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Megan Pistana

you are a wonderful light in my life, always.....you are an amazing soul indeed!


Lori Thomas

Steven, I can not Thank You enough for the Help and Motivation that you have given me and the Valuable Life Tools you taught me, that I use all the time, making my Whole Life much Better. When I was going trough a really Stressful time, You - Steven Michael King were there for me, via the Phone, and I could not have gone through this stressful time without your help. I am soooo Grateful to You and so glad that we are Friends !!!! Steven, So glad that we meet and thank you sooo much for being there to help when I needed that the most in my Life -

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Steven Michael King

according to a variety of doctors & scientists, these revolutionary audios under development affect many forms of biology in positive ways. On humans, they make you smarter, appear to instill many special abilities normally considered “mind over matter" or "genius" etc. They appear to increase & balance electrical flow through your acupuncture. .. See More meridians & chakras, expand & the range of wavelength in photon emission / absorption, and your entire energy field while increasing coherency (i.e. it makes your aura bigger, brighter, more colorful & makes your chakras synchronize & balance better etc)


Steven Michael King

people notice that no matter what kind of disasters or trauma ----you feel happy & confidant & in a better more resourceful state within minutes. Often issues that used to require years of therapy get handled elegantly. You keep finding yourself in the best place t the best time & where others see problems, you naturally find workable solutions & opportunities

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Catherine P. Perry

Like minds meet. Looks like you and I are on the same team as experts in energy medicine and the most cutting edge healing technology on the planet! Thanks for connecting.


Hiromi Sharp

Oh thank you Steve, Very interesting.. Now I have a friend something talking about Hope and bright future.. Love and Peace..


Linnette De La Texera



Paula Beatriz

Steven wonderful job distributing knowledge you from another dimension.
Learning to think is very important. ah. ... you're pretty much in the picture Steven!
Atma Namaste


Steven Michael King

coming soon--free subtle energy Mandalas that help plants, animals people water and many other things! They strengthen your field, make your spectrum wider/more wavelengths, balance electrical flow through acupuncture meridians while balancing and synchronizing chakra size, spin, communication etc!! THEY ALSO ACTIVATE YOUR S...PECIAL ABILITIES INCLUDING SEEING ENERGY FIELDS WITH INCREDIBLE ACCURACY!!!

Veronica Dudley-Ward

Awesome! :)

Amy Barbera

This is GREAT!!


Steven Michael King

there will be other folks talking about how these audios make you smarter, feel happy/confidant & balance/increase electricity through your meridians within minutes, while others want to talk about how they help their pets, houseplants, water & wine!


Dana Neves Wylie

I just want to let everyone know how Steven's audios have changed my life for the better. Just a few months ago, I felt like I was so stressed and just basically overwhelmed. My self esteem felt lousy. Since I've been listening to his audio named RPCC, I feel like I'm on top of the world. I've actually started doing a lot of things that make me... See More smile. I handle stressful situations in a more positive way. I believe in myself again and that feels great! It starts my day out feeling happy and confident. Thank you, Steven.


Peggy Arnhym

this guy is by far one of the most talented persons I know at using energy psychology & energy skills for any subject in life. The FEDERAL JUDGE that verified his 400% anualized track record, the formulas behind it & supporting public record thought so too. The audios that make you smarter & increase/balance electrical flow make you feel happy in a few. .. See More minutes & work on pets. Re: great for those who are burnt out & have to feel great / of his inventions may change life as we know it, very fast, in wonderful happy ways