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Live Healing Testimonials

Flashing Subtle Energy Mandalas!


Steven Michael King

here are low resolution versions of some of the subtle energy Mandalas that have interesting effects on biology. Even these 100 dpi versions, when done with specific exercises, begin changing color & becoming 3d before your eyes. at 500 dpi many look 3d, even at wide angles(until they saw, most engineers used to think impossible) these images when worked with help you develop incredible perception abilities (seeing energy fields etc) and projection abilities (healing, pk & other) learn more later!!!!


Steven Michael King

for the documentation of live healings done both direct & at a distance, blind & double blind etc, measuring LIVE & IN REAL TIME electrical flow through acupuncture meridians & chakras, brain functioning, changes in photon emission / absorption, changes in blood micro-capillary circulation, changes in water, plants animals people etc---scroll down the wall. .. See More about 3 feet or so past all the regular FB "likes" & comments"----I’ve got various links in my profile (imbedded in the paragraph) & ill be adding links as time & computer help allows (I’m new to computers)


Mare Simone

I would like to see how chakra's can change in real-time, this is fascinating work! Many thanks for posting I will check out your links.


Steven Michael King

We video taped the imaging & most of the demonstrations (various formats) these need to be converted to digital so we can posts segments. YOU’LL ALSO LOVE SEEING HOW ELECTRICAL FLOW THROUGH MERIDIANS & BLOOD FLOW THROUGH MICROCAPILARIES AND BRAIN ELECTRICAL ACTIVITY CHANGES IN REAL TIME!


Steven Michael King

to see scientifically documented live healings demonstrating many modalities & devices & how the affect electrical flow, blood micro-capillary circulation, photon emission & absorption, thermal, brainwave & biofeedback activity + see how chakras change live in real time re: size, wavelength (color) size, spin rates etc, & many other... factors check out the links in my profile....


Steven Michael King

we demonstrated live in front of hundreds that anyone could be trained to accurately affect energy fields of plants, animals, humans etc--even change surface tension & ph of water---when instructions were followed properly


Steven Michael King

the results also showed how what you project comes back to your own field when you send both bad or good thoughts---and how it affects both plants, animals & others...


Steven Michael King

the demonstrations were done under both blind & double blind conditions---you could totally see what a difference proper breathing, hand or body mudras/positions (remember, the body is an antenna that sends, receives & transforms energy) color & focus on energy centers made!!!


Steven Michael King

the demonstrations showed how synergistic it is to combine multiple complimentary modalities & how small changes made incredibly huge results--like instead of traditional meridian tapping--doing so bilaterally using left right stimulation and also major was the difference between tapping the energy in deeper vs. having intent for it to spark from outside in


Steven Michael King

another key thing shown about manipulating energy at distance is what a huge difference is made regarding integrating mental images, words & voice tone, and super especially, both KINESTHETIC & EMOTIONAL FEELING!!!! together with the breathing, color etc.....this was consistent regardless if subject was person,animal,plant,h2o,cells in a dish etc...


Steven Michael King

having so many types of instruments at one time gave many different ways of knowing if what is being done is hurtful, makes little difference, or is helpful-look forward to doing it gain on larger scale with more toys----when $$$ allows....lets pray this materializes for us rapidly & properly, so millions can benefit


Steven Michael King

seeing what is happening live in real time is so very helpful. Seeing, hearing, measuring as electrical flows are balancing & becoming more coherent helps regardless of application, be it medical, psychological, helping an executive or.....you name it. Even has major potential military benefits helping soldiers in the field........


Steven Michael King

this is why energy medicine, energy psychology & other applications are really catching on fast,,,, every illness be it physical, emotional/psychological etc, has corresponding disturbances in electrical flow through the body & in various parts of the energy fields....correct the flows, make more coherent etc, and the problems seem to resolve faster, better, & on deeper, more permanent levels...


Steven Michael King

the demonstrations also showed the importance of live food (the life-force) and how important it is to eat all 7 colors of live food in your diet!!!


Lisa Green Tenney

Wow Steven! Fantastic!


Steven Michael King

see links to pics (within profile) of live healings done blind & double blind !See live changes in electrical flow through acupuncture meridians, brain activity, changes in size, synchronization, spin rates & color of chakras, changes in biofeedback & EEG data, changes in thermal imaging, changes in photon emission / absorption...n, changes in blood micro-capillary circulation & O2 content etc...within my profile links!


Janelle Portelli

yep we all do... as Dr Emoto showed on “what the bleep!” I think the more ppl understand this as proven will pave the way for a lot of evolution... we all have the power to create,. .. I see it work like this from what i observe day to day. knowing facts like this helps me at least cultivate the awareness of how it happens, facts help in times of doubt too ;)


Steven Michael King

we did not have the opportunity during the 90's to do the water crystals (you often have to shake the water to get the same results [there is something bout h2o that has recently been moving] and of course you have to freeze the water, have microscopes capable of having camera attached & all equipment must operate under very cold conditions) WE DID SHOW CHANGES IN SURFACE TENSION (dynes) and HOW LIGHT FLOWS THROUGH IN WIDER WAVELENGTHS.ALSO CHANGES IN PH


Steven Michael King

Hi, Here are pics of live healings I did in 90's with folks hooked up to various kinds of scientific equipment (both blind & double-blind) in front of hundreds!!! Please visit http://www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org to learn about bio & various things available to all including lots of FREE STUFF!!!.......... Also See I...n: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2056797 & id=1248106976 & l=8cd45f0262


Barbara Secretodancer

I will check this out too, thanks


Lara Amanda Murphy

Curiosity got the better of me. I'm eager to learn more ;)


Catherine P. Perry

Like minds meet. Looks like you and I are on the same team as experts in energy medicine and the most cutting edge healing technology on the planet! Thanks for connecting.


Rev. Meredith Ann Murray

Thanks for the add, Steven! I am curious about your projects and feel drawn to learn more. Blessings


Steven Michael King

Here are pics of live healings I did in 90's with folks hooked up to various kinds of scientific equipment (both blind & double-blind) in front of hundreds!!! It proved all could be taught to send & influence accurately, that negative thoughts hurt others' energy & positive thoughts helped! Please visit http://www.transformationalbreakthroughs.org to learn about bio & various things available to all including lots of FREE STUFF!!! Also See In: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2056797 & id=1248106976 & l=8cd45f0262


Naga Lakshmi

Really superb. I think we also should try this way to prove the energy.....


Steven Michael King

Hi Here are pics of live healings I did in 90's with folks hooked up to various kinds of scientific equipment (both blind & double-blind) in front of hundreds!!! Please visit http://strategicconsultant.org/photos.html to learn about bio & various things available to all including lots of FREE STUFF!!!.......... Also See In...: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2056797 & id=1248106976 & l=8cd45f0262


Peggy Arnhym

Steven is the most talented trainer of clairvoyants, doctors, scientists, healers, investment bankers, business leaders, military people martial artists & others that I know. He can teach you how to use energy skills for any subject & his ability to accurately see & manipulate energy is as amazing as some of his many inventions, that I think may wonderfully change the world!


Lisa Green Tenney

I feel so blessed to have met Steven! He is a Healers Healer!!
He teaches how to use energy in your life for many purposes and every day circumstances. Anyone can learn.
I have had the opportunity to learn some of his techniques and it has already improved my business! I am seeing results already for myself in my life as well as with my clients. I have felt quite a difference!
A true healers healer, thank you Steven!