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HAVE GOOD LUCK IN TEN MINUTES! Lucky You, You're Lucky Now! 2.5 17min. COMING SOON!

Lucky You, You're Lucky Now! 2.4 17min.


Product Code: ALY2517

Having good luck is an energy state. there are specific color frequency is and patterns when someone is experiencing good luck. this series of 10 audios takes your most lucky energy patterns and aligns them in your energy field. it connects your unconscious mind with your super conscious mind. it connects the chakra above your head with the chakra was in your body with the chakra is beneath your body aligning your chakras from high above your head to the center of the earth

It aligns your own energy patterns waves and pulses with mother Earth's energy patterns waves and pulses thus tying your own prayers in with the great prayers. it aligns your hopes goals dreams and wishes and hearts desires with the rhythms of the universe in highest light in divine order, thus putting you in rhythm with your environment so you're at the best places at the best times and energetically able to attract retain and enjoy what you want

It works with sympathetic resonance by helping you to adjust your vibrations in alignment with your goals very similar to how when you're in a music store and you hit a C note and all the other see notes on other instruments in the store vibrate.

It aligns your best memories your best energy is your best prayers and your best intents and your timelines so that you’re aligning your best. it synchronizes the coordination of your major chakras and hundreds of minor chakras so that their size balance spin rates and color combinations all work together synergistically to help you get what you want and keep what you want.

There are lots of colors associated with consistent good luck and it's adds these color frequencies to your energy field energy bodies energy systems and energy circuits and it's alliance your own waveform geometries with waveform geometries of patterns of good luck.

It increases all of your psychic abilities including successful precognitive abilities so you make the best decisions and carry out the best behaviors focusing on the positive and energizing your best.

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