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Rejuvenate and Revitalize 3.0 with Pink Prana & Geometric Snapping
Rejuvenate and Revitalize 3.0 with Pink Prana & Geometric Snapping


Product Code: AREJREV3017

This series rejuvenates your physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies. It rejuvenates your acupuncture meridians, your chakra's and even aspects of your DNA! Like the other series of different titles, this works mostly energetically and to a lesser extent it works psychologically. Each audio sounds and feels very different and yet you'll notice many interconnecting complementary variations of reoccurring themes. You learn unconsciously to breathe deeply, both while you're awake and while you're asleep in ways that rejuvenate your mind emotions and body that it helps you to picture in your mind your self in the most vibrant state to feel this vibrant state emotionally and physically and to talk to yourself in the vibrant happy tone of voice that it installs on an unconscious level a natural tendency to eat the best foods and hydrate properly based on your energetic state and your energetic needs. Aligning your happiest times of your life where you felt most vigorous, most rejuvenated, and most vital and takes these vibrational patterns and amplifies them, intensifies them, and lines them up in various parts of your energy field, chakra's, meridians, etc.-- so you naturally think and act in ways that cause you to rejuvenate vibrationally in additional ways. Your positive frames of mind are enhanced as well as your timelines-- for example by extending your timeline to live a longer, happier and higher quality of life. It enhances your unconscious mind's ability to rejuvenate your body in alignment with living longer, living stronger and living happier. It helps align your hopes, goals, dreams, wishes and heart's desires in ways that increase your passion for living. It increases the communication between your unconscious mind, and your super conscious mind (your higher-self etc.) so that your soul's own ability to rejuvenate revitalize and recharge your vehicles is enhanced to make the most out of this incarnation for yourself and your loved ones.

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