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Applied ESP for Healers 2.0
17 min. FREE!

Applied ESP for Healers 2.0<br>17 min. <strong><blink>FREE!</blink>


Product Code: AESP217

This psychic development series is designed to increase your various psychic, ESP and healing abilities in ways that help you to heal yourself and others including plants, animals, people, relationships, businesses etc. It works mostly by upgrading your energy centers, channels, bodies etc.-- while at the same time aligning your best times in the past where you've had a healing effect on another person and or yourself, as well as times in the past where you've seen healings done and were able to unconsciously model how the healing was done even if you are not consciously aware of it at the time. This series dramatically increases your ability to sense and perceive anything that needs to be done for healings and increases your ability to see, hear, and feel energy-- and intuitively sense energy in a variety of ways both consciously and unconsciously so that you naturally know the best healing technique to do for a given person in a given or plant or animal in a given situation. It allows you to naturally flow in a healing way as your psychic skills grow both at work and at play. Each audio approaches the topic from a slightly different yet complementary angle and supplements and cross references the other titles both in the series and in the other series thus building a holographic matrix that you can intuitively draw upon both spontaneously and on command. Us it upgrades your unconscious programming in ways that allow you to perceive what the end result is likely to be for any given techniques that you employ with any person animal plant or situation it allows you to sense the best timelines the best directions so you can most help the other person as well as yourself in an easy and natural way. Non-healers will notice their psychic skills increasing and will notice that they will have a healing effect on other people, animals and plants even if they're not intending to heal. This series causes your central channel to open up substantially and allows you to be a conduit for universal energy. So that when you work on people, cords are automatically cut and instead of using your own energy to simply allow yourself to be a conduit it allows the best healing frequencies to naturally flow through you in whatever ways are best for the situation, It's almost like having an autopilot that naturally allows you to be in intuitively successful healing flow and you'll notice your own energy field increasing in coherency, stretching the spectrum, adding more beautiful colors and increasing the size and spin rates of your energy centers and channels so you can be a super healer both spontaneously.


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