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Intuitive Learning 3.0 Somewhere In Time & Geometric Snapping
Intuitive Learning 3.0 Somewhere In Time & Geometric Snapping


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Product Code: AIL3017

Your soul energy opens wide & strong on the higher spiritual planes down into the buddhic / intuition plane, filtering down to the causal & material plane, down into astral planes & anchoring intuitive energy down in to etheric, physical & molecular planes in ways that expand your ranges of frequencies & increase overall photonic & ionic emission & absorption. • Allow your Intuitive Learning to increase by increasing by increasing your connection to your higher self while activating the parts of you that learn the fastest intuitively. Activate the energies and memories of your best previous intuitive learning’s including the magical child within you. • Your intuitive energy centers become super–activated and alignment of intuitive energies increase the coherency of your energy fields. Your central channel opens wider allowing you to channel intuitive guidance both spontaneously and on command. • Your intuitive energy channels open, balance and clear – allowing you to experience intuitive flows as a natural state of being – your connection with your soul and your guides and masters increase dramatically. • Your speed of intuitive learning increases in playful precognitively successful ways as your overall ESP abilities align with your learning abilities. • You intuitively allocate time as you syncronize your own rhythms, waves and pulses with the rhythm, waves & pulses of mother earth, the solar systems, our galaxy and universe – as you align with the divine. • You learn intuitive breathing and intuitively synchronize events. (Stereo headphones are required for all of the audio hypnosis products) (We recommend everyone start with this free sample audio hypnosis one due to effects people are reporting, WHICH ARE CUMULATIVE) These multi-evocation hypnosis programs have multiple tracks

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