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FEEL HAPPY NOW! 10 min. acapellaFREE!

FEEL HAPPY NOW! 10 min. acapella


Product Code: AFHN210

1 of 50 audios… The feel happy now series uses energy to help make yourself those around you projects relationships and entities involved to feel happy almost toy to have the energy is associated with happiness and to be able to enjoy your hopes goals dreams wishes and hearts desires in ways that allow yourself and others involved to feel happy on a long-term basis. Your happiest times in life both historically and your happiest thoughts ideas dreams goals and inspirations get accessed energetically lined up in your energy field and your energy bodies fields systems circuits and centers are activated in ways that allow you to materialize your soul's purpose in the happiest best most positive ways. Happiness is an energetic state, as well as a frame of mind and since what you focus on tends to increase in energy this series allows you the ability to successfully focus on the things both solutions and the precognitive least successful solutions behaviors strategies networks and resources that need to come and replace for long-term sustained happiness in whatever way happiness means for yourself and in whatever way happiness means for others involved with you. Your increase in psychic abilities with this series allows you to get accurate perception and correct expression including solutions and behaviors for both yourself and others that you're involved with her. If you're using this series to assist you in giving readings for another person or giving healings or doing some kind of consulting for them even if it's legal or accounting this series allows you like the other series to focus on what your basic content hills for a few seconds, hit the play button and allow the energy is transferred acoustically via the headphones to assist you in upgrading your programming and crew including more flexibility choices and options in ways were you develop an automatic intuitive sense of the best things to do and the best ways to do the best things Just like the other series of audios this series is designed to complement in a synergistic way all the other audio audios to create an incredible hall energetic hologram you'll notice like each of the other audios it's different each time you listen to it and of course by having different backgrounds together with the vocals each time creates very different yet complementary energies also the effects are cumulative this is one of the series that we give to people right away if they've had a traumatic event or if they've had challenges with depression because electrically that what depression looks like in the energy field is you have less of the red orange amber spectrum and the spectrum appears crunched where asked when you play the feel happy audios your energy field becomes expanded more coherent and filled with beautiful colors you'll notice an increase in electrical flow through your meridians just like the other audios and you'll also notice your chakra is beginning to focus on energies that support you being happy physically emotionally mentally psychologically spiritually and even financially as well as your relationships whatever feeling happy means to you when you play these audios for an animal that does the same basic things for the animal and whatever the animal the finds is feeling happy tends to come about although in a mutually positive way so that way if your cats happiness is 10,000 cat toys and your happiness is that the cat of days basic commands the cat will end up compromising in a win-win way were both of you are happy. If you play this audio for houseplants you'll notice a difference in the vitality of the plants and some of the plants you may start to get an intuitive feeling to put them in different places so they are happier with their light conditions of light levels and their conditions of moisture and heat.

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