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Advanced Imaging and the electromagnetic spectrum,from Ultra Sound, to Medical Thermal Imaging, Bio-field Imaging, Poly-Contrast (PIP), EMI & electrical flow/acupuncture meridian flow, Nerve Conductivity,through MRI, Cat scans & X-Rays. and things in between.....filling in the gaps, uniting doctors, scientists, healers

Its all Energy!...New Imaging gives doctors and scientists amazing views of what used to be in the domain of mystics and clairvoyants..seeing heat, electrical flows, Photonic activity, fills in the knowledge gaps and gives quicker vies of upcoming problems

Bio-field imaging & other imaging allows anybody to see what once only gifted clairvoyants and healers could

Comparing Photons, Meridians, Biofield - Science see before and after as electrical flows in meridians are increased and balanced as holes in the Photonic clouds surrounding living things are plugged and Photonic Fields made stronger and thicker

PIP & GDV...Comparing Poly Contrast with GDV...before and after testing, of modalities, products etc