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Automatically Healing the Healer 3.0 with Pink Prana & Geometric Snapping
Automatically Healing the Healer 3.0 with Pink Prana & Geometric Snapping


Product Code: AAH3017

Many people become great healers after first healing themselves. The term "wounded healer" is very common and this series allows you to increase your healing abilities as you naturally find yourself healing both energetically mentally emotionally physically spiritually and even financially. Imagine a mountain that represents becoming happy whole and healed where there are many different paths up the mountain. This series builds an automatic healing autopilot in your energy system that finds your most healing frequencies and your most healing times and aligns them in ways where you naturally become self-healing. You'll notice your energy improving and your attitude improving as well other people. Many may notice a sparkle in your eye and a bounce in your step and the sense of a glow around you. This is an excellent series for any person who needs a healing on any level even if they are not a healer! Although mostly using energy in ways that increase your photon emission and absorption while increasing electrical flow and many other key factors, this series seems to have a naturally healing effect on plants animals and people, as well as the person's personal life including relationships, businesses and even reputations! Each title in this series has a unique energy, flavor, and flow and yet the results increase your mind field intelligence and energy in practical ways that you'll find yourself easily applying in a natural unconscious way. You'll also find yourself picking up new healing skills and even into adding and channeling healing skills in incredibly successful ways. These skills will naturally come to you in ways that heal yourself and others.

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