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Music of Light’s Sounds of the Human Aura
by Dr.Valerie V. Hunt

Music of Light’s Sounds of the Human Aura <br> by Dr.Valerie V. Hunt

The world's first authentic sounds produced by the human auric field are harmonically correlated with contemporary, classical, and especially composed music. Designed to replenish and make coherent the human energy field. Listeners describe a magnificent experience associated with feelings of improved vitality and well-being.

The world's only pure auric sounds as selected from electronic recordings of the fields of 800 normal healthy persons.

Research indicates that experiences with these sounds are the fastest single method of increasing the strength, flexibility and frequencies of your auric fields. There is strong evidence that a dynamic healthy field is the first measure of physical and emotional health.

Dr. Hunt's research has harnessed, for the first time, the inner living sounds, the perfect rhythms, the complex wave forms and resonances which connect us to our source.

♦ STABILIZING RAINBOW - Progressing in frequency, 13 rich, nourishing and coherent color sounds blend as white light to stabilize the field and encourage broad awareness. Contains all the colors of a rainbow (the vibrations of white light) completely balanced. Wherever played, these rainbow blends fill the air with coherent fullness to stabilize and offset the confusing electromagnetic vibrations and sound contaminations. Those who listen regularly to these sounds, and music find a sustaining overall "put togetherness".

♦ VITALIZING RED-AMBER–ORANGE - Vibrant stimulating sounds revitalize the physical body and activate spontaneous emotions. The warm, vibrant, stimulating spectrum, red-orange-amber, has its most profound effect upon the physical body, encouraging health, vigor, and strength, eliciting the motivation to accomplish and the enthusiasm to complete work without fatigue. Listening to these musical sounds during a work slump or drowsiness is a "pick up". These sounds vitalize and activate the body and excite and stimulate the emotions.

♦ TUNING YELLOW-GREEN–GOLD - Fine tuning of sensation and perception improves nervous system efficiency and performance and creatively activates the mind. Yellow-green-gold, has great effects on the neural tuning of all the senses. Awareness becomes purer and more elaborate, similar to the alertness of a skilled athlete or musician, so that what the person wills to do is done with increased ease. Yellow green-gold sounds tune for accomplishment in creative thought and problem solving, with quickened responses. They elaborate imagery, facilitate learning.

♦ RELAXING BLUE-VIOLET-MAUVE - Soothing relaxing spectrum encourages a quiet contemplative state of peaceful higher consciousness. The cool, soothing spectrum of blue-violet-mauve is a lullaby to the mind with its primary effects of quieting hyperactive body and emotions. Listening to these vibrations increases calmness, imparting feelings of peacefulness and tranquility. They also tend to relieve constriction, relaxing and expanding body and mind.

♦ ELEVATING WHITE-BLUE–GOLD - Etheric spiritual tones elevate thoughts and imagery to a broader world, richer beauty and deeper wisdom. A final spectrum is as the diamond to a stone - the highest and most precious and appear to have the greatest recharging effects. These sounds of blue, white, and gold carry the consciousness-expanding spectrums. Listening to such sounds results in an elevating, expansive awareness. These are the sounds of refreshment and regeneration.

COST: 5 Tapes, 60 Minutes Each, DOLBY Stereo (Not Sold Separately) Includes Shipping & Handling $150.

STABILIZING TAPE Rainbow Spectrum (13 Colors)

Provides a rich, stable, nourishing, coherent field to offset air and ground vibrational contamination, causing the human field to become grounded, complete, and stable. Persons feel a radiant wholeness.

This stabilizing Tape is composed of all colors and therefore all vibrations of the light spectrum and is recommended to be played throughout the day during any activity or at low-energy times to provide a stable, rich, nourishing field.

Many report that after they have been with noisy people, the sounds from this tape relax, refresh, and tone them. Such occurs because this tape contains the complete energy field spectrum. As persons continue using these tapes their field grows and stabilizes, they will most often choose this Stabilizing Tape.

Rainbow Sound Vibration with harmonically Correlated Music


This spectrum increases physical vigor and potency; encourages feelings of vibrant health and well-being; strengthens, invigorates and energizes and it stimulates life forces. These vibrations encourage pleasant, spontaneous emotions and joyful states, overcoming sadness, and depression. This is the tape of athletes during physical workouts.

The Vitalizing Tape is a wake-up tape. It should be played before rising, during dressing, or at additional times by persons who are gaining strength after illness or weakness from fatigue. These sounds relate to and accompany physical vitality. You will experience these sounds in the lower part of the body, in the legs and feet and in the hollow areas of the trunk, often with sensations of tingling aliveness.

Research has shown that muscular instability, unsteadiness in walking, is accompanied by weakness in these low vibrations or red spectrum frequencies, as is poor circulation and coldness in the feet and legs.

Users of this tape state that they have become more active throughout the day, are stronger, and more alert to things going on around them. They also say they feel more alive, that their tiredness is gone, and they now are more interested in doing things. Friends often comment they look better and seem more alert.

Red-Orange-Amber Sound Vibrations with Stimulating Harmonically Correlated Contemporary Music

TUNING TAPE Yellow-Green-Gold

This spectrum improves perception through heightened sensory awareness; stimulates efficiency of nervous system to improve coordination, balance, reaction time--important for perfecting new skills. It also causes an Alpha brain-state, essential for creative thought, problem solving, concentration, innovation, and rapid learning. Experiences with these sounds are in the sensory-neural system throughout the body. Users describe experiencing tingling inside their limbs. There is a strong consistency in reports of heightened hearing, vision and more stability when moving about. Some think more clearly, and have a sharpened memory, suddenly remembering where they left something.

Reports point to improved sensory awareness and perception leading us to speculate some possible neural facilitation. Some oldsters chose this Tuning Tape for relaxation.

Yellow-Green-Gold Sound Vibrations with Harmonically Correlated Waltz Music.

RELAXING TAPE Blue-Violet-Mauve

This spectrum is very effective in increasing calmness and relaxation, decreasing physical and emotional tensions, giving feelings of wholeness, comfort, peacefulness, and tranquility. It prepares for skill activities, decreases muscle soreness after exercise and hastens quiet sleep. Pleasant higher consciousness with expanded awareness are its rewards.

This is the evening tape, played as the person wishes to relax, read or sleep. These vibrations are felt distinctly in the upper body, the chest, and the head. During quiet, contemplative, peaceful states, most humans have a predominantly blue violet mauve field. Electroencephalographic studies show that people move rapidly into Alpha states, with expanded awareness or sleep.

Oldsters often remark that the "little twitches" and painful muscle areas tend to relax and the pain to disappear. Others describe a general sense of well-being. Common is the rapidity of falling asleep. Users report that although they slept fewer hours at night, they believed it was a deeper sleep because they awoke more refreshed. Both good and bad sleepers reported that they had a more refreshing sleep.

Blue-Violet-Mauve Sound Vibrations with Harmonically Correlated Moonlight and Pleasant Symphonic Music


This spectrum stimulates higher awareness, peace and contentment, togetherness and clear thinking. It assists in processing problems on a higher level with solutions of wisdom. It encourages spiritual feelings and love.

The final spectrum is as a diamond to an ordinary stone--the most elegant and the most precious. The highest frequencies seem to have the most charging effect. These sounds carry the consciousness-expanding spectrum's characteristic of spiritual feelings and love. These vibrations fill the air with coherent fullness, offsetting the confusing electomagnetic vibrations and sound contamination. These sounds bring elevated awareness, lifting thought from often tedious material existence into the ethereal, spiritual realms. These are the sounds of refreshment with restorative powers to recharge the human tissue and regenerate the human mind bringing peace, contentment, and a sense of "togetherness" essential to problem-solving at the level of wisdom.

Blue-White-Gold Sound Vibrations with Harmonically Correlated Musical Notes.

To summarize, the highest human vibration spectrum is like the oscillations of plasma surrounding space crafts, the sounds of outer space, the divine. The middle spectrum reflects the thoughts and machinations of the human mind, creating, planning, relating, interfacing. The lower vibrational spectrum mirrors the biological, material, sensitive flow of the realities of the universe, encoded by existence of life in the physical world.

How to listen to the auric tapes

Simply evaluate your specific need at the particular time, then select that tape most suitable. Because these frequently expand consciousness the user should test his response by listening for short periods.

One does not have to pay attention to or perceive these sounds through the ears -- these vibrations provide a rich, resonating field wherever you are. Research shows, they constantly affect the field of the person. The five audiotapes are designed and titled according to their general physical effects, such as Stabilizing, Vitalizing, Tuning, Relaxing, and Elevating.

If you drop off to sleep or your mind wanders, you will still interact with field vibrations. And, as your field becomes stronger and more complete, you may wish to increase the volume and/or the time the tape is played. Because each tape is made up of different frequency ranges of the human field, these have a definite effect.

These sounds are produced for stereo tape recorders. They are sounds in particular frequencies, the "noise" sounds that you hear are the auric sounds. Music has been selected with similar sound spectra to blend with the aura. You are most likely to hear the aura color sound when the music is of low intensity or between music selections.

Most people listen to music specifically for note quality. This is a linear way like the eyes focus on details at the expense of peripheral vision. You should listen to feel the sound as a surround sound filling a room and moving through your body. This is holistic experiential listening. Your own field becomes more flexible and more receptive to the frequencies that you lack and your consciousness expands. Then you will no longer hear the "noise" of the auric sound - they blend, creating the greatest good and the most coherent fullness. These sounds will effect your field even if you are not aware of hearing them so you can turn down the volume until barely audible.

You may prefer particular sound tapes better than others, because these contain a predominate vibration of your own field. These you need the least. You should play the least liked tapes more often.

5 Tapes, 60 Minutes Each, DOLBY Stereo (Not Sold Separately)
Our Price: $135.00

Product Code: CDHMOL1

The world's first authentic sounds produced by the human auric field are harmonically correlated with contemporary, classical, and especially composed music. Designed to replenish and make coherent the human energy field. Listeners describe a magnificent experience associated with feelings of improved vitality and well-being.

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