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Restful Rejuvenative Recuperative SleepB 3.0 Somewhere In Time & Geometric Snapping
Restful Rejuvenative Recuperative SleepB 3.0 Somewhere In Time & Geometric Snapping


Product Code: AREST30B

A Series 1of 20 In this series we offer a variety of options including one that you can listen to anytime in the daytime with an intro, a body, a conclusion as well as one that just has an intro and a body so that you can take advantage of the repeat function of whatever you're playing it on and of course a short 10 min. version again so you have maximum flexibility The first of these audios was recorded beside a beautiful mountain stream in an energy vortex in the sequoias, the area is commonly referred to as the quotation mark HEALING RAINBOW WOODS"-people call it that because it is an energy vortex that people see lots of rainbows both coming from the mountain streams and waterfalls and also people report seeing rainbow energy fields around the plants and trees some of this is because of the Devic energy in the area some of it is from the nature spirits and crystals and so forth others is because the area has been used as a place of prayer and meditation for extended periods of time by many different people This series includes programming your energy field, chakras, energy circuits etc. to be able to rejuvenate and recharge quickly whenever you rest from an energetic standpoint. This series also helps program your body to align your neck and spine and skeletal and must muscle systems optimally so that you can enjoy and proper circulation during sleep. Breathing is also addressed with the intent of your blood oxygen levels being as high as possible while you get maximum refreshments during whatever sleep time you have available. It also helps you to have wonderful healing positive creative and fun dreams that often allow you to have a therapeutic benefit so you can integrate while your sleep in ways where the next day ideals come to you easily and you find yourself in rhythm with your schedule your environment and things you want to be in rhythm and harmony with. Each audio in this series approach the topic in a slightly different way that's complementary this allows you maximum flexibility and allows you to really increase the amount of frequencies in your energy field in ways that support your rejuvenation physically emotionally mentally and spiritually that Many report waking up the next day in much better moods and also a lot of users report feeling as though they've had a lot more rest even if the actual amount of minutes and hours was not as long as other time periods. It’s about increasing the quality of your sleep and the ability for your sleep to give you the needed rest, recharging, rejuvenation, and other things you wish to get out of your sleep and your dreams

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