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Below please find results of multiple tests using Quantum Bio-feedback......the results of testing show hundreds of variables improved  often more than 30% during 10-17 minute listenings of our free version of audios-even while signing contracts &responding to emails &working to collect receivables(i.e. even when not paying attention to the audios &doing high stress work!)

Hi Steven,

This is a quick report of my observation from our first session with the iNfinity Biofeedback App. Within every panel I noticed a significant drop in reactive numbers after your session of balancing and the time you spent with your 2.0 program.

I recorded one panel and sent you the others. I have sent you the before and after screen shots (Spiritual Protection Panel) where you can see the numbers that dropped.

It was obvious to me there was significant benefit from your program, as your aura changed to a higher vibrational color, more vibrant and pure.

I would like to do another session with you on This Thursday the 16th ...

Suzan Covington

See Bottom for Detailed Analysis
                              Before                                                               After
Results of a second 10 minute test of "Lucky You 2.95" while focusing on money issues with the head phones on- but instead of meditation- this time subject was typing &signing agreements, responding to emails & related......the purpose was to test how effects of audio's are if a person has headphones on but instead of concentrating on the audio, subject instead concentrates on work that is pressing......
Note that again, the improvements for many different types of categories measured went up greater than 30% even though the short 10 minute period was busy........this demonstrates that even under pressure doing external things- the audios still have significant effects.