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Selected Photos From Various Expos

Here are some of the photos from the expos where the live healings and energy demonstrations took place. We had different folks record on various forms of video, beta, super 8 and other formats and when cash permits, we will find a way to get the videos converted into digital format so folks can see revolutionary skills, which you can apply to every aspect of life

A “Happy feeling” excited girl watches her energy field and various biological readings on the monitor as members of the audience with no experience at an expo watch, feeling awestruck, as each person in audience successfully learns from Steven Michael King (who was speaking on a microphone in front of the group) to send energy from a distance with accuracy, precisely affecting each targeted energy center, and even accurately sending intended colors as audience decides which colors to send, at random, to which centers.

Volunteers from audience watch their energy fields change with precision as Steven Michael King and/or audience members easily learn how to accurately send different colors to specific energy centers and make targeted energy centers get bigger or smaller and/or spin in intended directions. People left the expo with an understanding of how easy it is to use energy healing, energy psychology, Tantra and other techniques to manipulate energy at a distance, in various beneficial ways for practical, real world applications, based on what the audience wanted to use energy for.

A person is “hooked up” to “auric feed-back” in front of large audience while being “worked on” as a video of world renowned Dr. Valerie Hunt is playing next to the person, explaining to people about the human energy field

A (Previously skeptical) husband is taught in front of a large crowd, how to use his mind to accurately and precisely affect his wife’s energy fields, brain waves, meridian flows, heart rate, galvanic skin response and other functions.

Even small children are easily able to learn energy skills and apply them successfully on others, without touching. The awestruck mother’s face watching others who used to be skeptical continue to succeed speaks volumes as she watches her various energy centers on the monitor change as different experiments are done successfully with dozens upon dozens of previously skeptical volunteers.

“An anonymous licensed medical professional” (i.e., an MD who asked the cameraman not to show his face) watches in amazement as dozens of people use Steven Michael King’s techniques to affect biological changes successfully. He was also impressed by how different energy devices affected people with consistent results!

Steven Michael King demonstrates how any audience volunteer, regardless of their belief system (and usually “lack of belief” and/or “disbelief”), can be taught how to use energetic devices (here a “Metaform”) to easily affect each others energy fields and biology.

A local “energy person” tests different devices and techniques on the various equipment.

More demonstrations and Q&A’s with dozens of amazed audience practitioners.

More participants test energetic devices (in this case another “Metaform”)

Here, Steven Michael King is demonstrating to a large audience how different hand and body positions, done by the person sending energy, affects the person receiving energy differently, and how different body positions, finger positions (mudras) change the flow of energy through meridians and Chakras for different real world applications/daily life. Steven Michael King demonstrates how different hand positions do different things as a volunteer from audience watches his energy field, vital signs, acupuncture meridian flow, etc. change on the monitor.

Another “double blind” volunteer is “hooked up” a distance away, lying on a table with headphones playing music so she cannot hear outside noises, etc., as Steven Michael King’s techniques are used for sending energy.

Whether they are “sexy seniors”, waitresses or even “Big Bubba”, hundreds have found Steven Michael King’s teachings easy to use, apply and document in real time, whether using auric-feedback, bio-feedback, EEG, electro-acupuncture equipment, lie detector equipment or other devices, that measure biological and/or electrical and/or energetic changes.

Even though people consistently find Steven Michael King’s techniques fascinating to do and monitor on equipment, mostly they enjoy using the techniques in real world, real life applications.

Steven Michael King “sending energy” in front of hundreds, as dozens of experiments are successfully repeated by many.

A female volunteer from the audience successfully sends (with Steven Michael King’s instruction) whatever color energy she wants to whichever energy center she selects (non-touching) as an unidentified man watches his energy field change in astonishment on the monitor. This was duplicated successfully hundreds of times by hundreds of people at the expo, most of whom until this expo did not believe anyone can be taught to do this successfully with a positive, even therapeutic effect.