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From Linkedin.com as of 9/23/2020

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Special 50% off for non-members

($150 per hour)

MEMBERS 66% off!

Steven’s normal rates range from $300-$1000 per hour, depending on what it is you're asking him to do

For example-the low-cost sessions include:

  • clairvoyant observations, remote viewing
  • intuitive readings/psychic readings
  • healing sessions for most normal things as needed including:
  • health
  • relationships
  • business
  • other

Readings and healing are done via a phone, Yahoo or Skype

Hours for readings are (Pacific time zone) 6 PM to midnight Monday through Friday

12 PM to midnight Saturday
1 PM to 5 PM Sunday if booked in advance

To book your reading click here to e-mail Stephen requesting the date and time (you need to convert time to Pacific for him, or message him and he can tell you what time it is when he sees the message

Readings and healing are paid in advance for first hour – discounted plans are available for multiple sessions

Ask us about how you can make money sharing Stevens skills, promoting webinars, promoting conference calls, promoting seminars and more! When you e-mail Steven, be as detailed as you can regarding what you are asking him to look at or look into and what your questions are by topic, include pictures of subjects and make sure you give the names of any people in the pictures that you want Steven to tune into.

Please include your contact information including telephone and e-mail address and if you can please give times in terms of Pacific time zone.