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Why Special Opportunities Partners 1 Is NOT a Security (in plain English)

1. Partners have legal control and can dictate their commands to the Interim Administrator and Management Committee via ballot and majority vote.

2. Partners have the ability to amend the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement and have a mechanism in place to do so.

3. Partners have the ability for financial control of bank accounts.

4. Partners have the ability for financial control of cash management decisions.

5. Partners share control of accounting policy and methods

6. Partners are required to donate time and or talent, in addition to money.

7. Partners have substantial business experience as a group.

8. Participants are not dependent solely upon the efforts of others and mechanisms are in place to protect Partners, as such.

9. Participants can earn their own commissions and royalties in a variety of ways and be involved in the daily business, if they desire.

10. Participants have access to a vast array of industry experts who are replaceable.

11. Partners invest with the expectation of control and the mechanisms to exert control.

12. Partners invest with the expectation of being active in management decisions.

13. Partners invest with the expectation of being active in some of the operational aspects.

14. Partners can hire and fire management with or without cause via simple majority vote.

15. Any partner has the ability to materially affect the outcome of the enterprise and mechanisms are in place to assist.

16. Partners have access to sufficient information to be able to make informed business decisions.

17.  Partners have responsibility and control over partnership operations via simple majority vote.

18. Partners have the ability to dismiss the Interim Administrator, with or without cause, via simple majority vote.

19. Partners have the ability to control via substantial voting power on all items that affect the partnership business.

20. Partners have the ability to pay partnership bills & often are called on to authorize paying cable, phone, internet, &utility bills

21. any partner can obligate the partnership for up to $500 as long as it is needed

22. voting is MANDATORY

23. partners are asked to  be affiliates-they can dictate how much they make by bringing business!

24. partners are asked to help out on FaceBook and other Social Media platforms

25. partners are asked to be call in guests, or help in other ways on radio shows.

26. partners are asked to call in to the Webinars when needed, and many partners actually are involved with the webinars including set up and or presentations

27.     Partners can have liability from some of their activities, in certain circumstances such as when they host events, help at an expo, or help send emails….In theory, if a partner hosted their own seminar locally and somebody slipped and fell due to partner spilling liquid on floor or similar, then whoever spilled the liquid could be charged, or if a partner helped at an expo and spilled hot coffee on somebody, same thing.

28. Participation is NOT for General public- potential owners must sign MUTUAL CONFIDENTIALITY? NON_DISCLOSURE?NON_CIRCUMVENTION AGGREEMENT

29. all owners are treated as owner/consultants for IRS reporting, so they can transfer deductions onto their own schedule C or other applicable form as their own individual tax specialists recommends!

30.  Partners who procure items and services for the partnerships business activities using Credit Cards, Lines of credit or other ways, have the ability to convert said amounts including cost &interest, into partnership equity, provided the purchases are needed and or requested. by partnership management.  Partners have commonly done this during operations….this is wonderful because the paper/electronic trail demonstrates partner involvement.

31. DISASTER RECOVER &CONTINUITIY OF OPERATIONS- the partnership has been designed, structured and operated in such ways so that if anything happened to partnership management, the partners could continue operations. The current structure provides for that, and when prudent, the partnerships will seek “key man insurance” or other means of doing this. The partnership shall keep key electronic records in multiple geographic regions of the US, (at least 2) so that in the event of an Act of God, if something happened to the erea that killed the key managers, the balance of partners would have access &control as needed, to maintain ongoing operations, hire management as needed, subcontract things as needed &so on.