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The Human Energy Field and Health - VHS
by Dr.Valerie V. Hunt

The Human Energy Field and Health - VHS <br> by Dr.Valerie V. Hunt

Understanding the subtle energy systems that flow through body meridians, connective tissues and by neuropeptide transmission along with discovery of the elegant chaos pattern in the human field makes it understandable why a gentle energy nudge can snatch order out of the random chaos of extensive dysfunction and bring about miraculous healing and regeneration.

See the amazing results of Auric Field research & the new developments in science that can help to improve your life and health. The “Chaos Pattern” of the Human Aura.

Learn all about… BIOENERGY FIELD TECHNOLOGY from its pioneer researcher, Dr. Valerie V. Hunt

COLOR VHS - 60 min.
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This video show, for the first time in color the dramatic sounds and pictures of the auric field and documented research slides of Dr. Hunt's amazing energy field findings during health, disease, pain, emotions, imagery and consciousness states.

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