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1) Catching sharp greasy kitchen knives thrown fast, point first at SMKs heart!...Note how he stays in 2x2 foot squares doing pizza jokes as knife tossed twice from your lower right side after person holding phone figures out how to work camera about a minute into it

2) Watch SMK live during a 33 foot fall lasting over 2 seconds as SMK keeps commenting while using a tree to keep from going over a thousand foot cliff on other side of road!....Fall starts about 2 minutes in! (We knew it was gonna be bad when we could not stay standing!...it was supposed to be any fall being small, and any slide just a couple foot.....the road has ice.... the other side is cliffs. https://www.facebook.com/StevenMichaelKing2win/videos/776031320840152

3) Watch SMK doing live broadcasts helping mountain residents during Natural Disaster as 50lb chunks of ice fall from dozens of feet from roof, and over a hundred feet from trees
(link here)

4) SMK gets "Revived" By Red Cross head at high school shelter--then goes into the serious part.... (link here)

5) Using Pizza in a survival situation to keep candles lit, light other fires, dig out of a 16 foot deep ice trench!....

6) SMK interviewing School Super Intendant, Fire Chief and others during disaster---- leading the "We are the Rescuers" Chants because it was neighbor helping neighbor....as the Natural Disaster went on for months...

7) SMK Helping rescue crew leaders going door to door.... one death trap after another....