Flashing Subtle Energy Mandalas!
Available separately and as Limited Edition Sets 1.0 of 50 Unique Color Changing Images

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Developing Special Abilities - Beyond Neuroscience!!! Brain Unification, ESP and Other Psychic skills activation and development using Subtle Energy Mandalas

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  • Learn to develop clairvoyance, improve vision skills, see beyond infrared and ultraviolet parts of spectrum, see electromagnetic and other fields!
  • Learn to see hundreds more color shades, complimentary colors and Doppler shifts
  • Super activate neurology, integrate body/mind/spirit matrix & expand consciousness
  • Easily develop, enhance and integrate mind over matter skills, including: ESP, healing, Tantric, clairvoyance/telepathy, intuition, psychic feeling, "Applied Practical Synesthesia" (blending of senses), precognitive, creative & engineering abilities, psychokinesthetic, etc.

  • Develop abilities to activate and project amazing subtle energies having thousands of practical applications
  • Environmental & Feng Shui applications include home. Office, healing centers, spiritual centers, energize water, plants, animals, rooms, buildings & other applications
  • Instructions include nearly 100 techniques, additional training available via audio, seminar, webinars, and custom sessions
  • First level includes 30 separate images incorporating sacred geometry, complementary Doppler shifting, color gradients & other proprietary technologies

Instructions Include:

Using Flashing Subtle Energy Mandalas For Developing Clairvoyance & Other Skills

INTRO: Prior to the exercises:

  • posture sitting - spine straight, palms resting face down on the knees, rock forwards and backwards slowly, 1 - 3 foot distance, tongue touching the palette
  • posture standing - any comfortable posture, switch between still and moving as desired, tongue touching palette
  • Marching in place in rhythm with exercises causes additional multi-hemisphere cross talk, further integrating senses/brain/mind and body.
  • Hand positions and movements - the body is an antenna, different positions and movements affect electrical flow and other. Learning to be able to see images include using your hand to adjust your proprioceptive system and helps you know where to focus to perceive different colors. In the training and instructions below we learn how to intuitively move our body to use our proprioceptive and other neurological systems in alignment with developing and applying special abilities.
- for more details on posture please view our webinars

Breathing and other:
  • do breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing using 8:4:8:4 or 6:3:6:3 ratio (synchronized with heartbeat)
  • Synchronizing movement of below exercises with breathing & heart beat and, when possible, counting up and down in various ways while vocalizing rhythmical up and down musical scales to accessing more of the neurology and consciousness.
  • alternating light green sparkling, light violet, electric violet, light sparkling/glittering pink, pinkish magenta with bright golden sparkles
  • pulling from
  • sending the energy to back, to the centers, above head.

1. Near far (one image) zooming
A. Physical zooming – bring images close to nose, then arms length and back repeatedly while focusing on changing and flashing colors.
B. Mental zooming – do same as above, while physically holding image still, moving image far away mentally

2. Cycle through image sets 20-90 seconds per image or until image “flashes

3. Hold images up above eye level, about 45 degrees - accessing and triggering different parts of the neurology. Intuitively find yourself doing figure 8's, circles, near/far, etc., focusing on aligned targets.

4. Vertical whole image sweeping – sweeping up & down whole image at a time, like the eyes are sweeping a broom or a squeegee

5. Horizontal whole image sweeping – same as above, only vertically

6. Micro “sweeping” following finger - sweeping with your eyes; hold image away from you; use one hand with finger on it.
A. Horizontal zigzag - sweeping finger left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left, going down
B. Vertical zigzag – sweeping finger going up & down, up & down, while gradually working across the page
C. Clover leaf looping – moving finger in clover leaf patterns on multiple planes
D. Downward zigzag loops – moving finger in looping zigzags around the image
E. Clock triangulation to center technique – Imagine 12 points around center of image. Use your finger to guide your eyes, go 12 o’clock, 1, to the center, 12, 1, 2 to the center, 1, 2, 3 to the center, etc. triangulating towards center while going clockwise. Repeat going counter-clockwise.

7. Outside to inside / inside to outside radial vision awareness
A. Visual focus only - stare at center of image; then stare at whole image; then center; then whole, etc.
B. Opening & closing hand techniques – stare at while holding hand in front opening and closing fingers while looking between fingers

8. Rapid blinking
A. Alternate Eye Blinking - blink one eye then the other eye and repeat
B. Eyes Together Blinking - blink both eyes together

9. Multi dimensional two handed figure 8 – hold image arms length with both hands, do large as possible figure 8’s crossing different axis while keeping eyes open and focused on image.
A. Vertical axis top bottom – do as above on vertical axis, both side to side and far and away, as large of movements as possible
B. Horizontal axis side to side – same as above only on horizontal axis side to side
C. Horizontal axis toward / away – same as above only on horizontal axis towards and away
D. Diagonal near top left to bottom far right
E. Diagonal near top right to bottom far left
F. Diagonal near lower right to far upper left
G. Diagonal near lower left to far upper right
H. Same as first 7 only flat figure 8 (figure 8 lying flat on its side, like a race track little cars could drive on)

10. Reverse Retinal Image - focus on an image for a minute or two, close your eyes, focus on the reversal retinal image in your mind's eye, repeat several times

11. Foreground / background technique – look at foreground then background of image repeatedly at various distances, locations and doing different movement patterns

12. Tube technique - close your hand and make a tube to look through; 1st right eye, then left eye, right eye, left eye, back & forward; do figure 8's with tube, loops, clover, s's, circles, different geometries. The more you do left eye, right eye, as well as both eyes, the more your depth perception increases, the more ability to see retinal images increases

13. Use of colored glasses, especially magenta (and it's complimentary color, turquoise) – use as many colors as possible, especially magenta. Looking through magenta shows you more colors than any other frequency. Looking through turquoise helps alleviate over-stimulation. Experiment with switching different colors on each eye, back and forth. If possible use all colors of the rainbow.

14. Off axis tilting technique – with central axis going through center, tilt images back & forth, horizontal then vertical; if image is vertical tilt, left towards you & right far away from you; then switch, right towards you & left far away; switch

15. Door hinge technique – Hold image on each edge like a door hinge, looking at center of image while it swings rhythmically all the way one side to the other, one corner in each hand.
A. Hold along top edge (upper left and right corners) letting image swing back and forth like a door.
B. Hold along bottom edge (lower left and right corners) letting image swing back and forth from the bottom.
C. Hold along left edge (upper & lower left corners) let swing fully towards and away.
D. Hold along right edge (upper & lower right corners) let swing fully towards and away

16. Alternating one eye closed, one eye open, synchronized with breathing and heartbeat – hold in the hand opposite of your open eye and move far away in different patterns on different axis.

17. Back head focus technique – kinesthetically focus 70% on the back of the head while doing visual exercises

18. Tapping on and rubbing visual primary Chakras – Tap alternately on front and back of head 36 times with intent of activating and integrating the connections between the centers with the intent to activate clairvoyance. Then do same thing rubbing appropriate Chakras to strengthen.

19. Unconscious mind / higher self technique –
A) Ask (and/or thank) your unconscious to connect with your higher self and activate energies and skills that intensify abilities to see energy, view more of the color spectrum and see clairvoyantly
B) Unconscious mind body itch technique – Ask your unconscious mind to give you an itch or sensation to focus where on your body energy needs to flow more for to see energy better

20. Clairvoyance Mudra techniques, (how you configure the body and fingers affects electrical flow) -
A)hands in front, palms open flat, thumbs touching thumbs, index fingers touching index fingers
B) with both hands, join thumb with tips of middle and ring fingers, leaving index and pinkies outstretched, while holding, join tips of each index finger with each other and tips of each pinkie together, with hands held in front of navel.

21. Moving center hand, lens and/or ring technique –
A) Using your thumb and index finger, move the ring or lens from near to far while looking through ring or lens at the center of the image,
B) Spiraling vortex technique – While focusing 60% of your energy coming in to your crown or source Chakra, imagine blinding, luminous, spiritual light coming into your crown chakra and 40% of energy coming out of your fingers while rotating or twirling your hand clockwise (with intent of creating clockwise vortex energizing picture and environment).Do not expel all of your Chakra through your fingers or else you will feel depleted. Experiment with light violet, light green, turquoise, electric violet, pink, magenta, gold & silver in various ratios and qualities (sparkling, shimmering, glittering, etc.) as intuition guides you. Time circles with heartbeat ratios and Mantra rhythms as appropriate (more techniques & details available via seminars & audio products and custom sessions).
C) Do via seminars and audio products.

22. Large moving circle technique – hold both hands, move in large circle as possible, arms stretched out for maximum eye movement, equal times in both directions.

23. Large moving “U” technique – same as above only in large “U”, top left toward bottom, top right and reverse direction

24. Large moving side to side – same as above side to side, gradually going low to high and back

25. Two Image Technique - one in each hand or split computer screen- shoulder length letting vision defocus naturally until “third phantomimage straight forms between them synergizing both images

26. One in each hand – one out while other moves in - hold two images at arms length against white wall. You'll see a 3rd image in the middle as you defocus your eyes, especially when moving images forward & backwards, forward & backwards, including holding one image away from you while moving the other towards you; then switch, so one hand is going away while the other is coming forward toward you

27. Double image wide moving technique (a through g)
A. Hold images, one in each hand, bring far apart, then close together, then far, etc.
B. Hold images, one in each hand, bring one upward while other downward, then reverse.
C. Hold images, one in each hand, move left in counter-clockwise circles, while right image goes clockwise, then reverse direction of circles.

28. Single eye / both hands – Do various, include exercises with one eye open, other closed & alternate equal repetitions with both eyes, using both hands to hold one or two images

29. Single eye / one hand – Same as above but with one hand
A. Same eye same hand (self explanatory)
B. Opposite eye/hand (self explanatory)

30. Chakra with color breath technique – send a beam of light and/or ball of light from each Chakra to and from center of print, coordinate directions of light with breath and doing different colors, especially, corresponding color of Chakra

31. Chakra triangulation technique – Do as above with 2 or more Chakras in various configurations (especially brow/forehead Chakras) forming triangles of light

32. Geometric triangulation – inner eye activation – Triangulate between brow, crown and back head and also add above triangulation (point 30) then light up the inside of the resulting geometric form with blinding sparkling colors and light while asking unconscious mind to connect with higher self & super activate & link the visual and intuitive centers.

33. Superimposing earth images technique – Imagine place earth at center of image, then imagine image inside planet earth, turn into the energies of living and earth energies to amplify, intensify and spread as you bless the earth with the most pleasurable of the energies through all your Chakras (especially crown, heart & hand Chakras)

34. Mirror technique – put mirror behind image or do exercises while looking at images in the mirror

35. Lightbox technique – place light box behind image and do the various included exercises try different colors and types of lights for expanded energy ranges.

36. Candle behind glass pane technique – try candle(s) (at safe distance) behind piece of glass and doing various included techniques, experiment with colored glass in front of or around candle and/or mirrors behind and around candle(s)

37. Gazing and floating 8-4 count (to be revealed via seminars, audio products and private sessions)

38. Gazing and floating 4-2 count (to be revealed via seminars, audio products and private sessions)

39. Gazing and floating 2-1 count (to be revealed via seminars, audio products and private sessions)

40. Spiral in / spiral out – spiral clockwise from outside, inward to center, reverse direction spiral out, then counter-clockwise towards center & reverse out – repeat several times

41. Fast circles, slow circles, alternating directions – same as above, circling around equal amount in both directions while varying speed of circles

42. Multi directional visual Chakra / color breathing & spinning – Imagine a clock is on your body to understand which way is clock-wise (when energy goes into a Chakra, looking at the Chakra it spins clockwise, when going out, counter-clockwise) while sending beams of light from Chakras to images, coordinate the movement of light (as in point above) and spin of Chakras with your breathing & notice how much stronger it is with Chakras spinning.

43. Angels of clairvoyance technique – Ask “Angels of Clairvoyance” for assistance (tune in and ask or pray) or “positive energy forms & patterns that help clairvoyance”

44. Doppler multicolor shifting technique – Focus until after colors start flashing, then emphasize focus on the flashing complementary retinal image color

45. Mentally traveling through center techniques – imagine traveling “through the center of the Mandala” using image as a portal

46. Multi dimensional multi color brain breathing techniques(on audio products and in seminars)

47. Mystical chanting techniques – use various chants to activate powers A) through J)
A) NAM – MYO - HO – REN – GE - KYO
B) NAM – MYO – YO – HO - REN – GE – KYO – KYO – GE – REN – HO – MYO – NAM – KYO – GE – REN – HO – MYO – NAM – NAM – MYO – HO – REN – GE - KYO
C) OM – NA – MU – I – CHI – JO – MYO - DEN
D) OM – SA – DDHAR – MA – PUN – DA –RI - KA
F) OM – MA – NI – PAD – ME – HUM
G)– J) To be revealed at seminars and via audio products.

48. Thine eyes be single technique – Hold image as high above head as possible, and move rhythmically up and down while looking at center. Coordinate breath in and out with mouth while imagining sending beams of sparkling multicolored light towards the images out your various energy centers.

49. Super powerful Tantric technique – To be revealed at seminars, via audio products & personal sessions.

For additional products, clarification and/or techniques, personal sessions and seminars, email: [email protected]