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Make a payment to INT (click on "Contribute" Active Ownership in INT Partners (Transformational Breakthroughs) LLP et al)

Make a payment to INT (click on "Contribute")

Act Now!! Until September 30th you can get a Charter Membership for only $1.99 a month!!
Click the Buy Now button below to receive this fantastic, limited time offer!! After clicking the Buy Now button enter $1.99 for the amount, choose "Make this a monthly contribution", and then click the Contribute with Paypal button.
(Note: Paypal charges a processing fee of $.56 per contribution. If you wish to offset this fee please click the second box on the contribution page. Thank you for your business!)

Special Discounted Session for the Next 10 people. Normally $300 an hour, click here for $50 an hour, or less depending on hours purchased..! Limited Time Offer only! If interested in keeping the rate then monthly recurring options can be discussed!

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For actions below a recorded compliance call, applicable paper work and signed needed Mutual Non Disclosure agreement is needed.
One must meet certain key standards in order to be accepted and allowed to participate below.
Check out "about us"... "How We Make Money" and other....
to learn how to make money via your network even if you have no money....
and why attorneys, consultants and other..
agree SMKs portion of ownership would have been
"north of 10 million , had tree branch not hit SMK"....
and why it could be worth much more now,
due to benefiting from Covid and other!
(Mutual Non-Disclosure needed to learn about inventions and developments not listed publicly!...)
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For documents to do business with us, in addition to clicking on the Be a Hero link, click on this link to review information.

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Learn why transactions are EXEMPT from registration, are custom, and how you can be actively involved including influencing outcomes above and beyond contributions!

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