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Biophotonic Video Comments

"The concept here is brilliant. There is no way the mind can be talking while there is so much to listen to. If one voice gets noticed it silences the others and allows the subconscious to take it in instead. Brilliant."

"lovely imagery"

Ana Espinoza
"Amazing Work"

Vaibhav Balasundaram(Pranic Healing Instructor)
"it is quite powerful and soothing. good one"


Snake Blocker: ..."power and relaxation of fire and water united."

Patricia Murray-(healer)-"could feel it in my temporal lobes and after climbing to parietal ones.Frontal area must be "packed" today as occipital. Different figures speared with the fire and inside, a heart on top, a bird inside, perhaps St Francis at the right side... and the green outside also changed.Lots of love"

Roz Tomblin-(healer)-"This video definitely gave my chakras a clearing.....when I first began I felt the violet flame all over the front of my body.....I experienced an increase of heat in the frontal part of my body smelling burning embers at the same time....it seemed to be gagging which chakra needed the most energy ....from about the middle to the end....the flame began focusing on my heart, diaphragm, and throat chakras.....I feel like I got a clearing and I feel lighter than I did before I watched the video! Great job Steven!!! Thank you!"

Marinina Gadeleva(healer)" this is great! thank you!! yesssss so soothing..."

Cassie Smith(healer).."... mostly a revving up -- I liked it! ?"

Glenda Ann Abell-     (Healer, Psychic, Aurthor)-" I like this for today I have been doing readings and also working with clients. in between I finished cutting grass, did dishes and doing laundry. The brook was relaxing and also watching the video. The clicking noise at first I didn't think I liked but I do like it because each time I wanted to wander mentally it kept me focused. Love & Blessing, Glenda xxx... I am rewatching it for the third time for each of us need to make time for ourselves"

Carrie  van Deventer (healer)--"Wow. :) So Cool! I love those flames and the colors and the water. Excellent.? Right away my hands were vibrating with energy and then the flames seem to come alive. Seemed like I started to actually smell the water and air. At half way or just after this I felt a lot of energy in my head! Steven this is Great. LOVE it. ? .... my arms are still buzzing... :)... I may blast off  ....lol :)

Jignesh Shah (healer)
"Its kind of imaging all the elements of fire earth water air + akash as represented by violet colors, when seeing video you feel heat actually coming out, if we meditate on it feels like ajna stimulated, and feel soft tingling in forhead, beyond which it feels warm"

Leanne Rigby (healer)--"Loved it smk! Feeling better already... I've had a bad headache for about 3 days and it's getting better today, more so now :)"

 Willene Russell-partner--"FACT- Relaxation at first glance! I didn't even have to think about it...AMAZING effect. I'm getting ready to go to a business briefing, I was feeling stressed and a bit anxious...NOT ANYMORE! :-) I WANT THIS IN MY HOUSE! Can you imagine it covering a wall.
Listening to the sounds of a clear, clean running mountain stream and in your vision, the gorgeous colors of the fire over the soothing colors of the water is totally subliminal. I will be using this in our meditation class. Thanks Steven!"

Khurshid Hussain

I feel the wave of energy flowing right through me! 

Jackie Barrett