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Some of our inventions (below)

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Imagine if James Bond 007, had a super surround sound bone
conducting headset that gave him the equivalent of having over
a dozen ears around his head so he knows whats going on in all
directions as needed....that MULTIPLIES INTELLIGENCE, and
had abilities to give hundreds of potential physical emotional,
mental and OTHER features and benefits spanning thousands
of potential applicaions!.....and that You can own one too!....
Hopefully before Christmas depending on speed of funding!

Why sound through acupuncture works better than light at times

These points help control circuits centers and regions of the
body. Sound is ideal due to thousands, possibly millions of

Head meridians and points side view- sound, light, heat, pressure, all stimulate points and meridians. Body flow of fine electricity (meridians) and Gross electrical flow (nerves) can be balanced by head points. Sound is safer than light or heat, and can go up and down in frequency thus also balancing energy centers and field coherency.

Sound stimulating these points balance electrical flows
and also relax many parts of the body beyond head
neck and shoulders

We can balance both Gross electrical flow via nerves and fine electrical flow via body, even balancing electrical flow at fingers and toes.......and BILATERAL AND 3 DIMENSIONAL SPACIAL MOVEMENT OF SOUND & VIBRATION LEFT RIGHT & OTHER 3 DIMENSIONAL PATTERNS HELPS CLEAR TRAUMA- has been shown to Have major therapeutic effects. PTSD is often addressed via modalities that integrate these principles. Sound, Light, Heat & pressure al travel via meridians.Balancing electrical flow also contributes to balancing blood micro capillary flow & other...

Turn on and wonderfully feel the energy!
Sending sound geometrically into meridians allows balance of electrical flows, balance of blood micro-capillary circulation and can plug leaks in the Photonic fields around the body......in layman's terms....."strengthening the Aura"...this can be demonstrated several dozen ways using latest imaging & testing (see also "T
esting Of Our Products" found within button 16 on left side "16) Scientific Research, Resources and Contacts, Testing Of Our Products" where the sciences are gone into in detail!!!

While there are many Meridians, here are major ones in the back- notice the placement of speakers perfectly spreads sound waves so as to increase and balance electrical flow...

Stimulating these regions of head stimulate these regions of the brain

Stimulating regions of brain can often help with activities that are
normal to the brain and also help When people have challenges
getting any of these parts to function as desired. Instead of using
an electrical current implanted, a safer non invasive way is using
sound vibrations, and for brain integration, the MOVEMENT OF
(getting more parts of the brain to "talk" with each other for whole
brain functioning)

These two images show more detailed functions of brain areas
in typical right handed person. Using sound movements we can
integrate more parts for whole brain functioning. Stimulating a
an area that usually is slow, can help a person to use that portion
of the brain when done properly and appropriately for given applications

Devices and technologies such as our own, hold the promise
of making regular people into a functioning "Genius", while
also holding tremendous rehabilitation potential for people
with brain injuries and brain challenges"

Executive skills and the brain------imagine getting solutions
while performing executive functioning- this promises to
make leaders more effective
The back of the brain is also the part that tends to be more primitive & instinctual (some parts called "reptilian brain"...as we mature, the front cortexes mature and memories transfer towards the part, giving us" adult perspective".....people who are considered more mature and people with better "coping skills" tend to have more developed front parts of brain...putting sound in geometrically can help people mature better, be more able to cope with challenges, and use more of their brain as an integrated unit in "Whole Brain Functioning"...this may help much with people with ADD and other mental challenges

In this pic... it shows a highly developed brain in real time, highlighting Neurosynaptic connection patterns....you'll note much of the brain of this individual has minimal activity..we super imposed a pic of device so you can get a sense of how 3-D sound round sound can upgrade brains......when the brain has more efficient connections, more ways of connecting and connects more geometrically producing "whole Brain Multi--Hemisphere Crosstalk....the person tends to be smarter, has more flexibility of consciousness, and better able to handle stress while being emotionally more stable..........WHAT OUR DEVICE CAN DO....IS....combine this with Genius type connections that bone conducting tech can do.....AND MORE FULLY ACTIVATE CONNECTION PATHS... you can take a regular person and upgrade their abilities...and create genius like functioning with amazing practical psychic skills, and solution oriented traits that have thousands of applications in all areas of life regular people can become genius like.....injured people can become more whole and functioning...older folks can regain prior abilities if used regularly...

Rapidly grow new Neurosynaptic connections in brain by putting sound in via key points geometrically! the applications are mind boggling!This image uses recent new tech to show connections in action.......Rapidly grow new Neurosynaptic connections in brain by putting sound in via key points geometrically! the applications are mind boggling!

Limbic system holds emotional trauma and other, and sound
vibrations tend to re-pattern the limbic system reducing effects
of trauma....Note also activating "the third Eye" and various
"Psychic functioning" allowing practical real world psychic
functioning to become more useful and common for all

Skull & Jaw relaxation- using sound geometrically, we
can help the entire skull, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulders
relax more, and this also has tremendous potential for
relief from Headaches, and things caused by tight muscles"

Coming Soon! Speed depends of funding & related resources
coming together rapidly & properly...see other inventions and
related links below..

See Also----Some of our additional inventions posted below and more forthcoming!!!

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