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IDEAL BODY WEIGHT, SIZE and SHAPE! 2.0 17min. A series of 50


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The first in a series of 50 audios that allow you to naturally attain your bodies ideal weight size and shape both from the standpoint of personal health, and also from the standpoint of what you envision to be attractive and happy (within reason of course) and it uses energy and other techniques to do it.

You'll find yourself intuitively craving the foods that have the best energy including wavelength/color etc., the best water content, the best pH, based on what your body most needs to be here happiest healthiest state together with what is available in your environment they can be found. You will also find yourself often compelled to take intuitive walks for short periods of time and to do things in alignment with healthy exercise in a way that simply feels natural and fun. Another benefit of this series is you'll find yourself drinking more water and other fluids that are most healthy for you energetically based on where you are at the moment and what is going on in your environment energetically, combined with where you want to go and where you want to flow.

It allows you to envision yourself and imagine yourself as you want to be and allows your unconscious mind (the part that runs your body and beats your heart and relates to behaviors and moods) to upgrade your programming in alignment with being healthy and enjoying wealth in all area and happiness in all areas of your life. For those who eat emotionally it helps you energetically to naturally shift into other more healthy behaviors that allow your emotional energies to flow and circulate wonderfully in ways that feel better and better while also assisting you in properly taking full deep breaths and naturally finding yourself laughing more and feeling more of a happy relaxed playful confident energy.

This series is also excellent for athletes of all types as well as people who are overcoming serious physical injuries of different types as it assist your body in becoming happy whole and healed and assist you to be able to naturally eat whatever diet is best for you again based on energy.

This energetic abrupt approach to eating is based on the idea that your soul has the intuitive knowledge of what is best as does the Earth's energy field and that by expanding the frequencies in your energy field and allowing you to intuitively know what colors of energy your body needs and what qualities of energy your body needs you simply find yourself drawn more and more to the best foods, the best ways to prepare the foods, and the best fluids to drink as well.

By using a variety of energy techniques it also has the ability over time to reset your bodies set point and metabolism in a gradual healthy way allowing you to enjoy eating and doing it in a healthy life affirming manner that you'll find that instead of craving comfort food that may not be good for you instead you'll either find other ways of allowing your emotional energy to flow easier and feel better and/or you'll naturally be drawn to snacking on foods that coincidentally happened to be the best kind of food you can eat at that moment energetically.

Another benefit to this series is because you are energy and things around you are energy you'll even naturally be attracted to the best foods on sales and may find yourself eating better quality food for less money as a result of energetically being in the best place at the best time and having a desire to eat vibrationally whatever best of the best time.

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