we find easy enough to do and teach others how to do so in ways that allow you to access incredibly accurate useful information with consistency

Partial Use Of Applications For Different Frequency Usage

Based On Over 5 Decades Of Research By World’s Top Scientists

Delta – 0.1 to 3 Hz – The Delta level is normally associated with a deep, dreamless sleep, trance state, and non-REM type of sleep, deep clearing & very deep meditation

0.5 Hz

Deep clearing

1.0 Hz

Feeling of well-being; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; overall view of inter-relationships

Theta – 3 to 7 Hz – The Theta level is associated with deeper meditation, recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, inspiration, future planning, dreaming, lucid visualization, integration of short and long term memory, switching thoughts and drowsiness

3.5 Hz

Feeling of one with everything; accelerated language retention

4.0 Hz

Stimulates immune system, fights infection, basic Chakra, bones, muscle, manifesting

5.5 Hz

Moves beyond knowledge to knowing; shows visions of growth needed, deep unconscious clearing

6.0 Hz

Stimulates sex Chakras

6.3 Hz

Astral projection; accelerated learning and increased memory retention

Alpha – 7 to 13 Hz – Alpha is associated with a non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness; body/mind integration, creativity, light meditation, learning & recall, general psychic ability

7.0 Hz

Mental and astral projection; bending objects; psychic surgery

7.5 Hz

Inter-awareness of self and purpose; guided meditation; creative thought for art, invention, music, etc.; contact with spirit guides for direction

7.83 Hz

“Schumann Resonance” (earth’s ionosphere), Alpha-

Theta borderline, anxiety relieving, stress reducing, sleep enhancing, dreaming, detoxification, Earth resonance (Beck), telepathy

8.0 Hz

Level for past life regression, pain reduction

8.3 Hz

Pickup visual imagery of mental objects

9.0 Hz

Awareness of causes of body imbalances and means for balance

10.0 Hz

Alpha stimulation, relaxation, meditation, mental acuity and stimulates solar plexus Chakra

10.5 Hz

Frequency to go to for healing of the body; mind/body connection; fire-walking, telepathy

12.0 Hz

Centering; frequency of earth resonance (Hercules), stimulates heart Chakra

Frequencies 1-13 Hz tend to be detached, objective observation

Frequencies 13-1000 Hz tend to be  involved, participation

Beta – 13 to 30 Hz – Beta is associated with outward awareness, concentration and focus and normal awake states, the taking in and evaluating of various forms of data received through the senses; it is present with worry, anger, fear, hunger, and surprise

13-30 Hz

Normal awakened state

16 Hz

Rheumatic complaints, stimulates throat Chakra

25 Hz

Generally stimulating, recuperating effect on stress and vitality

High Beta – 30 to 500Hz – Advanced meditation, certain yoga feats, trance channeling, mystic states, cosmic consciousness


30-40 Hz and lower can usually be tolerated by biology for extended time periods.

50-80 Hz often causes agitation and mutation if prolonged.

200 Hz and higher generally associated with highest states of consciousness

30 Hz

Reduces cravings, stimulating and tonifying

35 Hz

Awakening of mid-Chakras; balance of Chakras

40 Hz

Helps with seasonal effective disorder

55 Hz

Tantric yoga; stimulates the kundalini

63 Hz

Astral projection

70 Hz

Mental and astral projection

80 Hz

Intuitive awareness and influence of right direction

83-95  Hz

Third eye opening for some people, good feelings; security, well-being, balancing

105 Hz

Overall big-picture views of more complete situation

108 Hz

Beginnings of more, Total knowing

120-400 Hz

P.S.I.; moving of objects, changing matter; transmutation, higher status of consciousness and mystic states

400 Hz – 200 KHz

Opens up and activates “mind-field”, accurate predictions of future events – mankind’s highest state of consciousness

Frequencies are only a tiny fraction of the equation. When moving geometric frequency patterns and/or rhythms are synchronized, aligned and integrated with proper wave length (including color) geometric patterns in specific ways, energy fields of people, plants, animals, water, materials, food and even wind, weather and fuel can be altered in physically useful ways.


The Bioenergy Fields Foundation is created to research the fields of energy radiating from the body surface which are attributed to the electrical nature of living cells. The approach of the Bioenergy Fields Laboratory (BFL) differs from prior physiological research dealing with electrical activity of nerves and muscles, but is in line with discoveries from atomic physics that all structure has electrical qualities at the primary level of analysis.

The growing emphasis on therapeutic use of electromagnetic energy to hasten the healing of horses, to alleviate pain and improve enzyme and vascular activities, attests to the electrical nature of cells. There is increased evidence that electrical field changes at the cellular level occur before structural physiological changes. When constructive changes occur on the cellular level the structural regeneration on the tissue level follows.

Despite these facts, the only method of evaluating the energy field changes has been by visual inspection of colored screens with light filters, by photographic representation, or a gross quantity measurement by radionics instruments.

The Director of BFL, Dr. Valerie Hunt, over a 20 year period using telemetry EMG equipment, has analyzed a resting baseline of bioelectric activity formerly thought to be spurious, unimportant information. When these signals were processed by Fourier Analysis and Spectrograms, rich information patterns of frequency ranges and spectra, wave trains and amplitudes were found. These were unique for each person, and reacted to such things as pain, emotions, and disease symptomology.

Currently, no electronic instruments are available to adequately measure the complex electrical patterns of the human energy field. However, the state-of-the-art in electronics today is adequate to intercept, record and analyze such low voltage high frequency biological signals. New fractal mathematics, chaos graphics, and algorithmic formulas also are available to describe these dynamic non-periodic, continuous, bioelectric field vibrations.

The Bioenergy Fields Laboratory (BFL) has already developed, tested and owns an engineering prototype of an instrument capable of intercepting and recording an energy field up to 200KHz from the body surface. From this prototype, electronics components can be upgraded and an instrument fabricated for commercial development. This includes testing, use procedures, data parameters and interpretations with both computer programs and graphics displays. This portable Bioenergy Field Monitoring System (BFMS), reasonable priced in a range of $10,000, could be produced commercially for hospitals, research laboratories and universities, and for medical, psychological and nutritional office. By-products such as improved electrode gel with increased sensitivity and new fiber optic cables lower resistance and reduced noise, will be forthcoming. This research also shows promise for generating a new domain of scientific instruments to be used in medicine for diagnoses and protective health exams, drug overdoses, allergies, improved prescriptions of drugs, for the study of physiological functioning 9digestion and assimilation), for rapid diagnosis of emotional states in stress, psychopathology, and altered states, and in communication by energy field thought vibrations.

1. Medicine:

a.Protective health examinations
b.Medication prescriptions

2. Psychology:

a.Emotion and stress
b.Altered states of consciousness

3. Physiology

a.Digestion and assimilation
b.Food and drug reactions
c. Environmental contamination

4. Behavior

a.Interactive transaction and response

The BFMS is based upon a wide variety of scientific studies about evaluation of the electromagnetic field, the cell as an electrical generator and electromagnetic energy in healing.

The BFMS will have no immediate, direct competition. Evaluation instruments such as CAT, PIP, and NMR scanners are very expensive and measure a more gross aspect of tissue change by shape and anatomic location. These scanners give little information about the functional disturbances and diseases which constitute the bulk of medical practices. These cannot show the disturbed field before structural changes occur.

From a patent search, there are no patented instruments of similar design of Bioenergy Fields prototype and none claiming to measure the body’s electromagnetic field.

The projected commercial market for BFMS in the USA is based upon actual figures of the number of persons in medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, psychology and psychiatry and the ancillary therapies of occupational and physical therapy, nursing and nutrition; and the number of universities, hospitals, and health clinics. Using a proportion of these figures, an estimated sales figure for the USA and the world was obtained (see page 37).

The Board of Directors of BFL anticipates joint manufacturing ventures with outstanding electromedical equipment companies providing a royalty return.

Ideal laboratory facilities are available. A highly trained key research staff has been selected with advanced academic degrees in mathematics, engineering, physics, physiology, psychology, and computer science. This staff will be aided by an internationally recognized group of professional leaders on a Scientific Advisory Council and outstanding consultants chosen for their unique expertise.

The basis of this proposal is the development of a hardwire prototype and software computer processes. This requires collection of BFF data and analyses by cross-plot, frequency pattern and fractal mathematics with graphic displays of the chaos and complexity dimensions. Based upon prior patent searches, the prototype patents are attainable.


Cover for Dr. Valerie Hunt – 1st DRAFTDr. Hunt’s equipment and products also, by themselves, can potentially allow for financial independence.Using telemetry instruments similar to those for recording brain, heart and muscle waves from outer space, Dr. Hunt, in the

electromyographic laboratory department of physiological science at UCLA recorded electromagnetic vibrations not previouslyknown. Analysis of this data by Fourier transform and voice spectrogram yielded consistent information patters of frequency,spectra and sequential wave trains and amplitudes unique to each subject. These related both to patterns of pain, emotions anddisease symptoms, as well as patterns found with health, well being, clear thinking and other positive traits. Although these initialanalyses have been considered “state-of-the-art” by traditional scientists, doctors, biologists, physicists and other traditionaldisciplines, new technology has now been developed quantum leaps ahead of anything else in the world today, “filling in thegaps” and “connecting the dots” better than anything else.

In addition to Transformational Breakthroughs being able to be a master wholesaler of products, additional opportunities are

available using, funding and promoting her equipment (see Abstract)Condensed Summary – When people, plants and animals are strong, healthy and performing at peak levels, the bio-energy fieldshows increased amplitude, stability, coherency and wide ranges of color frequencies. Different activities and states of mind haveconsistent energy patterns that can also be measured, modeled and learned (or broadcast for entrainment or other applications) forexample – having the right idea or best insight shows consistent patterns. Incredible courage, compassion, even fabulous, abovenormal sexual responses, have consistent patterns. People in great states of learning, creativity and most efficient discovery oranalysis, or other peak states, display consistent energetic patterns for specific states which can be broadcast.

Dr. Hunt recorded energy field sounds of hundreds of healthy people, seeking the healthiest and best energy patterns, so people,plants and animals could benefit rapidly via broadcast by being near the sounds (see Music of Light, etc.)Applications for these technologies include:

1) Healers of all types – this equipment lets you know where energy patterns are that need to be improved, and what techniques, substances (or combination), as well as environmental influences need changing, and what patterns are working best to what patterns be added or changed to make things better.

2) Doctors and surgeons can use this equipment both to aid in diagnosis and treatment protocols, from which medication combinations (for example antibiotics tend to produce green and/or violet frequencies) and dosages to where else and/or how much to operate, equipment shows both applicable colors and whether and how much energy patterns are producing more stability, coherency (as oppose to chaotic) and amplitude, and helps fill in the gaps x-rays, MRI’s, CAT scans, SPGCT, EEG & other imaging leaves out, making it easier to see how the puzzle pieces fit together, especially before working towards denser energy bodies.

3) Drug companies – since disease shows up as dull, chaotic patterns, and wellness is associated with rich, stable, coherent patterns and energy colors have applications, drug companies can tailor their drugs to take into account these types of patterns and colors, ultimately making the drugs and their dosage safer and more effective.

4) Hospitals & HMO’s, clinics and assisted living centers – same as above, both for preventive and complimentary, integrative medicine, as well as adjunct to pre & post surgery and other treatments. The fantastically useful feedback in the hands of qualified people would both save money for insurance companies, and provide extra revenue for hospitals and clinics, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselors and clergy – strong positive functional states of mind (even states of successful prayer) exhibit frequency patterns, distinct to the various states which can be learned and modeled. Fear, anger and mental illness shows up as weak or dull, chaotic patterns. Both patient and physician can tell with equipment which things are working or not and where to concentrate on for best results.

5) Aerospace/military – astronauts or soldiers can be measured, in real time, via telemetry applications. Commanders can tell bot who best to send into battle, and eve, (with the right research) what frequencies to add via broadcast to make pilots or soldiers more effective by sending energy wave patterns helpful in focusing, concentrating, stabilizing the emotions, feeling appropriately brave, courageous, increasing intuition, clairvoyance as needed and other survival instinct skills, eventually computers could automatically assist for whatever “state assistance” is needed.

6) Law enforcement/homeland security – Equally, or more effective than lie detector (in the hands of skilled users) law enforcement could detect lying patterns from deception patterns, as well as detect who is coming into an airport or other security zone with unusual substances, be they explosives, pathogens, or people spreading Ebola or smallpox (since, again, frequency patterns can be cataloged).

7) Business owners/educators/executives – decisions, when correct, tend, again, to be associated with distinctive patterns, as do

advanced states of learning. These can be cataloged, modeled and learned. PSI ability & mind over matter – same as above, for those wanting to experience strong, stable, coherent energy patterns, we recommend “Music of Light” for quick results, and “Mind Mastery Meditations”. To learn more, see also the other Hunt products.