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See live demonstrations of sending and receiving energy Quantified In Real Time.
  • See the human energy field and Chakras, imaged on screen as techniques, energetic devices and live healings are demonstrated.
  • Have your own healing or energy session video taped and analyzed as you learn what techniques and/or devices work best for you and open up a whole new direction.
  • Experience direct and apply wave after wave of fabulous energies that come flooding through you each time more pleasurable and intense than before. Experience advanced psycho-acoustics that can activate your hidden power!
  • On-going Q&A with audience on developing and applying healing psychic, Tantric and "mind over matter" skills as the effects of different things are quantified before your eyes on energy field and Chakra imaging equipment.
  • Feel energetic devices for yourself that have been scientifically proven to affect aura of plants, animals and humans!