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How SOP1 Partner/Owners Actively Participate

1.      Partners arrange and plan their own partnership meeting.

2.      Via majority vote, partners do their own research into the industry.

3.      Via majority vote, partners interview industry experts as a result of their research when needed.

4.      Via majority vote, partners can force the Interim Administrator to hire industry experts found and interviewed by the partners.

5.      Via majority vote, partners can force the Interim Administrator to change the distribution and cash flow policy.

6.      Upon majority vote, the Interim Administrator must turn over control of operations to the partners.

7.      Upon majority vote, the Interim Administrator will turn over control of money to the partners.

8.      Partners decide, via majority vote, accounting policy and practices

9.     Partners can hire their own legal counsel.and or CPA as or other consultants as needed.

10. Partners must donate some of their own time to the business.

11 Partners must donate some of their own talents to the business.

12. Partners may be donating their own business equipment to the business.

13. Partners have the ability to generate their own sales, contracts, royalty overrides and commissions via a variety of methods.

14. Partners can individually retail or wholesale products various methods.

15. Partners can individually participate in several of the partnership’s commercials or advertisements as actors or studio audience.

16. partners are asked to be affiliates when practical.

17. partners are expected to help as needed on FaceBook & other Social Media.

18 partners are often expected to call into radio shows and or webinars sometimes  participating as callers asking questions, sometimes participating as an expert on their subject of presentation & so forth

19. VOTING IS MANDATORY!-no totally passive partners will be accepted unles it is a special case, that can be proven to NOT hurt our exempt status.

20. partners can contribute products, equipment or services in lou of cash if  the management deems the value equal or greater to the cash value, and needed for the partnerships operations

21. Partners can control what they make by bringing affiliates & other business deals

(deals need approval, affiliates is requested)

25. partners decide key tax,legal, accounting & payout, as well as frequency of payout-via majority vote

19. Partners individually participate by submitting ideas and copies of the competition’s advertising or marketing strategies.

20. Via majority vote, partners can add to the range of business the partnership engages in.

21. Via majority vote, the partners have the ability to joint venture with other entities.

22. Via majority vote, the partners influence how partnership transactions have been treated for tax purposes.

23. Any partner can materially affect the outcome by properly making a motion and causing a vote and mechanisms are in place to do so.

24. Partners may actively participate in a wide variety of ways, not enumerated here.

25. Partners actively vote on major management decisions

26. Partners dictate to the organizer their commands, via ballots and majority vote.

27. Partners with computers can use various networks to advertise the products and/or services of the partnership.

28. Partners can be involved in manufacturing or creating products.

29. Partners can be involved in hooking up retailers for products.

30. Partners can be involved in creating web-sites featuring Partnership products.

31. Partners can be involved in brining products to be marketed and opportunities to be capitalized upon by the Partnership.

31.  Partners who procure items and services for the partnerships business activities using Credit Cards, Lines of credit or other ways, have the ability to convert said amounts including cost &interest, into partnership equity, provided the purchases are needed and or requested. by partnership management.  Partners have commonly done this during operations….this is wonderful because the paper/electronic trail demonstrates partner involvement.

32. DISASTER RECOVER &CONTINUITIY OF OPERATIONS- the partnership has been designed, structured and operated in such ways so that if anything happened to partnership management, the partners could continue operations. The current structure provides for that, and when prudent, the partnerships will seek “key man insurance” or other means of doing this. The partnership shall keep key electronic records in multiple geographic regions of the US, (at least 2) so that in the event of an Act of God, if something happened to the erea that killed the key managers, the balance of partners would have access &control as needed, to maintain ongoing operations, hire management as needed, subcontract things as needed &so on.