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Track Record of Strategic Consultants Retail Recommendations
Average Annualized Rate of Return Over 360%* With an Average Hold Time of 25 Months Average Net Profit 406% - 41 Recommendations - 33 Full Cycle, 8 Pending

RecommendationsBuy DateBuy PriceSellSale PriceReturnComments
Antimony11/83-4/84$2,200 / tonAug-84$6,000 per ton270% 
Bismuth11/83-4/84$1.80 per lb.Dec-84$6.50 per lb.360% 
Rhodium11/83-4/84$350 per oz.Jun-91$8,000 per oz.2280% 
Indium11/83-4/84$2.70 per oz.Aug-95$16 per oz.590%Good time to profit
Ruthenium11/83-4/84$55 per oz.Mar-85$165 per oz.300% 
Cadmium1/84-4/84$.95 per lb.Jun-88$9 per lb.940% 
Selenium1/84-4/84$4.50 per lb.Dec-84$10 per lb.220% 
Titanium1/84-4/84$2.50 per lb.Jun-88$7 per lb.280% 
PlatinumApr-85$250 per oz.Jan-86$500 per oz.200+%Leveraged 20% down & 80% finance by Saffra Bank
PCGS certified coinsJan-86Misc.May-87Miscellaneous200% 
Lake Oswego Real Estate by Portland Oregon1987Single family housing around Lake Oswego in Portland Oregon. Clients who followed my recommendation to flip the property have seen 15% to 25% net returns in 3-6 months. Those who held their properties for the long term saw 20% annual appreciation through 1990, thereafter between 5-10%
WalMartJul-90$10 / shareDec-92$30 per share300% 
Home DepotJul-90$10 / shareDec-92$50 per share500%
TelMex (Tele. de Mexico)Dec-91$26 / shareDec-93$60 per share230% 
Pittsburgh Wireless Cable1992$7.5 millionJul-95$11 million140%Sold to CAI. in 9/95. $17,500 in three installments.
Ft. Worth Wireless Cable1992$8.5 millionSold to Heartland Wireless (HART) at a price of approximately 160%
Minneapolis Wireless Cable1992$13.2 millionSold to Heartland Wireless (HART) at a price of approximately 160%
Los Vegas Third Mobile1992Facilitated investing in Chadmore Communications at $1.50 per share. Chadmore (the holding company, not the public company) sold to Nextel for over $100 million. Final resolution still pending.
Fleetcall/Nextel (CALL)Sep-92$9/$13 / sh.Sep-93$59 / share450% 
Short Takes, Inc.Oct-92$1.50 / shareOct-9310.75 / share320%Merged with AWSY (Due to a reverse split, profits were only about 320%)
Mobile Tele. (MTEL)Nov-92$9 / shareOct-93$25 / share270%Bought by Nextel
Call Star/Mobile Star1992/93    Currently pending
Silver1992/93$4 per oz.92 -93$5 per oz.125% min.Outstanding order to buy whenever below $4/oz. Automatic sale when reaches $5/oz.
CenCall2/3/1993$7 per shareOct-93$50-$55 / sh.940%Bought by Nextel
GeoTech (GOTK)2/3/1993$6 per shareOct-93$17 per share280%Bought by Nextel
DialPage (DPGE)2/3/1993$10 / shareOct-93$75 per share750%Bought by Nextel
AMSE2/3/1993$5 per shareOct-93$25/$27 / sh.540%American Mobile Sys. - Bought by Nextel
Motorola (MOT)2/3/1993$25-$30 / shareAlthough the value of Motorola has more than doubled, it remains a good stock to hold onto. Buy more if under $55
Twin Cities 3rd MobileApr-93$13.2 millionCash positive and debt free Cencall's offer would have been between 26-40 million, which would have more than doubled $$$ Chadmoore made offers that would have returned even greater.
PitteneriefJun-93$15 / shOct-93$42 per share280%Bought by Nextel
MTRGJul-93$1.50 per sh.Oct-93$8 per share530%Merged with ADCM
Comm. Housing Fund1993Properties purchased for 10% of replacement cost and also receive 180% tax credit.
Cowboys (CEI)Jun-94Clients in at $5.50 plus warrants. 8 times earnings!  Current offer should multiply the investment significantly
Memphis SMROct-93$22.8 millionCash positive and debt free. Still pending.Chadmoore offer would have returned many fold if owners had voted on it.
Nebraska First Digital8/94-8/95$23.5 million
ADCM1994/9594 -$.25 in (pp)94-$1.50-6/sh95/96-$.50-2/sh1995-96$7-$13/share2800%Average cost basis for clients less than $2 per share. Buy in at $ .25/share out at $7.00/share
Chadmoore (MOOR)3/95-1998$1.50 per sh. Bought by Nextel for over $100 million!
INT I, INT II, INT III12/94-pres.Hired best experts in industry in April 1996 and are joint venturing.
CCGPresentDeveloping products. Negotiating discounts. Coordinating capital funding.
PPCPresentProduct and marketing strategy development. (For itself and for other companies, such as CCG)
TPWR3/6/2000$1.75 per sh.3/8/2000$3.60 per sh.205%Double your money in 2 days!
CCI4/5/05 Present$.01-$.10 per sh.Now trading as CCOP.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Client and business references available upon request. *Annualized ROI calculated on transactions which have definite buy/sale dates and ROI's on chart (Excluding A) recommendations to short the NASDAQ prior to its low (which was accurately forecast) which would have caused ROI in six or seven percent figure range  these were via private e-mail newsletter, B) private transactions into ADCM in early 90's, in at .50, out between $7-$14, C) other equally profitable private transactions not available to the general public, D) TPWR where 200% increase over 2 days yields 37,310%. This value skews the results to nearly 1500% annualized ROI.)See various affidavits and declarations under penalty of perjury documenting recommendation, buy dates/prices, sell dates/prices and other relevant info, including active involvement and help relating to increasing profitability of situations.