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Steven Michael King Biography - Part 1

Training & Teaching Experience

1967- 80

First Grade - Read at 5th grade level (IQ measured at 195) and helped teachers teach reading to 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders. Began training in various styles of martial arts, mind over matter, massage & healing, with support and research of finding the best masters coming from mother. Did �show & tell� presentations on applied energy related

things, including �Thermomagneto/hydro dynamics�

Second Grade - Drew body styles for cars that were produced in the late 90's & drew energetic devices for ESP (which worked!). Studied Napoleon Hill "Think & Grow Rich" & creative genius aspects of Leonardo Da Vinci, Nicole Tesla, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Mozart, Beethoven, Abe Lincoln & other role models.

Third Grade - Taught martial arts, drums, go-kart racing & (informally) how to see, feel & manipulate energy & do PK (psycho-kinesis) - Got in trouble for the energy / psychic stuff.

Third - 11th Grade - Helped music directors teach drums, made all state band consistently and wrote the high school drum cadence. Funded family vacations (3rd - 7th grades) & supported the family (at age 13) when mother was murdered. Became youngest (13) to take EST training, becoming even better known for doing "energy work" on the

woman. Trained 2-3 hours daily throughout 3rd - 12th grade in energy work, Tantra, "mind-over-matter" and design of energetic and acoustic systems & devices to aid paranormal abilities. Taught massage, consciousness development energy work & intuition development to teachers and classmates for extra cash.

12th Grade - Left home and supported self with hypnosis, massage (including therapeutic, sensual, erotic, Tantric, etc.), energy work, tantra, hypnosis & investment research business.

1984- 85

Began study of chanting. Participated in world�s first 6 story tall human pyramid on roller skates. Functioned as youth division (under 36 years old) district leader for a large international spiritual/scientific organization.


1986- 88

Studied over 400 books on ESP, healing, crystals & energetic devices. Particularly influenced by Randall & Vicki Baer (authors of �The Crystal Connection: A Guidebook For Personal & Planetary Ascension�) and began detailed & exhaustive research on use of energetic devices for activating parts of the brain (as well as the entire human energy

system) most associated with paranormal function. Studied with various individual teachers including Christopher Smart (Alpha Matrix). Studied the works of world renowned scientist/inventor Pat Flannigan & NASA physicist Dr. Fred Bell. Attained level of Reiki Master (in both masculine and feminine lineage) & Advanced Practitioner in various energy healing & Tantric systems. Under various teachers continued research on advanced sexual studies. Began demonstrating, then misusing PK skills, as learned from Dick Sutphen & �Eric from China�.


1987- 91

Studied briefly with April J. Douglas (author �Developing Psychic Ability�) as well as with Dael Walker (the Crystal Healing book). Trained briefly with Pete Sanders, Ph.D., author of "You Are Psychic"


1989- 92

Obtained three degrees (24 energy patterns) of �Love Steam� under Sol Ta Trian, received over 1 dozen personal �custom� energy attunements. Studied the �Healing Tao System� with Mantak Chia & Michael Hamilton, Ph.D. Received advanced instruction in cultivating circulating and transmitting sexual energies. Trained in the Laho Chi energy system under its founder Michael. Trained in various energy systems focusing on Angelic Energies. Began training with "Amy" on remote viewing, telepathy & use of Mudra & time travel!


1989- 94

Introduced to Matt Schoener. Matt trained in various mystery schools over 3 decades. (Using energy lone, Matt healed his spine after a near fatal car accident almost paralyzed him!) Intensified study of various esoteric systems, includingAgni Yoga, Kundalini Yoga. Trained in Agni Dhatu Samadhi Yoga, obtaining first 6 degrees. A unique system passed down from the Ninth Panchun Lama (commonly refereed to as Master D. K.) that works with the micro-currents, microchannels, and individual filaments of the Nadis. Attained 6 degrees in �Electric Fire� system from the Hawaiian Huna tradition. Obtained 3 degrees of exstasis, an energy system known for developing clairvoyance. Received over 2 dozen custom energy attunements. Obtain first ten degrees of Omega, focusing on development and use of Ichchashakti Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Kundalini Shakti, Jnana Shakti, and other specific energy patterns, including first �Maha Symbol� & initiation into �The Mysteries of Isis� (focuses on Divine Feminine energies for creation & consciousness expansion). Became proficient with Mantrika Shakti, which works with the essential key notes of the Etheric body. Trained extensively with Joel Bruce Wallach, the creator of �The Balancer�, �The Portal� & �The Activator� with focus on developing the �Central Channel� and using it for paranormal abilities.

1990- 99

Began study of Pranic healingAdvanced Pranic HealingPranic psychotherapy and Kriya Shakti under Master Steven Co. Trained with Master Stephen Co in advanced Pranic healingPranic crystal healing andPranic psychic self - defense. TookKriya ShaktiArhistic Yoga Sexual Alchemy under the founder of the Pranic healing system Grand

Master Choa Kok Sui (author of Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Crystal Healing and Miracles Through Pranic Healing). A friendship developed and received personal instruction from Master hoa during breaks and after class when he would help integrate or improve skills from many other energetic systems I

had encountered.


1993- 98

Began studying with Master Zhou Ting Jue, who began his study at the Wu Dang Mountain Monastery (one of the original Shaulin Temples �known for being the most eclectic) at the age of seven. His uncle was the chief priest in charge of training both healers and fighters. Master Zhou, is widely regarded as both one of the best healers in China

and also one of the best fighters, having been forced (his family and temple threatened with extinction) to participate in several dozen �Casket Matches� (fights to the death against other great fighters). Master Zhou studied throughout the world (including a variety of Asian countries) with various masters, and is known in addition to healing and fighting, for his paranormal mind over matter feats � including raising water to a near boil without touching. He also, at the age of 60 years old, won various full contact Kung Fu championships against internationally ranked fighters, when he first immigrated to the USA in 1991.



Trained briefly again (at the recommendation of Matt Schoener) with Amy, one of the most evolved individuals regarding advanced psychic development and use of Mudras (finger & hand positions) for perceiving and/or manipulating energy.


1995- 97

Trained with Mary Lou Dusyn - An internationally recognized intuitive / clairvoyant who works with fortune 1,000 companies (energy & intuition skills applied to business, healing and personal development).


1980- 92

Studied seven tantra systems under various teachers (Tibetan, Taoist, Tantric, Buddhist, American Indian, Hawaiian & mystery school systems). Taking various workshops almost weekly from a variety of teachers. Intensified study of Yantra as well as Mantra, with focus on how to use & design mandalas for paranormal purposes. Trained briefly in

Tantric Kriya Yoga (under Sunyata Saraswati, co - author of �Jewel In The Lotus�).


1981- 83

Received over 2,000 hours of massage training, encompassing therapeutic, sensual and Tantric massages � Integrated massage & energy skills. Took ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasms) workshop with Drs. Braur & Braur. 1986 Began training in biofeedback with Dr. David Van Zak (Board of Directors, State Biofeedback Association).


1989- 92

Studied Hunavia the works of Serge King ( �Kahuna Healing", "Imagineering for Health", "Mastering the Hidden Self") and Enid Hoffman ("Developing Psychic Skills", "Advanced Psychic Skills" & "Huna, A Beginners Guide").


1986- 88

Training in NLP, with Tony Robbins (completed all but the last of his certification). Continued hypnosis, NLP Timeline & various energy skills training with Dr. Richard Mabious and Dr. Jim Taylor, MD. Trained mostly with Dr. Richard Mabious, including advanced hypnosis, advanced NLP, advanced Timeline and advanced NLP (Dr. Mabious is also

well known for energetic skills, including rattling windows and walls with energy balls!). Trained with Dr. Tad James, "Secret Of Creating Your Future", Time - Line: Basis Of Personality" & various books on Huna.


1989- 92

Received training from a variety of teachers in the works of Alice Bailey & Theosophy, the Rosecucian & Astarian systems, and various mystery schools.



Began training with Melissa Bergstrom both NLP, Timeline, Hypnosis, Reiki & Huna.


1998Master Matt Schoener, Master Zhou, Master Choa Kok Sui, Dr. Richard Mabious, Joel Bruce Wallach, Mary Lou Dusyn and �Amy� are the 7 most influential teacher I have encountered out of hundreds. Began incorporating techniques of Dr.Valerie Hunt.

1981- 83

Fought semi - pro � submission fighting. Worked part time as bouncer (Nights of Pythias Hall, National City, Ca.) & executive protection (both for Waddington Security Services) due to ability to combine intuition, energy & martial arts. Martial arts training 2 hours per day. Training in various martial arts focused on mental & energetic applications. These

include Kali, Arnis & Escrima with Parker Lenican of Ocean Beach California, Daito Ryu Aiki jujitsu with two of Sense La Breas top black belts, as well as with several noted ninjutsu teachers. Various other martial arts systems were studied form 68 - 83, not mentioned due to brevity (including JKD, Gracie jujitsu, Tai boxing, Hapkido, Chi Na, Taichi,

Bagua, Kenpo and shoot fighting).


1984- 85

Used energetic and altered states skills to correctly identify (via own formula) several strategic metals that eventually went up 2 � 7 times in price. Used energy skills & intuition skills to build a successful financial business & make first six figure income. Began work on devices, as part of compound systems, collectively known as a �synergizing facilitator�, designed to: 1) Activate, cleanse and balance the energy centers within the body, above the body & beneath the body in balanced ways, as well as activating the various glands & parts of brain associated with paranormal functions. 2) To bring conscious connections between a persons conscious, unconscious & super-conscious minds (in soul, higher self & sprit). 3) To influence a person�s environment (as well as events) in ways that create value for all parties. 4) To allow energy to both project and receive, both forward and backwards in time. Began using & learning radionics & psychotronics. Became proficient in radionic devices designed by Ruth Drown, De La War, Hyronomous, Rogers, Kelly & SE - 5 equipment.


1986- 88

Healed self with energy of mono - nucleosis, Epstein Bar, Taiwan flu & double pneumonia. Used energy skills to be in right place / right time in real estate.


1989- 92

Began healing work anonymously in Southern California as a form of service and under Indian name �Soaring Thunderbird� in Sedona Arizona. With permission of various elders (from several Indian Tribes) and working with the best dowsers in Sedona (most notably John Armbruster). Facilitated the second largest medicine wheel in Sedona, in

Boynton Canyon. This wheel graced the cover of several magazines and attracted spiritual seekers from Europe, Australia and the Orient. Soaring Thunderbird was known for both teachings & healings, every other weekend at this location until 1993. Use intuition skills to identify WalMart and Home Depot stock, which soared 3 - 5 times in value. Hit

by a car as a pedestrian by a juvenile who testified he did it �for fun�. Suffered serious concussion & spinal damage. Restored vision, memory & motor skills using almost exclusively energetic techniques. Use energetic skills to help cause 3 partnerships with little cash to become profitable . Used intuitive skills to pick 9 SMR stocks which appreciated 2 - 9 times in volume.



Used energy skills to help cause 2 SMR partnerships to become profitable.



Got very severely injured in an automobile accident that happened exactly per prior jokes/humorous remarks re: injured brain, spine & joints of left limbs. Used energy to heal self.



Assisted LAPD on "Linda Sobek" case (almost became a suspect due to detailed knowledge)



Assaulted from behind, suffered further brain and neck injuries - used energy skills to regain function.


97 -Present

More training in more modalities, with more masters, scientists, authors, etc. than previous decade!