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 Top 25 variables measured in real time! What science has confirmed about when subtle energy is actually transferred during healing & prayer when done properly:


1.) Increase in energy field coherency & decrease in chaos patterns;

2.) Wider range of frequencies, wavelengths, waveform geometries & expansion of the field;

3.) Balancing of electrical flows through the body;

4.) Synchronization of pulses & body systems including breathing synchronizing with heart-rate, & synchronization of circulation &chambers;

5.) Increased ionic & photonic activity, & the emission & absorption of such;

6.) Increase in blood micro-capilary circulation of areas; increase in balance, size & spin rates of chakras & changes in colors based on needed applications

7.) Increased multi-hemisphere crosstalk in brain;

8.) More effective & geometric & multi-lateral brain neuro-synapse firing in brain;

9.) Changes in blood pH towards normal;

10.) Changes in blood pressure towards normal;

11.) Decreased autonomic nervous system arousal;

12.) Increased skin temperatures in related areas;

13.) Increased blood oxygen levels;

14.) Fuller, deeper breathing;

15.) Increased immune functioning & blood cell levels &balancing;

16.) Live blood cell analysis shows blood changing clumping patters & shapes, etc in line with healthier blood;

17.) Body temperatures normalizing;

18.) Increased neuro-synaptic responses &nerve conductivity;

19.) Normalizing of eye blinking &skipping patterns when talking about or thinking about stressful things;

20.) Changes in brain chemistry towards greater balance & functioning;

21.) Changes in cell wall permeability;

22.) Changes in water surface tension;

23.) Changes in sugar uptake in brain;

24.) Changes in electromagnetic fields surrounding & penetrating the body; and

25.) Changes in DNA & related tellemeres in directions known to be healthy.

26.) The Biofield Viewer


These are only a few. If you aren't seeing these, you need to look at the details to make sure all of these top 20 are improving & adjust what you're doing & how you're doing it accordingly.