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INTUITIVE FLOW, INTUITIVE GLOW - A series of 69 audios
INTUITIVE FLOW, INTUITIVE GLOW - A series of 69 audios


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Product Code: AIFIG1

The first in a series of 69 audios to assist you in maintaining different types of happy successful practical flow states .

This series works with energy flows, rhythms, pulses, waveform geometries and assist you and even your animals in maintaining a variety of intuitive flow states for virtually every practical application you can think of it dramatically increases your central channel as well as your ability to maintain a state of being grounded and centered where you automatically speed up and so forth in rhythm with your environment and the things you want to accomplish it allows you to think of what your intent is put on the headphones plus press play relax and let flow and it creates an intuitive glow around both yourself and when you see here or feel something that is the correct choice… It literally causes things you think about that are the best solution to being energy out to you so that they come across as brighter stronger more energy with it energetically intense, in ways that allow you to best recognize and automatically flow with the best solutions

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