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Questions & Answers for Products

1) Q. what are similarities if any between hypnosis & the audios &audio portions of the Video's? Do you follow any hypnosis technique/protocol to make them more efficient?

A) We mostly are using the technique of generating lots of life force prior to speaking and then visually auditorally kinesthetic only and with the motion and live hand movements get the energy going the way we wanted to before we actually speak so that that way the voice is a carrier wave. We are following to areas consistent with beginning level hypnosis first being we are using multiple tracks at the same time so that it is too much for the conscious mind to follow bus allowing most to go to the unconscious mind even though most of what we are doing would actually work okay even without speaking because of the energy work. Secondly we are following a couple basic principles of hypnosis in that we are stating all things in the positive, and we are discussing things such as what happens biologically in the same order and sequence that it would normally happen. Finally we keep the wording ambiguous enough so that a person's intent can basically direct to have happen what they want to happen. Our focus when we speak is 98% on flowing energy and 2% on wording because the energy is most of the magic!

2) Q. what is difference between the short 10 minute "acapella" versions and the 17 minute versions? Which should I start with, which can I do other activities with if at all?What are the differences in the free products versus the ones we buy&why are you giving away about $5,000 worth of products, when to get any of the same benefits would normally cost about $10,000 which we can verify o the web?What is the catch for giving away so much for free & what do you want to accomplish by this ?If I want to give away about 5K of gifts to may family &friends, how do I do it & if I want to give away twice that & my budget is only 10 bucks per friend or family or co-worker, how can I do that?

A) The acappella version has a voice on the left and the voice on the right without the other voice tracks and without the special effects in the background. This version can be listened to while typing texting and e-mailing and also housework walking exercise and other as long as you're using headphones or vibro-acoustic. Never ever drive or operate machinery or do air-traffic control or handle sharp objects or flammable objects etc. with any of these. If you have done multi-evocation before and you're used to multiple voice tracks you can listen instead to the 17 min. ones which also have an introduction and conclusion. The 17 min. version products are incredibly intense and it is very difficult to do anything else when listening to them because they can put you in a very altered state of consciousness!

3) Q. Why are there over a dozen backgrounds for each title , what do the different backgrounds do differently, & how do we know which backgrounds to select?

A) Each different background sound has very different effects on both energetic systems, biology, water and other.

A1) Part of what makes the magic is the unique movements of the sound geometrically and how they move and Pulse based on 8/10 of a second(same as orgasmic contractions and other biological rhythms!)

A2) How in addition to being moved left and right they also move in Cloverleaf, figure eights and other patterns.

A3) The ones that are only streams, waterfalls, birds etc. are not moving around in most of them except the advanced versions and the for-sale versions.

A4) Even if the tracks are static, they each have different colors or wavelengths of energy and waveform geometries and also have different neuronal synaptic networks activated in the brain with different kinds of multi-hemisphere Crosstalk.

A5) The geometric snapping is part of a modality known as geometric healing. It involves using alternate snapping fingers while the hands are moving in several dozen very specific geometric patterns around the head and body. This can be useful both in resetting energy, recalibrating hearing, and especially for very deep trauma release and re-patterning. It also promotes balancing of acupuncture meridians, energy centers and subtle energy bodies, left/right, front/back, top/bottom, expansion/contraction and energy field coherency while helping to clear chaotic energy plot patterns (bad energy, stale energy, stuck energy, stress energy etc.) And also tends to increase electrical flow, may assist in balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and also many kinds of Pulse synchronization including biological and energetic!

A6) Synthesized counting-the counting in the background uses the ratio of 8:4:8:4 so that you can easily synchronize your breathing and also it helps to connect the parts of the brain relating to both numbers and timing as well as helping to coordinate multisensory integration,whole brain multi-hemisphere Crosstalk, and also whole brain integration. It also has a tremendous effect on elegantly healing trauma and helping to synergistically connect different things while activating creative and psychic skills.

A7) La La La La la going up &down - musical scales also goes up and down color frequencies! This expands the persons electromagnetic spectrum, expands their neuro-synaptic network, gets people unstuck, and connects many things simultaneously in ways that flow easily gently naturally and pleasurably in alignment with solutions and a person's goals! The reason these specific syllables are used is because they are experienced as feeling very smooth and when imaged they have a soothing, smoothing, healing effect on energy fields while increasing overall field coherency and with respect to bio photons it has the effect of filling in any holes or gaps! Regarding electrical flow, many find that it balances the body's electrical flows in ways that can be measured at the tips of fingers and toes using either a simple ohm meter, EMI measurement, or Meridian biofeedback. Medical thermal imaging, function all brain imaging of different types, biofeedback and neuro-feedback equipment, as well as other forms of imaging and measurement also show many forms of enhancement.

A8) Moving water backgrounds-the crisscrossing water, and water moving in figure 8 patterns, cloverleaf patterns, 12 peddled flower patterns and other patterns appear to be useful for brain injuries, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, nerve damage and other. We look forward to raising capital to fund testing of both the backgrounds and also how we are manipulating energy.

A9) Matrix of above-these backgrounds incorporate the above backgrounds and we have found that for some people it works best to first listen to a title with each of the above backgrounds before the various backgrounds are mixed. We have other more advanced backgrounds becoming available next year as funds and laboratory testing using photonic analysis, GDV, EMI, medical thermal imaging, biofeedback, Neuro feedback, Meridian biofeedback, blood micro capillary circulation, live blood cell analysis, DNA analysis, telomere analysis, energy field analysis, bio field analysis, and many other forms of live imaging and testing are used to help us upgrade faster. We also test on water for changes in micro-clustering and surface tension as well as changes in crystal formation of frozen water crystals. As we fund our research we will keep members up to date!

4) Q. what is the difference between the skills Steven was using in the "Live Healings" pictured from the 90's when plants animals &people were hooked up to scientific equipment, and these products?

A) During the live healings, Steven used over a dozen forms, of scientific equipment monitoring plants animals water and people under both regular and single-blind conditions. During this time he normally did not speak while he was projecting energy and mostly spoke while in either teaching how to project energy, or explaining on big-screen TVs what people were saying as they watched brain activity, electrical activity, and various other activity. Steven found that it was more interesting if he were to be speaking aloud some of what he is imagining in his mind. Because Steven can imagine several hundred moving things at once all changing color and making different sounds(the average person can only imagine a few, & sometimes only a few dozen without special training, or products like these) Steven gives a real-time description and instruction to the persons body while in his mind he tends to say 5 to 20 times as many words in the same time periods while intensely imagining how it should look, sound, feel, taste, smell and related positive emotions. Steven has never been able to find a way to physically talk as fast as he thinks or as fast as he hears verbal guidance and he has trained his mind to do these special skills since prior to grade school with the assistance of his mom, teachers of gifted students, and beginning in summer after second grade, various energy masters. The audios teach your energy fields, your mind field, your body, your body systems, your subtle energy bodies, your soul, and to a lesser extent your unconscious mind how to do it. If you want your conscious mind to learn, that is what the instructional videos and the live teaching demonstrations on Blog talk radio, the webinars, and his upcoming audio books, seminars and other. You can actually learn to do much of this by simply putting on the headphones, pressing play and having the intent that you would enjoy learning. Stevens’s favorite way of learning using his own products is to put his headphones on, close his eyes let the product or the work while mentally he imagines going to his favorite energy vortexes or he just lets his conscious mind simply wander at will or even fall asleep as the audio portion and any video is playing. The bio photonic videos also impart education transformation of energy fields and various environmental effects and none of these were used during the live healings you see pictures of at www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org! In Stevens instructional videos he shows you the same techniques that were demonstrated during the 90s in front of hundreds that you see in the pictures and he also teaches you self-healing. In the future if you are a member of the website you may have access to various live imaging and feedback to assist your skills and abilities and/or as we get the capital to repurchase equipment you may have access at seminars and/or during private sessions check website for details.

5) Q. On affecting DNA ,water,plants & Cells, can we all just chant, sing, do affirmations or have intent, or are other techniques needed?.....and.....how are the principles of sending energy like the many dozens of studies of cells surviving Gamma radiation when treated, or folks hooked up to EEG ,documenting distant healing similar and or different then how these products are made?

A) Studies by Dr. Glenn Rhein, and various others studying DNA, biological tissues and organisms, and water show that for the most part simply chanting or singing or talking does very little.... However when strong conscious intent is applied with lots of mental focus this begins to change effectiveness and when you add techniques for generating prana such as slow deep rhythmic breathing and connecting tongue to the palate while synchronizing energy flow and hand movements with your breathing this begins to really amplify the effects many fold. These skills are used in the products including the very same skills that Dr. Joie Pierce Jones-used when Gamma radiation was used to show the difference of how cells treated with Pranic Healing before gamma radiation survive and cells in control groups or other modalities die each time. Steven is incorporating many dozen different modalities of Energy Medicine, Energy psychology, Subtle Energy Science, Tantra, EMDR, and hundred hundreds of other methods! It is the synergistic effect together with Applied Practical Synesthesia, whole brain multi-Hemisphere Crosstalk technologies, multi-dimensional healing, Ionic and Photonic healing & Universal Energetics. Just as various EEG studies on distant healing where they healer was in one location and would send energy each time a light flashed at random, while the person being healed was hooked up to equipment, blindfolded, wearing earplugs and monitored were done, and these studies showed that when using visual healing techniques the person being healed at the same moment the light flashed for the healer to send energy showed that the visible part of the brain and left frontal cortex were active, and when auditory healing techniques were done, the auditory part of the brain and left frontal cortex were activated, when kinesthetic techniques were done it was kinesthetic part of brain and frontal cortex, and when emotions were added the limbic system was also stimulated....... all of these principles and many thousands more are incorporated in Stevens products.

6) Q. How is it that these audios affect water,animals ,plants &people by influencing Bio-Photons, Electrical Flow Field Coherency &other factors, & do we need to pay attention of have any intent, or do we just put headphones on and press play & ignore?

A) The audios and videos and Subtle Energy Mandalas affect water due to the waveform geometries created by the audio portion combined with proprietary Doppler shifting Bio-Photonic Technologies which in essence combine so that the photons coming off the computer screen work together with the sound coming out of the speakers to manipulate photons, ions electrical flow and prana. For best results we suggest forming your intent for at least five or 10 seconds when you first began a program, and after that let your mind wander at will thinking about whatever pleases you and makes you happy. It is best to ignore the wording and just let the energy coming from the speakers and computer screen do the work for you.

B) To manipulate water, there are several ways of doing this. Most popular is to put a plate or something flat on your keyboard, and have a glass of water within 3 to 6 inches of your computer screen. The bigger your screen, the stronger the photonic affect from the photons coming off of the computer screen. If you have a laptop you can fold the screen back so it is flat and place your glass of water on the computer screen. Your glass of water needs to be clear because if it house color in it it will filter out most of the beneficial photons. Next is using the sound to program or restructure your water and there are several ways of doing this together with your computer screen. If you have headphones (required for audios) you can place the headphones so the speakers are aiming directly at your water hitting your water from both sides. Better option is if you have to headphones you can position your headphones in such a way that all four speakers are aimed at your water. If you are using external speakers, you need to check for safety so there are no spills and you can put your water between the speakers, you can surround your water with speakers, and if you have multiple speakers you can have one speaker pointing upwards, place your water on something stable and flat and placed that on the speaker that is pointing upwards, while using the remaining speakers to surround your water with equal distance. If you use two speakers have your water equally in between, if you use three speakers you may either have the speakers pointing at the water like an equilateral triangle each speaker same distance from the others in same angle, or one speaker flat pointing upwards that your water sits carefully on(use a plate or stable flat tray) with the other speakers pointing at it. If you have a five speaker surround sound system have your middle speaker holding the water and have your other four speakers pointing at the water like sides of a box pointing inward. The longer the audios and videos or Subtle Energy Mandalas, are playing the stronger the effects up to approximately 4 hours. There are additional applications available to members of www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org

7) Q. What adverse side effects can happen, what causes them, how do i prevent or handle any? There are several common short-term effects that disappear after two-ten plays, usually within three or less.

A) Muscle twitches-it is like an empty fire hose that was just unfolded with the first water flowing through it during first few seconds.... This is because of increased electrical flow flowing through meridians and sometimes this can happen for about a second when a brand-new brain connection is made. It will happen less often as your body gets used to increased electrical flow, and your brain gets used to more of it being connected at one time.

B) A feeling of overwhelming or slight headache the first couple of times if the listener has never listened to multi-evocation (more than one voice track) before and/or if a person is trying to consciously analyze what is being said on all tracks. This disappears for most people as soon as they simply ignore the words, and let their mind wander at will. For some individuals who rarely use very much of their brain, it can feel overwhelming the first couple times then becomes soothing, and finally makes people feel happy and peaceful usually within seconds. To go from angry, depressed, sad, frustrated to feeling happy eventually only take seconds after you have heard the audio several times and the effects are cumulative. People with PTSD, very severe major depression, long-standing serious trauma, can sometimes take as long as 30 repetitions before their symptoms of PTSD etc. disappear. It is suggested to use the programs regularly, if you can twice-daily. More if there is time, and to rotate through as many backgrounds as you can for each title, to rotate through as many titles as you can, and to use as many visual backgrounds with each of your titles. Some people with epilepsy may have some brief fears if they've had seizures before from auditory stimulation, but we've not encountered anybody yet who's had any real problems with our products. If you have had serious repressed trauma (for example, if you watched your family and friends being murdered or dying slowly in an accident) you may briefly remember the incident feel some emotion, and then feel relatively neutral. If strong emotions surface, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, tap your hands alternately on your knees, and breath slow, full, and deep in ways that make your tummy go in and out/up and down.... For 3 to 10 min. after this you will notice that when you think of traumatic incidents during or after use of these products it is normal for the incidents to feel neutral or positive and for feelings of sadness or anger to disappear. If we are talking about serious PTSD from losing family or friends in a murder suicide or other that you witnessed, it is normal for prior stress to disappear with cumulative listening. You can verify your stress by seeing a therapist trained in biofeedback and noticing that if you cleared the trauma, your GSR should remain normal even while talking about the details of the trauma. These products are not designed as a substitute for professional treatment, rather they are designed to complement any treatment your doctor recommends. If you suspect any physical illness that last more than three days, please see a medical doctor!

C) Feeling or sound that is like a popping sensation in the brain-- often during use of these products this occurs and it is simply a brand-new neuro-cortical pathway/brain neuronal synapse connection being made. It is a very good sign.

D) Seeing, hearing, feeling energy fields, perceiving EMF, perceiving infrared, ultraviolet, seeing auras around plants animals people or equipment that is using electricity, hearing peoples thoughts, seeing their pictures, knowing what they're going to say, including newscasters and seeing and or knowing events before they happen!--- This is extremely common, the audios videos and Subtle Energy Mandalas, when used properly tend to do this and you will notice that you can gradually turn the abilities up and down. You will notice that even when warned of danger, you get the best solutions regardless.

E) Sudden amazing solutions for previously unsolvable problems, coming up with inventions, remote viewing and others spontaneous psi phenomena-this is also normal and it increases over time.

F) knowing people sentences before they talk or finishing their sentence-this is a common byproduct, and in order to be socially acceptable, please let the person finish their sentence, even when you get it right each time before they finish.

G) Spontaneous psycho-kinesis/moving of objects-usually this only happens for a few people if they're imagining moving the object. If you feel you're moving objects accidentally, then simply focus only on positive things and never ever ever demonstrate your skills in front of other people.

H) Parts of audios first time you play them first sounding or feeling really bad... Then next time played sounding or feeling kind of bad, then next time played, sounding and feeling reasonably good, and finally each time played feeling wonderful & beautiful----- this happens when your energy field is missing frequencies or is deficient within certain portions of the spectrum range. When you're missing frequencies it can sound or feel bad until you have the frequencies. If you're deficient in these frequencies within this part of the spectrum, then when the frequencies are applied it may not sound or feel beautiful until your energy field has the frequencies within it. Sound and color are two sides of the same coin. This means if your energy field is missing colors or shades of colors it may not feel wonderful until your energy field finally has the missing colors or shades of color's.

8) Q. why do some of the audios sound dreadful the first couple times, then they sound ok, then later plays they are so very beautiful &smooth &make us happy in seconds?

A) This is because of the cumulative affect of using the products. If you're missing colors/sound frequencies, or shades of colors/sound frequencies and/or if you've never used your brain connected in so many ways before, it can feel unusual the first couple times and then it feels awesome after that!

9) Q. why do some people "go from sad/depressed/angry/frustrated to being happy in seconds the first times, and others it takes repetition before getting happy in seconds?

A) Each person is different and each person has their own unique energy field, there energy centers have their own unique qualities and their brain connections tend to be unique. If your energy field already has most colors and shades of colors and your basically positive person with no incredible traumas or outrageously terrible stress factors than it's normal to feel happy within a few seconds. If you are somebody who has a lot of chaotic energy patterns in your energy field, if you have disruptions or blocks in electrical flow through your meridians, if there are problems with your energy centers, if you've had serious traumas that have not been resolved, if you could be a lot more positive than you are, or you had to overcome lots of problems than the first few times it takes longer to go from feeling bad to happy and with each repetition it gradually takes less time to go from bad to happy. This is also true of animals.

10) Since most of the manipulating energy is silent, how is power of suggestion used to help when we don’t hear what Steven is thinking in his mind while projecting energy?

A) Most of this is proprietary, and before Steven says a word, he has already imagined detailed pictures of his intent, heard detailed sounds, smelled and tasted complementary details, and is experiencing positive emotions, before he projects energy and uses his voice as a carrier wave. Most important is his voice tone, his voice rhythm, and other things. The wording is not as important, it is always phrased in the positive, and he keeps his wording ambiguous so that the user can enjoy the interpretation in the way they prefer. In other words each user has their own definition of happiness for example, and what makes them happy is dynamic and can change moment to moment, and this was one of the many reasons why we suggest that knowing the words and relaxing. This is also why plants animals cells in petri dishes and water are quickly affected.... One reason water, cells in petri dishes and plants respond quickly, is because they tend to have less limiting belief systems than a human being would. The products work best if the user is neutral or positive and they work fine if the user is negative with a bad attitude although it takes longer if the person is negative. If you are working on a very negative person, we suggest using the products for distant healing without telling the person so that they don't sabotage things. Members of www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org get instruction on this included for $10 per month plus related webinars, special products and other!

11) Why do these get stronger as more people use them?is it like the 100th monkey principle?

A) It is very similar to the hundredth monkey principle and this includes animals as well as people and also agriculture. Part of the reasons for increase in strength is as each time products are used, the energy matrix becomes stronger. Also with each use, you gain more energetic pathways and they become wider, as well as the strength of your brain connections, the connections geometrically of your meridians, and the geometric connections of your major and minor energy centers as well as your subtle energy body coordination and overall development of the coherency, amplitude, and intensity, as well as multidimensional density of your energy field.

12) Q. can they work for distant healing?

A) Yes! Instructions are given to members of www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org. If you already know distant healing techniques, you may use them as you learn them. Radionic techniques, and Psycho-Tronic techniques also work.

13) Q. how do I use on pets?

A) There are many ways to use on pets.

A1) Place speakers around the area the pet prefers to relax in and aim the monitor at the pet so the photons coming off your computer screen, big-screen TV, cell phone, iPad, Kindle or other are aimed at the pets. Use big-screen option if you have it. Darkened room is best. Make sure the sound is low.

A2) You may lay a speaker down flat facing upwards have the pets pillow or mattress or pad on top and let the sound vibrations massage the pet.

A3) You can program or restructure the pets water.

A4) You may use distant healing, radionic, or psycho-tronic techniques.

A5) You may use on agriculture that your pet eats.

14) Q. how do we use on water &what are some of applications?

A) Please see above as this is discussed in many of the above questions with a longer list of applications available for members only.

15) Q. can the energies and waveform geometries of the sound movements clear a room & can I just use speakers?

A) We have found that although the sound clears a room fine, it does not sound good at all unless through headphones. For clearing a room we also suggest a large monitor or plug your computer into a big-screen TV or similar so that the photons coming off the screen can work together with the sound vibrations. If you use speakers it is important to have as much left right speaker separation as possible and if you have more than two speakers it is important that the speakers are set up in such a way so that the sound waves produce symmetrical geometry.

16) Q. If I want Vibro-Acoustic Effects but cant buy the expensive furniture, are there other suggested ways to put the sound in other parts of body & if so, are effects similar?

A) Yes there are many ways to do this. Yes, your body can assimilate the information directly into the part of the body that the speaker is aimed at and touching although this may take repetition.

A1) If you wish to make your own vibro-acoustic furniture, we suggest you model furniture already available as long as you are not making it for sale.

A2) Many people love having the speakers and the sound aimed at parts of their lower back middle back or upper back as needed, to have the speakers touching you and adjust the sound in whatever way the vibrations give you the best acoustic massage.

A3) Many people like having the speakers stimulating specific energy centers or chakras, and you simply have the speaker facing and touching the energy center and adjust the volume as preferred based on how the vibrations feel.

A4) Many people like how it feels when they have the speakers of their headphones stimulating the front and back of their head and find this both therapeutic and useful for activating psychic abilities-simply adjust the volume so that the vibrations are comfortable and adjust so that the sound waves travel through the center of your head.

A5) Many people love having the speakers behind their back touching and facing their kidneys-this can be helpful for many things and has always safety first make sure there's no water near you when playing speakers.

A6) Soles of the feet!-Acoustic massage on the soles of the feet can feel very relaxing and can be very grounding and great for balancing left right electrical flow.

A7) Palms of the hands! If you ever enjoy doing hands-on or distant healing or you just want your hands and arms to feel pleasurable, enjoy having speakers and that your palms and touching them. Adjust the volume so that you can feel the vibrations in your fingers palms forearms and elbows.

A8) Front and back of abdomen in the area you wish to stimulate-simply have the speakers pointing at you and touching and adjust vibrations accordingly.

A9) Bone conductivity-if you have bone conducting headphones or bone conducting sound equipment using electrodes, placed the electrodes in spots recommended by your doctor or, just above the ears, front and back of head, Crown, Crown and back head, Crown and forehand, Crown and Ajna, temples, or just over the frontal cortex which is the area of your forehead to the left and right of midline. You may also use bone conducting sound through various acupuncture points on your body as long as the points are balanced left to right, and/or front to back if front/back placement is used. Stevens inventions for putting sound into the body geometrically will hopefully be available shortly as soon is as he is able to find proper appropriate funding sources.

17) Q. can I do other activities with audios &videos &get same effects?WHat does the research show & where can we see &read the research?

A1) Research includes many different forms of biofeedback, Neurofeedback, EEG, nerve conductivity testing, Meridian biofeedback, medical thermal imaging, photonic imaging, EMI, blood micro capillary imaging, life blood cell analysis, and other.

A2) We have many dozen forms of scientific research at www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org You may do basic activities using the acappella audios such as reading writing e-mailing drafting or signing contracts, cooking, vacuuming gardening and related. Never ever ever under any circumstance no matter what should you be driving or flying or writing any moving vehicle, operating any kind of machinery that can injure somebody, doing air-traffic control, vehicle traffic control, lifeguarding, handling any sharp objects, flammable or caustic liquids or anything that requires full focus concentration. You may play the videos on your cell phone iPod Kindle computer big-screen TV and these are especially powerful in a darkened room and the same is true with the Subtle Energy Mandalas.

18) Q. why are you testing these so many dozens of ways, & what makes them different from all other sound healing type things?

A) Our products are a result of nearly 20 years and $1.3 million of research and development including many forms of live imaging and monitoring.

Our products work by manipulating photons, ions, sound waves and waveform geometries, and various forms of subtle energy in ways that are extremely proprietary and designed to have positive effects on water and biology. The development and research is ongoing and we are especially excited about military and national security applications as well as applications for healing, increasing intelligence and the development and application of special abilities.

19) Q. can the Bio-photonic Videos give any benifits without the sounds & if so, How do I get themost out of them?

20) How do the audios work with the Subtle Energy Mandalas if at all?

A) We have over 50 exercises for developing clairvoyance, seeing and perceiving EMF, seeing into the infrared and ultraviolet, seeing complementary colors, and energy fields. The audios and videos are designed to supplement and complement the Subtle Energy Mandalas available at www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org and also as standalone products although we vastly prefer integration because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

21) Q. What kinds of things do doctors prescribe these for and what are other applications?

A) Initially our products have been prescribed for certain specific brain ,neck and nerve injuries, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, depression, stroke, Alzheimer's disease,certain behavioral disorders,learning disorders/disabilities. Use for accelerated learning, multiplication of usable IQ, development and application of a long list of special abilities, problem solving, and applications for most careers are the most popular. Military and National Security applications are broad and many..... And we prefer not to list them on the Internet for obvious reasons.

22) Q. How can I make money referring others, & can I make a six figure income or even become a Millionaire,e ven if I have no experience?

A) Yes you can make money referring others both by being an affiliate,(its free &takes only about a minute or less!) and by bringing potential partners, joint venture partners, funding sources, testing sources, potential customers of many types, referring investors, referring manufacturers and other. See www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org for more details.

23) Do you offer instruction in the techniques your using & is any of it free?

A) We offer over 20 free 2 hr teaching demos on Blogtalkradio.com, we have many free instructional videos on YouTube, we have many thousands of dollars of webinars & conference calls &call in radio shows for our members who pay $10/month & other free promotions.....see www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org for more info & links.

24) Q. what are the differences in the free products & the paid products, and what kinds of discounts are available for those of us who are broke &hurting financially? How do I give my friends &family a few hundred dollar’s worth of products as a gift, and is there a way to give gifts that cost pennies on the dollar for the paid ones for those of us who have virtually no cash?

A) The differences between the free products and the paid products are many!

A1) The paid or for-sale products are many times stronger, they sound better, and they have several dozen additional features and benefits. They also benefit from substantial additional research and development.

A2) Members save 90% off our already pennies on the dollar retail prices, and of course members get many hundreds of dollar’s worth of additional products and benefits for only $10 a month! We have coupons and free set up e-mail campaigns allowing you to give your friends and family gifts worth many hundreds of dollars for free, and many more hundreds of dollars worth of value for $10. We have other gift situations available which we are posting every few days as we have time. You

25) Q. what kind of testing has been done in past, and what kinds of testing for future?How can we help you get the testing done, and what would be in if for us if we do?

A) Although the products have already had hundreds of thousands of dollar’s worth of testing, we anticipate nearly $100,000 of product testing next year, relating to over 80 separate things incorporating over 40 different kinds of life measuring and live imaging! To the best of our knowledge no other auditory products or visual products will have ever had so much product testing. We also hope to have several hundred thousand dollar’s worth of clinical trials/testing for uses ranging from healing to agriculture to military to management to education.

B) WE HAVE OVER 300 PAGES OF SCIENTIFIC TESTING, IMAGING ,TESTIMONIALS AND MORE!!!!! www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org

26) Q. if we write testimonials , can that help you get the funding for the testing &advanced products that you need? Does an audio or video testimonial, help also?How can we best help others by sharing out thoughts, impresions experiances and or ideas of making your things better or more effectively employed?

A) Yes, yes and yes!We need as many testimonials as we can, including written, audio &video! Any sharing of how they help yourself or others, any ideas of ways to spread more effectively and to make more effectively, questions to be asked that could help others etc….

A1) We can use detailed testimonials, including on specific titles, on different audio backgrounds , videos , how folks are benefiting ways to improve etc.. Especially helpful is when any testimonial be verified by others seeking to fund or test etc….and of course be allowed to be used.. Our main concern is that any testimonials are as accurate as the person can be and even though we are willing to give credit as described, it is absolutely critical to us that the person believed wholeheartedly in whatever it is they say. We want the person giving a testimonial to believe so much in what they say that if they ever were hooked up to lie detector equipment, or seen clairvoyant way, or if somebody watched or listened to them as they speak, they would pass the test! E-mail us if this is important to you and let us know what you would like to say and/or the essence of your communication and we can help you format something that accurately espressos your true feelings if you ask us to help. We are very aware that, in order to raise capital for product testing we recognize that more testimonials of the detailed nature would be of great help!!!

27) Q. If we have questions is there a forum, or procedure to get them answered, and do you have radio shows, webinars or other ways of us learning & interacting live, in ways even those of us who are financially challenged or flat broke can take advantage of? Is your info available with CEU's or college credit ?

A) Various accredited universities have expressed interest in both college credits and CEUs! We hope to get this done in 2013!

B) Become an affiliate for free, and learn how to make a six-figure income even if you're disabled or have had learning disabilities! Simply visit www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org and click on "become an affiliate" at the top of the website in red letters! It only takes about a minute.

28)Q if we want to invest in your business, or do joint ventures or refer you contacts, what options are there, and what kinds of help do you need to get your products tested, and available to all places that would benefit?How canwe create good karma?