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Relaxed Playful Confident Charisma 2.9
17 min.FREE!

Relaxed Playful Confident Charisma 2.9 <br>17 min.<strong><blink>FREE!</blink>


Product Code: ARPCC2917

This series uses energy and energetic techniques to allow you to unconsciously feel relaxed enjoy being in a playful happy state while incredibly magnifying and multiplying your charisma! It works with energetic communication with another person as well as aligning your energy your awareness your intent your gestures and dramatically increasing rapport mentally emotionally vibrational he and physically by dramatically increasing your nonverbal and verbal rapport with each other It allows you to walk into a room and or it a location and automatically naturally radiate incredible positive energy that magnetize is other to others to you in a friendly way. it allows you to perceive another person’s best communication styles and to naturally synchronize your own communication styles with that person in a way that brings about positive energy rapport. it allows you to bring your a game easily and naturally even energetically adjusting your breathing so you can be precognitive lead successful! It increases all of your psychic abilities and uses psychic abilities aligning a vibrational pattern’s aligning of similar wavelengths and pulses and other incredible techniques allowing you to relate vibrational he with the other person both directly when you're with them as well as at a distance including both on the phone and absentee applications. It helps you relate to incredibly wide variety of people it helps you to understand and hear their communication behind their words and what they really want to communicate and what they unconsciously want to feel in order to feel comfortable with you that it allows you to intuit information and to remain centered and grounded while naturally channeling information and even allows you to naturally remember good things to say and ways were the best just naturally comes to you in alignment with the energy of the current situation together with where you want the energy to go on the situation it allows you to do this both spontaneously and on command. It upgrades your unconscious program for you so all you have to do is put on the headphones press play close your eyes and allow the audios to upgrade your unconscious programming.


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